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    Chapter 10 [The helpless Bug!]

    “Alright Snorunt, use Blizzard!” commanded Tyson, who then saw his little Ice Pokemon blow a huge snowstorm to the opponent.

    “No way, Munchlax dodge it!” instructed Lois, although Munchlax just stayed in the same place “Munchlax be careful!” yelled Lois.

    As the Snowstorm reached Munchlax, his body glew a brown-ish yellow and Munchlax took much less damage then it should have.

    “Huh? What happened?” asked Lois and Tyson in unison.

    “Laaaax” yawned Munchlax, who quickly went to sleep after that.

    Tyson, Lois and Snorunt sat around Munchlax and discussed possible reasons to why it happened; they then heard a voice behind them.

    “Munchlax has the ability Thick Fat!” said ???.

    Tyson and Lois turned around and Tyson saw his friend Marion.


    “That Munchlax must have the Thick Fat ability! It raises the resistance against Ice and Fire types! I’m surprised you didn’t know this Tyson.” said Marion, acting a bit cocky.

    “I studied about Pokemon, not abilities!!” said Tyson a bit louder than usual.

    “Who’s the spoiled little brat?” asked Lois to Tyson.

    “That’s Marion, we’ve known each other since kids…” said Tyson, who then heard a sound coming from some bushes “Hey
    guys… watch out…”.

    Tyson and Lois started staring at the bushes and then a shadow appeared. It was a Yanma!

    “Oh… it’s just a Yanma…” said Tyson.

    “Yann… Yanmaaa” said Yanma, who then went next to Marion.

    “Is that Yanma yours?” asked Tyson, intrigued about the Yanma.

    They all sat down and Marion explained about the Yanma. He said that deep into the forest there was an old couple that had a couple of Pokemon who were trained to help trainers in the forest. He said there was a Pidgeotto, a Xatu, a Nuzleaf and a couple of others.

    “Huh I see… well that could certainly be helpful!”

    “Yeah! But this Yanma really isn’t the best fighter so if you get in a fight with a wild Pokemon, you will have to use a different Pokemon…” said Marion, feeling bad for Yanma.

    “No way, that Yanma looks powerful! Let’s battle Marion!” said Tyson wanting to proof that Yanma is strong.

    “Alright, let’s do this! Yanma ready for a battle?”

    “Yan? Maa…” said Yanma looking worried.

    “Alright, go Snorunt!”

    Snorunt smiled to Yanma, and the latter frowned. Snorunt noticed this.

    “Snorunt use Blizzard!”

    “Yanma dodge it!”

    Snorunt used a very weak Blizzard attack, but it was enough to knock out Yanma.

    “Huh?!” said both Tyson and Lois, surprised for the ridiculously weak Blizzard being enough to defeat a Yanma.

    “Runtt…” said Snorunt worried about the bug Pokemon.

    Yanma then got up and “sat” on the floor, looking very sad. Munchlax woke up and went to talk to Yanma together with Snorunt. They all decided to prepare lunch, and after lunch they’d help Yanma.

    “Xo… Tix buxnesx txo hulp pople… wherrre ix it xiteted?” asked Tyson to Marion, while he was eating a sandwich.

    “…What? Speak human language Tyson…” said Lois, messing with Tyson like usual.

    Tyson swallowed all the bread and cheese and bacon and ham and butter and tomato and lettuce and everything else there was in his sandwich, and then asked again. “Where is Yanma’s business situated?”

    “Well there is a house somewhere close to the house at the beginning of the forest, and there’s one at the very end, or next to Pewter City. There’s also one house in the middle of the forest in case you or your Pokemon get sick, that’s what the old couple told Me.” said Marion.

    “Alright, let’s look for the house in the middle of the forest to stop and help Yanma!” said Tyson, excited for the upcoming training with Yanma.

    “Ok we shall! By the way Tyson, how many badges do you have?” asked Marion.

    “I have this badge! It’s the earth badge, and I earned it in a double battle against Nidoking and Dugtrio that Blue from Viridian City had. How about you?”

    “I don’t have any yet. I challenged Blue a couple of days ago and lost, and he told me that maybe with some more training I’ll be able to beat him, so I came here to train!”

    “Oh so I have more than you… hehehe…” grinned Tyson.

    They then looked at Munchlax, Snorunt and Yanma have fun together, and realized Yanma was starting to feel more comfortable around everyone.

    “Alright, Munchlax, Snorunt return!” said Tyson and Lois respectively. The Pokemon refused to go back however. “Ok then let’s go!”

    As they were going, Munchlax decided to take his Pokeball and go back inside due to him being a fat and lazy Pokemon. They wandered around and found the cabin, but nobody was inside. There was a note on the bed though, saying that the person there was off to visit his/her sister next to Pewter City due to lack of healing items.

    “Alright, well that won’t stop our training… Come out here guys!”

    Everyone called their Pokemon, and Tyson’s Hitmonchan, Lois’ Munchlax, Kadabra, Murkrow, Mienshao’s and Marion’s Makuhita, Wartortle and Graveler came out.

    “Uh you have a Wartortle! When did it evolve?”

    “ It evolved a bit before I saw you guys! Boy, Lois you have a lot of Pokemon! Do you collect badges?”

    “Yes, I have five right now.”

    ”Alright, then let’s battle! Yanma vs whoever you want!” demanded Marion.

    “No wait, let me try to battle with Yanma! I wanna see if I can bond with him!” said Tyson.

    “Hey no I want to battle!”

    “Pleasee Marion let ME try!” begged Tyson.

    --------------------------------------------------Some minutes later---------------------------------------------------------------

    “Alright I’ll use Munchlax because he will definitely go easy on Yanma.” said Lois.

    “Ok, Yanma you ready?!” asked Tyson, trying to act like a coach to Yanma.


    “C’mon Yanma you can do this! I believe in you!”

    “Yan… MA! Yanma!” said Yanma, finally confident.

    “Alright! What moves do you know?” asked Tyson, finally feeling like a team with Yanma.

    “Yannnma!” screamed Yanma who then used Wing Attack and Sonicboom.

    “Ok so you know Wing Attack… and Sonicboom! That’s awesome Yanma! Use Sonicboom!”

    “Munchlax, use Body Slam!”

    This time Munchlax actually moved, but only due to wanting to help his friend Yanma. Munchlax destroyed the Sonicboom attack, almost too easily after.

    “Yan…” said Yanma, getting depressed again.

    “Hey don’t worry buddy! You did good progress here! Use Wing Attack!”

    “Munchlax, let Yanma come. Give him a chance to attack.” said Lois.


    Yanma approached and managed to hit Munchlax, but got knocked back easily. Yanma then sat on the floor and got depressed again.

    “Hey Yanma? How about we spend the night here, and have some special training, you and I?” asked Tyson, feeling sad but wanting to help the bug Pokemon.

    Tyson and Yanma spent the day doing the usual Ask Ketchum training, climbing, doing push ups, having rocks attached to the waist etc. They practiced Yanma’s moves and Yanma seemed to be trying new moves, but none of them really worked. In the end of the day, both of them were very tired, so they had dinner and went to sleep.

    “Wake up Tyson!” said Lois.

    “Huh what what happened?!” said Tyson not really knowing what he was saying though. He then noticed an old lady with gray hair and old hair. She had a basket with several Berries

    “Hello, you must be Tyson! My name is Kristen. I’m the lady that lives here and left yesterday. Lois and Marion told me everything and I must say I am very grateful that you are helping Yanma. You see, Yanma showed up two years ago, it was still a baby. Since I am old I haven’t been able to train her so she’s quite afraid of battling.” explained Kristen.

    “Oh… Thank you for letting us be here Ms. Kristen! I was wondering, yesterday I did a huge train with Yanma, and I wanted to try him… Ugh I mean her in a battle. Can I have a battle against someone?” asked Tyson, confident on the answer being yes.

    “Of course you can, it’s the least I can do!”

    “Alright! Lois, bring Munchlax, let’s battle!” said Tyson while running outside with Yanma.

    “Wait I’ll battle for Lois, I also wanna train a bit!” said Marion

    “Alright whatever you want Marion…” said Lois

    They both got ready and went outside.

    “Ok go Makuhita!”

    “Yanma go and use Wing Attack!”

    Yanma’s speed was unbelievable better and it managed to knock Makuhita back.

    “Woah nice one Yanma! Alright now use Sonicboom!”

    Yanma managed to hit Makuhita again, and it was knocked back. Yanma looked very happy and Makuhita looked happy for Yanma too.

    “Ok Makuhita use Force Palm!”

    Makuhita smiled and jumped up, hitting Yanma. Yanma managed to sustain the hit, but she got paralyzed.

    “Makuhita, use SmellingSalt!”

    “Yanma dodge it!”

    Yanma couldn’t move because of the paralysis and got hit. It wasn’t paralyzed anymore, however.

    “Ok Yanma, use Sonicboom!”

    Yanma smirked and attacked, but Makuhita dodged and went for another Force Palm.

    “Yanma, watch out!” yelled Tyson.

    Yanma started flapping its wings very fast and ended up using a Bug Buzz attack.

    “Yanma you learned Bug Buzz!”

    “Yann!! Ma Yanma!!” said Yanma happy.

    Makuhita and Snorunt (who was watching the battle) were happy, but Marion told Makuhita to use Force Palm again. It hit Yanma and knocked her out.

    “You did amazing Yanma!” said Tyson.

    They all went inside after the battle.

    “You know Tyson, Yanma did an outstanding battle thanks to you. I want her to get stronger and see more of the world. Please, take her with you, it will do her good. Please.” said Kristen.

    “What do you say Yanma?”

    “Yannmaa!!!” buzzed Yanma, looking extremely happy.

    “Well welcome to the team!”

    Yanma went in the Pokeball, and Tyson, Lois left to Pewter City, while Marion went back to Viridian.

    [End of Chapter 10]
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