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Thread: Pokemon: Tyson's Journey!

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    Wheres the next chapter||| D: I need more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tayetayetv1 View Post
    Wheres the next chapter||| D: I need more.
    I will try to post it on sunday, I've been busy :/

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    Chapter 13 [The Grass Joker and the Grass Thief! Part II]

    “Bulbasaur?!” yelled Tyson as he ran through Pewter City looking for the little green plant “Ok, Yanma go look for Bulbasaur again.”

    After Bulbasaur running away from Tyson, both him and Tiffany went outside of the green tent that held the market, looking for him.

    “Hmm where could he be? Ah I’ll stop by the Pokemon Center to see if Lois knows where Bulbasaur is.” thought Tyson to himself.

    He ran through all the grey looking shops until he finally arrived at the center.

    “Hey Nurse Joy, do you know where Lois may be?”

    “Yes, she’s sitting next to the window, taking care of her egg.” replied Nurse Joy, pointing at Lois.

    “Ok thanks!” answered Tyson as he walked up to Lois “Hey Lois, have you seen or heard anything about the Bulbasaur thief?”

    “Oh hey Tyson! No, I haven’t. Why?” said Lois as she stood up holding her egg.

    “Oh because… wait why is your egg shining?” asked Tyson as he realized Lois’s Pokemon Egg was shining.

    “It means it’s close to evolving! I am so excited you have no idea! It started shining when I was trying to train Munchlax, and then I’ve just been taking care of it.”

    “Oh man, this is really exciting! Anyways, I was protecting Bulbasaur from Tiffany but the little guy wouldn’t trust me and ran away.”

    “I’ll help you look for him.” said Lois to Tyson, as she put her egg in her bag and walked away with her friend.

    “Ok, where should we look?” asked Tyson.

    “Murkrow, go look for a Bulbasaur!” said Lois as she called for her Pokemon.

    “Ok, now let’s look for him!” said Tyson as they started searching for Bulbasaur.

    Tyson and Lois ran around looking for Bulbasaur, but found nothing. They asked some shop owners, passing by people, old couples. Nothing. Nobody knew where Bulbasaur could be. They then went back to the Pokemon Center. As they walked in, they saw Nurse Joy just stare at the television. The news was on.

    “Nurse Joy, what’s going on?” asked Tyson.

    “It seems like that fire trainer found Bulbasaur. She found him in route 3, trying to hide.” replied Nurse Joy.

    Tyson ran out of the Pokemon Center, not even giving Lois or Nurse Joy time to say anything else. He ran as fast as he could through the city until he arrived in Route 3. As he arrived there, he immediately saw a group of people that formed a circle. From the circle he could see a couple of fire attacks.

    “Oh no, Bulbasaur!” thought Tyson to himself as he ran “Excuse me, can I go through?” asked Tyson to the group of people as he tried to get past them.
    “Ok Charmeleon, Fire Spin!”

    Tyson could recognize that voice from anywhere, it was Tiffany. He looked at the Charmeleon, got Goosebumps because the fire was so close to him, and then noticed his Yanma was the one being attacked.

    ”Yanma?!” said Tyson as he started running to his injured Pokemon.

    “Charmeleon, stop him with Flamethrower!” commanded Tiffany.

    Tyson quickly jumped back, and looked scared and worried.

    “Why is he so scared? Could it be… let’s make an experiment… Charmeleon, use Flamethrower next to his feet.”

    Charmeleon did, and Tyson ran quickly away, looking more scared.

    “Ha I knew it, he’s afraid of fire types! Ok, go Quilava. Keep Tyson busy, as I get Bulbasaur.”

    “Quilaa!” nodded Quilava, almost as if he had no choice on the matter.

    “Oh no!” yelled Tyson.

    “Ok, now Charmeleon use Flamethrower on that bug!”

    “Yanma, be careful!” yelled Tyson, as he jumped over Quilava and ran to help his Pokemon. Tyson grabbed Yanma just in time and jumped away, as the flames hit the floor. Tyson then noticed Bulbasaur was injured, lying on the floor.

    “That was close! Return Yanma!” said Tyson as he grabbed his Pokeball.

    “Yan!! Yann yanma!” said Yanma as he shook his head saying no.

    “You don’t wanna go in here? Why?”

    “Yanma knows how much you want to help Bulbasaur and she wants to help you, Tyson!” said Nurse Joy.

    “Nurse Joy? Lois? What are you guys doing here?” asked Tyson as he noticed they were in the group of people.

    “We followed you. You looked worried so, you know…” replied Lois.

    “Hm, okay. Yanma, let’s do this!” said Tyson, confident.

    “Yan!” said Yanma, looking confident as well.

    “Charmeleon and Quilava, use Flamethrower on them!” ordered Tiffany.

    “No way! Yanma, use Sonicboom to push it away!” yelled Tyson.

    Yanma flapped its wings fast, and the fire flew back to Charmeleon and Quilava, hurting them.

    “Nice job Yanma!”

    As Tyson and Yanma celebrated, they noticed a shadow covering the place they were in. It was a helicopter, with a red big “R” on the side, and it came from Mt. Moon.

    “It’s Neo Team Rocket!”

    A rope came from the bottom of Neo Team Rocket. Deivid was holding the rope and threw a device to Tiffany.

    “Take good care of it, agent Tiffany!” yelled Deivid, as the helicopter flew away.

    “Agent Tiffany?! You’re part of Neo Team Rocket?!” yelled Tyson enraged.

    “I was looking for Bulbasaur in Mt Moon and found Jont. I told him all about Bulbasaur, and he thought I had some potential. And let’s face it, I do. Now this device… allows me to take any Pokemon and teleport it to Jont. It’s your future Bulbasaur.” yelled Tiffany, as she used the device, and a wire grabbed Bulbasaur.

    “No way!” yelled Tyson as he jumped to Bulbasaur and grabbed him, while Yanma tried to attack Tiffany.

    “Ha, get off me you dirty bug!”

    This comment enraged Yanma, and she used a potent Wing Attack on the wire, cutting it in half.

    “Nice job Yanma!”

    “Yan yan!” buzzed Yanma, smiling.

    “It’s not over…” said Tiffany smirking. She pressed a button on the small grey device given to her by Deivid, and smoke started coming out of it. Soon, the whole place was covered with white thick smoke.

    “What is this?!” yelled Tyson coughing “Yanma, used Bug Buzz!”

    Bug Buzz made the smoke disappear, but Tiffany and Bulbasaur were also disappeared.

    “No… this isn’t possible!” thought Tyson to himself, as he looked around looking for Tiffany.

    He saw nothing. He ran around route 3 looking for the Grass Joker, but nothing found.

    The group of people disappeared slowly, until only Lois and Nurse Joy were there.

    “It’s over Tyson, let’s rest at the Pokemon Center. You did your best.” said Lois quietly.

    “No it’s not over. Me and Yanma will find her…”

    Suddenly, they all heard a sound. It was like a living being was suffering. They heard “Bulbaa… Bulbaa…”.

    “It must be Bulbasaur!” said Tyson as he ran to the direction of the sound.

    He finally looked behind a rock, and saw Tiffany and Bulbasaur. There was a wire connected to Bulbasaur, sucking all its energy to the device.

    “What are you doing?!” screamed Tyson.

    “Uhm… 97… 98… 99… 100. Transfer completed” whispered Tiffany, as she then threw Bulbasaur against the rocks and ran away.

    “Bulbasaur?! Are you alright??” said Tyson worried, as he was on his knees next to Bulbasaur and Yanma.

    “Let me see… Bulbasaur lost too much energy. He has to rest. Bring him to the center.”


    They all went to the Pokemon Center. As Bulbasaur was being healed by Nurse Joy and her Chansey, Tyson and Lois were talking.

    “What did Tiffany do? Bulbasaur wasn’t transferred was he? What happened?” asked Tyson, quietly and in a tired voice.

    “I don’t know… good thing is he’s gonna be alright.”

    Nurse Joy walked out of the emergency room and said that Bulbasaur lost all his energy.

    “I get it! Tiffany couldn’t teleport Bulbasaur to Jont because she didn’t have much time, so she only transferred his energy. Remember in the Viridian Forest when Neo Team Rocket was sucking all the bird Pokemon’s energy. That’s what they want, they want energy from Pokemon. But why, and for what?” asked Tyson.

    “Yeah that’s probably it. Well we should sleep now, tomorrow Bulbasaur will be fine.” said Nurse Joy.

    “Alright, thank you very much Nurse Joy!”

    The next day

    “Nurse Joy, how is Bulbasaur?!” asked Tyson to Nurse Joy, as she walked out with Bulbasaur looking strong and good.

    “Well, there’s your answer Tyson.” said Nurse Joy smiling.

    Bulbasaur jumped to the floor and started talking to Tyson.

    “I think he wants to go with you for all you did for him yesterday Tyson. But he won’t go without a battle…” said Nurse Joy.

    Bulbasaur nodded, and they went outside.

    “It’s a one VS one. Let the battle start!” said Nurse Joy.

    “Go Yanma! Use Bug Buzz!”

    “Yan!” replied Yanma, confidently.

    “Bulba…” said Bulbasaur, as he used Magical Leaf. Yanma’s Bug Buzz and Bulbasaur’s Magical Leaf collided, and both ended before hitting each other.
    “Alright, now use Wing Attack!”

    Yanma flew quickly and hit Bulbasaur hard. Yanma smiled, and so did Bulbasaur, who used Leech Seed.

    “Leech Seed huh? Yanma, Bug Buzz!”

    Yanma tried using Buz Buzz, but he was in too much pain. Bulbasaur used Magical Leaf afterwards.

    “Magical Leaf… I know! Yanma stay still!”

    “Still? What’s he thinking?” asked Lois.

    Magical Leaf hit Yanma and cut the Leech Seed around her.

    “Now, Bug Buzz!”

    Yanma flapped its wings hit Bulbasaur, knocking him out.

    “Alright! Go Pokeball!” yelled Tyson as he threw a Pokeball. The Pokeball turned once, twice, three times. Then the dot in the middle turned white.

    “Yeah! I got Bulbasaur!” yelled Tyson as he called Bulbasaur out “Bulbasaur, welcome to the team!” He then called out Hitmonchan and Snorunt and introduced Bulbasaur to them.

    “Sno!” smiled Snorunt.

    “Chan Chan!” said Hitmonchan, looking happy but trying to hide it.

    “Well now I’m ready for the next gym!”

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    Yay, new chapter!

    [Chapter 14] Bulbasaur VS Kabutops! Museum Freak-Out!

    “Alright Bulbasaur! You’re gonna be part of my line-up against Flint! That Aerodactyl was seriously powerful, but I believe we can do this!” said Tyson, as he called on Bulbasaur “Should we go train outside for a bit??”

    Bulbasaur smirked and nodded, running outside faster than Tyson could.

    “Those two are really alike in personality!” said Lois as she talked to her Mienshao.

    Outside on the rock battle field, Tyson also called on Yanma, Snorunt and Hitmonchan. The field resembled the gym’s battle field, so it was a good way of practicing.

    “Ok guys. I can only use 3 Pokemon in the battle, so I’m gonna use Bulbasaur and Yanma for their first gym battle, and Hitmonchan due to the type advantage. Sorry Snorunt, maybe next time!” said Tyson as he smiled towards Snorunt, who showed his disappointment. Meanwhile, Bulbasaur and Hitmonchan both grinned, while Yanma flew around looking surprisingly happy.

    “Bulbasaur, use Magical Leaf of the rocks! Hitmonchan, use your Mach Punch against the trees and Yanma, Sonicboom against the trees as well!”

    Hitmonchan looked really focused during his training, each punch harder than the other. Even his red gloves looked stronger. Yanma looked out of focus, but her Sonicboom destroyed a couple of trees. Bulbasaur’s Magical Leaf was powerful. Snorunt was sitting on the bench on the side watching Bulbasaur train, and he got up to train with him.

    “Huh? Snorunt, you want to train with us?”

    “Sno Sno!” said Snorunt, jumping up and down while doing punching movements.

    “Alright! Snorunt, use Blizzard, Bulbasaur use Magical Leaf!”

    Snorunt and Bulbasaur both attacked at full power, and the attacks collided. Blizzard was stronger though, and managed to knock Bulbasaur against a tree.

    “Hm… That was nicely done Snorunt! Let’s check the Pokedex to see what other moves Bulbasaur knows.” commented Tyson, as he took his pokedex.

    “Bulbasaur knows the following moves: Magical Leaf, Skull Bash, Leech Seed”.

    “Awesome! Bulbasaur, go for Skull Bash! Snorunt, use Bite!” yelled Tyson, excited to see how Bulbasaur would do with Skull Bash.

    Bulbasaur lowered his head and ran against Snorunt. However, once again Snorunt was better with Bite.

    “Huh?! That wasn’t a normal Bite…” whispered Tyson.

    “Snorunt learned Crunch, Tyson!” replied Nurse Joy as she came outside to watch the battle.

    “Awesome! Good job Snorunt! Oh man, now I wish I could use you!” said Tyson, as he went down on his knees and congratulated Snorunt “Let’s keep battling now!”

    Snorunt and Bulbasaur went to their places. Snorunt looked very confident, that even Hitmonchan stopped his training to watch the battle. He looked surprised. Bulbasaur however, looked tired.

    “Ok, Blizzard and Magical Leaf! Bulbasaur, try to go with a full power Magical Leaf!” encouraged Tyson.

    “Bulba!” said Bulbasaur, as he looked a bit more excited to try again.

    Again both attacks collided. However this time, both moves were equally strong, and they went up to the sky. Tyson gazed up and heard a scream come down from the sky. As something fell hard on the ground floor, Tyson and his Pokemon ran to it, and Nurse Joy as well.

    “What happened??” asked Nurse Joy to Tyson, as he explained.

    Finally the smoke cleared, and it was Flint and his Aerodactyl.

    “Flint! What happened??” asked Tyson worried.

    “No time to explain! Aerodactyl, let’s go! To the Pewter Museum!” yelled Flint, as he flew away.

    “Something must have happened in the Pewter Museum! Hitmonchan, Yanma, Bulbasaur, Snorunt return!” said Tyson as he ran to the museum.

    “Tyson wai- …hmm” tried to stop him Nurse Joy.

    Tyson ran fast through Pewter, and it was easier to find the Museum since he already knew the city well. When he got to the Museum, there was smoke coming out of lab. He walked in and witnessed an Armaldo destroying everything. Many articles were destroyed, machines as well. The walls were grey because of the smoke. Many scientists tried to stop him but their Pokemon simply weren’t strong enough. He again saw Flint and his Aerodactyl. This time he saw Aerodactyl knock out Armaldo, and they caught him.

    “Flint! What happened??” asked Tyson worried with the situation.

    “These scientists had a little problem with the fossil Pokemon they were trying to turn back to life!”

    A scientist approached them and told them an Omastar and a Kabutops were out on the city, while the other fossil Pokemon were caught already thanks to Flint.

    “I see! We’ll help you guys!” said Tyson as he called on Snorunt.

    “Come with me Tyson. Aerodactyl will look for Kabutops and Omastar. I’ll get Omastar, you get Kabutops, okay?” asked Flint.

    “It’s a plan.” said Tyson smirking.

    Tyson and Flint went on Aerodactyl’s back and flew around. Tyson called on Yanma to look for Kabutops too.

    “There’s Omastar!” yelled Flint “Tyson, do you mind we drop you off there and you go look for Kabutops alone?”

    “Not at all! I’ve had a lot of searching done in this city, a bit more won’t hurt.” said Tyson, smiling about Bulbasaur.

    Flint dropped off Tyson and Tyson went on his way. He looked in the mountains, close to the Viridian Forest, next to the gym, but he wasn’t lucky.

    “I wonder where he is…”

    Finally Yanma flew back to Tyson, and she looked exhausted.

    “Did you find Kabutops?” asked Tyson.

    Yanma nodded and flew back to the place, with Tyson following her. Finally they stopped on the forest in the back of the museum.

    “Thanks Yanma! You deserve to rest!” said Tyson as he withdrew Yanma “I wonder if Flint has caught Omastar yet…”

    Kabutops noticed Tyson, and became very aggressive. He used Hyper Beam against Tyson, who would have been hurt if he hadn’t dodged it.

    “Ok… let’s give Bulbasaur a go.” said Tyson as he called on Bulbasaur.

    Bulbasaur grinned and stared at Kabutops, while the latter did the same. A rivalry sparkled between them.

    “Bulbasaur, use Magical Leaf!”

    Bulbasaur used Magical Leaf, doing a lot of damage to Kabutops, who just kept spamming Hyper Beam.

    “Bulbasaur, try a Skull Bash!”

    Bulbasaur ran against Kabutops and managed to knock it back a bit, but didn’t do much damage. Kabutops once again used Hyper Beam, and this time managed to hit Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was hurt, lying on the floor against a tree, though trying to get up. Tyson ran to him to check if he was okay.

    “Bulbasaur, you can do this! You’re a strong and brave little grass type, you can do this!”

    Bulbasaur stood up and Kabutops was astonished.

    “Alright, this is just starting! Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!”

    Bulbasaur unleashed a seed that hit Kabutops and went around him with spiky vines. The seed kept sucking energy from Kabutops to Bulbasaur, who seemed to get stronger and stronger as Kabutops got weaker and weaker.

    “Hm… Bulbasaur, Magical Leaf! Final Blow!” yelled Tyson.

    Bulbasaur prepared a Magical Leaf, and this one looked much more powerful than the ones before. It hit Kabutops, who was knocked out.

    “Huh…” said Tyson tired, as he grabbed Bulbasaur and held him tight.

    “Good job Tyson!” said Flint.


    “Yeah, I was behind that tree all along. I wanted to see what you were capable of… good job! It makes me want to train harder with all my Pokemon, not only Aerodactyl! What do you say we delay this battle for a while now?”

    “Sure thing Flint! I want to get stronger with Bulbasaur too!”

    “Awesome! For the time we don’t battle, I’ll organize a Pokemon tournament to help you train as well. What do you think of that?”

    “A tournament huh? Sounds awesome! Thanks Flint!”

    “No problem kid! I already called the scientists from the museum, and the tournament will be up next week! See ya!” said Flint, as he flew away on Aerodactyl.

    [Chapter 14]
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    About the 13th Chapter, nice plot, who knew that Tifanny was from neo team Rocket. Glad that Bulbasaur is okay and Tyson got him
    About the 14th Chapter, firstly, it is the 14th one, not the 13th, please correct it About the Chapter itself,
    “Not at all! I’ve had a lot of searching done in this city, a bit more won’t hurt.” said Tyson, smiling about Bulbasaur.
    LOLed here. I was reading and smiling, remmbering that Tyson actually gone through the whole city to find Bulbasaur
    Your writing has improved a lot, keep it up! And it was also funny when imagined how Flint jumped on Aerodactyl and flew off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealRaymon View Post
    About the 13th Chapter, nice plot, who knew that Tifanny was from neo team Rocket. Glad that Bulbasaur is okay and Tyson got him
    About the 14th Chapter, firstly, it is the 14th one, not the 13th, please correct it About the Chapter itself,

    LOLed here. I was reading and smiling, remmbering that Tyson actually gone through the whole city to find Bulbasaur
    Your writing has improved a lot, keep it up! And it was also funny when imagined how Flint jumped on Aerodactyl and flew off.
    Thanks! At first she wasn't, but then they saw she had potential I tried to make it more interesting than normal
    Oh haha didn't even realize xD
    Hehe thanks I hope you like the tournament, though it may take a while since this is my last week of school and then I won't be here for xmas

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    [Chapter 15]
    The Pewter Tournament Begins!

    "C'mon Lois! Let's sign up!!" yelled Tyson, leaving the Pokemon Center where they spent the night.

    "Alright! I also feel like battling, it's been a while!"

    "Yeah!" said Tyson excited, as Nurse Joy approached him "I see you're both signing up. You can sign up on the southeastern part of Pewter. They built a stadium there some years ago, after this man called Don George had the idea."

    "Ok! Thanks Nurse Joy, we're leaving now!" said Tyson, as Lois and him walked away.

    After they walked through the city, they finally saw the stadium. A crowd had gathered around it. The stadium's color was navy, and it was very big. Flags were standing outside. One flag was orange with a Pokeball, another one was blue with Flint's and Lola's face on it. The last one was green with a basket with Sitrus and Oran berries.

    "Woah, look at all these people!" exclaimed Tyson as he walked through the crowd "So many different pokemon!"

    "Yeah, this is awesome! Hey there's a sign there!" answered Lois, pointing at a white big sign on the wall of the stadium.

    "Let's check it out!"

    "Pewter City Tournament! Entrance Price: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Prize: Basket with 100 Sitrus Berries, and 100 Oran Berries! Hosted and Sponsored by: Flint, Lola"

    "Hmm... well the prize are berries that heal your Pokemon, so that's good! Let's sign up!" stated Lois, excited.

    Tyson and Lois walked to the man that signed up the trainers, and saw Flint.

    "Hey there Flint! I saw you got this going quite quickly!" said Tyson.

    "Oh! Greetings Tyson! Yeah, we decided to get right to it!"

    "Awesome! This is my friend Lois! She's also a trainer, from Unova!"

    "Hey Lois! I'm... Wait I remember you! You got the badge from here a couple of weeks ago! That Mienshao was quite the fighter!" replied Flint laughing hard.

    "Yeah! After that I even got the badge in Viridian, and now I joined Tyson!" responded Lois, smiling.

    "Well that's great! Being with friends is always the best! Well, let's sign you guys up then!"


    "Ok, write down your three Pokemon, and you'll be good to go!"

    After Tyson and Lois did this, they said bye and started walking away, talking.

    "Woah! Hey there Tyson!" said a familiar voice.

    "Huh? Oh, it's Marion! How are you??"

    "I'm good, got two badges already! The one in here sure was tough, but Makuhita and Wartortle were awesome!"

    "That's good to know! I still have one badge, but I'll challenge Flint again after this." said Tyson, with a confident voice

    "Awesome! You know, I was in my way to the Cerulean Gym, when I saw this sign. I immediately flew here though! Hehe..." said Marion smiling

    "You flew here?" wondered Tyson

    "Yeah! I got two new Pokemon! Come out, guys!" said Marion, calling out all his Pokemon.

    "I'll show you mine, too!"

    Tyson and Marion called their Pokemon out. Out came: Snorunt, Hitmonchan, Yanma, Bulbasaur, Wartortle, Graveler, Makuhita, Golbat and a Growlithe.

    "Awesome Pokemon!! Wait... is that... a Growlithe..?" asked Tyson scared, even though he clearly knew it was one.

    "Yeah... Why, any problems?"

    "Please... get that away from me..." said Tyson, getting flashbacks from when he was a kid.

    "Why? It's just a Growlithe..."

    "Please! Just do it..." begged Tyson.

    "Fine..." said Marion, calling back his Pokemon.

    Marion walked up to Flint and signed up, and they all went to the Pokemon Center to rest before the tournament began.

    "So, which Pokemon did you choose Tyson? And you too Lois?"

    "I signed up Bulbasaur, Yanma and Hitmonchan. Giving Snorunt a break now."

    "And I signed up Mienshao, Murkrow and Munchlax. I wanna get Munchlax battling soon..."

    "Awesome, good choices! I picked Wartortle, Makuhita and Growlithe!"

    "Oh God..." whispered Tyson, shivering.

    After that, Nurse Joy turned up the TV. Lola was talking.

    "Well folks, soon we will know all our match ups for the first round. We have 32 trainers, and all of them have potential to win! All challengers should be coming to the stadium now, please." said Lola smiling.

    "Oh, we gotta go!" said Lois, while everyone started running to the stadium.

    When they entered the participants room, they saw the match ups were being chosen. Tyson saw his picture, and he was going against another trainer he didn't know. Same with Marion, and Lois as well.

    "Woah! This is gonna be awesome!"

    "The first round is a one on one everyone, don't miss it! Here come the first trainers." said Lola from the middle of the battle field.

    They saw a couple of trainers going, and then it was Tyson's turn.

    "Good luck man!" said Marion

    Tyson walked to the field, and saw that the stadium was full.

    "OK! This is it! Go, Yanma!"

    The other trainer then called on a Machop.

    "Machop huh? This will be interesting! Yanma use Bug Buzz!"

    Yanma's wings were glowing green and then they started flapping. Then an energy came out of them and hit Machop hard.

    "Hm! Machop, use Revenge!"

    Machop started flexing, and then he jumped up, grabbed Yanma and threw her on to the floor.

    "Yanma! Are you okay..?" asked Tyson, who saw his Pokemon try to fly up.

    "Yan... maa..." said Yanma "Yan... YANMA!"

    "Awesome! Use Wing Attack!"

    Yanma's wing became silver colored and struck Machop hard, defeating it.

    "Woo hoo!" Amazing job Yanma! Return now." said Tyson, jumping up and down very, very happy.

    As he walked back to the room, he saw on television Marion call on his Wartortle. He seemed to Water Gun and defeat a Pidgeotto. Marion came back again.

    "Good job Marion! It's your turn, Lois. Good luck!"

    "Thanks!" Lois ran to the field, and called on Murkrow.

    The other trainer called on a Misdreavus.

    "Murkrow, this will be easy! Use Shadow Ball, and then Sucker Punch!"

    Misdreavus immediately perished, and Lois walked away, slowly, but she was smiling.

    "Amazing job guys! We're definitely showing our strenghts!" exclaimed Tyson.

    "Well, tomorrow there's more everyone! Stay around, and watch these amazing battles" said Lola.

    [End of chapter 15]

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    BTW, I want to start a PM list, if you want to be on it

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