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Thread: Look Out! For WeLoom the destroyer! An OU RMT

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    Default Look Out! For WeLoom the destroyer! An OU RMT

    Hi everybody. I've been playing PO and Showdown a decent amount over the past few days and there's a very common trend taking place, as I'm sure all of you are aware. In conjunction with Smogon's usage rate, Politoed has dethroned Scizor as the most used poke in OU. Add into this the fact that Tornadus-T, Thundurus-T and Keldeo are running rampant, this is a very weather oriented metagame at the moment. I've did not want to create a team solely based on weather for a few reasons. 1. Drizzle is going to get boring and predictable fast and 2. I'm tired of trying to win weather wars. So, my basis of my team is to counter what I believe will become the new dominant weather styles: Drought and Drizzle. Drizzle is obvious, but Drought needs some explanation. Drought will weaken water moves and will lower the accuracy of Hurricane/Thunder. Sand and Hail are very good, but they don't have the accuracy drop and power reduction that Drought has. With Abomasnow/Hippowdon dropping, I believe that the trend will continue this way. So, with this in mind, I started to work on a team that perfectly counters the Drought/Drizzle playstyles and can handle Sand/hail and it is also very good against other non-weather teams. Now, allow me to show you how I put the team together:

    With Tornadus-T and Thundurus-T running rampant, a great special wall was need to handle the powerful Thunder/Hurricanes. After going through several walls, Snorlax proved to be the champion. Blissey/Chansey handled Thundurus-T fine, but fell to shambles at Tornadus-T's Superpower. Lanturn held out very well for awhile, but I found the lack of usage outside of the genies to be disconcerting. Snorlax has great bulk, but is lacking in the physically defensive department.

    Gliscor and Snorlax go great together for a defensive core. Snorlax even has Thick Fat plus all that bulk for any Ice Beams aimed at Gliscor. With this though, I realized that I would need a solid physical water counter due to threats such as CB Azumarill and MoxieDos.

    Tentacruel was added to the mix as my Mixed Wall. He functions as to cover the biggest threat to both Snorlax and Gliscor: Keldeo, which I will go into later. I also got a handy Rapid Spinner to the mix and toxic spikes absorber. My defensive core was complete. Now, it is time for my offensive core, the destructive WeLoom.

    Now, it took me awhile to realize just how effective TechniLoom is. I thought it was easy to counter, but I was very, very wrong. After play testing I realized there were few things that could hard counter it, which were Tornadus-T, Thundurus-T and flying/Dragon types, specifically Multiscale Dragonite who has a x2 resist to fighting and x4 resist to grass. So, I needed a dragon slayer:

    Weavile was added as a dragon slayer. While some are looking at it as being a UU poke, I assure you Weavile + Breloom= Destruction. After looking at the time and being happy and seeing my resistances/strengths, I realized that I don't have a true "revenge Killer" and I'm lacking on the specially attacking side.

    Genesect, the brand new Bug/Steel type that is slowly winning my heart over. 120/120/99 attacking stats was impressive and Download allowed it to get the boost that it needed to pick off those foes.

    Onto the Destructive Details!

    Genesect@Choice Scarf
    Naive Nature
    4 Attack/ 252 Sp Attack/ 252 Speed
    -Ice Beam

    This is my lead and it has good reason too. It's superb coverage scares most pokes. This is my mixed attacking due to Download's um unpredictability, I can get a nice boost to U-Turn or my Beam/Bolt/Thrower. I usually U-Turn out and go to the appropriate defensive counter. Ice Beam is for Dragons. Thunderbolt is for water types and flamethrower is for bug/steel types.

    Thick Fat
    Careful Nature
    208 HP/ 128 Def/ 176 Sp Def
    -Body Slam
    -Sleep Talk

    Here's the wall that started it all. I believe in keeping his job as easy as possible. Hit with Body Slam, go for the paralysis and whirlwind it out. The EVs allow Snorlax to take most special attacks with ease while being able to tank some physical attacks. The above EVs allow Snorlax to take a +0 neutral natured LO Focus Blast from Reuniclus and it only has a 5% chance of 2HKO, assuming Focus Miss doesn't happen. Pretty Standard RestTalk set. Whirlwind stops Sub boosters like CM Latias.

    Gliscor@Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    Impish Nature
    252 HP/ 184 Def/ 72 Speed
    -Swords Dance

    My physical Wall that compliments Snorlax perfectly. I chose to go with a more aggressive SD variant over Toxic Stall due to my team needing to be more aggressive. EQ is for STAB and after a SD hits very hard. I chose Facade due to the base power being doubled. Although I've been considering one of the elemental Fangs. Fire Fang/Thunder Fang and EQ would have good coverage but will leave me open to the Sub/CM Latias. Ice Fang is good for opposing Gliscor but then Rotom-W can be problematic, so I went with Facade.

    Tentacruel@Black Sludge
    Liquid Ooze
    Bold Nature
    252 HP/ 220 Def/ 36 Speed
    -Toxic Spikes
    -Rapid Spin
    -Ice Beam

    This is a fairly typical Tentacruel set. Tentacruel has a few roles to fill: Rapid Spinner, Toxic Spikes Absorber, etc. But, one of it's most important role is to hard counter Keldeo. Resisting Water, fighting and ice, Tentacruel does a great job at checking most Keldeo sets. Luckily Keldeo's movepool is pretty sparse and it has to rely on Hydro Pump/Sacred Sword/ Icy Wind and HP of some sort. The (2) main sets that I have seen on Keldeo are CM with Hydro Pump/Sacred Sword and either Icy Wind/HP Ghost and Choice Specs set with the (4) mentioned moves. A STAB Rain boosted Choice Specs Hydro Pump only does 51-60% on Tentacruel. Scald will do around 20% to 4 HP/ 0 Sp Def Keldeo in the rain with a 30% chance to burn, but I think most people would save the Hydro Pump for when the final sweep comes (due to the low PP and the fairly shaky accuracy) and they would go with HP Ghost for safety, which Tentacruel takes with ease.

    Breloom@Life Orb
    Jolly Nature
    252 Attack/ 4 Sp Def/ 252 Speed
    -Mach Punch
    -Bullet Seed
    -Swords Dance

    This is a fairly typical TechniLoom. I run Max speed and + nature to outspeed and KO typical Gliscor spreads who would be expecting an Adamant Nature over Jolly. Spore/Swords Dance are pretty self explanatory. Mach Punch and Bullet Seed are both boosted by Technician and Life Orb to crazy levels. Priority Mach Punch handles just about anything. Bullet Seed gets me KOs against Rotom-W, Gastrodon, HydraRest Vaporeon, etc. Obviously the problem here is Flying and Dragon types, also SubDisable Gengar (Sub blocks Spore, Disable Bullet Seed). But, this is easily remedied by the other half of the WeLoom destructive core:

    Weavile@Choice Band
    Jolly Nature
    32 HP/ 252 Attack/ 224 Speed
    -Ice Punch
    -Ice Shard
    -Low Kick

    I know some people are looking at the EVs and going why not 40 HP as per Smogon? Well, let me tell you, the EVs allow to me to outspeed Naive Natured 252 EV Tornadus-T. With 120 Base attack, Ice Shard/Punch will hit very hard. A CB Ice Punch cleanly OHKO Tornadus-T without issues. CB Ice Shard falls just short of OHKO Thundurus-T, but if I get it on the switch, then it's gone. Ice Punch also takes care of Amoongus (who is on the rise) and all dragon types. Pursuit is for psychic/ghosts and low kick is for Heatran/Tyranitar. Also, Weavile's Stealth rock, fighting, bug and steel weaknesses are covered by Tentacruel. Fire Weakness is covered by Tentacruel and Snorlax.

    So, this is my new team that has been doing phenomenally on both PO and Showdown. The Main Idea is to pave the way for WeLoom with a great defensive core. My team is not reliant on weather and combats all weather types fantastically. Well go ahead and RMT!

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    excellent team. If rain is running rampant (which it is) why not go rain dish on cruel? Free healing?
    I have claimed the deadly snake Seviper, as of December 2 2011

    Huge credit to Brutaka Blaziken and PkmnFn for the banner
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    Ahh im sorry I forgot to put why liquid ooze over rain dish. Its specifically for conkeldurr and ferrothorn with leech seed and drain punch. More for ferrothorn tbh. The only thing ferrothorn can do to gliscor is power whip/gyro ball or leech seed it. If it leech seeds tentacruel, it'll be forced to switch out thinking ill switch out when I will actually use that turn to drop toxic spikes

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    I've found that Genesect to be a tad underwhelming. So, I've decided on a brand new revenge killer:

    Landorus@Choice Scarf
    Sand Force
    Naive Nature
    252 Attack/ 4 Sp Attack/ 252 Speed
    -Stone Edge
    -Hidden Power Ice/Flying

    I've been looking for revenge killers and even tried the aforementioned Tornadus-T, but I found the lack of power outside of rain to be lacking. Especially since I would be relying on Superpower/Heat Wave. If that were the case, then Scarf Infernape would've been better. But, Landorus was my favorite B/W1 revenge killer and this is no different. EdgeQuake and U-Turn are straightforward. I know some people are looking at the Hidden Power going why Flying, you lose to opposing Landorus/Gliscor. Well, HP Flying gives Landorus a 2nd STAB that OHKO Breloom. Let's be honest now, Landorus-I is starting to dip down and was #47 on smogon's usage list. Abomasnow and Hippowdon are borderline UU at this point and they're number 53/54. Gliscor is easily dispatched by Tentacruel's Ice Beam/Breloom's Bullet Seed and Weavile's Ice Punch.

    But, as time went on, I realized my team is still Tornadus-T weak. If Breloom/Weavile went down, Tornadus-T would stop me cold in my tracks unless I got lucky with the paralysis hit from Snorlax. So, I needed a new wall to replace Gliscor (Who was still easily KOed by Hurricane) and I've found one that has been successful. I've never used him too much in gen 4 and this is my first time in gen 5 I even considered it. Welcome to the team:

    Relaxed Nature
    252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 Sp Def
    -Stealth Rock
    -Gyro Ball (Speed IV= 0)
    -Zen Headbutt

    The idea for Bronzong came to me when I was driving home. I was thinking of trying a new team since Tornadus-T was still destroying me. I thought of matching up Bronzong with Gastrodon for a new team. But, then I started to think: 1. Bronzong resists Hurricane, takes neutral to U-Turn and Superpower. Heatwave gets 50% nerf in rain and Tentacruel/Snorlax resists fire attacks. Bronzong gets Stealth Rock, Tentacruel gets Toxic Spikes and Snorlax has whirlwind. I also gained a new Dragon resist, ice resist (good for Landorus now) and Gyro Ball cleanly 2HKO Tornadus-T, while it cannot even 3HKO. Stealth Rock is for hazards. Gyro Ball is for Faster foes who try to set up like Dragonite. Earthquake is for Magnezone who try to trap me (lol at Ferrothorn with Bulldoze). But, Zen Headbutt is one move I completely overlooked. Zen Headbutt cleanly 2HKO most variants of Keldeo. Also, gives a x4 resist to psychic moves (great for Tentacruel and Breloom)

    So the team now stands as this line up: Landorus, Weavile, Breloom, Snorlax, Tentacruel, Bronzong

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    First off, good team. Just want to point out that Heatwave won't do 50% in rain. It will do 66%, but w/e. You should update your original post so that we know what your team is atm. Opposing Breloom can do a lot of damage if the team has good synergy. other than that, nothign else to say

    252 +6 Atk Choice Band Pure Power Victini (+Atk)Critical V-create vs 0 HP/0 -6 Def Dry Skin Paras (-Def) : 103470436.36% - 121729963.64% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    You Don't Say? I had no idea that a Choice Band Adamant Victini with maximum attack EVs and IVs that was baton passed +6 in attack and Skill Swapped Pure Power OHKO's Hasty Dry Skin Lvl 1 Paras with no defense EVs or IVs and -6 in defense under sun with a critical hit V-Create.

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