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    Hey guys and Welcome to the Pokemon Australia Club on Serebii!

    This club is for all those in Australia who love Pokemon and want to come together and form a community.
    This club was started so that you - the Australian Pokemon Fans would and could get information relevant to us about Pokemon News. We all know that we get left behind and then if we get anything none of the big Pokemon Sites even mention the Events we do get. This Club is hopefully going to change all that.

    The rules are all the rules on this forum itself please make sure you read them so you understand what is expected.

    If you want to become a member of this club it’s as easy as posting, requests will be checked regularly. Just post saying you’d like to join the Pokemon Australia Club. You will receive a reply saying you’ve been accepted.

    Club Owner: SOCCER_PRO
    Perilous Plaything
    PKMN Trainer Pat

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