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    Default La La Land (PG)

    Rating: PG (Contains violence and mild swearing)
    Genre: Action/Comedy/Friendship
    Status: In-Progress All SIX chappies done ^^
    Summary: A mysterious black sparkly item landed on Earth, two girls named PiPa and Meow wanted to find the item but got beaten by May. Little did they know, the item was magical and it takes them to a different world that makes drawings come to life.
    By: PPLyra
    Notes: Some jokes here are mentioned from other shows, such as Pokemon, Digimon, Crash Bandicoot, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Harry Potter and Slayers, nya~

        Spoiler:- Chappies:

        Spoiler:- Characters and their Bios:

    Chapter One: The Wolf-Girl Who Cried 'Nya~'.

    One sunny day, when the sun was at its highest peak, it was scorching hot. People mostly took a dive at the beach to cool off, others just stay home. A particular girl with long black hair that was tied up in two ponytails, wearing a wolf-hat and half of her face on the right was covered with her bangs and wearing a fully black hooded t-shirt and shorts, was climbing up a tree while looking out in the open field in the park. This was her favourite place to just be by herself. She reached the biggest branch and sat there, looking up in the clear sky and daydreamed. The sun didn't bother her much since the tree had a lot of leaves that it blocked the sunrays. The wind gently blew in her face and she felt calm.

    Until... "PiPa!" a voice called out. It sounded like a girl. "There you are!"

    The wolf-hat girl stopped daydreaming and looked around the place. A bit confused that she might be hearing things, but then she looked down and saw a familiar face below the tree branch that she was sitting on. The other girl had a medium, black, straight hair, wearing a big set of red headphones around her neck that matched her bright red top that was half long sleeved on her right side and half short sleeved on the left side and tight blue jeans that were up to her knees. She was smaller than PiPa herself. "Oh, hey, Meowcy. What are ye doin' here?" she asked.

    "I'm here 'cause Eternia's looking for you."

    "Oh, really? Is he worried about me or somethin'?"

    "Well, no," her friend said quietly while looking down, then back up at PiPa.

    "Well, go away. I'm busy daydreaming." PiPa frowned as she crossed her arms and looked away.

    Meow sighed to herself. PiPa was one of the people that was hard to go through. Then, she had an idea, "Well, fine. I was just here to let you know that him and I are going to have lunch now. If you don't want to come, suit yourself," her friend said, walking away. "C'ya-- ahhh!"

    But before she could walk another step, PiPa playfully jumped on her friend's back, making her friend fall to the grass right in her face with a loud thump. "Why didn't ye say so, Meowcy?!"

    Meow stood up on her feet as soon as PiPa left her. "Eugh!" she spat grass out of her mouth and gagged her tongue out then wipe her mouth with her arm. "For the last time, PiPa, don't call me Meowcy! It's Meow!" her friend explained, brushing the grass off her hair and clothes.

    "Oh, come on! Ye kno' ye like that name!" PiPa teased, with a smug smile spread across her face and nudged her friends' arm.

    "Pfft, whatever..."

    "Anyway, the food is-- I mean, Eternia's waiting. Let's get going already!" PiPa grabbed Meow's hand and dragged her along as they ran out the park.

    Meow gasped at the sudden touch. "Wah! I have my own legs to run! Don't drag... meeeee....."

    It was a long walk for a normal person to walk to their place, but since PiPa and Meow were running to their place, it just took them forty minutes to get home. Their place was small. Plain baby-blue house, with a black roof, the lawn was mowed messy and bits of lawn grass was on the pavement, the garage was open and revealed boxes, bikes and a skateboard in the middle. They went inside their place. The living room was messy. A Wii console was in the side. Games, controllers and toys were everywhere. PiPa went straight to the kitchen, finding that was no food in the table and no scent of food anywhere. "ETERNIA!!! Where's my lunch!?" PiPa shouted, making Meow cover her ears.

    Behind them comes out a familiar face. Both Meow and PiPa turned around. He was wearing light green shirt and blue jeans, his hair was short and it was dark brown coloured and he was taller than PiPa. "Food? What food?" he asked, walking up to PiPa and Meow.

    "Meowcy said ye guys were about to eat lunch. Now where's the food, Eternia?" PiPa exclaimed, grabbing Eternia's shirt and pulling it.

    "There's no food. I just asked her to fetch you because I want you two girls to do me a small favour," Eternia said, then giggling to himself. "Seems like she got you excited to come here too soon."

    "Nya?! No food?!" PiPa cried. "And there's absolutely no way I'm going to do any favours for ye 'cause there's no food!"

    "Okay, fine. Can this cover it?" Eternia said, pulling out a bag full of mixed biscuits and cookies and handing it over to PiPa. "I just want you two girls to go back to the park. I saw something fell in that direction hours ago."

    PiPa was too distracted eating the biscuits that she wasn't paying too much attention to Eternia. "Uhm... PiPa..." Meow said, nudging her arm.

    "Caah- cahnk caawk... Uhm eeekahng! (Can't talk, I'm eating) " PiPa said, while munching on a chocolate chip cookie.

    "Make up your mind! Talk or eat!" PiPa just stared at Meow for a minute, then continued eating. "Ughh. You sicken me, PiPa..." Meow placed her hand over her forehead then looked at Eternia. "Continue talking. I'll just repeat this to PiPa later."

    "Anyway!" Eternia sighed. "That's the only information I know. Something sparkly that's coloured black fell from the sky towards the park. It's so mysterious... just get back here with that item in one peace, not pieces."

    "All right, okay!" Meow nodded.

    PiPa swallowed the chewed up biscuits inside her mouth and wiped off the crumbs with her hand. "From the sky? Why is it so mysterious?" she asked. "Can we just think of it like its some bird's big poop falling from the sky instead? 'Cause... It seems like it--"

    That moment, Meow took PiPa's bag of biscuits. "PiPa, you are so clueless! This calls for an adventure!" Meow smiled at PiPa, taking a bite of a cookie.

    "Meowcy, that's mine! No fair, give it back!" PiPa grabbed her biscuit-bag. "Okay, then. Let's get going."

    When Meow and PiPa arrived back to the park, they began to walk around the place. "I don't even know what it looks like for a start..." Meow said, looking around the newly cut grass. "Just... sparkly... black item?"

    "Wah... What's that...?" PiPa asked, continuing to munch. "All I heard was... crunch crunch..."

    "Ah, never mind! Just look around that tree for anything suspicious," the shorter girl said.

    PiPa made her way to the tree that Meow mentioned. It was a different tree than she was sitting on before. She went around it and saw something near a pebble. "Oh, Meowcy! Lookie! This is suspicious!" the taller girl exclaimed, picking up the brown-white item, showing it to her friend.

    Meow looked at PiPa and grabbed the item she found, then threw it straight at PiPa's forehead. "What the hell, PiPa?! That was a chicken bone!"

    "Wahh...?! No fair!" PiPa then punched the tree using her left hand with all her might, causing the tree to shake violently from the impact.

    "Whooooaa!" an unfamiliar girl said. That moment, something above them fell straight on top of PiPa.

    "Waaah!" PiPa and the girl from the tree shouted.

    "Oh, my. Are you alright?" Meow asked, looking at the PiPa and the other girl.

    "Ye... Yes, I'm alright..." PiPa answered.

    "Not you! I meant... her!" Meow pointed at the girl who fell from the tree branch and helped her get back on her feet. The girl had medium length, brown, wavy hair and a white and black leather-long sleeved top and tight shorts.

    "Yes, I'm okay," the girl said. "I'm May, who are you guys?"

    "I'm Meow," Meow said. "And that's PiPa, the one you fell on..." Meow pointed at PiPa and she stood up. May was inches taller from PiPa's height. Almost tall as Eternia.

    "Ye... I'm PiPa," she frowned at May. "Tell me, what were ye doing up there, May? Ye could've gave us some sign before I went and punched that tree..."

    "I'm sorry, I was too distracted with this," May showed Meow and PiPa a sparkly black item. "I went here to look for this."

    "Un-bloody-able! We came here to look for that and you found it!" Meow exclaimed, looking shocked as May held up the item. "Why're you interested on it?"

    "Since when I was a kid, I like anything space-related. Everything outside this planet is just so mysterious," May explained. "When I saw this item falling from the sky, I thought it was a meteorite, but I guess I was wrong."

    PiPa took the item off May's hand and began to clean it with her shirt while Meow and May were talking. "Ye guys,"she said. "Lookie..."

    "Not now, PiPa..." Meow said, listening to May.

    'Hmph! Meowcy never listens to me when I'm serious,' PiPa thought to herself while looking at the item. Once she brushed it clean, it was coloured cyan and shaped like a Nintendo DS stylus. She looked at it closer and saw the number 5 carved on the stylus. 'What does this number mean...?' she asked herself. PiPa held the stylus up and began to flick it about in front of her. Rainbow sparkles appeared in the trail of the stylus. "What in the--" PiPa blinked a couple of times, making sure she wasn't dreaming. She went and whisked the stylus again and this time, a gap in front of her appeared when she made a sharp turn. It looked so dark inside as it started to open wider, making PiPa walk back a few steps away from it and held the stylus firmly in her hand. "Whoa, my golly-gosh! Meowcy! May! What the heck is this!?" PiPa shouted.

    The gap began to release tiny electric sparks and the wind was blowing out from it. Both May and Meowcy turned around to look at PiPa and saw the black hole. "PiPa, what in the world did you do now!?" Meow asked, looking at PiPa.

    "That looks so suspicious!" May added.

    "I don't know how the heck this happened! It's 'cause of this styl-- Waaaaaah!!" Before PiPa could finish her sentence, she was being dragged inside the black hole.

    "Oh, crap! You are so in trouble, young lady!" Meow said, running up to PiPa to grab her hands.

    "Don't let it get me, Meowcy!" PiPa cried out. "I'm scared! I'M FREAKIN' SCAAAREEEED!"

    PiPa wrapped her arms around Meow, but half of her body was already getting sucked in the black hole. May went and decided to help the two girls, but it was no use, the black hole was too strong that it sucked all the three girls inside. "Wooaaaahhh!!" May, PiPa and Meow screamed out. No-one heard them scream and the black hole closed and disappeared while they slowly fade out.
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