Yep, here is another YGO fanfic that follows a more traditional forma (as in duels) but is still different to any other fics I have read.

I hope you like it!

Part 1 Chapter 1

30 years ago: 2108

A small light flickered on in the disused warehouse, reflecting off of the old man’s glasses, as he started to implement his new technology into his prototype model. Wiping his left hand across his brow, the beads of sweat transferred themselves from his forehead to his wrinkled hand.

The man moved backwards from his life’s work, taking in the beauty of his robotic suit. He smiled wistfully and shuffled over towards his dimly lit desk. With his left hand he pulled open a large drawer and lifted his notepad onto his table. He slammed the door shut with his hip and dropped the notepad on the desk. Reaching out with his left arm he flicked on his desk lamp and started to read through his notes.

He stopped reading when he came to a picture of him drawn by his son when he was 8. There the old man had had two hands, now he only had one. Resting the stump of one of his hands onto the notepad his mouth curled up into a grimace as he started to cry. In the small book his son had also drawn a picture of the scientist’s late wife. Once again he wiped his left hand across his face as he brushed the tears away.

He flipped through the notepad looking for a blank page to write a note to his son on. His remaining fingers slammed down onto the notepad when he found what he was looking for. He grabbed his pen from his pot and bit the lid off. Using his mouth he flung the lid away and started to scribble a note to his son.

“Son, I’m sorry to do this to you... But I’m going away, and I won’t come back. I leave you this, my legacy for you to do what you want with it... Love, Q’. The old man murmured as he wrote. He started to move back towards the robot armour, but stopped as he remembered something. Leaning over the note he had written, he added a short poem he had used to sing to his son to get him to fall asleep.

‘When the time is ready and the battlefield is open
Take your aim with your heart into the depths of the ocean
And with this message, thou shall deliver
A peaceful gesture, thou will be forgiven’

Smiling at his letter he shambled towards his cyborg suit and flicked a small switch to turn it on. The suit opened up in front of him, allowing him to step inside the human shaped template. He stepped inside the suit and moved his body so he fitted the shape as best as he could. From inside the suit the man cleared his throat and spoke loudly into it, ‘Activate’. The suit closed around him before a blinding white light ripped through the armour and the laboratory, destroying equipment from other failed ventures with its earth shaking power.

The notepad was flung high into the air and was blasted out of one of the open windows where it landed on a small sofa that was being packed into a delivery van. The blinding white brilliance radiated heat throughout the laboratory, its immense force eventually destroying the foundations of the building.

Now: 2138

A bag was pulled out from under a small bed by a teenager who emptied its contents onto the floor. A pair of swimming trunks and a towel tumbled out, along with a clump of dust and a fairly large house spider. The teenager shooed the spider away and looked at his old swimming kit. It would be way too small for him now and he wasn’t exactly going to swim away from the island that had been his home, no he was just going to move away from his parents...

The boy looked around his room and pulled a small picture off of one of the shelves in his room. He looked at the writing over it, ‘Nolan, have a great birthday, Yuma’. Nolan smiled as he dropped the signed picture of Yuma into his bag gently. He pulled some books off of another shelf to reveal an envelope stuffed with his pocket money. Shoving it into his bag he looked at his room one last time. Suddenly his old CD player caught his eye. I need that, Nolan thought as he rushed towards it and placed it carefully in his bag. Now it was time to go.

Nolan raced down the stairs and into the entrance hall of his parents’ house. He ran down the rich red carpet as it curled up behind his short strides. Nolan darted off into one of the rooms to the side and slipped across the cold marbled floor, his trainers giving him no grip on the slippery surface.

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa!!’ Nolan cried as he couldn’t brake himself in time to avoid crashing into the kitchen bin. The force of colliding with the bin sent Nolan’s small body spinning away from the bin and he landed, spread-eagled, heavily on the tiled marble floor. ‘Ouchhh!’ Nolan moaned as he spread his arms out, ‘That could have gone better...’

Nolan slowly pulled himself up from the floor and stood, at his full height of 5 foot 7, across from the bin that had caused him his injury. Nolan cautiously walked towards it and when he has near enough, he thrust his right elbow into the bin’s metal side, marginally denting it – and injuring himself further – in the process.

‘Stupid bins...’ Nolan mumbled as he ambled over to the pantry door and opened it. He strutted down the short staircase and opened his bag wide. ‘Now what should I take...’ he deliberated as his hands moved in a frenzied rush grabbing everything sugary and sweet.

Throwing them into his bag he looked at the rest of the larder stock. ‘Should probably take some of the healthier food...’ Nolan put in as much of the other food as possible and, when he was happy he had enough, he tied the drawstrings shut and strapped the bag over his back.

Nolan ran up the stairs and edged around the slippy kitchen floor until he was back out in the hallway. Smiling to himself he ran into the lounge and pulled a spare key to the house out from under a potted plant. This was it, there was no going back now...

Running to the door, Nolan suddenly noticed something glinting on the coffee table. He turned his head like an owl and gasped when he realised it was his deck! How could he have forgotten them?

He placed the deck into his pocket and unlocked the house door. Shutting the door behind him as he strode out, he locked it with his key. Nolan ran towards the garage of the house and opened it with the all purpose keys. As the door lifted up, a sleek refined black limousine was revealed. Nolan simply dashed past the glorious automobile and pulled his old bicycle out of the junk. Wheeling it to the front, Nolan jumped onto it and started cycling down the road.

His friend Miyomi had a job downtown at a second-hand bookstore and had informed Nolan that the manager was looking for a new worker there – a boy with ‘spunk’. Nolan knew he was that boy. He had been planning to drop out of school for a few months now, but was never sure how to get round his parents. Luckily Miyomi had a rented apartment downtown but would only accept a lodger provided they helped pay the rent. Now Nolan had a chance to help.

Nolan started pedalling furiously as he wanted to be clear of the area he lived in as soon as possible. Downtown Voltek Island was almost twenty miles away so he knew he’d have to go at a steadier pace for most of the journey.

2138: Downtown Voltek City

Far away from Nolan, in a bustling store, a young woman smiled brightly at the elderly gentleman as he fiddled about in his wallet looking for that extra money he needed to buy the book that he wanted.

‘There you go, lassie!’ he exclaimed, wheezing, as he produced the money victoriously. ‘Thank you very much for your services!’ He chuckled, winked at the girl at the counter and shuffled out of the shop.

Creepy... the girl thought as she waved goodbye to him, ‘Come back soon to the Book Empire, where books are what you can acquire!’ The girl sang the trademark jingle of the Book Empire as he left through the door.

The girl looked around the shop and, seeing that there were no customers, walked out from the counter and found the book she had been reading on the shelves. Pulling it out she plonked herself ungracefully onto one of the stools that littered the shop floor. She flipped the book open and flicked through the pages until she found the page she had folded over. Unfolding it, she started to eagerly read through The History of Voltek Island from where she had last left off – 2107...

Engrossed in her reading, she didn’t notice the store manager’s looming shadow standing over her until he started to yell at her for not concentrating on her job... ‘MIYOMI!’ He screamed. ‘YOU ARE NEGLECTING YOUR DUTY AS A PAID WORKER OF MY ESTABLISHMENT BY READING WHEN YOU SHOULD BE STACKING OR SERVING!’

Miyomi’s eye twitched out of habit as her lips formed a pout at him, ‘If you look around Mr. Kiyoi, you’ll notice that there isn’t even a customer in the shop and there are no books to be stacked. What else would you like me to do?’ Miyomi said calmly, but firmly.

Taken aback by Miyomi's response the manager moved his neck back in shock, a grimace plastered across his face. A large vein started to pulse on the man’s face as his anger rose within him. ‘YOU DO NOT ANSWER BACK TO YOUR MANAGER YOU STUPID GIRL!!’ he bellowed, raising a fist ready to strike Miyomi.

Miyomi gasped, shocked and terrified at what he was about to do... the fist came down and struck the side of her face hard, leaving a red mark and a stinging sensation in Miyomi’s face. ‘You cannot do that.’ Miyomi said as she caught some blood in her mouth with her tongue. ‘As of today, I quit!’ She said brusquely and stood up, ready to leave.

The manager’s vein started to pulsate even larger as his face contorted into pure rage. ‘YOU DO NOT QUIT OF YOUR OWN ACCORD!!! I FIRE YOU!!!’ he boomed, his voice resonating throughout the store.

Miyomi frowned at him and slapped him on the side of his face before sidestepping around him. She picked her coat up off the counter and left the store before any of her co-workers could see the tears welling up in her eyes. How could he do that?? She thought as she walked along the pavement, her eyes full of tears and her hands not being able to brush them away fast enough.

As she wandered on, her vision blinded by her tears she suddenly thought of Nolan and the fact that he was riding his bike to apply for a job where Mr Kiyoi would be in control of him. I can’t let Nolan stumble into that, I couldn’t bear for him to get hurt! She thought as she fumbled around in her coat pocket for her mobile phone.

It wasn’t there. ‘What? Where is it?’ she said aloud, forgetting that she was in a crowded road. Blushing with embarrassment, Miyomi shrunk into herself, trying to avoid looking at anyone. Anyway, she continued to think, I think I know where he will be...