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Thread: [APH - One-Shot - PG-13]When Ivan Came to Play

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    Default [APH - One-Shot - PG-13]When Ivan Came to Play

    Hi, I'm Rose. One day in history class, we had to clean up our things to get to the next lesson. We were almost done, but Jalen wasn't. He was a pretty slow kid when it came to putting his stuff away, so this was normal for us and we didn't mind. The teacher pointed it out and said, "Jalen still has a book on his desk." I muttered under my breath, "It's....called....manga...". Apparently Trinity, who sits next to me, heard what I said. "What did you say...just now?", she asked me. I replied, "I like anime and manga, so what." A few seconds after I said that, Jalen put his Yu-Gi-Oh manga in his desk. Trinity said something that changed my life, you know, when somebody tells you something that flips your world. "Have you heard of Hetalia?" And that's how it began.

    I don't like to talk about this much or even think about it, but about a month later when I made a Google account, I started watching Hetalia. I was pleased to see FUNimation dubbed it. I knew they were the funniest dubbers around in my opinion. When the first "Pastaaaa!" escaped Italy's mouth, I knew I was in love. Todd Haberkorn has done it again! But then, a different looking figure appeared on my laptop's screen. I was amazed at his design, I knew I was MORE in love. His hair was grey, his eyes were dark purple, and he had a long nose. I couldn't stand holding it in, so I let out a HUGE squee. Then a cheery man with brown hair, who was apparently Spain, popped up behind him and asked, "Why don't you say something, Russia?" Russia. Russia is #2 on my "List of Countries to Go To". One time I found all the nations have real names, so from then on I refered to Russia as "Ivan Braginski", mostly because I like the name.

    By the next month I had all sorts of merchandise of Ivan, most notably my Ivan doll, who plays an important role in this tale. I did all sorts of weird things to this doll, and they helped me identify him later on. First of all, I had very little friends, so my Ivan was like a companion for me. He was pretty much my best friend, which caused a lot of people to stay away from me. I mean, someone attached to an anime plushie has issues. Second, I left him with some sunflowers overnight so he could smell like, well, sunflowers, which I read were his favorite flower. The last thing is I was playing a game, I wanna say Scribblenauts, and my brother somehow got ahold of Ivan. He came back to my "headquarters" (room) with a small tear in his side. I don't know what he did, but it wasn't a big deal. Just a little sewing, and he was fixed. The stitch is a darker shade of grey than his coat, but I didn't mind.

    One day, I decided I wasn't really into Ivan anymore, so I wasn't using my merchandise at all, except for my doll, who I kept wanting to get rid of. The reason I hadn't is because I got really attached to the little thing. I thought about it for a while, and decided to give all my Ivan stuff and other things I don't use to charity. Today, a truck was coming to pick up those kinds of things. I got a black trash bag and put all sorts of things in there, like old video games, a cell phone that was outdated but fully functional, some Bakugan from a while back, and some DVDs. Before I put him in the bag, I told Ivan a few things. "I will always remember you, Ivan. I love you..." I gave him a small kiss on the nose and a hug, and finally put him in the bag. "Bye, Ivan...", I said in a quiet, almost faded sounding voice.

    In a few hours, the truck picked up my bag. I started to regret putting Ivan in there, because I actually started to miss him. "Why did I put Ivan in the bag?! I knew I was gonna regret it later on!" But I didn't know. I never thought I would miss an inanimate object so much. "THAT'S IT!", I screamed, "I'M GONNA SAVE IVAN! AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!" I didn't have a car, and I knew exactly where the truck was going:The local Goodwill. People were questioning why some girl was running on the sidewalk like mad, and I could hear their murmurs. As soon as I almost lost my breath, I saw the truck. I jumped on it and it took me to Goodwill. This must've been a different truck, because Ivan wasn't in there.

    I walked into Goodwill trying to look as casual as possible. I walked around the whole building, and someone must've took Ivan already. When I walked out the door, it was dark outside. It really sucked trying to get back home, because I didn't even think of bringing a flashlight or something. Therefore, I had to guide myself with the headlights of the cars driving on the road. Eventually, I was in the wonderful comfort of my little house. I got under my comforter and tried to doze off.

    While I was trying to sleep, I could hear giggling from outside. I looked out the window, and there was a little girl out there. She started knocking on the window, so I opened it and let her inside. "Wanna plaaaaay?", she asked. I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that a little girl wanted to play late at night, but what she was HOLDING. A doll with grey hair, dark purple eyes, a long nose, and a coat. "Has to be a coincidence...", I said quietly, then remembered something. Yes, the doll had a dark grey stitch in its side. I was stunned, and smelled the air. Sunflower. This was the person who ended up with Ivan? "Krovavyĭ vodoprovod !", she said. I have no idea what that means. She showed me Ivan. "Play!", she cried. I sighed. "Little girl, I'd love to play, but I have to sleep. What's your name?", I replied to her. "What you mean, name?", asked the girl. I was shocked. Could she really have no name?

    The little girl handed me a bottle. I drink water when I'm upset, so it must be for me! I took a drink of the "water". "Thanks.", I said. But then, I spit out the "water" in shock. I looked at the other side to read the label, and it read "Водка". I dropped the bottle, stunned. The vodka spilled on the floor, and stained my carpet. Then, I heard something move. It wasn't me or the girl, we were both being still. I heard a familiar voice whisper "Here I am....yaaay...". I jumped. The voice then said, "You're still my friend, da?". I looked up at his face. I know those eyes, that hair, that nose! It's Ivan! "Ivan! I'm so glad to see you here!", I told him. Ivan grinned and asked, "Da? Is that so?" He got into my bed. "Can we cuddle like we used to?", he asked me. I looked at him with a strange face. Could he have some sort of connection with the doll?

    "Ivan, what are you doing?!", I asked. Ivan was digging in the bush outside the window. "Krovavyĭ vodoprovod.", Ivan muttered. That's the same exact thing the little girl said. I still have no clue what it means. "What does that mean?", I asked Ivan. Ivan picked up a rusty water pipe, not paying attention to my question. I asked him again. "What does that 'Krova-whatever' even mean?!" Ivan smiled and whispered, "Krovavyĭ vodoprovod. Bloody water pipe." My eyes widened in total shock. That isn't rust on the pipe! It's dry blood! I had another question. "What is that little girl doing here, anyway?", I asked. "Vasilisa. She was a victim.", Ivan whispered. What?! Ivan is some sort of bloodthirsty murderer?! I can't believe my little Ivan is....this! Ivan whispered into my ear, "Look at your older sisters room. I rennovated it...."

    I went to go visit Jade, my older sister. "I painted it red!", Ivan cheerfully told me.

    He did paint it red, indeed.
    But you have to admit, for a part-time Nazi

    He's freaking hot.

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    Okay other than that it's GREAT nightmare fuel, especially in a dark room. It's creepy and a very good creepy pasta.
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