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    like hyper fang is so mighty.. if you have recovery it will be fine.. it doesn't need to be a ghost type.. everything with a decent defense can take a brave bird and attack it,cofagringus can't will o wisp crobat he will get taunted ice shard isn't that strong really the only 2 noteworthy users are mamoswine and weavile.
    don't forget crobat have U-turn which means he will switch on counters and keep momentum so to check it stealth rock is a good answer.

    Like I said the main set should be the wall breaker with a choice band set as second option (whuch really just needs 2 moves U-turn and brave bird) nasty plot is gimmiky and acrobatics (yeah checked on smogon ) is really bad.
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    Only two things are infinite, the universe and the amount of zubat in caves, and I'm not sure about the former.
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