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Thread: Persona: Fallen Paradise (RPG Thread, PG-13)

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    OOC: This is my first post in Avalon! W00t!

    Shin Megami Tensei
    Tensei Household

    Today was actually quite interesting. Shin had met with Antonio Candia, one of the managers over at Sleuth Financials, regarding a possiblt internship at the company. The meeting went rather well; Antonio had basically given him a lecture about what is to be expected for working for such a firm, the type of work Shin would be doing as an intern, and the nature of the company. To this, Shin listened, paying attention to any detail that sounded like it could be important. For as an intern, he had much to learn about all the ins and outs of the company. And he had to know those ins and outs, in order to take the company over someday. It disappointed him a little that Antonio made no mention of Shin's further goals, but Shin just assumed that to be him treating every person equally. Now was not the time for Shin to go about criticizing anybody at Sleuth, for they were to be his respected allies.

    The day after that had been relaxing. In celebration of Shin landing that internship (which would start in early July), the family all went out to see a movie, and all went out to dinner afterward. Now, it was about 9 at night, and the family had just gotten home. Most of his uncles were already tipsy or drunk, having enjoyed perhaps a little too much beer over at the restaurant. And Shin did a few chores, as there were usually more chores to be done when there were guests over, and since he was the youngest in the family, he was the one who was expected to do most of them. It was a simple family obligation. And just before bed, Shin had just over an hour to look online at any stuff about the new programming language he was learning that he could find.


    After Shin fell asleep, the first thing he saw was a sparkly blue butterfly. A butterfly that was all too familiar to him. Like the will-o-wisps of Celtic folklore, it glistened with a beautiful yet ominous air, beckoning him onward, leading him to the exact place he was destined to be. In the background, he could hear a piano softly playing a melody he could remember from somewhere... a melody reminiscent of a lonely voyage across the sea at night. Not having anything better to do, Shin's mind followed this butterfly, unaware of any sense of himself, open to all the fates had to offer.

    The next thing Shin knew, he was sitting on a bed of sand. Opening his eyes, he looked around to find himself on a moonlit beach, on some island that he... recognised, somehow. Wasn't he just here a little while ago? Whatever the situation was, he instinctively knew that danger lurked in this place. And, also instinctively, he looked out to the sea, and he saw a shape that he could swear resembled a ship of some sort. If that was what it was, then he remembered having been on board such a ship, a ship with a velvety blue interior and smartly-dressed otherworldly people dressed also in velvety blue. And something about teamwork and tarot cards. He knew. And he had always known.

    And he was not alone. Other people, ones he felt as if he had known from somewhere as well, had gathered around, some wielding weapons, others with monsters of some sort standing by their side. And he looked around further, trying to make out detail in some of those people. They all looked to be about his age, though some looked just a little older and others much younger. One of them was an older man who... wait. He knew him. He had just seen him that morning. Same went for the goth girl near him... Yes, it was his waiter at the Jasmine Cafe. The one who he had accused of slipping something into his coffee. The one who he had also seen in the Velvet Room.

    Something truly fishy is going on... Shin thought as he briefly closed his eyes. I'm dreaming. By definition, I am in a lucid dream, therefore. Huh, I was reading about lucid dreams, and doubted whether or not they could actually happen. Though, I guess there could be an explanation as to how they happen. And the fact is at least that this is a dream. As long as I don't go mad from it, I should be fine.

    And then Shin looked down towards his feet. There, he noticed something stuck in the sand beside him. Something that looked at first glance to be a small black anchor... but when Shin picked it up, he knew at once that it was something else: a crossbow. Curious, he held it in his hand, and even drew an arrow back just to see how supple the drawstring was. Doing so felt so natural to him, it was eerie. It was as if the crossbow was made specially for him. It handled kind of like a gun, with the vertical support just below the bow part, so that Shin had something to grasp and subsequently aim with. A pretty handy weapon, actually, though as he thought about it now he would have probably preferred a pistol of some sort.

    Just for curiosity, Shin tried shooting an arrow at a tree nearest the sand. Picking up the quiver that came with the bow and slinging it over his shoulder, he withdrew one arrow from it and slipped it into the crossbow's shaft. And then he drew the string back, aimed at the tree, and fired... and the arrow his squarely on the trunk. Wow. Shin was a pretty competent archer already, and he didn't even know it. Actually, now that he mentioned it, this was a pretty darn cool weapon.

    After Shin waked over to the tree and withdrew his arrow from it, he glimpsed Alistair and Jenna, who had just found each other, out of the corner of his eye. Alistair had just finished introducing himself to everyone, and some of the others were doing the same.

    Now this is just silly, Shin thought as the ntroductions were held. Does nobody else besides me realise that this is just a dream, and that it won't even matter once we wake up? And why does my waiter, of all people, seem to be unphazed by this. This is REALLY weird...

    In fact, Shin had had enough of it. After most of the introductions seemed to be done, he walked over to Alistair, straightening out the sleeves of his fancy blue coat as he went.

    "Alistair," Shin began, sounding as cold and serious as the young businessman he was. "What is all this? A dream? An illusion? A mirage that you slipped into my..."

    Before Shin could finish his sentence, panic rose in the air. They came. Monsters of all shapes and sizes approached the group, cloaked in a shadowy air, hungry for the souls of the people on this island. The group broke, as people dealt with the monsters. Shin himself swerved around the masses of people and ducked behind the tree he had shot an arrow at earlier, watching intently as Alistair faced one of the shadows. At one point in the game, he summoned a powerful-looking being before him, probably a demon of some sort, a great and terrible one at that. At the sight of this, Shin couldn't help but smile. But he remembered something... something he had overheard from one of the people in the Velvet Room. Something about a Persona... so was this demon creature a Persona? A look around at the crowd told Shin that there were other people with odd creatures by their side, and not all monsters or demons either. A couple of them were even recognisable: one of the girls had the one and only Joan of Arc before her, and a Hispanic-looking young man elsewhere had an old wizard Shin knew to be the one and only Merlin by his side.

    Figures of history and mythology... Shin thought, clearly puzzled. Are they Personae too? Why should they take on such a form? Hmm. If this is a dream, I suppose it makes sense why some of them would manifest as beings familiar to me. But there are many I don't recognise...

    As Shin was counting the Personae that had appeared, he heard a crash above him, and the crunching of wood. He shut his eyes tight, and when he opened them again, he saw that he was no longer in the shade of the tree. Looking up, he saw that the entire top of the tree had been ripped off. And above him, a loud SCREECH sounded.

    He remembered this screech. He had seen it before when he hid behind this very same tree last night. He remembered it now. All details of a dream almost exactly like this one that he had had last night. He remembered this beach, he remembered the castle in the distance, he remembered this group of people before him... He even remembered the crossbow he now held sitting in the sand some distance away, only last time he had not bothered to pick it up. And he remembered the monsters. Especially this one in particular...

    And the same thing happened to him that did last time. Shin looked up, and he found himself face-to-face with a harpy. A menacing hybrid between a wretched woman and a crow, gleaming with hate, emitting the same shadowy air as the monsters Shin had seen approach just a while ago. He remembered last time, somebody else attacked the harpy... but this time, that didn't happen. Instead the harpy grasped its surprisingly strong talons around Shin's shoulders and lifted him into the air. Shin was so startled that he dropped his crossbow near the ripped-up tree.

    Some distance away, the harpy dropped Shin, who landed just about a foot away from a sharp rock jutting out from the sand. Looking at this rock, Shin just realised how doomed he might have been if that harpy had dropped him just a hundredth of a degree to the left of her course. Above, the harpy was making more unearthly screeching noises, which quickly turned into a chorus of three... Wait, three? Looking up once more, Shin saw that there were now three harpies in the air, all with their eyes on him.

    Damn harpies, this is my dream, Shin thought. My territory. As the rightful member of the Yakuza, I feel the right to disapprove of that. You have crossed the line. Prepare to die.

    In one fleeting moment, Shin dove to the side, narrowly missing the simultaneous swooping down of the three harpies. After that, he made a mad dash to his crossbow.

    Why am I even doing this? Shin thought as he ran for his bow. This is a dream after all--I should be able to spontaneously develop telekinetic powers that would bring the bow to me if I am in control of it.

    Focusing his attention on the bow now, he tried to will it back to him, as if he really did possess telekinetic powers. But it didn't come. Maybe he wasn't concentrating hard enough? Maybe the fear of being killed by the harpies was still on his mind? He tried to push that out of his mind now, again trying to bring the bow to him as he continued running up to it...

    Shin was so focused on the bow, that he failed to notice a cute little Shadow Crab that had been crawling along the sand. In all his focus, Shin stepped right onto the back of this crab, which threw off his footing and made him faceplant right into the sand. The impact wasn't that hard--if anything, his face itched--but when he looked forward again, he saw that one of the harpies had Shin's crossbow in her grasp, and was now carrying it over his head. Shin whipped his head around to see where she was taking it... and watched as she threw it into the sea.

    "Drat!" Shin swore aloud. Throwing his arms aside in exasperation, and wondering where he went wrong, he turned around back to face the trees. But as his gaze passed over the sharp rock he nearly landed on, he spotted something peculiar about it... specifically, something on the rock. Something small and rectangular.

    A tarot card.

    This card depicted a middle-aged yet strong-looking man with a scepter in his hand, standing in a mighty stance and looking out over the world. At the top was the roman numeral IV. And at the bottom it read...

    "The Emperor." Shin read it aloud, unsure of what it meant. He had seen this card back in the Velvet Room too, as he recalled, but did that even explain anything?

    Moreover, as Shin gazed at this card, a voice spoke inside his mind. A deep and powerful-sounding voice.

    "Thou art I, and I art thou.
    From the sea of thy soul I cometh.
    I am the Great Demon King of the Sixth Heaven."

    "Demon king... of the sixth heaven..."

    Just as Shin was repeating this, wondering what the voice was, he felt something strike him hard in the back. Panicking and wincing, Shin found himself pushed right into the side of the jutting rock, the wind knocked out of him. And then his arms felt really light... and something was grasping them... and then his feet felt light... Looking from side to side, he realised that two of the harpies were now lifting him into the air once again. And, just like they had done with his crossbow before dropping it, they were flying him out over the sea. A screech sounded overhead: the third harpy was flying right above him.

    Nice try, harpies... I can swim, you know... well... then again, I have no idea how cold that water is...

    Somewhere inside, Shin knew that he was doomed. Especially now that the harpies were carrying him higher into the sky. His heart was pounding. This was perhaps the first time he had ever been afraid for his life.

    But wait... he thought, desperately. This is a dream. If I die in a dream, I just wake up. It wouldn't make sense any other way. This is simply a nightmare. Once I wake up, I'll be back in my house again. I'll be back in my life again. I'll be helping my mother make breakfast. This is all just some silly dream that trying to toy with my mind... But I know better. I alone am in control of my life, and this silly dream is powerless to stop me.

    Shin's gaze again averted to the sharp rock on the shore, where he had just seen the Emperor card moments before. As he did, a peculiar thought came to his mind... a single word rather. A word he had heard back in the Velvet Room... a word he had heard a few of the others call out, even...

    Then Shin's heart skipped a beat: the harpies had let go of him. Now he found himself plummeting towards the sea, his coat fluttering upwards in the air, nothing there between him and the possibly-icy water below. He took a quick glance to the shore and thought that maybe he might be able to swim there, but would the fall kill him first? For a moment he had forgotten his surmisation that dying in a dream would not matter. And he was falling fast. In less than a second he would be submerged in the sea... He had no choice.



    ~ ~ ~

    Meanwhile, high above the water, it was the three harpies' turn to panic. For just then, in a flash of crimson light, he appeared. A demon king clad in black armour with red trim, giving off a truly forbidding air, his cape flapping in the sea breeze, his hands reaching for something at his hip...

    The haries had no time to react. In three quick motions, all three found themselves sliced in half, and then dissolving into the air. Rokuten Maoh, the Demon King of the Sexth Heaven, withdrew his crimson thunderbolt-shaped blade, looking now to the sea below. And he curled up into a ball, and plummeted into the sea himself. When he landed, he created a wave that crashed onto the shore, a cloud of steam forming above it.

    And but one thing washed up on shore as a result of the wave: Shin, who was both drenched and motionless, the Emperor card lying beside him.

    OOC: Shin is unconscious for the time being, in case you haven't guessed that already.

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    Ian Blackwood
    ???, Avalon

    I simply let the others deal with introducing themselves, instead summoning my tarot card to my hand while they argued.

    Astaroth. Whoever that was, was my Persona. The name sounded vaguely demonic, which was some form of help if I ever got the time to do research on that subject. That was…nice, comforting even. I would eventually get to know what was going on, and then apply that knowledge. That was my concern. I was not a fighter, I much preferred hanging back and playing everyone from the background, knowing everything. This whole scenario was not doing wonders for my mental state. The one lesson I had taken from my father was that I should always know everything about everyone, and then use that knowledge for my own advantage.

    Just as the bickering was coming to a head, and I was almost at the end of my rope with all of it, something happened. I felt it before I saw it, whatever it was.

    It, as it happened, was the Earth suddenly exploding, and hurling us in various directions. I rolled dazed, before falling into the sand. My head was ringing, while my possibly concussed mind raced, trying to catch up with what had happened.

    Somewhere in the distance I could here someone speaking. Groaning rolled upright, just in time to duck under an attack from something. Somehow my gun appeared in my hand, and I shot the thing, sending it tumbling. I stood shakily and found myself staring down a horde of something’s. To my left, someone, Matt, if my memory served, was fighting, and slowly losing.

    I raised my gun, and fired, blowing one of the Shadow’s head’s in, but before I could fire a second time, the creatures were upon me. I dodge the first sweep, and killed that Shadow, but the next managed to cut my arm slightly. I stumbled, falling flat on my a*s. The creatures hissed with glee, when suddenly a shout split the air.

    Persona!” the world shook again, throwing the Shadows back. I scrambled to my feet, in time to watch in both horror and awe, as a gargantuan figure appeared next to Matt. The dragon, for it couldn’t be anything else, seemed to be covered in ice, and partially zombified, straight out of the lowest circles of Hell.

    My lips curled into a twisted sort of smile. There was something that could give the me cover I needed to think this through. I summoned my own Tarot card, and crushed it almost thoughtlessly.

    Astaroth!” I called, and with much less fanfare, my Persona appeared. The air hung thick with tension, as the Shadows hung back, leery of having to fight the massive dragon, however it wouldn’t take long before they attacked again. I needed to cooridate with Matt on how to do this.

    Astaroth followed me as I moved back, standing next to Matt. “Matt isn’t it?” I asked. Without waiting I continued. “I don’t suppose you have some grand plan to get out of this alive?
    Take a moment to consider just how nothing nothing really is....If you understand this, then you just solved the universe.

    The truth that each person...each a book. And when we lay our feelings out in the open...and we give them no name...and we give them no author....and we give them no description.....who will actually read them..........?"

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    OOC: Sorry if this post is bad, but I promise the ones in the future will be better.

    III – Krystal Storm
    Krystal’s House

    Lying in bed, sick and weary, Krystal wasn’t sure how long she had been staring blindly up at the ceiling as she pondered what had transpired the day before, but the feeling that coursed through her was clear in a single word: disbelief. Utter disbelief. Dreams weren’t meant to be so vivid, so realistic that you felt as if it had actually happened. Dreams weren’t meant to make sense; they were only to be the offspring of the coloration made up of your darkest desires, feelings, make the impossible possible for the briefest of moments.

    So, how, HOW, could any of what had taken place been true? It was absurd, and, and….

    Yet it felt so real. Krystal mused. So real that it was hardly a hallucination.

    As similar thoughts swirled through her mind, she shivered as the truth inside of her threatened to reveal itself.

    And a mere dream didn’t have the power to leave a girl bedridden afterwards.

    Was she going mad?


    Persona. Velvet room. Avalon.

    Small flashbacks of these concepts shown in snippets appeared before her eyes.

    "I presume none of you know where we are?" The man, Matt, asked quietly. "I don't know this place at all. I've been to temples in Greece and Rome... Norse settlements in Scandinavia and Iceland... Hindu sacred places in India. But I've never seen anything like this. Especially not like that." He gestured to the citadel. "It's like someone's taken architecture from a dozen different ancient cultures and just smashed it all together."

    He paused. "Either way, we need to see if anyone else is here. Maybe there're people living there who can help us."

    And at that precise moment, all hell broke loose. From the skies came the screams of angel winged women with talons wearing masks, and snake like figures burst out of the ground. The creatures lunged at the four, their actions radiating bloodlust. Heart racing, Krystal scanned the barren earth before her, barely dodging a harpy’s talons as she spotted a blade embedded in the earth. Her shaking hands pulled the black katana out, her eyes quickly noticing the glowing roman numerals carved into the hilt: III.

    Then, as another monster came at her, Krystal closed her eyes, and aimed for its heart. Blood sprayed across her face.

    Krystal remembered what happened after that clear as day. She woke up in her room, terrified, and out of nowhere a purple door appeared in front of her, which led to a location apparently known as the “Velvet room”…

    Krystal found herself seating at a horseshoe shaped table alongside many people she recognized, such as Diego and Louise, all of which looked as confused as she felt. Along the center of the table sat three individuals who soon introduced themselves as Theodore, Margret, and Igor respectively. Questions were raised toward the trio, and soon enough the room went eerily silent as Krystal and the others processed all that was said.

    To summarize it all in a single sentence: They and their Personas were in charge of man kind’s fate.

    Krystal stared at the tarot card in her hands, chilled as she recognized the familiar numbers etched on its surface. Roman numeral III. The Empress.

    Despite being ill, Krystal stirred beneath the soft blankets as curiosity got the better of her. She needed to research. Immediately. Determined, she managed to stand before a sense of nausea overcame her, forcing her again to the bed.

    Krystal cursed softly. “Damn diabetes.” That’s what she got for nearly missing her daily insulin shot.

    Well, guess that meant all she could do was sleep. Ugh.


    III- Krystal Storm

    Krystal opened her eyes, and naturally found herself in her least favorite place, only this time she didn’t recognize her surroundings. Wearing the same outfit as last time, she looked down to once again see that black blade in her hands. Standing nearby were some of the people she saw in the Velvet room, but no Diego…

    Krystal bit her lip, worried. I hope he’s okay, along with the others…

    As introductions came one after another, the boy next to her spoke up.

    "Hey guys. I'm Leo! I'm sure most of you have seen me around town before though. If anyone needs a friend to talk to, or someone to brighten their day, that's what I'm here for." He said while taking a bow. "I am The Sun after all." Ending his speech with a wink, and a giggle.

    She smiled slightly, almost envious of his personality. Well, at least one of us can manage to be cheerful, despite the circumstances.

    Naturally however, that temporary moment of peace was shattered into bits. The sky grew black as a sandstorm appeared out of nowhere, the ground giving a mighty tremor that about sent Krystal to the ground. She squinted in an attempt to keep the sand out of her eyes.

    Where were the monsters? She was blind as a bat.

    “Where—“ Before she could finish something slimy and dark wrapped around her waist, and legs. Instincts took over and she slashed at the…tentacles..?...with her sword.

    “Let go!” She growled, cutting off the things around her legs before struggling against the thing around her waist. “I said let go!”

    Where were the others? Were they okay? She needed to—

    And suddenly she felt herself being thrown through the air like a ragdoll. Then she crashed onto something. Hard.


    OOC: Someone can choose what she crashes into, if they like. XD

    Thanks to Astral Shadow for the button!

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    IX - Matthew Clark
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    The monstrous dragon raged, its claws rending the air. A Shadow was ripped apart under those dark edges, the creature's tattered body falling to the sand. Nidhoggr roared and black ice howled from its terrible maw, taking another Shadow in its folds and sending oily trails of frost to chain its body. Then the great beast's claws lashed and the Shadow broke, its form shattering like the ice it was encased in.

    Beneath his Persona's shadow, Matt fought with renewed strength. His halberd speared a Shadow on its tip, and he kicked the creature's corpse off. Another Shadow lashed for him, and he turned and backhanded it away, howling in pain as its claws raked him. His dragon Persona struck, its claws grasping the Shadow's head and crushing it as easily as Matt himself might crush an insect in hand. The thing went limp as Nidhoggr struck once more in its rage, another Shadow falling to black, necrotic talons. Nidhoggr's maw reeked with poison and frost as it loosed a gush of foul blackness, the darkness washing into a Shadow and eating through its skin. The creature shrieked in agony as it was torn apart by the black plague, Nidhoggr casting more jets of the foul darkness into the endless horde. More Shadows fell dead, eaten down to nothing by the unstoppable pestilence.

    As Matt fought, another person came through the dissipating ranks of Shadows, who seemed to be falling away under the terror of Nidhoggr's onslaught. Matt looked to the person, seeing a Persona behind him, a demonic being.

    “Matt isn’t it?” I asked. Without waiting I continued. “I don’t suppose you have some grand plan to get out of this alive?
    Matt considered, warily eying the Shadows as Nidhoggr towered overhead. He could feel his Persona's buried rage, its desire to just break loose and rip and tear the things apart. He could feel that deep-seated anger, that burning pain just longing to be set loose. He almost wanted to let it go. To send it ripping the Shadows apart. But he held it back with his will, keeping the mighty dragon at bay. As powerful as it was, ultimately, it was just a part of him.

    "I don't have a plan," he said quietly. "All I have is... survive. That's all we can do. With Nidhoggr, we have more of a chance." As he spoke, a Shadow stalked closer, only to be annihilated by a flare of shadows from Nidhoggr. The others cowered back, recoiling in fear from the massive Persona.

    Matt readied his halberd. "So... let's fight. It's all we have now."


    XVI - Alistair Blake
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    Alistair watched as Janna's twin Personae took form, a smile forming on his lips in response. A Shadow leapt shrieking at him, and he took it down in a sweep of his sword, crying out as its own blade raked over his shoulder and sent blood splattering his shirt. Another Shadow came at him, hoping to exploit his weakness, but Mordred swept forth in a flare of darkness and ripped it apart with sweeps of his swords. The Persona hovered beside Alistair, warily regarding the battlefield.

    Alistair felt the knight's deep emotion, the cold, logical resentment which seared within. The feeling of abandonment and disillusionment. He felt that chilling wish to throw aside his chains, to prove his worth to all. As Mordred hung in the air, swords at the ready, Alistair knew the knight's feelings of coldness.

    A Shadow lunged in, and the two struck as one. Two swords buried themselves into the Shadow's chest, and two legs kicked out, lashing the body into the sand. Two pairs of eyes met, Alistair staring through those cold golden portals into his own deep soul. More Shadows charged, and the two stood together, striking into the Shadows. Claws and blades and irons scraped on Mordred's armor, the metal's screams mixing with the howls of the Shadows as he decapitated them and rent them apart. Fire and blades parted the air, and the Shadows fell with shrieks of deathly rage.

    Behind Mordred, Alistair howled too, a blade caressing his arm, an iron stroking his leg. His sword flashed and a Shadow fell, disemboweled. Another flash and another fell, its head toppling from its shoulders. Another blade caught Alistair, rending over his shoulder blade, and he howled again. His Persona turned and his sword laid low a Shadow, a blade singing through the air to strike another through the eye. Flames howled over the sand and the Shadows recoiled. As they paced and hissed, Alistair fell to a knee, gasping with pain. Mordred stood proud over him, a noble, black guardian. The Persona's golden eyes fell on the ranks of Shadows, cold with silent rage and promising death.

    Alistair looked up as the heavens began to rumble and thunder, lightning raging through the clouds. A bolt flashed, bridging heaven and earth for the briefest moment, and then faded. And a nightmare rose.

    The being that rose was a knight clad all in bloody red, bar the white mask upon its fae. It wielded no sword, instead, it was armed with great claw-like blades extending from its elbows, which burned red with intense, fiery heat. Behind the knight's mask, its eyes gleamed like hot coals, and flames licked out from the joints of its plate armor. Roaring, the knight rose, blades at the ready.

    "I... am Sir Ironside, the Red Knight!" the thing roared. Flames poured from its maw as it howled out its words, its voice loud as all the clamor of the battlefield. Though they stood far away, the humans and Personae could feel the heat of Ironside's breath, it was like a hot desert wind blowing against them. Ironside stalked forwards, its blazing claws raised. "All who would dare to face me, you shall know only terrible death!"

    "Oh... no..." Alistair groaned as pain stabbed through him from his wounds. He gazed up at Ironside, fear stabbing into him now. But though he felt fear, he knew what had to happen, and he forced himself to his feet, readying himself. "Janna... everyone..." he said. "Get ready... we have to fight him..."

    Ironside gazed down on them with its burning eyes, and though there seemed to be only flame beneath the armor and mask, Alistair felt that the demonic knight was smirking with a sadistic joy. "Come, then!" the monstrosity roared. "Come, and experience the might of a true warrior! Come, and see if you are worthy to stand upon the hell called... the battlefield!"

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    XVIII - Aika Ichigawa
    Plush Mountain

        Spoiler:- OUTFIT: Aika's Azure Dress:

    Aika Ichigawa woke up... on top of a mountain. Normally, the peak of a mountain is where it's the coldest, but in this case every inch of it was warm all over. Why, you may ask? The entire mountain was made of plushies! Stuffed animal of all sizes and colours were piled up to the heavens, only to be gently roasted by the cinnamon-bun sun. Fluffy marshmallow clouds lazily floated by, and Aika almost wanted to jump up and catch one. So she got on her bum, then on her feet, and maaaagically soared into the sky. Almost there... catch! She hugged a cloud and slowly floated back down. Landing on her bummy-bum, she decided it would be fun to take a big CHOMP out of the cloud!

    "Mmm, ththh reeree doth tathteth rike marthmarrowth! (Mmm, this really does taste like marshmallows!)"

    Suddenly, she could feel the mountain under her shift a whole lot. It appeared that a group of plushies were having a meeting at the bottom of the mountain, so the mountain itself shifted to the side to make room for them... if that made any sense. Getting up on the cloud as if it were a horse, she commanded with an "Onwards!" and it cruised down the mountain. The whole journey seemed like a magical tour. Every now and then, she could she plushies she remembered clearly; there was Skelekitty waving his paw at her (she waved back of course), to the left of him was Dolly and Lyall chasing each other-

    and suddenly, the cloud stopped with a jerk, launching Aika forward. She had arrived at the meeting.

    It was a familiar sight; 20-something stuffed animals were seated on a velvet-blue carpet. They were all propped up on tiny velvet-blue chairs. She recognized a wolf in black attire, a lion-phoenix hybrid of the sorts, and a raven with a insanely long beak appearing to be giving the plushies a preaching. "Thass right, this isss..." Aika's mouth was still sticky from the marshmallow. It took a bit of effort, but she finally licked it clean, granting her the ability to speak properly. "This is... the Velvet Room, was it?" She propped herself in one of the tiny chairs and closed her eyes. She remembered all the stuff the raven long-nosed gentleman and his cohorts had talked about; mankind's legends, scary end of the world things... quite frankly, they were recruiting child-soldiers to help them fight against evil shadowy things. Not that she minded; Aika thought it had a certain... charm to it. It was like fantasy-style fighting was the jewel in the chocolate, and all the "protecting the world" mumbo-jumbo was the chocolate itself.

    It didn't take long for an azure butterfly to flutter past the group. She watched it travel to the opposite side of the group, then she got back up on her cloud and pursued it. Inch by inch, she grew closer to the insect, to the point where she could almost jump off her cloud and grab it. And when the chance came she did. Then...

    Sundered Wasteland, Avalon

    ... her face met some sand.

    Luckily, Aika was mentally prepared to hit the ground, so she didn't struggle in the slightest. Getting up on her knees and dusting herself off, she instinctively searched for her weapon. After pulling her peculiar chain-sickle out of the ground, she waddled over to the larger group. Then she noticed the big citadel overhead. "Oooh, pretty." It was so mesmerizing that she didn't bother to listen to what everyone was saying. Either way, they seemed to be lightly arguing about something, so it probably wasn't something Aika wanted to get into. But she did notice that most of the people were holding cards; did they summon them out of thin air? "Well, this is a dream world, and..." She tried stretching her hand in front of her and making a tight fist. Nothing.

    Again. Nothing. Third time's the charm? Finally, card XVIII formed in her hand. It displayed a picture of the moon, and above it... two towers and... a lobster? She found her eyes fixated to this oddity. She wasn't sure what relevance those items had to the moon, but she figured it would be best to ignore it. And just as she was about to zone into the conversation-



    ... That kind of stuff. The large group of teenagers was soon split up by menacing black shadow... things. What did they call them again... "Shadows!" ... Something like that. Holding her sickle outward, she tried to stab a shadow in the head, but the chain she had somehow forgotten about made the entire swing rather difficult. This gave the strange dark creature an opportunity to bash her in the head, sending her a small ways back. "GAGH...! Stupid chain!" picking up her chain-sickle again... she realized something. "Gh, I have no idea how to use this...! And this thing's supposed to be my chosen weapon, c'mon!" Swinging around the chain in a finicky rage, it landed squarely on a nearby Shadow's head. "... ... Nah, I'm not going to take any risks with a weapon I can't control properly." Sighing she stuck her poor misused weapon into the ground, then stretched her hands into the air.

    Next problem; "Ari... whatever the hell your name is!". This was answer by a rather composed sigh.

    "Please don't pressure yourself, dear. You must concentrate on the dilemma set before you." On cue, the mysterious silver maiden formed above Aika, and with a simple wave of her hand, darkness swallowed the nearby shadow, finishing it off. "Now, a refresher. My name is Arianrhod; "Arian" meaning "silver" and "Rhod" meaning "wheel". Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel."

    "That's rather... elegant. Nice to meet'cha!" With a suppressed giggle, the goddess replied,

    "Haha, yes, it's nice to meet you as well. Step back a bit." Following the maiden's advice, Aika stepped away from the bulk of the action.

    "What else can you do, Miss... Arianrhod? Other than that dark-looking attack?"

    "Good question. It appears I can also attempt to confuse the enemy; I'm not too sure of the chance of that being effective, however. Next, as the legends surrounding me go..."

    But the sudden uproar of thunder and lightning had cut the conversation short. A bolt flashed and struck the ground, leaving behind a rather menacing foe. A knight, clad in blood-red armor, with eerie claw-like blades sticking from its elbows, now stood in front of the Persona-users. It's white mask obscured two coal-like eyes, staring out into the battlefield. Aika, feeling uncomfortable around this flaming menace, stepped back ever so slightly. And then, its flame-trickled joints creaking, it roared;

    "I... am Sir Ironside, the Red Knight!"

    Although its bellowing rattled her eardrums...

    "Sir... Ironside...?" ... it was rather anti-climatic. She wasn't even paying attention to the rest of what it was saying, when-

    "Kihahahahahahahahaha!" Aika Ichigawa let out some rather boisterous laughter. No cataplexy to hold her back. "Seriously, what kind of a knight do you name Ironside of all things?! It's like-"

    "D-Dear, I would advise you stay quiet now... so as not to attract any unwanted attention." A long silence, then; "You don't seem to enjoy fire too much, judging from your actions before. Despite this, we should probably get a bit closer if we want to land an attack more precisely. Try 'Pulinpa'."

    "Gh, alright..." after standing still for a few moments, Aika sprinted to the left, towards the group she was stranded with, and called out, "Pulinpa!"

    (OOC: So her current position is not too far behind Alistair, Janna and (Drake?).)

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    XVI - Alistair Blake
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    "Seriously, what kind of a knight do you name Ironside of all things?! It's like-"
    Ironside roared, and the furnace howling within his armor flared through his joints. The crimson knight glared down at Aika with those burning eyes, eyes like nuclear explosions. All that was war was encompassed in those eyes, the dread reality of battle. Rage and noise and madness swirling in those terrible flames.

    "I once laid siege to a mighty castle," the knight rumbled. "My blade laid hundreds low! My might battered the walls like the endless savagery of the ocean! Only once was I ever laid low! Only once was my strength surpassed!" He fell silent for a moment, his nuclear eyes seething. "Ones such as you... mere women and children... only one among you is a worthy adversary!" His eyes glared at Mordred, who gazed back with those cold golden orbs.

    "One, then," Ironside rumbled. "Only one worthy man. The rest... women and children and beasts..." He seemed almost disappointed. "You shall have to do. Come, then! Come to your deaths!"

    Alistair readied his sword. "Time to fight..." he murmured softly. "Go, Mordred!" The knight raced forwards, swords ready, and Ironside retaliated. His blades lashed and sparked against Mordred's own swords, the black knight being pushed down towards the ground by Ironside's raw strength. Alistair raced forwards himself, blade at the ready. He slashed wildly at Ironside's leg joint, only to howl as the knight backhanded him. He was sent crashing into the sand, the scent of burnt skin swathing him as he smashed down.

    Mordred said nothing, but danced away. Flames burst from around the knight and smashed into Ironside to no effect. The Persona looked almost puzzled for a moment, then followed with a rain of blades which struck Ironside, either bouncing from his armor or melting in the intense flames of his joints.

    Ironside roared, and a rain of flames erupted. The fires washed into the ground, forcing them to cover themselves as embers danced past. Raging the knight burst forth, wrapped in flames. Mordred was grabbed up and then smashed into the ground in a whirl of burning armor and blades. Fire erupted, grabbing the other Personae and washing around the humans, searing them. The crimson knight howled in bloodlust and fury, blades lashing towards the humans to rip them asunder.

    "No!" Alistair cried. Mordred's blades screamed across Ironside's armor, tearing at the joints with their needle-like points. Silently the black-armored Persona tore at the knight's form, trying to cleave into the armor and bare a target. Ironside roared, swathing his form in a cyclone of flames which burned the sand under his feet white-hot. The firelight danced from the molten glass, bouncing from that bloody armor as the raging flames screamed their anger.

    "Women and children and beasts!" Ironside howled. "None are worthy! None of you are worthy to face me! You are nothing but fuel for the flames! Burn to ash! Die in these flames, all of you pathetic beings!"


    IX - Matthew Clark
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    Matt's Persona roared, its claws tearing a Shadow into a mass of scattered body parts. The Shadows were in retreat, being cut down by the group's Personae and the humans themselves.

    Matt sighed. "Whew... I think... the worst is over," he said softly. He immediately regretted saying it.

    Thunder boomed, shaking the ground, and lightning flared around them. Bolts of lightning flashed into them, smashing them all to the ground. There was a blinding flash of violet lightning, a boom which ripped through them and resonated to the bone, and then deathly silence.

    A figure rose, a knightly form clad in deep indigo armor, wielding a lance shaped like a jagged, twisting bolt of lightning. It crackled with sparks dancing over its form, the tang of ozone drifting from the knight's body. Its armor was trimmed in gold, a rich, regal indigo cape billowing in the wind behind it, and electric blue eyes glaring from its helm.

    "I am Sir Persaunte," he spoke, his voice rumbling like thunder. It was cold and imposing, the voice of some almighty emperor. The voice of a dreaded king whose reign over the battlefield would never end. "The Indigo Knight."

    "What do you want?" Matt asked, gripping his halberd as the dragon towering behind him growled.

    "I am here to demand your lives," Persaunte boomed. He raised his lance, and thunder rumbled. "You will give them to me."

    "Or what?" Matt said.

    "I shall take them, as is my power... my right!" the Indigo Knight declared. He spun the lance, and smashed it into the sand. Lightning exploded from the heavens, flaring through the skies and cutting through them. The indigo bolts obliterated patches of sand, raising knightly beings swathed in auras of crackling sparks, wielding swords. The lesser Shadows gathered before Persaunte as the knight raised his lance, raising into the air as his cape crackled and twisted, forming into emaciated wing-like shapes. "If you will not submit, prepare to perish!"

    "Get ready," Matt called back, glancing at the others.

    "Ready?" Persaunte said, almost amused. His cold tone made the emotion nightmarish and alien as he raised his lance. "Prepare to die." Thunder boomed, lightning exploding from the skies. Matt screamed as he was struck down, smashed to the sand by the blazing lightning which crushed him like an almighty hammer. As the lightning faded, he was left lying there, discharge crackling about him as Persaunte gave a cold, spiteful chuckle.

    Nidhoggr roared in answer, lumbering forwards to shield Matt. The knight regarded the Persona dismissively. The lance was raised again, a lightning bolt howling from the sky to smash into Nidhoggr. But as it struck, though the dragon growled in pain, it refused to back down. Persaunte lowered his lance.

    "Attack," he ordered to the knights assembled beneath him. "Cut them down! Every last one of them! Leave none alive!" As the knights charged, giving roars which sounded like thunder, Persaunte raised the lance once more. The skies hurled lightning at his command again, smashing the bolts amidst the group and sending the sand roaring up, breaking their ranks as the knights approached.

    Matt groaned, trying to rise. He pulled himself to his feet, propping himself up with his halberd as the knights charged. "With me... stay with me!" he cried to the others. "We... we can get through this!"

    The knights smashed into the ranks of the humans and Personae, and the battle was joined as Persaunte looked down like some ancient god, wrapped in lightning and radiating his raw power. The power of the storm crackled about the Indigo Knight as he stared down, even his nine-foot figure akin to that of a deity of the thunder and lightning. His lance twisted and crackled in hand like Zeus' thunderbolt, his stare as old and uncaring for the battle below as such a deity's.


    Across the battlefield, the scattered humans fought. Their weapons and Personae tore through the Shadows, forcing the enemy ranks back and cutting them down.

    Allysa, Diego and Louise fought beside their Personae along with Shin's, trying to defend the stricken young man from the onslaught of the harpies assaulting them. The knightly forms of Jeanne and Rokuten Maou tore through the harpies, Merlin adding his magic to the onslaught. Then there was a cold wind, a wind like icy knives, cutting into them with sudden chillness. A pillar of ice swirled up from the sands, and then broke, casting ice across the ground under their feet. Snow began to fall from above, the skies darker than ever, and a figure emerged. He wielded a mighty sword and a great shield, his armor puce in hue. From his helm, the knight's eyes just stared, cold and icy white. There was no emotion, no concern, no anger, no anything. They were just cold, white voids, devoid of color or emotion. He wielded his blade in a stern, tight grip, striding forwards.

    "I am Sir Perymones, the Puce Knight," he said. His tone was flat and empty, devoid of anything. "Prepare to die." He raised his sword, casting a hail of icy bursts towards the group, and following in the wake of the blasts. He didn't run or increase his speed at all, just inexorably stalking towards them with his blade and shield at the ready.

    Across the field, the darkness had herded Nodoka, Elly, Nick, Leo, Carina, Danijela and Krystal together. The seven fought as one alongside their Personae, cutting down a veritable horde of Shadows, thinning the ranks until only a few remained.

    Suddenly, something flashed through their ranks. They all fell, crying out as they felt blades caress their flesh and cut red lines on. The razor-sharp wind passed through them and then halted, revealing itself to be a lithe, thin figure. He wielded two long, thin blades, almost like rapiers, and his armor was a rich, vibrant shade of green.

    Darkness collected beside him, forming a towering figure wielding a massive blade. His midnight-black armor was thick, his eyes a deep violet, and his figure colossal, easily ten feet. The knights glared together, standing nobly side-by-side.

    "I am Sir Pertolope, the Green Knight," the green-clad knight spoke, his voice light and ghostly like a breeze.

    "I am Sir Perarde, the Black Knight," the towering figure rumbled, his voice deeper and darker, as heavy and dark as the blackest of nights. "And you have trespassed here long enough. Prepare to perish. Death is upon you!"

    "You cannot stop it," Pertolope added. "It comes too fast to be seen or caught. " He flashed forth again, a blur of emerald, and his blade stopped at Elly's throat menacingly, an inch from ending the girl's life.

    "It comes inexorably," Perarde rumbled. "It cannot be stopped." He lumbered forwards, slow, but unstoppable. A hail of spells from the Personae smashed him, but his advance was barely even slowed.

    "But do not fear," Pertolope chuckled, his blade almost tickling Elly's throat as he stared down into her eyes. "Death will be swift. You will not suffer... too much." His chuckling grew into cold laughter as he prepared to strike, only to be smashed away by Phoenix's flames and a flare of light from Gabriel. He was tossed away over the sand, only to catch himself and land beside his brother Shadow.

    "If you wish to suffer," Perarde rumbled. "Then simply continue to resist. We will make sure you last as long as you resist." He raised his blade and swung it, casting an arc of utter, empty blackness through the air towards the group.

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    (OOC: I just had to add a funny, stupid moment right there that can display Janna's mythological ignorance outside Norse and Greek mythology. XD Break the tension, perhaps? XD)

    XIII. Jannike Mortensen
    Sundered Waste - Avalon
    ???, ???

    The emergence of Janna's Personae allowed her breathing room to plan for her next move. Just a short distance away from her, Sköll's had swiftly charged into another Shadow, and just a few feet from him, Hati knocked back another foe with a shadowy blast. She wiped the blood off her arm and looked around, spotting a group of two more Shadows. Readying her scythe, she moved towards the Shadows and swung her weapon, striking at them. She smirked despite the pain and swung once again at them, once then twice before they fell. Sköll and Hati had finished off their targets, and once again, Janna heard their mournful calls. Surely, she wasn't going to die, right? Or was she?

    She remembered Igor's words, that Death was not merely an omen of passing, but a symbol of change, though it did have a dark history. As to what dark history it was, Janna did not know, but she was determined to follow her own path, make her own destiny no matter what. Screw dark history, perhaps there was still a chance that she wouldn't fall victim to it. She was not the same person as the past holders after all. Change...maybe she could be the break in that shadowy line. Pessimism and caution only took one so far after all, as she once knew, and as far as she was concerned, she was not that kind of girl any longer.

    As she sought out her next target, thunder and lightning interrupted her as a bolt came down from the sky and hit the sand. After a brief flash, a large, red-armored knight emerged, a white mask decorating his face and claw-blades extending from its elbows. An uncomfortable heat, akin to a furnace, surrounded him.

    " Sir Ironside, the Red Knight! All who would dare to face me, you shall know only terrible death!" The knight bellowed, hot flames coming out from his mouth as he did so and the heat surrounding him intensifying. Alistair whispered for everyone to prepare. Another voice however, cut through the tension.

    "Kihahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, what kind of a knight do you name Ironside of all things?! It's like-" The voice was coming from a small blonde, whom Janna recognized from the Velvet room as the one who sat next to Leo. Beside her was a tall, silvery fairy, presumably her Persona. Janna couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of both their Personae.

    OK, cute girl, tall Persona. Tall girl, cute Personae. Figures...

    "I once laid siege to a mighty castle. My blade laid hundreds low! My might battered the walls like the endless savagery of the ocean! Only once was I ever laid low! Only once was my strength surpassed! Ones such as you... mere women and children...only one among you is a worthy adversary!" Sir Ironside hammed, fiery eyes glowing as he did. His last comment annoyed Janna a bit, causing her to scowl.

    OK, so he's not only a huge ham but he's got fucking issues? Time to see why's that.

    "One, then. Only one worthy man. The rest...women and children and beasts... You shall have to do. Come, then! Come to your deaths!"

    Sir Ironside then began to engage Mordred. Janna beckoned for her Personae to come over, the wolves swiftly bounding up to her immediately. However, flames started to surround all of them as Ironside launched his attack, searing Janna and her Personae. She saw red, on her arms, on her legs as well as the agony of the wolves as they howled in pain.

    "Hold on, guys...we can do this..." She whispered as the flames disappeared and Mordred started piercing through the red knight. He tore at the knight's joints, before fire engulfed him once again.

    "Women and children and beasts! None are worthy! None of you are worthy to face me! You are nothing but fuel for the flames! Burn to ash! Die in these flames, all of you pathetic beings!"

    Janna rolled her eyes at this. Why did he have to keep repeating that anyway? Was he even Sir Ironside? Who was he, anyway? She nodded at Sköll and Hati, signaling them to charge. They growled before swiftly moving forward, Hati edging out Sköll as he paused and charged up a shadowy ball. The red wolf on the other hand kept moving as he bashed into Sir Ironside's armored groin just as the dark wolf's attack connected, blasting the knight in the same spot. Sköll quickly retreated backwards as he looked back at Janna, golden eyes shining like the sun and blood covering his forehead, presumably from the heat and hardness of Sir Ironside's body. Despite that, a feral grin crossed the wolf's face.

    When Hati's dark attack dissipated, Janna noticed a small but noticeable dent on Sir Ironside's armored groin. However, Sir Ironside had not yelled out in pain or flinched, which meant....

    "What the hell? Women, children and beasts my ass! You don't even HAVE one! Are you seriously not...Madame Ironside or something? I bet we're all more man than you are. Man, such an overcompensating eunuch...I never thought that I'd come across one right here!" She shouted as a sarcastic laugh burst from her lips. She knew the situation was serious, but the sight was just too hilarious. And, if perhaps it had the chance of distracting the knight from Alistair, then she might as well take it.

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    [XVII] Louise Henrietta DuBois
    ???, ???

    Having Jeanne at her side turned out to be just the touch of confidence that Louise needed - now with a guardienne at her side, Diego and Alyssa close at hand, and a forest behind into which she could escape at any moment, the battle seemed in their favor. Jabbing her glaive at the nearest monster - a dark-feathered harpy, and not even the attractive sort - Louise kept drove it back into the air, allowing her to move a few feet closer to her allies. Its ascent was stopped short by the crack of lightning, falling from the sky and utterly vaporizing the shadow. Above Louise's head, Jeanne glided into the spot now opened, prompting a pair of nearby harpies to back away cautiously.

    Swinging her weapon up to nip at their heels, Louise dashed past and joined Alyssa and Diego, now closer to the seaside than the treeline. She jerked her head left, then right. Save for one, there was either another person or their Persona between her and any given harpy, and the exception was holding a cautious distance. Or so it was, for just a second - in the next, Jeanne charged the distance to the others, running the creature through with her blade. With a shrill cry, the creature dissolved into a thick mist before all but disappearing entirely. Louise's eyes widened and she took a step backwards in recoil, still not quite mentally prepared to see a woman's face - even one on such an inhuman body - melt away before her.


    Louise let out a sound that could only be compared with a dog's yelp, nearly tripping over something unseen as she backed away. The blade end of her weapon held in front of her, she spun back around to see a dark-haired boy lying on the ground, soaked from head to toe, completely still, and clutching in one hand... a blue card? An friend, then! Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Louise dropped to one knee and watched the boy's chest. Hardly breathing. Hardly a good sign. In a dazed panic, she turned back around and called out to her Persona, the words jumping themselves to her mind rather than her mouth.


    Little leaf, came the prompt reply.

    Can your magic help him?

    The light from heaven heals all.

    Louise looked sharply at the knight, about to complain that now was not the time for a lesson in scripture, but Jeanne raised her sword and pointed it skyward, cutting off further words from either. A glint caught her eye, and Louise turned her attention to the sky overhead - directly above them, a small gap was tearing itself open in the clouds, painting a patch of light on the ground over the boy laying down. Just for a moment, the boy's body glowed with a pale aura, then the light went away as quickly as it came, the clouds closing back in on themselves. Stealing one glance to be sure - he was, at least, breathing easily now - Louise turned back around to face the harpies still circling them.

    He fight again. And so shall we! Jeanne declared, knocking her shield against the closest monster and sending it topping to the ground, where Louise hopped forward to impale it, looking away as she landed the blow. Armed combat, control over lightning, and even restorative magic - with Jeanne at her side, she might just survive the shadows.

    This thought didn't last long. Louise felt a blast of freezing wind come over her and drew her spear close to her body. Everything else seemed to stop, the whole clearing watching as a column of ice thrust itself upwards from beneath the sand only to shatter from within, sending shards of ice flying to within feet of the teenagers circled on the beach. The clouds above twisted themselves into a snowstorm. From seemingly nowhere, a towering knight in a pale red armor marched toward them, staring from behind his helmet with empty white eyes, rigid but sturdy in movement.

    "I am Sir Perymones, the Puce Knight. Prepare to die."

    A flat, plain boast. Saying nothing else, the hulking warrior pointed his sword at the clouds. On command, the storm intensified, loosing a barrage of hail on the group. Louise threw her empty hand up to block her face, but there was no need - Jeanne slid effortlessly in front of her, covering both with her shield. As the hail subsided, Louise looked back at Perymones, bleary-eyed against the cold. He hadn't broken stride by an inch, and he was coming straight at them. Implacable. Larger than any of their Personae.

    Options ran through Louise's mind, each dismissed in an instant. She had caught a glimpse of Diego's Persona casting wizardly flames against the harpies, but no amount of fire would melt that much snow and ice. At most, it might work as a direct assault, if that. Frontal attacks were bound to fail against such a juggernaut. Jeanne's shield probably wouldn't hold long against that size of a sword, either. The woods would offer cover and restrict the giant's movement, but only if they could make it that far. Could they? He seemed too slow to catch any one of them.

    Better to hide than stand in his path, at least.

    "Feu! Feu!" Louise half-shouted, half-screamed as she ducked to the side. The harpies no longer registering as a concern, she ran a wide berth around Perymones and made toward the forest, Jeanne brandishing her weapons against the Puce Knight and glaring daggers from behind her visor. Covering Louise's escape with a bolt of lightning, she send sparks flying across the knight's armor but did nothing to halt his advance.

    We will not fall to you on this or any other day, Jeanne challenged, her full voice carrying across the beach. With luck, it would be enough to pull his attention from the others enough to enable a retreat.

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    I- Diego Vendrix

    Diego was breathing heavily. His mind felt clouded and he felt confused. Why was his head hurting? First, he wondered if it was simply exhaustion. However, he then wondered if it had to do with... that. Diego paled as he shook his head.


    Now was not the time for that. He needed to remain focused. However, he hoped no one noticed it. He was always considered unusual for talking to himself. This time, it was different. He arguing. Whenever Diego was in stress, he felt himself speak harsher, darker... arguing with himself.

    The conversations or rather the snippets of it, did not make him comfortable at all. However, something seem to have awaken him from his frantic thoughts.

    A sudden blizzard appeared and a mighty presence was before them.

    "You are troubled, young one. Far too long, you have neglected it... You bottle up the bad things and try not to think about them. When Krystal did not appear, you were worried, but did not think about it..." A wizened voice told him in his head.

    "Your doubt is your greatest threat..." Merlin told him before they saw the massive knight in red armor appear.

    Diego saw Louise go off as her Persona covered her. Diego realized the best option was to stick together. He then saw something near the beach. A large powerful Persona along with an unconscious man.

    "Wake up," Diego shouted at Shin as he ran over before attempting to drag him. He sheathed his sword on the sheath he had on him. "Alyssa, keep up with Louise. I'll catch up," Diego said as he tried to pick up Shin and have his arm around him to try and drag him.

    "We fear you not, demon knight," Merlin claimed as he went over to Jeanne's side before launching some more flames.

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    OOC: Wow, I guess I'm the third person in a row to post in the same group. Also, prepare for an Inception moment: a dream within a dream.

    Shin Megami Tensei
    Unknown Location

    It wasn't long before the icy sting of the sea gave way to relative comfort. The next thing Shin knew, he was seated at a desk in a dimly lit room. He had his laptop in front of him, which had some sort of spreadsheet on the screen. Next to that was a cup of coffee--black as he liked it--and in the front of the desk was a placard of some sort. Taking a quick glance over the front of the desk, Shin could see that the placard bore only his first name, expressed as a kanji character. Looking around the room some more, he saw a file cabinet, a printer, and other typical office stuff. And next to him, he pulled out a drawer in his desk--resting there was his crossbow, exactly the same one he wielded in Avalon.

    Just then, the door opened, and Shin moved his hand close to his crossbow. But he recognised the person entering, so he withdrew it and closed the drawer.

    "Shin," said the middle-aged man who entered, "I would like to inform you that all the preparations are complete. The task is ready to be carried out. Would you like me to do the job, or would you rather see to it yourself?"

    Shin's lips curled into a smile. To bide some time, he took a sip of his coffee.
    "I would love to be the one to do it," he finally replied, his voice taking on a dark and serious tone despite his smile. "It would be a moment I've prepared for my entire life, pretty much. There is much I would give to see his reign fall into the hands of my own. However..." and here he stared into his computer screen, its light reflecting in his red-tinted spectacles, " know our rules. It must be an accident. It must look like he resigned on his own behalf. Everything else is set in place, just as you said. But otherwise, this is the one task that I absolutely must carry out myself." Although it is, admittedly, the first.

    The older man nodded. "Right. Then you will arrive at the conference on the 14th, as scheduled. Although... don't you think it might be safer if I were to..."

    "No," Shin interrupted, standing up and opening another drawer to his left, withdrawing a pistol and a pair of gloves from it, putting on the latter and stashing the former in his coat. "I have waited too long for this. It must be me. Now is not the time to be 'safe'. You may be my spy though, if you like."

    The older man sighed, opening the door and inviting Shin to follow. "Very well then. Let's go."


    One moment Shin was walking out the door to his office, and the next... he was lying face-down on wet sand, and was soaking wet himself. The water must have been very cold, for he could not feel his feet and he was practically paralyzed for the time being. He glimpsed the Emperor card next to him, wondering why it was important. He had seen this card in the Velvet Room earlier today as well... why did it keep appearing? And then the whole Persona thing... what happened with that?

    In the next few moments, Shin heard a mighty shout coming from some sort of powerful-sounding warrior, so it seemed. He announced himself as Sir Perymones, the Puce Knight.
    The Puce Knight? Shin thought as he closed his eyes again out of weariness. How lame. Puce is such a boring colour. This knight sounds like a pushover to me.

    It was a good thing Shin was pressed against the ground then, for a sharp gust of icy wind blew right over him, threatening to freeze him solid (as if he wasn't frozen solid already). He held his breath, enduring the intensified storm as much as he could. This he found rather easy, though he knew he wouldn't be able to stand up anytime soon, unless by some miracle a fire blazed nearby and thawed him out.

    But something else happened. All of a sudden, Shin felt a soothing sensation flow throughout his body, restoring feeling to his feet and warmth to his body. He was still a little damp, and was kind of annoyed at the amount of sand that would be stuck to his expensive coat, but he figured that since this was a dream anyway, the latter wouldn't matter. The physical effects of dreams never lasted into reality anyway.

    And then, someone came over and lifted him up, dragging him along the sand. Looking up, he could make out Merlin and Joan of Arc in the battlefield, and the dark-skinned girl who had apparently summoned the latter. This girl was apparently trying to flee into the trees, an act Shin frowned at. Meanwhile, the young man who was dragging him along had apparently summoned forth Merlin. Was he some sort of magician in real life, perhaps?

    And then he saw the Puce Knight in all his dreadful purplish-brown armour, and scowled at the sight. But then he looked around and saw another knight, a way cooler-looking one with red and black armour and a tattered black cape. Something seemed awfully familiar about the better-looking knight...

    "Who are you?" Shin thought while looking at him.

    "You don't remember me?" the knight replied in his head, echoing a deep, almost demonic-sounding voice around his skull. He might as well have been listening to death metal with vocals only at full blast. "Thou art I and I art thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh. I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven."

    "Demon king..." Shin replied, contemplating as he had said the same thing aloud minutes before, "...of the sixth... Rokuten Maou!"

    The knight nodded.

    "But... you can't possibly be me," Shin continued. "Look at you. And look at me. We can'e be the same. It's physically impossible."

    am you," Rokuten Maou corrected. "I am the manifestation of all your best qualities. I am your Persona."

    "Oh, so you're like a clone of me, then. A dream clone or something."

    The Demon King shook his head. "For now, just think of me as the greatest ally you will ever have, a warrior fighting by your side."

    "We shall see,"
    Shin replied. Who was Rokuten Maou to automatically think himself as Shin's ally anyway? All his life, his family had taught him never to place immediate and unconditional trust in someone, for there is always the chance that someone might stab you in the back someday. And Shin was not about to make an exception for this armoured knight that looked like he could obliterate Shin with one stab of that dagger or something he kept sheathed at his chained belt.

    Another thing Shin was not about to let happen was him being dragged along by someone he deemed inferior to him. As soon as he was done admiring the mysterious red and black knight, he suddenly sprang to his feet and wrenched himself out of Diego's grasp.

    "Thank you, but I think I'm fine now," Shin told him, without so much as a hint of gratitude in the tone of his voice. "Anyway, why are we fleeing? The Puce Knight will catch up to us, and if we keep running we'll be too tired to fight back. Excuse me."

    Instead of turning around and heading for the trees, Shin turned the other way, facing the Puce Knight, casting a mocking smile at him and clearing his throat.
    "I am Shin Megami Tensei, the Crimson Knight," he declared. "Prepare to die."
    And then he glanced to his side at the Demon King that was apparently his Persona.
    "Rokuten Maou, if you are truly my ally, you will stop this inferior Puce Knight in his tracks."

    "Certainly, Emperor," the Demon King replied, taking a light bow. And then he handed something to Shin: his crossbow, which he had retrieved while finishing off the last of the harpies. After doing so, he pulled his dagger out of its sheath... only it wasn't a dagger at all. Instead, crimson sparks emerged from the otherwise empty space past the hilt, eventually materialising into a great sword that looked like a blood-soaked lightningbolt. The blade started glowing in a deep crimson hue, and more sparks formed around it. With his sword set, he charged at the Puce Knight, clashing his sword against the other's, unphazed by the icy storm around him. Sparks flew from his blade as he did so, threatening to stun the Knight in Ugly Armour upon contact.

    Meanwhile, Shin did not stand by and do nothing. After brushing whatever sand he could off his coat, he withdrew an arrow from the quiver slung over his elbow and held it over his crossbow, but did not draw it back yet. He was waiting for the right opportunity to shoot the arrow. For he knew how pointless it would be to shoot an arrow at a layer of armour, as there was no way even his steel arrow tips would penetrate it. He was looking for a weak point, any spaces between the Puce Knight's armour that were wide enough for an arrow to fit into. He was hoping that the knight's clash with Rokuten Maou's blade would expose such a spot. Only when it did did he fire an arrow.
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    Alyssa H. Lovelock

    Alyssa quickly looked form sode to side, sighing. Her wounds were pretty bad, as she was taking on the shadows head on. She didn't know what to do, so she decided to do the onlything she can do, bandahge herself up. She didn't have time to looked for leaves, se she started to cut away at the edge of her dress until she was bandaged up, but sadly, her underwear was showing. She got up, and felt a cold wind blow through her air, and she instantly gasped. She looked around, and saw Valkyrie sitting above her in a tree

    "You took longer then exppected" Alyssa heard a soft, maiden-like voice echo through her head. The words carried on in her mind like a warming melody, to show that no fear was required, even though she had a certain sterness in her voice.

    "Is that you... Valkyrie?" Alyssa asked her persona above her, who jumped down so they coul meet eye to eye. Alyssa was surprised that she was around the same stature as her, and had such beautiful blond hair, even with the roses imbuned into them, though the hemlock locket on her Persona's neck showed that not everything was sweet.

    "It is indeed, and it's time for a proper introduction.
    I am thou, and thou art I.
    I come from the deepest part in the sea of your soul
    and I shall be your eternal watcher, guiding your soul towards Valhalla.
    " Valkyrie responded, pointing out her sword

    "Hmm, thank you. Sorry I look this way, but desperate times call for desperate measures." Alyssa sighed with embarrassment, but she just saw Valkyrie give a small smile. She seemed to have such a pristine, welcoming air to her, but the stench of bittersweet poison still lingered. She felt the wind get colder now, and snow clouds are forming. Looking at the tree above her, Alyssa saw frost forming on the tips, clearly signifying something was wrong.

    "Something's wrong... We need to get moving... The cold seems to be coming in fast..." Alyssa said between short gasps. She wasn't really adapted to the cold, and she always froze easier then others. She looked at Valkyrie, who nodded with agreement. Ice was never her friend, and now it was out to take away her very soul. She decided to go and grab her sword, and looked at Valkyrie, who was starting to head towards the beach. Alyssa ran to catch up with her Persona, and when she did, they both started running in unison, trying to reach towards there goal.

    When they emerged from the forest, they saw a blizzard encircling a giant knight, and three Persona. Alyssa recognized two, Jeanne D'Arc, and Merlin, but the last one she wasn't familiar with. In the general area behind them, she saw Diego, Louise, and Shin. The knight seemed to be heading towards them, and Alyssa was afraid that they might get killed. She looked at Valkyrie, who nodded towards her, and they both charged forward.

    "I'll be alright, this demon shall be punished, for disturbing the order of this world!" Valkyrie yelled through the entire battlefield as she charged at the giant knight, trying to aim for a weak spot. She got it, and hit at a small slit between armor pieces, and immediately tried to parry back. Alyssa stopped infront of everyone, and looked at them, though with her backed turned towards them

    "I'm glad to see you all alright. I thought I might of lost you... Though, I just had to do some minor healing and a small talk, but here I am. Oh, why my underwear is showing.... Let's just say I didn't have time to find leaves... Anyways, this guy uses the cold... We need to avoid his attacks while trying to take him down, well, that might be the best thing to do anyways... So, if your ready, CHARGE!" Alyssa yelled starting to run towards Perymones, hoping that they would live to see another day

    I must make sure they're safe, even at the cost of my own life... We must try to escape here alive, I know that. I wonder how they'll fare in bat- A yell pierced her thoughts

    "Fine then, young ones. I shall certain enjoy freezing you all. Mabufu." The voice seemed to be calm, but it pierced her very thoughts. She then saw ice flying towards her, and raised her sword to try and avoid the ice attack...

    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
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    V - Lillian "Lilly" Silverstone

    Fortunately, Lilly didn't have to deal with the big crowd of people for long. They were all scattered across the battfield by the shadows. She was left with the others, one was that Matt guy who had introduced himself earlier, and the other was a guy who appeared to be Leo's age whom she was not familiar with. Fortunately, she wouldn't have to interact with these strangers, because there were more pressing issues to deal with. Namely, all the shadows that were surrounding them. Immediately, the two guys brought out cards and summoned what she believed to be their Personae. Matt had some type of undead dragon thing... and the other guy appeared to have some type of demon. She took a step back and allowed her companions to handle this themselves. No reason to get in unnecessary danger for people she didn't know right?

    As she watched the ensuing battle from a safe distance, she wondered what these Personae represented about their summoners. It was said in the Velvet Room that the Personae represented their true self, and Zombie Dragons and demonic men didn't exactly scream good intentions... She also wondered about her own Persona, and was slightly upset that it hadn't appeared yet. "Where's mine?" she mumbled to herself.

    When it had appeared that all the shadows had been dealt with, a new figure emerged from the shadows. A knight clad in gold trimmed armor, an indigo cape, and wielding a lance shaped like a lightning bolt. "I am Sir Persaunte," he bellowed. "The Indigo Knight. I am here to demand your lives," Persaunte boomed. He raised his lance, and thunder rumbled. "You will give them to me." Lilly just rolled her eyes at his ridiculous demand. Of course sir, do you want that gift wrapped? He went on and on about how it was his right. And when he inevitably refused, a fight ensued, but she was sure Persaunte was prepared for that.

    As the battle continued, more shadows appeared, thunder roared, and lightning struck. The others appeared to be having trouble. But what was Lilly to do? She was without a Persona, and throwing a Chakram at someone wearing a metal helmet did not seem like a smart thing to do... So, she continued to watch for a while. Every now and then, throwing her Chakram at shadows that came her way.

    Sitting by and observing is all well and good, but I think now might be the time to act. A male voice said. It couldn't have been any of the other males present, because this voice sounded like it was in her head.

    "Affirmative my dear! Then again, who else could be speaking to you in this manner?" A Tarot card appeared before her, similar to the one she was shown while in the Velvet Room. From what she had seen the others do, destroying the card brought the Persona foward.

    "Affirmative my dear! But then... who else would be speaking to you directly through your thoughts?" A Tarot card appeared before her, similar to the one that she was shown in the Velvet Room. As she whacked the card with her wooden throwing circle, the card glowed, and she heard this.

    I am thou, and thou art I
    From the sea of thy soul, I come
    I am the ponderer of many

    And there it was. The name Omoikane suddenly registered in her head. Lilly wasn't happy with what her Persona was, and was beginning to suspect someone in the Velvet Room has a twisted sense of humor. there was no way her true self was a floating brain with tentacles and eyes. It was absolutely disgusting. The only redeeming quality was that at least he was intelligent...

    "I'm aware you believe my appearance to be unseemly... But rest assured, I am perfectly capable of assisting you and your companions in combat." Then, he reached out a tentacle, and grabbed a Shadow creature, and smashed it's head into the ground. "Skull Cracker!"

    However, the Shadow wasn't dead. Lilly saw it get right back up. "Capable of assisting? You've failed to kill a minor shadow."

    "Do you doubt me? You shouldn't... Observe.

    Omoikane pointed a tentacle at the Shadow who's skull he just cracked. Lilly noticed that although it was angry, it also appeared to be dazed and confused. She still didn't get it at first, until the creature tried to attack. It jumped up, and lunged foward with it's claws out. However, In it's confusion, instead of aiming at Lilly or Omoikane, the creature rather dizzily went towards Persaunte. Lilly stifiled a giggle watching it. Persaunte will not be amused at the confused shadow heading towards his face.

    "Why exert yourself when you could make your simple minded enemies to do it for you am I right?"

    Lilly smirked a bit. "I suppose so..." She thought back. Her Persona may have been ugly, but at least now she wouldn't be completely useless anymore.
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    OOC: Kiruria used a Revive! The RPG recovered from fainting!
    Shin Megami Tensei + Rokuten Maou
    Emperor Arcana
    Avalon, vs. Perymones the Puce Knight

    As Shin watched Rokuten Maoh charge toward Perymones, he saw that he was not the only one fighting the horrid Puce Knight. Within moments, another girl had stepped up to the plate, one who seemed braver than Louise at least. In fact, she looked kind of familiar... Yes, she was familiar. Shin remembered her long wavy orange hair and the straw hat she always wore on her head, the otherwise cool yet summery look she had about her. He didn't remember her name, but he did remember her running a bakery he used to stop by a few times after school. Though Shin wasn't normally too fond of sweets, he had a strange weakness for some of the quaint and delicious little cupcakes sold there.

    And then there was her Persona, to which at first glance Shin thought, "Nice sword". It didn't look fearsome and powerful like Rokuten Maou's, but it was shiny and sharp-looking, and pretty as well with all the roses on the hilt. The Persona herself wore a crown of roses on her head as well--red and black ones just like the colours of Rokuten Maou's armour.

    And then Shin's attention momentarily shifted towards the young lady as she spoke.
    "I'm glad to see you all alright. I thought I might of lost you... Though, I just had to do some minor healing and a small talk, but here I am. Oh, why my underwear is showing.... Let's just say I didn't have time to find leaves... Anyways, this guy uses the cold... We need to avoid his attacks while trying to take him down, well, that might be the best thing to do anyways... So, if you're ready, CHARGE!"

    Wow, she certainly was aggressive for a woman her age and apparance, Shin thought. She just charged right in with her own sword, which Shin noticed had a very gunlike hilt. Naturally, he had to raise an eyebrow at this. Of course, this caused Perymones to retaliate with an icy blast, for which Alyssa did her best to brace herself. Shin found his gaze averting to the space where her underwear showed, but the second he realised what he was doing, he looked away, this time at his own Persona.

    "Block it," Shin spoke to him. "And keep moving, so that you don't freeze."

    Obeying his orders, the Demon King jumped out in front of Alyssa, further blocking Perymones' ice attack. A little bit of frost started to accumulate on his armour, but other than that he seemed unscathed and ready for more.

    Once Perymones was done with his attack, Rokuten Maou shook off the ice and extended the crimson-thunderbolt blade of his sword. As he did so, he built up some current in it, sending bright orange sparks flying around it. Seeing this, Perymones lunged at him, threatening to pierce Rokuten Maou's armour. But the Demon King blocked the Puce Knight's sword with his own, electric sparks and ice shards flying everywhere from where the blades made contact. Both swordsmen flinched at the contact, Rokuten Maou from the freezing sensation pulsing through his body, Perymones from the electricity. With a push, the two separated and resumed fighting stances.

    And Shin saw his chance, while Perymones was steadying himself. The second Shin saw a gap in his armour near his armpit, he let loose an arrow, which lodged right in the gap. Perymones winced, but didn't seem to take much damage. In fact, he laughed.

    "You think you can stop me with arrows and electricity?" he taunted.

    "You think you can stop me with ice?" Rokuten Maou taunted back. He knew well that he had a resistance to ice.

    "Excellent," Shin muttered, more to himself and his fellow Persona users than to the Puce Knight. "It seems Rokuten Maoh is relatively ice-proof. He might not be able to do much to the Puce Knight, but he can keep him occupied while the rest of us attack on the sides. Also, does anyone here have any fire techniques? My guess is that ice-wielders like him might be weak to it."

    "Just don't hit me with the fire--ugh," Rokuten Maou mentioned, whilst in the middle of another sword tussle with Perymones. "Ice I can handle. Fire I cannot." CLASH. Their swords collided again. "Yikes! His blade threatens to freeze me with each strike!"

    "Freeze you with every..." Shin repeated, his brow furrowing. That just didn't make sense. Unless Rokuten Maou's blade somehow conducted ice, how could be "threatened to freeze" with each of Perymones' sword strikes?

    In fact, Rokuten Maou's sword hand was gradually becoming numb. At one point, this hindered his grip on his sword enough so that Perymones was able to knock it right out of his hand.

    "Ha!" Perymones threatened. "Some lousy Demon King you are!"

    At this, Rokuten Maoh let out a low chuckle. Extending his other hand toward his fallen sword, he formed an electric current around it. His sword immediately reacted, responding to the current and flying right back into his hand. He caught the sword just in time to block another stab to the shoulder. The fight resumed; Shin readied another arrow, and looked around to see if anyone else would attack.

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    XVI - Alistair Blake
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    Ironside howled, unleashing a storm of fire over the sands, causing the grains to glow like blazing coals as he unleashed his wrath. The towering knight raged, his flames lashing out as his burning eyes glared at the humans.

    Mordred swept in, blades wrapped in shadows. The swords struck out, sparking off Ironside's crimson armor, tearing at the burning joints. Alistair stood back, unable to step into the maelstrom of flames that the Red Knight constantly emitted, forcing him to depend on his Persona to attack. But it seemed that Mordred's swords were barely affecting Ironside.

    "Damn it..." he murmured. "If we could get in close, maybe we could do something to him... but as things are..."

    Mordred flickered aside in a twist of shadows, evading a vicious swing of Ironside's blade. The black knight's sword retaliated, stabbing at a joint as the shadows coiled about it, the dark-wreathed blade carving into the point. Ironside cried aloud in pain as Mordred danced back, slashing with the sword and unleashing a burst of shadows which crashed on the armor and carved a gash into it, through which embers danced into the air.

    "Me... the great Ironside... wounded by such an insolent cur?!" the knight roared. "How dare you besmirch my honor so!" Mordred didn't even respond, stepping around each lash of Ironside's fiery blades, not flinching as they swept inches past him. A blade struck for the knight's helm and both of Mordred's swords intersected, Ironside's monstrous weapon sparking on the edges as Mordred strained to hold back the strike. Then the other blade swung around and hurled Alistair's Persona away, flinging Mordred through the air to crash onto Alistair.

    The two crashed to the sands, Alistair winded by the impact of the being in armor. And yet, Mordred barely seemed to weigh a thing, he noticed. The Persona seemed only half-real this close, like some ghost or illusion. He moved too quickly, too fluidly to be real. In an instant the knight had stood and recovered his swords, glancing down at Alistair with a single golden eye. Alistair stared back at his inner self, briefly awed by Mordred.

    Then Ironside roared and he was snapped from his awe by the blazing Red Knight stalking towards them, blades at the ready. He forced himself to his feet, acutely aware this would not be easy.


    IX - Matthew Clark
    Sundered Waste, Avalon

    Nidhoggr raged, its every footstep shaking the earth as its talons scythed through Persaunte's crackling knights. One was decapitated by the bladed edges, another crushed under the dragon's clawed foot. Ice howled from the Persona's maw, engulfing a cluster of electric knights and freezing pieces of their bodies immediately, frost spreading over them as they strained to break the ice with their swords. Before they could, Matt swept into them, wielding his halberd as best he could. Blows to their necks dispatched them, severing limbs, carving gashes into their forms. The bronze blade tore the forms of the Shadows, his monstrous Persona adding its claws.

    There was a boom of thunder and bolts of lightning hailed down, raging as they impacted around the group. More knights rose up, their blades crackling as they encircled the humans. Then there was an almighty roar and before Matt could even react, he was struck. Persaunte slammed into him, backhanding the man to the ground with a roar of thunder. He crashed down, wrapped in discharge and sparks, as the Indigo Knight landed with his cape swirling around his body. As he landed, Persaunte loosed thunder and power from his body, a shockwave which blasted the humans and knocked them reeling. Nidhoggr withstood the buffeting force, claws scything at the knight, but he turned and lightning on lightning poured from the sky to the ground between them, exploding right before Nidhoggr and buffeting the dragon with almighty light and force.

    "You are nothing," Persaunte said dismissively. "There are tales of ones like you, ones who could call their true selves from the sea of the soul. And yet, you are nothing to them. Guttering candles in the wind before their glories! It is almost pitiful to so simply snuff you out. To send you into death with such ease."

    "You... won't..." Matt said, trying to force himself to stand. Contemptuously, Persaunte levelled his lance, sending lightning howling from the tip. It struck Matt and he was thrown down with a yell. A Persona leapt for the knight, but was blasted away by more thunder and lightning, by more wrath from above. But the distraction was enough for Nidhoggr's claw to lash, smashing the Indigo Knight to the sands. Ice and shadows poured from that hellish maw, burying the knight, who retaliated with yet more thunder and fury. More lightning flared, blinding power which struck Nidhoggr and sliced through the frozen shadows.

    "Do you think yourselves anything but weak? Anything but unworthy?" Persaunte sneered, rising as his cape billowed out, crackling with power. "You are but pale imitations of past heroes. Unworthy to bear their legacy! Nothing akin to their glory! Ones such as you are too pathetic to even stand in this world, let alone protect it. So now you shall perish. That shall be your grand fate. Your heroic destiny. Death!"

    "Past... heroes..." Matt said, rising slowly to his feet. "What do you mean, past heroes?" He remembered the Velvet Room, those two hovering Personae Igor had shown them. "Other Persona users?"

    "Ones of which you are mere imitations," Persaunte said coldly, gazing at Matt. "All of you... you pale before their memory. They themselves might even have become part of this world had their achievements been common knowledge. Before them, you are nothing but insects."

    "Give us... a chance..." Matt retorted. "For all you know, we may just become as great as those people you're talking about. I know who you are, Sir Persaunte, the Indigo Knight. You should be flattered by that, many don't. And I know what your one exploit of fame is. Your defeat."

    Persaunte's eyes narrowed. "A scholar, I see. It seems you think your knowledge will affect anything. But it shall not! Your fate will be the same!" He raised his lance and the heavens rumbled. "The time for talk is now at an end. Let the battle begin anew. And let your own defeat come with it, scholar!" Lightning erupted from above, hammering down to the sands as Persaunte lifted into the air, borne aloft by his power as his knight Shadows closed in once more.

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    I- Diego Vendrix

    Diego had mainly been observing the battle. Well somewhat. He was halfway focusing on the battle. The other half was trying to do deal witht he malestrom of feelings that seem to be emerging. Diego didn't know if it was a property of this world or if it was simply that he could no longer bear the pent-up stress and he was starting to lose it.

    He thought of Krystal who he seem to be growing close to... more than friends...

    He thought of Louise, who he had just met and he felt happy around her, though just as a friend... right?

    He thought of Alyssa, who he worry about and hope she can be happy again...

    Diego shook his head and sighed. He needed to get ahold of himself.

    "Do not worry."

    Diego snapped out of all of his musings as he looked to Merlin. Merlin was preparing to attack the crazed Puce Knight.

    "You are young. It is natural for you to be attracted toward them and be uncertain of the future. You must go slowly one bit of a time. I know you have difficulty in trusting people with your faults because on how you feel singled out compared to most of the others.

    However, you must stand tall and fight. You are you and you must accept that," Merlin stated to his friend. Diego sighed before he smiled.

    "Thank you Merlin," Diego stated as he grasped his sword tightly and waited for the right moment.

    Diego ran and stopped before he struck the Puce Knight at the side before Merlin moved to the other side. "Agi," Merlin stated before he released a burst of fire at the Puce Knight. Diego got back to brace himself.

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    [XVII] Louise Henrietta DuBois
    Avalon Beachhead

    The clash of metal-on-metal still sounding behind her, Louise scrambled behind one of the outlying trees to put a safe barrier between herself and the titan-like Puce Knight. Only when she caught her breath did she peek back out to check the shadow's advance, and even then she showed nothing more than her head. What she saw was barely within reason - rather than escape to the cover of trees, all three of the others were choosing to stand their ground on the beast. She couldn't be terribly surprised by the hotheaded Alyssa, but Diego was clearly either not thinking or just being a masochist. And the other boy - he had blacked out completely only a few moments ago! He needed to get out of there!

    Louise felt a jolt to the side of her head. Snapping her gaze back to Jeanne all too late, she saw her guardienne already knocked aside, floating low to the ground while the remaining Personae had begun a flurry of indecipherable attacks against their unmoving opponent. That was something, at least - holding it off, stopping an advance. But they could hardly drive it back. And when it inevitably brought its sword down on them, literal or metaphorical, they were finished. What could anyone do against an iron-clad warrior twice their height and five times their size? Their magic was little advantage here, as the knight could match it stroke-for-stroke.

    Only the first visit to Avalon alongside Jeanne, and already they were hopelessly outmatched. Louise sunk back behind the tree and sunk her head, Jeanne disappearing again in a blink of pale blue to reappear before Louise as the blue tarot card. Fleeing to the forest had cut her off from the others, too - there was no way to get in and help extract them, or even communicate over the din of the battle. Options completely dry, spear discarded on the nearby ground, she racked her mind for any remaining solution, though she could not think of where to begin.

    And so we allow your comrades to fall? To sit idly without the slightest resistance? a voice in Louise's head chided.

    Simultaneously Jeanne was both right and wrong: inaction was among the worst decisions, but at the same time no apparent action could guarantee her remaining intact afterward.

    Yet our foe cannot last forever. We must merely exhaust him.

    Yes, but again, she could hardly expect to defend against such a monster. After suffering even one blow, Louise would not be coming back. Not like...

    Not even wasting the time to kick herself for missing the obvious solution, Louise grasped the card in front of her and pinched it between her fingers, shattering it into a cloud of blue shards. Again she was faced by the presence of the warrior-woman from her waist upward, the light catching a glimmer off her shield and cuirass. Jeanne grasped her sword and flew across the beach toward her enemy, blindsiding it with a stab into the joint of its left shoulder. The tip of the blade wedged into the Puce Knight's armor, Jeanne sent a charge down along the edge of her sword, sending a paralyzing jolt into the knight's bicep. All the while, Louise darted up the tree with practiced agility, picking a branch half-way up from which she might survey the entire battle.

    ...if that is how ye wish to defend this land, Jeanne said to her stiffly. Even as she did, the guardienne was forced to ascend with split-second precision to avoid a sweep of the knight's afflicted arm. Louise wrinkled up her nose but did not move from her perch. Yes, hiding up here was a weak move. It was also a move unlikely see her dead, and one which would allow her direct Jeanne to defend her allies.

    Now, Diego was doing fine - probably because he was pelting the ice-using giant with a series of fireballs when not making a dangerously-close movement with his sword. Alyssa was attempting to engage it in a duel of ice powers - admirable, but arguably effective - and the not-drowned boy was forcing his persona to lock swords with the enemy, at least stemming the physical threat. Seeing this, Louise became more attentive to Jeanne's movement.

    The knight was going for an over-hand move, pushing the swordsman persona back. And then, chasing with a strike from the left - Jeanne slid in between blade and demon and held her shield strongly, halting the blade entirely. As the Puce Knight raised its blade back into a place from which to strike, Jeanne pushed the advantage, again raising her sword-arm to bring down a bolt of lightning from above. It struck the shadow's armor, lighting the area while Jeanne brought her shield up again to block the next attack with ample space. Was it, perhaps, slowing down, or was that just her imagination?

    Regardless, the blow to the warrior's arm knocked the feeling from it. Rather than simply reeling, Louise brought Jeanne into a dive, skirting the ground about the level of her enemy's legs. Though heavily armored, they were not all impregnable. A strike here, a stab at the knee-pit, and the Puce Knight then had a nasty biting at its shins, one which it could not hope to move freely while suffering and it could not swat at without dropping its front guard. Relishing in her newfound position, Jeanne even dashed back for a moment to intercept a rogue shard of ice, bashing it aside with her heater and shattering another icicle with her blade. The Knight's slow speed would be its undoing - Jeanne could all but move freely in the air, circling around back to trade a layer of frost on her arm for a clean slice at its back, then dropping back down to sting the knight's legs.

    Perhaps this wasn't so beyond them as Louise had worried it to be.

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    VI: Lovers, Carina
    vs killer twins Pertolope and Perarde

    She had gotten in a larger group, so Carina had called on Undine quickly and attacked the enemies that had attacked them, in part to give any who hadn't managed to call on their Personas yet time to figure that out. It was rough and even with her shield, she ended up taking a fair amount of damage before the others were able to start helping out. Thankfully, Leo had managed to call on his Persona, which turned out to be a healer as well. She grinned back at him briefly before getting back into the fray. Things ought to go smoothly; hopefully they could clear the field and start checking things out in peace.

    But then it seemed as though blades ripped through the group, hinting painfully at some stronger foe. It wasn't just one, though. It was two, strange knights that somehow held a malevolent air. One was a green-armored fellow who looked like a quick fencer. The other was a big black brute with a huge sword. As they introduced themselves, Carina felt a bit of worry about facing two intelligent foes. The Shadows were all right, since they seemed more like monsters than men. But these two, Pertolope and Perarde, were not going to go easy on them. They claimed that the group was trespassing (and it didn't seem like 'we're lost' would work on them) and that they would be killed for that offense. They didn't even have qualms about threatening the youngest member in the group.

    Were these some of the corrupted myths that had been mentioned? Or were they the ones to do the corrupting? Well whichever they were... Carina gave herself a quick look-over as she had Undine use Dia to get rid of the damage she'd taken by the surprise attack. In doing so, she noticed that part of her skirt had been cut; it seemed more like the rapier knight's work than the brute's. As if they weren't bad enough wrecking mythology, now they had wrecked her awesome sexy battle outfit. Well she wasn't going to stand for that!

    Carina looked up in time to see Perarde send a large attack from his sword, so she tried to run out of the way of it. But instead of running away, she ran for the fallen Pertolope, who had been knocked over by a fire bird and an angel. “Hey jerkface, you wrecked my skirt!” she shouted, getting her mace ready. “Penelope you pervert, I'm not letting you get away with that!” She then slammed her mace into Pertolope's helmet with a resounding 'klong!', much to her satisfaction.

    Of course, that put her right in close combat with the two swordsmen, but now that she was here, she would have to keep alert to stay alive.
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    XIX - Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone

    The group was succeeding at beating up the Shadows. They managed to reduce their number, until there were few of them left. It looked like this would be a relatively easy night. Their little group had even gained more members all of a sudden.

    But then it seemed as though blades ripped through the group. The force from the blow caused everyone to fall. Leo slowly got up, and noticed he had been cut and scratched. There were a few gashes on his arms, and his shirt had been cut up in the from the battles. He winced from the pain of it. Fortunately, Phoenix was perceptive, and worked her healing magic on the boy. Some of his wounds faded, and the pain subsided.

    He gave his Persona a thumbs up. "Thanks. Phoe! I needed that." He looked down at his ripped shirt, and shrugged. "Welp, this won't do me any good anymore." He pulled down the zipper, removed the shirt, and wrapped it around his waist. "What was that?!"

    As if to answer his question, two strange knights that somehow held a malevolent air appeared before them. One was clad in green armor who wielded a rapier like his own. The other had dark armor and wielded a large sword. As they introduced themselves,

    "I am Sir Pertolope, the Green Knight," the green knight boldly declared.

    "I am Sir Perarde, the Black Knight." His black companion added. "And you have trespassed here long enough. Prepare to perish. Death is upon you!" He raised his sword, moving slow and steady, he launched a powerful attack. The other Personae smashed him with a bunch of spells, but the man seemed unstoppable.

    Then, the green knight lunged towards the youngest member of their group, and held the sword within an inch of her life.

    "But do not fear," Pertolope chuckled. His blade was this close to decapitating the poor girl. "Death will be swift. You will not suffer... too much." His chuckling turned into straight up evil laughter as he prepared to strike, only to be smashed away by Phoenix's flames and a flare of light from an angelic Persona. He was tossed away over the sand, only to catch himself and land beside his brother.

    "If you wish to suffer," Perarde rumbled. "Then simply continue to resist. We will make sure you last as long as you resist." He raised his blade and swung it, casting an arc of darkness through the air towards the group.

    Phoenix let out a loud screech in pain when the dark fog hit her, and Leo clutched his head, suffering from a splitting from a headache. It was like he felt what Phoenix was feeling. "I... can't take the darkness. She said out of breath before vanishing. Fortunately, the dark spell soon subsided as quickly as it began.

    Leo squeezed on his sword's handle. "I thought you guys had morals. What kind of knight goes around threatening little girls?!" He shouted. He turned around, looked at Elly, and put his sword away. He had seen the girl around town peddling her girl scout cookies. The girl reminded him of his youngest sister, Lucy. They were even the same age. Leo wouldn't know how he'd handle it if that were her in that position, and things didn't turn out the way they did. He really wanted to teach that Pertolope fellow a lesson, but there was something else that needed to be taken care of first. He walked up to Elly, and gave the girl a hug. "Aw, it's ok." He let go, and took a seat on the floor next to her. "All this must be really scary, huh?" He said with a reassuring smile. "I'm scared too. But I learned a lot from watching My Little Pony with my younger sister. So, in the immortal words of Pinkie Pie..."

    "♪You gotta stand up tall
    Learn to face your fears
    You'll see that they can't hurt you
    Just laugh to make them disappear.
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Soooo, giggle at the ghostly
    Guffaw at the grossly
    Crack up at the creepy
    Whoop it up with the weepy
    Chortle at the kooky
    Snortle at the spooky♪"

    He put his fist in the air, and swung it around as he sang the rest of the song. "♪And tell that big dumb scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna... hahahaha... heh... Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuugh!"♪ He paused for a minute before continuing. "Anyway, don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to ya." He realized afterward that singing that song may not have been the most appropriate thing to do at the moment, but he hoped it would at least make the girl feel better. He got up, gave her a thumbs up, and drew his Rapier once again, and turned to face the knights. He noticed that the two knights had surrounded Carina. "You're seriously ganging up on a girl?! Don't you two ever learn?!" He ran towards the black knight, and charged him with his sword. As he did, he summoned Phoenix, and she flapped her wings, and shot the green knight with a fireball. The sword clashed with his heavy armor, and made a satisfying CLANG noise, but the knight didn't seem hurt by it by the thin sword. The Fireball on the other hand, was more potent, and actually dealt some damage.

    This maneuver only seemed to anger the knights. They turned their attention towards the boy, and his fiery bird, and prepared to strike. Leo wasn't expecting to kill them, but hopefully get them off of Carina, and distract them while the others prepared their attacks. He just hoped to get out of this alive.
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    (OOC: Here, Italic means Hati while Bold Italic means Sköll. XD Yes, Hati is a bit more formal in terms of speech, considering he's the magic half, while Sköll is a bit more casual, as he's the physical half. XD)

    XIII. Jannike Mortensen
    Sundered Waste - Avalon
    ???, ???

    Janna stepped back as Ironside let loose red-hot flames onto the sands, trapping her and the rest of her team in a circle of fire. He closed in, but Alistair's Persona Mordred held back the red knight, the comical dent still on "his" groin. Mordred and Ironside then began to engage in a fight, black versus red. This allowed Janna to look down at herself and see the blood flowing down her limbs. The leather of her corset already had some holes exposing bleeding flesh, and parts of her skirt's hem was singed and bloody. She was not in the best shape, but she thought that she could handle just a bit more.

    "Me... the great Ironside... wounded by such an insolent cur?! How dare you besmirch my honor so!" Mordred had slashed Ironside's armor with his blade, both flaming and shadowy. The fight resumed, the more agile Mordred first having the upper hand before Ironside pushed him away, the dark knight crashing on Alistair as a result and knocking them both down.

    Ironside roared and Janna saw him start to approach. She went over to Alistair and helped steady his body, putting an arm around his shoulder and squeezing it.

    "You alright? Don't strain yourself too much, you wouldn't want to 'not' wake up, right?" She said, before facing the red knight once again. Sköll and Hati stood a short distance away from her, ready to fight for her. Their sad eyes were shining gold and silver, respectively.

    Even this Ironside is not invincible. Do you think he is fearless of the night? He is just like any other human in that respect. Think, Janna!

    Little bro's right. Did you see what that knight did? Awesome! There's more of that on the red eunuch!

    First, the midnight wolf spoke to Janna's mind, followed by his sunset brother. It was true, she did see Mordred hit what seemed to be one of Ironside's...joints? If that thing even had a body, that was. Maybe that was what Sköll was referring to? Focusing herself, she kept her gaze steady on Ironside as he approached closer. Now, she could literally feel the heat emanating from the knight's body, growing hotter and hotter at every minute.

    Heh, I've got another trick up my mouth. Want me to try my 'Soul Break'?

    Janna nodded and grinned despite the blood and the pain. She wasn't going to back out anytime soon, and if anything helped keep her going, it was confidence. She let her twin wolves charge once again, leaping over the flames as they did, though they singed their tails slightly as a result. Sköll stopped, standing his ground while growling, the gold of his eyes and the gold of the radiant orb within his mouth glowing brighter as he concentrated, slowly unleashing his curse, while Hati kept charging and started to attack Ironside's left knee with a volley of dark shadows.

    (OOC again: storymaster, you decide which attacks hit, right? XD I guess I'll wait for you to decide so I don't OP myself. XD Sköll's attack was Soul Break, Hati's was Mudo...just so you know. XD)
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    OOC: Cesaire's post will come a bit later once someone else posts. Didn't want to make this too long, and don't want to double post either so.


    VII – Danijela “Dani” Cernik

    The more Dani listened to the assorted idiots around her babbling on about strategy and tactics and splitting up and whatever other stupid shit they happened to come up with, the more convinced she was that she was the only one actually capable of thinking, let alone fucking fighting. One idiot wanted to have freaking mock matches to train or something, a very brilliant idea to implement in an area infested with bloodthirsty monsters they could be fending off instead. Someone else wanted them to blindly run into a nearby castle, and there was some arguing going on over whether or not splitting up would leave their asses easier to pick off or not, but that was pretty much all Dani had the patience to pay attention to before she just turned around and started to walk away from the group, bat hoisted over her shoulder. That was it, she refused to be part of this little “World Savior Group” a second longer. She had had enough of these losers. If they wanted to talk shit instead of getting a move on and actually defeating whatever evil threatened their world or whatever, they could feel free to. But she wouldn’t be a part of their sad little tea party. She had some asses to kick and names to take, and she wanted both done yesterday.

    She hadn’t managed many steps away from the rest of the team however, when a repeat of last night happened and the sands exploded right behind her. This time Dani didn’t even have the time to turn around before the blast had already sent her flying through the air though. The last she remembered before momentarily blacking out was her spitting out a very loud curse word in her native tongue, daring the shadows that had emerged from underground to come fight fair.

    When Dani came to again a few minutes later, she immediately struggled to stand. It took her a while to adjust her stance enough to allow her to stand steady, but she managed. Wasn’t the first time she had to get up fast after being knocked down; she was a freaking gang fight veteran, after all. So, holding her bat at ready, Dani took a look around her, eyes searching for the enemy for her to assault. The others might’ve thought the situation threatening and the trips down here to Whatthefuckland a bother, but to Danijela this was a vacation spot like no other. A place where she could hammer away at others all she wanted with no care in the world? This was nothing short of Heaven to her. Now if only those other losers wouldn’t be weighing her down. Speaking of them, it seemed like fate had decided it'd be extremely funny to throw the freaking fish girl and the crybaby idiot in the same place as her; they were both only some feet away from her, also getting up. Great. Just great. Might’ve as well given her the damn kid from earlier to boot.

    Deciding to ignore the others and leave them to their own devices for now, Dani wandered further away from them and began to beat up the shadows as they came to her. The enemies weren’t particularly difficult to dispose of as it didn’t take many swings to fell one, but the sheer amount of them was what made them formidable. Before Dani had even noticed it, she had already been surrounded by a lot of them, much in the same way as she had the night prior. Ugh. Well, this time, she’d be prepared. She wouldn’t allow the fish girl to help her this time, oh no. Just because she had a “Persona” – as she recalled them being referred to as – she thought she was all important and-

    Just then, the sudden sight of flames flickering in her peripheral vision tore Dani’s attention from both her thoughts and her enemy. She turned, blinking, only to see a glowing bird near the cheery ‘baww I can’t hug teddies in public’ guy from yesterday. Wait, he had a Persona too? How the fuck was that fair? Those two got to have monsters fighting for them while she was stuck with a bat? The hell?!

    Annoyed now, Dani turned to the monsters, not caring what the others were up to. Alright then. She’d just keep beating the shit outta these things until her Persona felt like showing up.

    And so, she did. She fought and killed, got injured and got back up, repeated the cycle of hit-dodge-hit for what felt like a small eternity, completely unaware the shadows were gathering other people near their little group as well. Once again she was bleeding and injured, though nowhere near as much as yesterday. Most of the blood on her came from her hands, their grip on the bat so tight her constant swings had scratched off some of the skin. But as much as she shouted and demanded her Persona to show up, it never did. Fuck that. What kind of a pussy was it?!

    “Hey, if you hear me, you damn… whatever you are, better show your ass soon!” She finally shouted, even stopping her fighting for a while. “Cause if you don’t show, I’m going to assume you’re a fucking pussy too afraid to fight next to me!”

    The shadows were gathering behind her back, a thick wall of outstretched tentacles meaning to strangle her any minute now. But she didn’t notice.

    “Got that?!” She yelled, angry, not even sure if the thing heard him.

    The shadows behind her stretched and lunged.

    “Got that you little piece of-“

    You would do well to hold your tongue.

    The shadows stopped. Dani jumped.


    Lest I rip it out of your mouth, girl.

    Dani was taken aback by the voice, deep and rumbling, echoing somewhere inside her mind. It was powerful, as was its owner, she could tell. It made her tremble, though not from fear.

    But from excitement.

    And then suddenly, a card floated in front of her, and she recalled the shit she was told about in the Velvet Room. Tarot Cards and Personae. And Chariot, that… was hers? She felt like breaking the card. Felt like, if she just broke it, she would gain the power to break whatever else she pleased as well.

    The shadows got back in gear and attempted another attack the very second Dani swung her bat and shattered the card into pieces and shouted out, for reasons she didn’t know, “Persona!”

    There was a shattering sound, and that very instant the red-head was thrown on her behind by the force of something materializing in front of her and lunging past her shoulder to rip apart whatever had threatened to harm her. The creature turned, and the shadows approaching from the other side of the girl were ripped apart by a wind-like slash as well. Dani raised her arm to shield herself from the force of the blow, and as the attack died down and she could finally take a better look at the humongous creature, she instantly got up to her feet and took a few steps backwards. There, standing in front of her was an enormous monster unlike anything she had ever seen. Its lower body was split into two viper tails, its upper body was that of a man, and its heads were those of dragons, hungry and fire-breathing, constantly snapping at the air as if in search for prey.

    Dani was in awe.

    “What are… you?” She gasped, having momentarily forgotten this was the same creature that had dared to threaten her earlier. The monster turned, but before it could answer, a rain of blades suddenly poured down on all those present, ripping apart skin and cloth alike. Dani growled as one of them hit her shoulder and one her side with such force it made her fall on the ground, only to be shielded by her Persona’s humongous form from any further damage almost instantly.

    Watch your back girl, as I will not watch it for you any further.

    “Shut the fuck up!” Dani groaned as she got up on all fours. Her head was still a little heavy from having summoned her Persona but a few seconds earlier, so it took her a while to get up and realize what the hell was happening. From what she saw as she stood up though, there were two knight-like fuckers bullying a little girl, with the rest of her oh-so-glorious “team” trying to fight against them. Well, most of them, anyway; the sissy boy was singing something out of a cartoon about ponies.

    Just… fuck everything.

    The monsters were closing in on the idiot now, but Dani didn’t particularly care. The only reason as to why she kicked herself off the ground to run straight towards the two knights was because she wanted to test out her newly acquired powers. Those puny little shadows had been nothing but ants to Typhon. Yeah, Typhon was her Persona’s name. She had heard it before. It was the fucking father of all monsters, and it was now breathing fire behind her head, moving according to her will. It was enthralling.

    She ran straight into the two enemies and pulled her bat back, a grin in place as she swung to attack the smaller of the two, while her Persona opened both of its mouths and lunged to bite at the other one with a Double Fang attack. She didn’t even know if this was how you were supposed to fight with her Persona but fuck it, she didn’t care. This was awesome!

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