Fixed the link for Hermit. As for Amores, I don't know why she looks that way .

As for the places/separation question, I'll probably work with the waking up in random places thing, among others. I can think of plenty of ways to manipulate the terrain to separate us, especially once we get inside the citadel and start entering different areas within it to chase down corrupted heroes. I've got plans for Shadow!Theseus and Shadow!Odysseus. Not too sure which others I'll do, but I do like my plans for Theseus and Odysseus. Going back to the original point, the problem I have is essentially one of someone needing to raise how genre blind it is to split up, and I think this gives me sort of a minor way to tie Alistair into the Tower. He's the guy who'll kinda point out the flaws in the plan, and do the naysaying in order to try and get the characters doing the smart thing. Ultimately he just doesn't want people to end up dead, so he has good intentions, he just communicates the point in a negative way. Once it's not the group's conscious choice to separate, it's fine, but when people are proposing it in a place like Avalon which is infested with Shadows when not everyone has their Personae it feels really horror movie mistake territory.