Hello, and welcome! If you're looking for casual, low-stress trading, you've come to the right place!

Here at Compound Eyes, we deal in simplicity. In trading communities that seem dominated by people screaming over shinies, rattling on and on about perfect IVs, and haggling over legendaries, Compound Eyes is the place for casual players to come and trade pokemon for the love of pokemon. Here, you can get the pokemon you want without trawling around the tall grass with your pokeradar looking for shinies.
Need a specific pokemon to complete your 'dex? Itching for a favourite pokemon that's just out of reach? Want a version exclusive? Looking for a pokemon with an egg move or two? We're here for you.

Since Compound Eyes has only just begun, the offering list right now has been kept simple, with just a few pokemon that are often sought-out for pokedex-filling. There will be more to come!


3 male, level 1 Piplups
1 male, level 16 Piplup

2 male, level 1 Chimchars

1 male, level 1 Squirtle

1 male, level 1 Chikorita

1 male, level 1 Growlithe

1 male, level 1 Houndour

1 female, level 1 Vulpix

2 male, level 1 Ekans
1 female, level 1 Ekans

1 female, level 1 Smoochum

1 female, level 1 Igglybuff

1 female, level 1 Cleffa

1 male, level 1 Magby

Don't worry if you haven't got any of the following pokemon, you can still trade! Just PM me with an offer; these trades are made to be flexible!

Looking for:

Charmander, any sex or level

Turtwig, any sex or level

Mudkip, any sex or level

Torchic, any sex or level

Cyndaquil, any sex or level

Totodile, any sex or level

Pikachu, any sex or level

Snubbull, any sex or level

Ledyba, any sex or level

Yanma, any sex or level

Meowth, any sex or level

PM me for more details!

Have a lovely day, and good luck!