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    Default Base Set

    I have seen booster boxes in the range of 700$ but have been told that you should be paying no more than 300.

    Anyone know what a reasonable price is for an original base set booster pack/box?

    And if anyone here is from Las Vegas, anyone know a good place that sells them?

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    I think a reasonable price would be in the range of $200-$500. The price varys. Im not in Las Vagas, but try Kijiji or eBay.

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    tcg boxe's should be more 80$ to 700 $ depending on set rarity. for instance the neo set's should go for 600+ a box, some of the older third gen boxes are even worth a 1000 on a bad day, but you can go out and buy a box of dragons exalted for 80$ online today.

    SO generally speaking it depends on the box. Spend no more then 300 a box, doesn't collect or play pokemon obviously.

    Oh snap this is for base set? um 250-400, don't spend more, it might make you want to cry.
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