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Thread: Don't Bother (Slayers, Amelia/Lina)

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    Default Don't Bother (Slayers, Amelia/Lina)

    Rating: PG
    Anime: Slayers
    Type: Yuri
    Genre: Drama
    Pairing: Amelia/Lina
    Status: Completed c:
    By: PPLyra
    Notes: This was meant to be a drabble but it had 500+ words, So I made it as a One-Shot. I somehow enjoy myself being Lina, nya~

    After weeks and weeks of walking on the road... Oh, L-sama! The gang and I finally made it to a big city. It was Filia's treat this time and I went straight to my hotel room as soon as she gave me my room key. I sprinted all the way the hallway to go in my bedroom. I removed my gear, my gloves, my shoes and-- Ohhh, yeah! I jumped onto my bed and... Ooh! It's so comfy!

    How I missed sleeping in a real bed!

    Mmm... So comfortable... Uhhh... I was drooling on the bed sheets while I was laying down on my stomach with my legs and arms wide apart. I then finally decided to close my mouth to prevent me from drooling, then closed my eyes... 'cause I was really tired... I nuzzled my face on the bed sheets and drifted off to sleep.....

    Thud! Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud! Thud-Thud!

    ... What in the Outer Worlds?! I wearily got up on my butt to look around. Why did someone banged on my door?! I groaned and grabbed a pillow that was beside me to throw it at the door, half hoping that person will go away. A minute later... Thud-Thud! ...Damn it! I angrily made my way to the door to open it. It was none other than the Princess from Seyruun, Amelia. "Huh, Amelia?" I said.

    "Miss Lina..." she said, with her forefingers twiddling below. She was looking down while talking, then, "Are you... b-busy?" she sounded a little nervous.

    I want to berate her for bothering me for trying to sleep. Why was she here anyway? Shouldn't she be resting in her own bedroom after all that traveling?! "No, I wasn't," I said. "What do you want?" Amelia was just standing there, then she suddenly held my shoulders and bringing her face close to mine, pushing me inside my bedroom. "Amelia!" I exclaimed, pushing her away.

    Amelia endured the attack and stood in her own feet without wobbling. "Oh, sorry, Miss Lina..." she said, keeping her hands back at herself. "I think I was being a bit too impulsive there..."

    "Bullshit!!" I exclaimed, causing Amelia to move further near the door. "If you got something to say, Amelia, spill it. I've known you for a while now. Don't keep any secrecy from me!"

    "Fine," she admitted. "Miss Lina... it's that..... I... love you."

    I blinked my eyes. I always knew that this was coming. I knew from experience that she might like me back. It's just... I wanted more information. Yes, I do like her. She's cute and adorable, but Little Miss Love, Hope and Justice here doesn't deserve someone like me. Why does she even like me? I'm a flat-chested sorceress! And a bandit killer! "Amelia," I began, grabbing her hand and sitting her on my bed, "You're a very good friend to me... More like my best friend..." I began to feel tingly emotions inside my chest now, "but I don't want you to end up with me."

    "I know, but... Miss Lina... I already planned my future with you... Us ruling my kingdom..." Amelia cried. "Togeth... together forever..." Amelia held my hand tighter, but I let her hand go.

    "No, Amelia. I can't do this with you."

    "Pretty please, Miss Lina! It can work!"

    My body began to loosen. I just wanted to get out of here somehow. "No, that's not it, Amelia. What about you and Zelgadis? I thought you had a thing for him."

    "Miss Lina! I don't love him! It's you that I love! All that time... I... I tried to make you jealous... by being with him..."

    "Then, what about Gourry? Do you want me to leave him?!" I told her, startling her a little.

    "It's not that..." she said and shook her head, blocking her eyes with her hands." Pretty please... please... please... please, Miss Lina! I'm begging you to live with me in Seyruun!" she couldn't hold off anymore and she burst into tears.

    "Amelia..." I started, I grab her to hug her close. "Please, don't make this hard when it's already is," I said, looking straight at her sapphire-blue eyes. "You know that I love you..." I then gulped, placing my hand over my chest of where it was aching, "but I'm also in love with Gourry..." I tried my best to let all my words out without squeaking them. "You know that, dont you?"

    She didn't say anything for a while, but then, "Alright, but... can I atleast stay here with you tonight then? ... Please? Just this once?"

    I sighed, then admitting, "Fine, you can stay... Just for tonight..." She then laid herself on my bed. I laid down next to her, facing the other way to curl up. I felt her hands around me and she placed them over my stomach. "Uhh... Amelia...?" She didn't answer. She just held me tighter.

    Oh, well... Once we get back to Seyruun, she'll be back to her old self and forget about this... I know she will.....
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