Favorite ep? PROBABLY S2E1. I was weeping because Irene, and John's obviously jealously, it was so funny ho'mygod. I've never really understood the dislike for Hounds though, Hounds was a pretty good episode.
My least favorite is probably S1E2. Blind Banker was a little... I dunno? Off-putting? It's loosely based on Sign Of The Four (which is one of the most boring Holmes books in my opinion), probably why I dislike it. I was just bored with it.

The Rat, Wedding, Bow thing is bugging me. Mostly the Bow part, due to the fact that 'His Last Bow' is the book where Holmes and Watson retire. I just really don't want it to end this soon, and I also REALLY want the see 'Silver Blaze' adapted into this series.

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Just wait until you see the fandom on tumblr.
I'm one of those creepy fandom people. Fanart, smut fanfiction, everything.