Hi this is my first shop and right now I'm trying to get some of my pokemonfrom black 1 to black 2. The problem being I have to many pokemon on black 1 and not enoiugh on black 2.
Anyways here what I got

shiny Gyarados
shiny Zoroark
shiny infernape
Shiny Emboar
shiny Fearow (2 but one is a clone)
shiny smeargle (2) but one is a clone)
shiny serperior
shiny sawsbuck
shiny onix
shiny registeel
shiny golurk
shiny umbreon
shiny mienshao
shiny Raikou
shiny Latias.
(note:I got most of these through GTS so most should be legit. some I'm not so sure

Pm me if interested in any.