I have the following event Pokemon up for trade. They're all legit and I think most of them come with the items they came with, if they don't let me know and I'll make note of that. I am looking for any other events that I don't have as well as Dream World Pokemon that I don't have either. I might add shiny and dream world Pokemon I have in this list later on, but for right now I'll just list the events that I have.

Best time to reach me and to trade is after 9 PM PST and through the wee hours of the morning. Here's my list:

Year of the Dragon Horsea
TRU Dragonite
Year of the Dragon Denio
Aura Mew
VGC09 Milotic
Year of the Dragon Druggidon
WIN2011 Entei
FEB2012 Event Mewtwo
Movie Event Arceus (lv.100)
Hayley’s Mew
Year of the Dragon Bagon
Year of the Dragon Denio
Year of the Dragon Trapnich
WIN 2011 Entei
Event Hydregion (shiny, lv.70)
SPR 2012 Reshiram
Wifi Event Piplup (lv.15)
Japanese Event Genesect (.v.50)
Korean Event Deoxys
Gamestp Deoxys
PC Fukoda Kyorge
Movie 11 Shaymin
Korean Dream World Event Porygon
Korean Dream World Event Blissey
Pokepark Mew
E-Card Scizor
Korean Dream World Event Banette
Korean Dream World Event Tangrowth
Japan Railway (JR) Pikachu
Movie 14 Vicinti
V-Create Rayquaza
World 11 Scrafty
TRU Regigigas
WIN2011 Celebi

happy trading!