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    Default Kai's Event and Flawless Shiny Shop

    This shop is temporarily closed! I will finish all trades I started, but won't make any new ones until i get back
    Please PM me if we are still working out a trade

    I offer a lot of events, some shinies, and all Coloseum/XD Pokemon. Details about the events and shinies will be below but PM me or post here if interested in any of the Coloseum/XD Pokemon. I also can offer to breed most Pokemon with egg moves.

    My Black FC: 2795-1164-8726


    1-All of the normal rules on this site apply.

    2- Please don’t rush me. I have been a bit busy lately so if i can't trade or breed right away, don't get mad.

    3- No hacks! I don’t mind if you trade me a RNG or cloned Pokemon but I will not accept hacks. I will know if its hacked.

    4. If you think i traded you a hack, show me proof and i will give you a full refund. As far as i know, all of my Pokemon are legit, but if you show me proof it isn't i will give your Pokemon back and release the hacked one.

    Like I mentioned above, i can breed almost any Pokemon. Egg moves are also available. Just let me know what you want and we'll work something out.

    Now onto events. I can trade these on Gen. 4 games also, if you need it. All are UT.

    Order: OT/ Pokemon/ Nature/ Level

        Spoiler:- Events:

    Shiny and flawless events are listed below
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