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    Special Drapion? (Please someone think of a better name)

    Dark Pulse
    Hidden Power Fire/Grass/Ground

    Item Attached: Life Orb/Air Balloon
    Ability: Sniper
    Nature and EVs: Modest Nature (+SpAtt. -Att.)
    EVs: 252 SAtk/196 Spd/62 SpDef

    With those gigantic pincers, you wouldn't expect the ogre of a scorpion to use its brain much for offence. Drapion can pull a bit of special-ness to surprise opponents. Life Orb boosts the well needed strength for your special attacks while the Air Balloon gets rid of your only weakness temporarily. Sniper will boost your critical hits which helps. For your attacks, Toxic cripples any Pokemon besides Poison and Steel types. Then Venoshock deals 130 damage with the Toxic. Don't go for Toxic Spikes as they can be gone in an instant from spinners or Poison Pokemon. Dark Pulse gets stab and flinch. You can also have Hidden Power. Fire kills those Steels who you can't touch who aren't named Heatran. Ground kills the Poison types and other types, including Heatran. Grass kills off Bulky Grass types. For EVs you NEED Max Special Attack to actually do something. You need more speed to outspeed and get something Poisoned. You can also put some into Special Defense for those who have Earth Power.
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