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Thread: Anyone Play Evony Age II?

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    Default Anyone Play Evony Age II?

    Anyone out there play Evony and are looking for a powerful alliance? Well consider applying for THUGZ! We are an alliance based in Romagna on the Partizan server who is currently ranked 43rd. If you meet the following requirements(200k pres[must reach 250k within a week of joining] and have atleast 50k archers) then contact either MasterHaze or BerryB502 for more information. Thank you for reading and we will rise to the top! GO THUGZ!
    PSN ID: Vatti_LDP

        Spoiler:- Tyranitar Rampage:

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    does evony age II require a download? it sounds mmorpg-ish ill research it

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    Probably people in Other Video Game Discussion have. Try there.
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    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
    (it may take a couple of days for me to respond, though)

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