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Some people's eyes change color from their mood. But do the eyes really show how the person truly is?
They are a trait in a package deal that allows you to read another human being. The eyes alone can probably only tell you if a person isn't happy. If they have enlarged tear troughs it is safe to assume they are stressed a lot too. Though it more so comes down to the entire facial expression. Instinctively we as human beings are hard wired to detect false showings, that is why you can tell when someone is faking a smile, mentally tired, etc. Sorrow is pretty easy to read as well. Depression not so much.

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But to judge someone's whole self on their eyes is ridiculous.
No, but they can be a good indicating factor, along with other body language and behavior.

My boyfriend has the 'angry' eyes, but he's the sweetest thing ever.
If he has static angry eyes it is probably just his eyeball opening shape in relationship to his brows.