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    Default Final Fantasy Club

    Final Fantasy Club

    Joining includes +1 happiness for me and Lightning ;u;

    Hello people of Sppf and welcome to the Final Fantasy Club! Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix's most popular and beloved franchises. Each installment has awesome characters and amazing storylines. Currently, there are 14 installments plus numerous spin-offs. Here, we discuss Final Fantasy, the characters, upcoming games...just anything Final Fantasy or anything related to it ^^. I've noticed some FF Clubs in the past that die off and go inactive fairly fast, but since I'm a huge FF fan and love the series dearly I'm hoping to keep this club alive and well ^^!


    1.Follow all Sppf rules.
    2.No flaming/bashing, but opinions are always nice (just don't be too harsh >.<)
    3.Give credit to any fanart or anything you haven't made.
    4.Stay on topic.
    5.Have fun!

    Please answer your favorite Final Fantasy game and character before joining!

    1 Please also claim a job from this job's list ^.^

    2 Physical classes 2.1 Warrior
    2.2 Monk - Manafi's Dream
    2.3 Samurai
    2.4 Dragoon - Ducklett12
    2.5 Thief
    2.6 Ninja
    2.7 Dark Knight - Kaiserin
    2.8 Paladin - Mudkipzroks
    2.9 Hunter
    2.10 Viking
    2.11 Berserker
    2.12 Mystic Knight
    2.13 Onion Knight - Chie_Satonaka
    2.14 Machinist
    2.15 Freelancer
    2.16 Gunner - CandleReaper

    3 Magical classes 3.1 Black Mage
    3.2 White Mage
    3.3 Devout
    3.4 Summoner - Foxyvulpixie
    3.5 Time Mage
    3.6 Scholar
    3.7 Green Mage
    3.8 Sage
    3.9 Alchemist

    4 Mixed classes 4.1 Red Mage
    4.2 Blue Mage
    4.3 Geomancer - Saori
    4.4 Bard
    4.5 Beastmaster
    4.6 Dancer
    4.7 Gambler
    4.8 Mime
    4.9 Puppet Master
    4.10 Memorist

    Job List Credit

    Members List

    Master Leo
    Manafi's Dream




    What do you like most about the series?
    What are your thoughts on FF13 and FF 13-2?
    What is your favorite battle system?
    If you chose to live in any Final Fantasy place, which one would it be?
    Which Final Fantasy game did you think was the hardest and why?
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