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    Quote Originally Posted by dman_dustin View Post
    I'm only saying this as a joke.

    If you were a champion, wouldn't you fall asleep if you were battling Ash?
    No, he's way too loud. I probably couldn't fall asleep if I tried. Trip heard him all the way down the street once. True story.


    Now, onto the episode. Trip's Serperior is epic. I guess now that Zeustle lost, he can be called Crustle again. But Serperior should be known as Zeusperior. Now that the snake is beating Crustle and Pignite, Darmanitan doesn't look as bad as he previosly did. These tournaments can actually be good when Bianca isn't taking up all the screentime like a 5 year old, and Stephan isn't getting all the victories. I'm glad they didn't enter. Even Trip is doing better now that the spotlight stealing duo are nowhere to be seen.

    Too bad Dawn lost. Oh well, those things happen. Although Mamoswine is stronger than Dragonite and Dawn is a better trainer than Iris... Dragonite is just being glorified so Krookodile will beat him and look good.

    Boldore is still Ash's weakest Unova pokemon, IMO.
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