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Thread: Pokemon in lower tiers that can be used in upper tiers

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    I had some pretty good success with a support Armaldo, bulk up gallade, and a choice scarf rotom mow in ou before. Cradily also seems to be a pretty solid rain check and can probably do some damage to sand. I'm sure there's others but my minds drawing a blank

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    Quote Originally Posted by EonDragonFTW View Post
    Gallade Aggron Crawdaunt Swampert Sceptile and Togekiss are all beats to use in ou
    Crawdaunt is extremely niche. It really doesn't have anything that makes is really special in OU. Maybe DD + Adaptability Waterfall, but that's it.

    I kind of agree with Aggron. Under sand, neutral and resisted Special Attacks get soaked up when he's under sand. Furthermore, he has a Steel typing that resists a good number of types. However, in a metagame infested with Ground and Fighting moves (both STAB and coverage), he'll have to set up carefully.

    Swampert's still a good tank this metagame. He's a really nice niche check against Physical attackers and can set up Rocks. Quag kinda one-ups him with Unaware, but better bulk overall gives him a slight advantage over Quag. Furthermore, this metagame isn't really set-up dominated as before and really just uses Rocks + LO/Scarf/Specs sweeper over boosters. A metagame like this works against Quagsire.

    Sceptile is okay. Not good, not bad. He has amazing speed that can easily outspeed the fastest relevant (unboosted) threat in the metagame right now, Starmie. His Specs set can easily sweep or pack huge damage if caught unaware. However, its defenses are pretty much wet sack and can't switch in very well at all.

    Togekiss is a poor-man's Jirachi. Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkbeat View Post
    I'd consider Swampert since it's a pretty good mixed tank, but I prefer quagsire thanks to unaware.
    I didn't even see swampert there.
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