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Thread: Frozen Requiem Art Shoppe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necro101 View Post
    It's Morty. I forgot to edit the second part. sorry...

    Alright then. Accepted!

    Rawk on? Are you sure that the Shadow Sirens can't beat them?

    Hey Lit! I want an Animated Userbar!
    Pokemon/Trainers: Snover, Swinub, Sneasel, Snorunt
    Animated Sprites: All if possible. If not then only Snover.
    Words: No. 1 Route 216 fan
    Colors: For the background, This, and for the text This
    Dimensions: 350x100 (like normal)
    Texture (Y/N): N
    ETC: Could the background be made to look slightly blotted? Snow-esque?

    This is my first time requesting, so did I do everything alright?
    Wow wow wow! I'm sorry, but Denied. I clearly staed, but forgot to edit animated userbars shall only have one sprite, and I'm not that good yet, so I can't do that effect for you.

    I'm really sorry about this, but I do hope you can come again. ^_^;
    Last edited by Liltwick; 30th September 2012 at 4:41 PM.

    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
    'Tomorrow, your death is sealed
    No matter how much you fight it'

    Fizzy Bubbles

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