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    Default Tyler's Johto Adventures

    This is about Tyler Dure's journey throughout Johto. He has also traveled to Unova along with Austin the Johto Champion. Krisi and Gabi are also characters from this universe. The member Mr. Munchlax also has Dale and Tucker as his characters. So here is chapter 1 of Tyler's Johto Adventures. Feel free to leave comments and advice.

    Johto Chapter 1: Overslept

    Tyler Dure had just woken up at his house in Virbank City. He got up and checked his alarm clock. The clock read 8:30.

    “I’m late! Tyler got up grabbed his bag and left. But he forgot something important. He ran out of the house and got to the airport, which is in between Aspertia City and Virbank City, where he had learned that his plane had left. He turned around and sat down on a long bench feeling depressed. Tyler noticed Krisi, The Kanto Champion, entertaining some little kids with his Pokémon. So Tyler got up and walked over to Krisi.

    “Hey Krisi,” said Tyler. Krisi turned around and waved. Krisi’s Charizard blew out a welcome Flamethrower.

    “Tyler, what’s wrong,” asked Krisi. He ordered Charizard to use Flamethrower and his Samurott to use Ice Beam, which created a mist when the two attacks collided. The small children played, laughed, and giggled, around in the mist.

    “I missed the plane to Johto,” said Tyler.

    “Well, wasn’t your friend Dale going?” Krisi brought out his pokéballs and withdrew his Charizard and Samurott.

    “I think Dale got on the plane already,” said Tyler.

    “Well here, use Charizard to fly to Johto.” He handed Tyler Charizard’s poke ball.

    “Won’t you need Charizard,” asked Tyler.

    “You need him more than I do.” Krisi said goodbye and left the airport.

    “Thanks,” Tyler said quietly. Tyler ran outside tossed Charizard’s poke ball onto the ground, and out popped Charizard in a bluish aura.

    “Charizard can you fly me to Johto? Tyler looked at the orange dragon with wings.

    “CHAAAAARRR!” Charizard replied with a roar. He began flapping his wings and urged Tyler to climb onto his back. Tyler got on, and said, “We’re going to Johto!”

    “CHAAARRRR!” Charizard blew a Flamethrower and set off. They flew for many miles above the Pacific Ocean, seeing many Pokémon that Tyler had never seen before. But he did realize Cinnabar Island; he noticed that it was nearly destroyed. Then they flew past the Pokémon League, and that was when Tyler heard little whimpering noises. He turned around and on Charizard tail, was a basket full of newly hatched Charmander eggs. Tyler panicked and asked Charizard why he had them. Charizard attempted to explain, but Tyler couldn’t understand Charizard. So Tyler grabbed the basket, and said back down. It was hard, since the Charmanders wouldn’t stop scratching him. But there was one Charmander that was just watching Tyler in awe.

    “Finally Krisi and Charizard both saw New Bark town and saw that a Dragonite was rampaging and firing Hyper Beams.

    “No…” said Tyler as he flew right above the vast land of Johto. Tyler landed a safe distance from the Dragonite that was rampaging on the route next to New Bark Town. Tyler noticed that Dale was in New Bark Town battling a strange man.

    “Bowruh,” exclaimed Dragonite. He saw Tyler and fired a Hyper Beam at Tyler. Tyler and Charizard jumped out of the way, but the Hyper Beam hit a rock wall behind them, which caused boulders to fall on Charizard.

    “Char…” Charizard was unable to move his wings. Dragonite turned to Tyler and charged at him with a Dragon Claw in preparation.

    “Charmander!” A miniature flamethrower hit Dragonite on its shoulder. Dragonite turned around and looked at Charmander angrily. Dragonite used Dragon Rush on Charmander, but Charmander dodged quickly and Dragonite missed. Charmander jumped onto Tyler’s head and growled quietly. Tyler then noticed a Chikorita heavily sleeping in the forest next to New Bark Town. Dragonite also saw the Chikorita and began to fire a Hyper Beam at her.

    “No!!!” Tyler sprinted in front of Chikorita while she was still sleeping in a grassy field, and shielded her with his body to prevent the Hyper Beam from hitting her.

    “Arrrghhh! Tyler’s back felt like he was being burned. Dragonite ended the Hyper Beam and went after Charmander. Charmander used Metal Claw, but Dragonite managed to defeat Charmander with an Aqua Tail. Charmander flew back and hit a nearby tree.

    “Char…” Charmander was leaning by the tree and was in desperate need of a Pokémon Center. Tyler had to think of what to do. Charizard was under a pile of boulders… Then he remembered about Chikorita. He turned back and nudged Chikorita so he could wake her up. While Charmander was trying to calm down the other Charmanders so he could lead them to safety. Then they all hid behind an enormous tree.

    “Chikorita, do you think that you could help defeat Dragonite?” Chikorita lazily looked up and slapped Tyler’s face wit her leaf and snorted. Chikorita went back to sleep. Dragonite spotted Charizard and repeatedly used Dragon Claw on him.

    “Roar!” Charizard broke out of the boulders and hit Dragonite with a flamethrower. Tyler ran next to the two draconic Pokémon.

    “Charizard use Seismic Toss!” Charizard responded quickly and grabbed Dragonite by his stomach. Charizard’s claws pierced Dragonite’s stomach.

    “Bowruh...” Dragonite closed his eyes in pain. Charizard flew up higher and higher until the air got colder. Then, Charizard began flying in a circular shape and cascaded to the ground, and right before they hit the ground; Charizard threw Dragonite with all of his might. Dragonite got up slightly, looked around, and decided to attack Chikorita. Dragonite quickly fired a flamethrower at Chikorita who was still sleeping lazily.

    “Chikkaa!” Chikorita was enveloped in orange flames. The flames vanished, and Chikorita was burned severely. Suddenly, Chikorita’s expression has changed, and its eyes filled with anger and rage.

    “Chika!” Chikorita fired a Vine Whip at lightning fast speed. It struck Dragonite on his cheek. Dragonite grew furious, and attacked Chikorita. Chikorita grabbed Dragonite around its arms and jumped up. Dragonite looked up but he was too late. Chikorita fired a Razor Leaf directly at his face. Dragonite grimaced slightly, and defeated Chikorita with a Dragon Claw. Charizard then quickly responded with a flamethrower that ended Dragonite’s rampage. However, everyone was badly hurt from the vicious attack…
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    Before I read this, you need to change your current tense. Talk in the past tense, not the present.

    For example:

    Tyler Dure has just woken up at his house in Virbank City. He got up and checked his alarm clock. The clock read 8:30.
    That should be changed to make it sound like, he woke up previously, not right now.

    Also, it's too short. You need to extend it more, I posted this on word and it barely reached two pages.
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    Its 1,000 words which bobandbill said it had to be.

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    I believe that the options are either 1000 words or two pages, either one works
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    A quick note - this comes out to more than 2 pages. It's not just copying it into word, but using the standard of Arial size 12 as stated in the rules. That's just for consistency.

    However I will note that the hard limit is two pages, not that or 1000 words (the mention of that in the rules is merely an indicator of roughly how many words it is to be around two pages, and should not be relied upon).

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