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    Heya people. I'm studying Creative Writing at University now so I thought I could practice over the holidays with a Pokemon Fic. I know the beginning might be a little slow but I promise it will pick up and the battles will hopefully be epic. I've been planning them out like dances rather than the turn based games so hopefully when they do occur they'll be worth the wait. Let me know what you think. And thanks for taking the time to read. On a side note does any one know how to remove an image I've accidentally attached to the first post?

        Spoiler:- Team Lists:

    Book 1: Of Mortality - Chapter 1: Arrival

    Legend: (noun) a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated.

    A legend is only as true as its writer is accurate with their knowledge. We believed the Legendary Pokemon to be creations of Arceus and whilst that is partially correct, it is not entirely...

    * * *

    It had been several months since Brandon had had the chance to work on Project Theta. In fact, up until this point he had been stuck doing theoretical work and administration for the Battle Frontier. He missed getting his hands dirty in the field. Thankfully there was a drought of skilful trainers entering the Frontier – the pocket of free time allowing him to join in the excavation of the first site just west of Canalave City.

    Before his arrival several assistants had already set up a camp on the outskirts of the site, consisting of half a dozen or so army green tents containing equipment, resources and beds. The dig had already taken a considerable amount of time but they were not too far from the city and therefore food and other items could be picked up on a regular basis by a junior member of staff.

    By the time Brandon arrived the moon was already lifting itself into the sky. It was too late to get stuck in now despite his urges to uncover the buried treasures that hid beneath the dirt.

    A young woman in a maroon puffer jacket and brown leather jeans bound over to him with outstretched arms. As she hugged him tightly her pink dreads thrashed against his neck with such force they almost knocked his head clean off his neck. He smiled awkwardly. Brandon was always taken aback by how tactile she was. Yes, they had known each other for a couple of years and worked on several sites together but he always liked to remain professional.

    ‘Brandon! We were told you wouldn’t make it until tomorrow? What a lovely surprise.’

    ‘Thank you Q L. How has the dig been so far?’

    ‘Always straight to work with you, isn’t it?’

    She ushered him over to a tent which glowed softly like the antennae of a Chinchou. Inside was a Ta.Bill, a new electronic device by Bill Sonezaki of Goldenrod.

    ‘Er Q L, how did we afford that?’

    ‘We didn’t. Bill gave it to us. When he heard about the potential of Project Theta he was more than happy to let us test it out.’

    ‘And he wanted nothing in exchange?’

    ‘Only that if we do make a discovery we keep him informed.’


    ‘Oh don’t roll your eyes at me. I can see your itching to use it.’

    ‘Not really.’

    ‘Sometimes you are so petty Brandon.’

    Of course Brandon did want to use it but he would never let Q L win. From an aesthetic perspective it merely looked like a table with a screen in the middle but after a few finger swipes, multiple display screens materialized in front of them. It was every researcher’s dream; to comprehend such vast amounts of data simultaneously with the human eye; to find correlations one otherwise would not see.

    ‘Obviously it functions as a computer but it also makes a splendid picnic table.’

    ‘You best be joking.’ Brandon’s face looked so serious it was a wonder his eyebrows didn’t sink into the crease lines in his forehead.

    ‘Relax. I’m kidding. We only ever ate off of it once. It does play some good music, you know, to lighten the atmosphere.’

    ‘So what am I looking at here?’ He gleaned what information he could from the images. ‘Is this a temple?’

    ‘We believe so. We’ve only made it a couple of chambers in. We’re scared it might collapse. A sub-team has been creating support beams and installing them as we dig just in case. But now you’re here we can crack on. Who did you bring with?’

    ‘The Regis and Dusknoir. I’m thinking Dusknoir can scout on ahead and phase through the debris to see what’s ahead.’

    ‘Sounds like a plan Master Frontier Pyramid King Brandon.’

    ‘Why do you keep calling me that?’

    ‘Coz I know it annoys you.’

    Brandon let out a fake yawn and stretched his arm.

    ‘Well I guess I should get some rest. That way I can be up bright and early tomorrow.’

    ‘If you must. Your tent is just across from this one. You should have a sink in it. Oh and if you need to go to the toilet we’ve dug a hole over there by the bushes.’ This time Brandon lost an eyebrow for a few seconds. ‘There’s a portable loo five minutes back the way you came.’

    ‘Mhmm. Goodnight Q L.’

    ‘See you tomorrow sir.’

    * * *

    ‘Stupid bladder. Can you not wait until morning?’

    Apparently not was the answer he got from his crotch. With a sigh Brandon trudged out of his tent to find the toilet. He was never too fond of public loos but found in his work he sometimes had to make do. Still half-asleep, keeping quiet as he blindly traipsed along the path was not the first thing on his agenda. After several minutes and a couple of stumbles over rocks too large to call themselves stones but too small to call themselves boulders, he sighed deeply.

    ‘You know if I were you I’d just use a tree. Mind you, one a bit more out of sight from camp.’ Since getting up Brandon had only been aware of his own existence. He fell back in shock and clutched his chest.

    ‘Bloody hell Gkān. You scared the life out of me.’

    ‘Just on my way back from the toilet. You looked a little lost is all.’ From between the trees a man in his mid-twenties emerged. Even with bed hair and pyjamas Gkān managed to pull off his signature suave/trendy style combo that screamed ‘I’ve just been in a mosh pit and nearly died but I’m still happening’. In the moonlight, his green and purple highlights glistened through the original jet of his hair.

    ‘I’m trying to find the toilet actually. Could you tell me which way it is?’ Brandon grabbed his crotch and started doing a little hop from one foot to the other. This had always been his body’s way of telling him the countdown had started.



    ‘Aw come on Gkān. I really need to go.’


    ‘I’d just use a tree,’ he smirked cruelly.


    ‘As Master Frontier Pyramid King Brandon I order you,’ a quick realisation washed over his face, ‘...I mean I humbly request you inform me of the toilet’s location.’

    ‘Fine, it’s over there Brandon.’


    Without another word Brandon made a rush for it. As he reached for the door he almost caved too soon, the thought of release alone too much for him to handle.


    ‘Oh for god sake Gkān! It stinks.’ Upon closing the toilet he could hear his old student laughing hysterically on the way back to camp.

    ‘I told you to use a tree Brandon.’

    * * *

    Unfortunately for Brandon, the weather was not of the ‘start-of-a-beautiful-day’ kind. Instead he awoke to find rainwater had gathered in the centre of his tent and broke through to the sheeted floor, narrowly avoiding his desk and laptop. Through the hole he could see forks of lightning slashing at the sky.

    ‘Oh for **** sake.’

    ‘Don’t worry, I’m on this.’ Brandon could tell from the nonchalant tone that Ālk was outside his tent. ‘Roserade, Sunny Day please.’

    Brandon shuffled over to the edge of his bed. If only for a brief moment he had to shield his eyes as a ball of searing heat and light shot past the hole in his tent and into the bleakest cloud – you know the one that tries its best to look sinister like the rest, deep and broody, but all it does is mope around all grey and abysmal. There was no change for several seconds and then without warning, the clouds were blown apart from the epicentre, rendering the sky clean and blue.

    He stared at the gaping hole in his tent: he could deal with that later. He hadn’t come here to patch up material after all.

    After getting ready he made his way over to the tent he had sat in last night to take one final look at the Ta.Bill and with Q L not around he could play with it to his heart’s content. But upon reaching the interface he realised he had no clue what he was doing. There were so many buttons, so he pressed them all systematically to see what each did. Very quickly he had twenty or so screens zooming around the tent so fast he was unable to read them. His eyes followed them in circles, backwards, forwards, left and right until he collapsed in the chair in front of the device.

    ‘When I was your student I used to think you were so cool. Oh how the eyes of a child are misted.’

    ‘Very funny Gkān. So do you want to help me this time?’ He strolled over casually from the tent’s entrance and swiped a few display screens back into the monitor.

    ‘Lucy was always my favourite Frontier Brain.’

    ‘So she said. Didn’t she file a harassment lawsuit against you?’

    ‘A misunderstanding is all.’

    ‘Mhmm. So what do you think of this site?’

    ‘I’ve been struggling to put a date on it – its architecture doesn’t match anything we’ve seen before. I was hoping you would actually know more.’

    ‘Ah and now look who needs help. Anything else I might want to know before going in?’ Gkān pulled up a photograph off the Ta.Bill.

    ‘From the second chamber we can see glimpses of a connecting room but there’s a considerable amount of rubble in the way and we’re worried it may collapse. Did you bring Dusknoir as was requested?’ Brandon nodded. ‘From this photograph of the third space it appears there’s a statue inside. We can’t get an accurate reading of it yet but it looks to be made of marble.’

    ‘Well I say let’s go in and uncover us a statue. Who else is going in?’

    ‘Due to the limited space it's going to be just me, you and Ālk. We’re trying to cause minimal disturbance to the foundations so we’re only there for barrier support in case the building decides it’s had enough of gravity. I’ll be bringing Solrock and he’ll have Mr.Mime.’

    ‘How big are chambers one and two?’

    ‘Why do you ask?’

    ‘Well it’s not I don’t trust you two, it’s just I’d feel safer if I had one of my own with me for protection. It’ll ease pressure off of yours if we all need shielding. Only one though. I swear.’

    ‘There’s no need to swear Brandon, you wouldn’t be able to fit two of those behemoths in with us anyway.’
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    Ohhh it sounds so interesting, aha can't wait to find out about the temple, why it's there an so on, well done!
    For everyone who likes stories you can read my first ever fan-fic here!


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    Book 1: Of Mortality - Chapter 2: The Statue

    Brandon was shocked at how uninspiring the size of the entrance was to the temple, a couple of feet taller than him and several feet wider. It featured very few markings and most of those were probably where rocks had fallen and dented it. Gkān could see the surprise on his face.

    ‘It opens up a bit once we’re inside. When we initially sent in the Zubats to examine the space with their Supersonics we were quite taken aback by how different the doorway is to the chambers inside. Zubats were always such a drag. Getting caught in all those caves and for what? Literally what do they want? At least they’ve been of excellent use here for us at the site.’ Brandon leaned in closer to examine the doors: thick, lustrous metal that returned to him a blurred portrait. ‘We polished those up to see if there were any clues as to what this temple was used for, but nothing. Come on then, let’s go in.’

    Gkān made a slight jog for the stairs beyond the entrance, to run would just not be cool. Before Brandon had time to comprehend what was going on Gkān had fallen back onto the floor and was clutching his face with the palm of his hand.

    ‘Oh come on Ālk. Really, this again?’ Gkān pulled away his hand to reveal a raw reddish mark across his cheek.

    ‘Well I thought you were going to wait for me?’

    Brandon turned around to see Ālk and his Mr.Mime laughing hysterically. He hadn’t seen the boy for several years since he moved away from Hoenn. He showed promise as a trainer but it was his personality which singled him out to Brandon, intellectual and witty with a huge smothering of sarcasm. Initially he’d taken him to be an ******* but his constant mockery was just his way of dealing with life.

    ‘Ah Ālk, hasn’t it been a while? We can catch up later after I’ve taken a look inside. Guess we’re all ready to head off,’ completely ignoring Gkān who was bent over on the floor.

    ‘Ok. Mr. Mime, you can release that Barrier now.’

    Mr. Mime raised his palm to the entrance, his eyes shimmering a transparent azure, and upon bringing his hand vertically to waist-level the translucent wall disintegrated. He looked especially proud as he pulled the sobbing man-child off the ground with a massive tug. Gkān dusted himself off and stuck his tongue out at the rosy humanoid, who then proceeded to high five Ālk with satisfaction.

    All four descended down a set of stairs and into the first chamber which was at least the size of Brandon’s own house. Despite the makeshift pillars erected by the sub-team and those originally installed, the chamber exuded space. As Brandon stood in the hall he felt his own existence begin to shrink and he was suddenly extremely conscious of a history that existed before his time. It was as if all he had come to accept in life was that which he already knew and there was so much he yet did not. How so much room fit beneath the earth astounded him.

    ‘Impressive isn’t it?’ Ālk resisted propping Brandon’s jaw back into his head.

    The walls were lined with flat metal plates, each engraved in a language that had yet to be deciphered. Brandon raised a finger over them, as if expecting to understand their secrets by feeling their grooves and curves.

    ‘Strange to see such extensive use of metal in such ancient-looking architecture. Any translations?’

    ‘Not yet. We had Q L try to interpret them but nothing as of yet.’

    ‘You said there wouldn’t be much space to bring my Pokemon Gkān? I only brought Dusknoir and Registeel.’ There was a slight disappointment in his voice for he knew how much the Regis enjoyed exploring ruins with him. They had always worked as a team.

    ‘The next room is much smaller. We think this was the main room, possibly held for ceremonies, banquets. That kind of thing. From the hexagonal structure of this chamber we think the other rooms spider off and are significantly smaller. The second room we’ve managed to dig into is straight ahead. Now would be best to bring out your Pokemon Brandon.’

    Dusknoir and Registeel were both summoned out their Pokeballs, the latter’s gargantuan weight causing a little debris to fall from the ceiling. Mr. Mime instinctively lifted his palms and assembled a protective screen across the group, forcing chunks of rock to halt above them. As they moved away the barrier was removed and a cloud of dust sifted to the floor.

    ‘Go into an unstable ancient temple and you bring a 200-odd kilogram titan. Yeh that makes sense I guess. You couldn’t have brought with a lighter golem could you?’ Ālk rolled his eyes. ‘I’ve brought with a camera for your Dusknoir to take into the next room so we can take a look at what’s in there.’

    ‘Sounds like a plan.’

    The second room was decorated in a similar fashion only considerably smaller. Brandon could see now why there was only room for one Regi. In fact the chamber was only as wide as Registeel so it stood behind them as Dusknoir phased through the boulders. Gkān brought out a walky-talky.

    ‘Hey Q L, it’s me. You seeing the footage on the Ta.Bill?’

    ‘Yeh, I can see everything pretty clearly. You won’t believe what that statue is of. It’s Registeel. And you’re right, it is made of marble and it’s supporting the room with one of its arms. The other hand is grasping a fragment of metal which seems to be piercing a man lying on his back on a pedestal. The man is made out of marble of course.’

    ‘And there was me thinking it was a real man.’ Ālk remarked casually to himself as Brendan eased his premature gasp.

    'The room itself is significantly smaller than the main chamber – it doesn’t have any other structural pillars holding it up so it can’t be very stable. The only thing in there is this statue. It’s resting on a plinth made of the same kind of metal that’s plating the wall and it has a similar etching on it. I’m taking some stills of the footage to see if the language matches any of the ones in our records. I’ll get back to you if anything comes up.’

    ‘Do you recommend going in?’

    ‘If I said no, would you listen to me? Just be careful Gkān.’

    ‘Yeh, I don’t want to get the blame for you dying.’ Ālk whispered out the corner of his mouth.

    ‘Me and Solrock will just take it one rock at a time. Sorry Brandon, but I don’t think Registeel will be able to do much behind us.’

    ‘Don’t worry, I think it’s just glad to be along for the ride.’ Its eyes glowed a bright red to signal it was rather enjoying itself, not that anyone could tell the difference between its happy red eyes and its sad red eyes. Emotion was totally all in the beeps. It mainly made its eyes glow just to show people it hadn’t died. A Regi can spend an awful lot of time stuck in one place whilst the humans faff about you see.

    As Mr. Mime set up a wide circumference of shields, Solrock began pulling away the loose earth with some direction from Gkān.

    ‘This is the worst game of Jenga ever.’ Ālk quipped. ‘Any more info yet Q L?’

    ‘Yeh actually. The language seems to be a hybrid of Ancient Greek and Unown. Just getting the translation now.’ A little dust drifted into the atmosphere.

    ‘What do you think of the statue Brandon?’

    ‘Don’t really know what to make of it. What do you think of it Registeel?’

    ‘Beep.’ It extended out an arm with surprising dexterity to catch some falling rubble aiming for their heads.

    ‘We’re not too far from opening up the entrance fully. I can see Dusknoir. Take that large boulder next Solrock.’

    ‘Ok I’ve got the translation.’ Q L screeched across the radio.

    ‘And we’re through.’ Gkān bellowed, causing a large cloud of dirt to fall onto the screens. Rubble tumbled down the sides of the entrance but nothing too serious to worry about, revealing the imposing statue in its full form to the team. It faced its real-life counterpart square on and Registeel attempted playfully to copy the pose made by its marble and metal equivalent, naturally ignoring the stabbing motion.

    ‘Beep.’ Red eye glow.

    ‘So you like it, eh Registeel?’ Brandon considered how amazing it would be to see one’s own form in such accuracy. The only other time this could happen was in a mirror but here it was in three dimensions. You could move around it and it would remain fixed for all of time.

    Registeel began to stir. The beeping did not stop and its eyes did not die down. They glowed with such intensity the metal around its eyes began to sizzle. The statue itself began to radiate simultaneously with a white light that strained their eyes.


    ‘Q L what does it say!? Something’s happening to Registeel.’ Brandon shouted out over the beeping to the walky-talky.

    ‘****, we can’t get out Brandon. It’s blocking the exit.’ A sudden wave of panic washed over Ālk. ‘Try recalling it.’

    His attempts were futile.

    ‘It won’t let me. Crap.’ Registeel began to vibrate, sending small shockwaves through the chamber. The statue’s luminescence prevented anyone from seeing what was happening.

    ‘Mr. Mime, Barrier. Gkān keep Solrock’s Confusion up.’ Mr. Mime was wincing as stones and metal plates pelted the shields. He felt to his knees but kept his palms pressed outwards, one towards the ceiling and one towards Registeel were it to collapse on top of them. Q L could be heard shouting over the radio as rocks fell around them.

    ‘What’s happening? Everything’s gone white on the Ta.Bill and I’ve only got static. Brandon? Ālk?’

    The beeping halted so that the silence seemed to pierce the dusty air. A beam from the statue struck the atmosphere as they all felt themselves ushered to the ground, not from fear but from an increase in the gravity. It narrowly avoided the team but blasted apart the screen Mr. Mime had set up against Registeel, tearing it into shards of fractured light. Mr. Mime’s scream similarly tore apart the silence. The beam narrowed itself and landed directly into Registeel’s central eye until there was nothing left but the sobbing and the rubble.
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    I really love Aleke, his humour amuses me aha, well done another great chapter!
    For everyone who likes stories you can read my first ever fan-fic here!


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    Book 1: Of Mortality - Chapter 3: Titan

    ‘Brandon? Brandon are you there? Gkān? Ālk, do you copy? Q L to Ālk, do you copy?’ Ālk dragged himself over to the radio. He flinched. His palms were sore and one of the rocks had fallen on his wrist. He was sure it was at least sprained.

    ‘Ālk to Q L. I copy. There was some sort of accident.’

    ‘Crap, is everyone ok?’

    ‘Erm...’ he paused to gather his surroundings, ‘I don’t see Gkān right now but I can make out Brandon on the floor a few feet away. It’s really dusty down here. Hey Brandon. You ok?’ Brandon raised a thumb into the air. ‘Brandon’s ok. ****. Mr. Mime is unconscious. I think he took a hit to the head.’ Ālk recalled the battered body to his Pokeball and forced himself up. ‘Oh I think I see Gkān now, he’s sitting next to Brandon.’

    He trudged over, wafting his hand back and forth to wave away the dust from his face. From the looks of it the room had stabled itself.

    ‘Wait. That’s not Gkān. Who the hell is that?’

    ‘Is someone else down there with you?’ Q L enquired.

    ‘I’m not sure. he naked? He’s naked. Brandon, move away.’ He ran over to Brandon’s limp body and attempted to drag it away from the stranger.

    ‘Confusion.’ Gkān emerged from the other side of the room closest to the statue with Solrock, whose eyes emitted a blue aura through the dirt. The man floated helplessly upwards until his face was pressed tightly against the ceiling. ‘Who are you?’

    ‘Hold on Brandon, where’s Registeel? Did you manage to recall him?’

    ‘It wouldn’t let me.’

    A sobbing could be heard above them.

    ‘This was never meant to happen...never meant to happen,’ the man snivelled.

    ‘What do you mean never meant to happen? Tell us.’ Ālk hadn’t seen Gkān this stern in a while. He looked up to the stranger and even through the settling dust he could make out the rippling of the man’s back muscles. He was incredibly built, perhaps even larger than Bruno of the Johto Elite Four, and yet made no resistance.

    ‘I am Registeel. Well you believe me to be Registeel.’ His voice was muffled against the ceiling.

    ‘Bull. Solrock, crank up the power.’ Ālk could see all of the mental powers focusing on his head so his face pressed firmly against the tiles, his body hanging limply in the air. He let out a whimper.

    ‘Gkān, crushing his face won’t get us any answers.’

    ‘Fine but if he tries anything dodgy I’m not holding back. He’s already damaged Mr. Mime with that beam stunt he pulled.’

    ‘I might be able to fix that if you let me down.’ The blue aura that surrounded him was released and he fell to the floor. Ālk looked towards Brandon who was keeping quiet. Looks like he’d be the good cop to Gkān’s bad cop in this scenario. Luckily, good cop was always less effort.

    ‘I’m warning you though. I will permanently ruin you.’ The man pulled himself up, his body without damage despite the beating it just took. ‘Go on then. Who are you?’

    ‘I am Iapetus.’

    ‘I thought you just said you were Registeel?’ In all his years of study, Ālk had never heard of humans being Pokemon, the thought of which was beyond the realm of absurd.

    ‘I really shouldn’t be telling you any of this. But I guess we are not leaving here otherwise.’

    ‘Too right we’re not.’ Gkān ran across to the entrance and spread his arms out in an attempt to block the man thrice his size from leaving, with Solrock following in suit. Brandon just looked at him up and down, analysing his every move and detail. His commanding musculature was equalled by a beard that was equally as imposing; the kind that only a man’s man could pull off. And yet he could only have been in his late twenties, if that.

    ‘I don’t expect you to believe me.’

    ‘I don’t expect you to tell the truth,’ Gkān flung back.

    ‘Well then. Might as well say it how it is. A legend is only as true as its writer is accurate with their knowledge.’

    ‘Don’t get all quotey on me.’

    ‘You know who said that quote?’ Both Gkān and Ālk shook their heads.

    ‘Arceus did, my creator. You believed the Legendary Pokemon to be creations of Arceus and whilst that is partially correct, it is not entirely. The history of man far outweighs that of the Pokemon. Before you there were gods and Arceus was one of them, which you know. But I was also once a god, a god of Greece. I was Iapetus.’

    ‘****, we have one of those guys.’ Gkān rolled his eyes.

    ‘We were tired of certain gods being in charge so a handful of us staged an uprising. We were nicknamed the Titans. Our reign was ambitious to say the least but as is the case in history, it is doomed to repeat itself and eventually we too were overthrown. We lost to the Olympians who saw it fit to not only cast us away but to bind part of our spirits in mortal form. Aided by Arceus, they transformed us into Legendary Pokemon where we would honour its blessing of sustaining our old lives, albeit in a different form, by abiding to its demands. But to keep us hidden we were placed amongst similar looking Pokemon, hence why we come in sets. Therefore only one of us per collection is potentially a Titan. Would you humans ever discover this, to find an entire Legendary set is usually impossible and even then not every set does contain a Titan. Statistically, it is a miracle Brandon managed to capture all three of us.’

    ‘And these temples?’

    ‘In case the gods ever needed us again in their plane, these temples were built to transform us back. But it appears as if what spirit of ours remains is too insignificant and the only form we take on is that of a human.’

    Gkān shouted across the chamber.

    ‘Are you getting all of this Q L?’

    ‘Yeh but I can’t say I believe it.’ Brandon grabbed the walky-talky out of Ālk’s good hand.

    ‘God, you only had to ask Brandon.’

    ‘Hey Q L, it’s Brandon. Do me a favour, record this all but make sure you’re alone and the only one who can hear this. If it’s all true we don’t need it being blabbed from here to Slateport.’

    ‘Will do.’

    Finally Brandon addressed his supposed old comrade.

    ‘So potentially we have a whole load of ex-gods running around?’

    ‘That is indeed the case. Fortunately in our Pokemon form we are unaware of this, Arceus must have removed our memory upon transformation. It was only after I was hit by the beam that it came back.’

    ‘So none of them know?’

    ‘Unless they’ve already transformed back. No they don’t.’

    ‘Do you know which ones they are?’ Iapetus shook his head, a tear falling off his cheek.

    ‘You sure we can trust him,’ Ālk’s brain was beginning to melt with all the information. Iapetus grew angry and snorted the air with infuriation, his eyes gleaming white.

    ‘You dare question my authority! I am Titan Iapetus, god of mortality!’

    Without hesitation Dusknoir appeared from beneath the floor and threw him into the wall, hand clutched tightly around his bulging neck. Solrock kept the pressure on with its psychic powers so that the metal plates around his body began to crack. His eyes seemed to pulse with energy and in them Dusknoir could feel familiarity and released his grip. The whiteness faded and his body grew limp.

    ‘I am sorry, I apologize. I just am not used to being questioned. We did not question as gods. We thought, and we did.’ He looked towards Ālk. ‘Your Mr. Mime, he is hurt?’ Ālk nodded ever so slightly, any less of a nod and his head wouldn’t have moved. ‘I will heal him.’

    ‘I don’t trust you yet.’

    Brandon staggered towards the man, still pressed against the wall by Solrock. He rested a hand on his neck and looked into his eyes as he had seen Dusknoir do.

    ‘Heal my shoulder. It was damaged. Solrock you can release him. If he tries anything else though I give you permission to do what you must.’

    For a second time the man dropped to the floor, although this time with the grace of a Purrloin and landed neatly on his feet. Still with Brandon’s hand upon his neck, he placed his palm around the swollen shoulder and the white light emanated from it like waves washing over a beach. The Frontier Brain seemed lulled into a state of ease, his eyelids falling heavy and his hand slipping off of the naked man’s neck. Ālk and Gkān exchanged concerned looks but in several second Brandon had opened his eyes and was circling his arm to test the repaired muscle.

    ‘As good as new.’

    ‘I’m still not sure Brandon.’ His shoulder did seem healed, not to mention the sudden burst of energy.

    ‘Listen, I can understand you do not trust this man. After all he is claiming to be a god. But you trust me don’t you? You saw the way Dusknoir moved away. I’m telling you this is Registeel.’

    Hesitantly, Ālk brought out Mr. Mime who sprawled out across the floor still unconscious. Iapetus carefully walked over, sat down on the floor and propped Mr. Mime up so he rested on his chest, wrapping one arm around for support. With the other hand he gradually made his way over the body, heart and forehead in particular, channelling the same white energy. Mr. Mime awoke a couple of minutes later, surprised to find himself being held by a nude man but also fully recovered. He looked up to Ālk with a mixture of confusion and elation.

    ‘I can help you too if you want? Your wrist looks pretty damaged.’

    ‘I’m ok for now thank you. I appreciate you helping Mr. Mime though.’

    ‘You’re welcome Ālk.’

    Ālk winced at Iapetus calling him that name. For some reason it didn’t make him feel very comfortable.

    ‘And what about me?’ Gkān blurted with intent on being included.

    ‘Are you or Solrock injured?’

    ‘Well no, but...’

    ‘Well then, you don’t need my aid.’ He turned back to face Brandon. ‘No one else can find out. It’s bad enough you do. With the other temples you’ve discovered, we could potentially be in a lot of trouble.’

    ‘Of course I understand the magnitude of the situation. I will do my best to close down Project Theta as quickly and as silently as possible.’

    ‘And how comes you can speak English then oh great titan?’ Gkān exclaimed, before covering up his mouth for fear his words would conjure back the scary naked god.

    ‘Well after thousands of years listening to you people speak, you think I wouldn’t be able to pick up a few words here and there?’

    As the four men made their way out of the temple, Gkān summoned an ogre whose plethora of orifices whistled an echo back down the corridor. She seemed especially happy to be out of her Pokeball, arms stretched into the air and a smile almost as long as it was wide.

    ‘I need you to set up a Smokescreen until we reach the tent please Exploud’ She engulfed the air as if it was about to run out, her gaping mouth almost half the size of Ālk’s entire body. He caught a glimpse inside, where the elastic pink flaps disappeared into the abyss and shivered. Upon closing her mouth tight, her cerise eyes began to bulge and from her tubular air-holes she pumped a smoky vapour that hid them from sight. On the other hand, it also stopped them from seeing particularly well, especially Brandon who seemed to knock into several tents and equipment pieces on the way back.

    ‘Quite peculiar to see an Exploud with smokescreening abilities?’ Brandon piped up amidst the ash cloud. ‘Cawph.’ By the clunk sound, he’d hit a camera tripod.

    ‘Her father was actually a Typhlosion,’ Gkān replied with little energy. Ālk thought this small talk seemed so superficial and unimportant after the preceding revelation, but on considering what in his life would equal such significance he thought it better to just keep shut.

    On reaching the tent Q L let out a squeal.

    ‘You know, for an ex god and all, you are rather attractive.’ Iapetus threw his hands across himself to cover his more exposed areas. Q L attempted to toss her hair about but had forgotten she tied her dreads back so all she looked like was a Wailord having a stroke in the water. She was never the kind of woman to shy away from a man. Being blessed with both beauty and intelligence meant she rarely had difficulty getting what she wanted, minus that one time with Brandon. He insisted the age gap was too big. She smiled awkwardly and battered a hand out in embarrassment to cover up her flop. ‘Oh stupid fly.’

    ‘You know, he’s a Pokemon...and he’s naked,’ Gkān pointed out obviously.

    ‘I don’t see any Pokemon, and yes I’m rather aware he’s not wearing any clothes Gkān.’

    ‘I can hear you by the way. And thank you for the compliment Q L. You are a moderately attractive human yourself.’ Iapetus had many skills, but talking to human women was not one of them.

    ‘Ālk, can you go grab him something from my suitcase please,’ Brandon ordered.

    ‘Er...maybe he’s fond of walking around in the starkers. But just in case, yeh I’ll go get some clothes.’ Ālk disappeared out of the tent entrance and into the dissipating fumes.

    ‘How many other temples have you uncovered Brandon?’ Iapetus’ face fell into seriousness. Q L pulled up several screens on the Ta.Bill.

    ‘If our data is correct only two more. I will personally visit the sites and close off all researching effective immediately. It will certainly work as a temporary measure but in the long term I don’t know how long I can prevent people coming back. They’ll smell something is up when we sanction it off. In the meantime I think it best for you to remain hidden here with these three. If anyone else asks, you’re a researcher helping us with the dig.’ Q L raised a hand childishly.

    ‘People are bound to ask what happened down there. We felt the vibrations all the way up here.’

    ‘If anyone says anything, the temple is off limits apart from the four of you. You’ll need to keep guard until I return – with you here we can deal with this one last. If they have any problems get them to call me on my phone and I’ll tell them myself.’

    ‘And what do you plan to do with the temples when you get there, hmm Brandon?’ Gkān furrowed his eyebrows in concern. For whom, or what, was unclear. The tent entrance flapped in the breeze. Both Brandon and Gkān leapt over to block Iapetus from passersby. Ālk walked in casually, carrying a bundle of clothes.

    ‘I don’t really know what to do but destroy them. These kinds of things aren’t meant to be found.’

    The three student researchers looked down dishearteningly at the prospect of losing such promise. Ālk passed over the garments to Iapetus whose nipples began to twitch in the cold air.

    ‘I would have brought you a t-shirt of some kind but they’d be too small for your...’, rippling hulk of a physique floated about Q L’s mind. Iapetus threw on a leather jacket with far too many zip-lined pockets and a pair of denim jeans.

    ‘Thank you.’

    ‘You’re welcome.’ Ālk said briskly and turned to Brandon. ‘Do you have that kind of power?’

    ‘I’ll have to muster it up. We won’t like it but I’m sure between all my Pokemon, and especially the two Regis we can contain the damage. Perhaps I can borrow your Noctowl Q L? She could put the teams to sleep so they’re unaware of what’s happening.’ She nodded with determination and pulled her black, thick-rimmed glasses out from her hair and placed them neatly on the bridge of her nose with her forefinger. Glasses meant serious business.

    ‘Stupid question about to fly out my mouth.’ Ālk paused to reconsider saying it. ‘Can we not go back in there and try turning you back to Registeel.’

    ‘We can try but I have a feeling it was a one way deal.’ Iapetus played with his beard whilst deep in thought.

    ‘I think we all need time to recover so I’ll set out to the other dig sites tomorrow.’ The others could tell from his face that Brandon had quickly exhausted himself trying to prevent a crisis. Contrasting the energy Iapetus seemed to have given him only half an hour ago, his face was now unusually sunken and his eyes cradled in massive bags.

    ‘Sounds like a good a plan as any,’ Q L assured with an enthusiasm she hoped would set Brandon’s mind to rest.
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    Book 1: Of Mortality - Chapter 4: The Cloud-Watchers

    The following morning Gkān found Ālk basking in the sun next to the temple’s entrance. The air was still and activity throughout the camp was minimal. A fellow researcher was unnecessarily polishing up the metal doors to the opening. Gkān jogged over to where Ālk was sprawled out on his back and lay down next to him.

    ‘What are you doing Ālk?! Brandon told us to keep guard whilst he’s gone,’ he whispered angrily.

    ‘That’s exactly what I’m doing Gkān. We can’t literally stand outside looking around at the camp because they will wonder what the hell we’re doing. I have my team set up around the area anyhow.’ He pointed in several directions; a flowering bush several feet away and a gathering of dense trees off in the distance, ‘and somewhere up there,’ flapping his hand about in the sky. ‘And Mr. Mime has a Barrier set up anyway at the entrance. If anyone does hit into it I’ll apologize and just say it was a joke meant for you.’

    ‘You have it all pretty much figured out then.’ Ālk didn’t reply. ‘And where is our friend the god?’

    ‘He’s in the tent with Q L showing him research on the Ta.Bill.’

    ‘I’m sure she’s loving that.’

    ‘It’ll keep them both occupied. She’s too much of a hassle in situations like this.’ Ālk replied coolly. Gkān looked around awkwardly. The two researchers had never had much to talk about. Not that they both didn’t have their own opinions, just that Ālk’s were pretty well hidden. Furthermore, their areas of expertise could not be further apart. Whilst Gkān was a genius when it came to biological matter and the intricacies of genetics, the organic sciences, Ālk was an artist who had excelled in architecture and technical drawing. Of course in the world of exploration and discovery the two were entwined beautifully. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of this friendship if one was to even call it that.

    ‘Soooooo,’ Gkān burst out with after several minutes of silence. He stared up at the clouds. ‘That one looks like a Mareep. It’s all puffy and what not.’

    ‘They all look like Mareep Gkān – they’re clouds.’

    The two said nothing else for half an hour. The only sound that could be heard was the purposeless squeaking of cloth wiping on metal. Gkān’s voice became a whisper again.

    ‘What do you think of this whole thing?’ Once more Ālk said nothing, although this time he sighed and turned on his front. ‘I mean it is pretty unbelievable. But say it was true,’ Ālk’s ears pricked. ‘I was thinking last night that if it was true...’

    ‘You shouldn’t do that Gkān.’

    ‘Do what?’


    Gkān chose to ignore his colleague.

    ‘I was thinking, I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going on inside that body. He looks human doesn’t he?’

    ‘Well, yeah.’

    ‘Well if he does his genetic makeup can’t be that different.’

    ‘I guess so but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.’ Somehow and miraculously he’d managed to get Ālk talking.

    ‘It’s me just being a crazy person. Ignore it.’ Ālk had turned around and sat up at this point to see Gkān’s face.

    ‘No go on, I want to hear what you think.’

    ‘When have you ever done such a thing? In all the years I’ve known you.’

    ‘Fine then, I’ll go back to sunbathing.’ He was halfway to flipping back on his back when Gkān interrupted. He smirked.

    ‘Ok, well suppose his genetic makeup is similar. And I could isolate the gene responsible for the glowy hand trick. I could potentially recreate that gene in another person.’ His eyes lit up with almost as much energy as Iapetus had displayed in the temple. ‘Do you understand the capabilities that could yield? Imagine the potential it would open up for hospitals and Pokemon centres.’

    ‘That does sound like it could help. But surely Brandon and Iapetus are aware of this. There’s obviously more to it than that.’

    ‘Of course there’s more. There are the other T-Legends.’

    ‘The other what?’

    ‘T-Legends. Oh I made that up. From Titan obviously.’ Gkān looked particularly proud of himself.

    ‘Oh you are such a genius.’ A thought struck Ālk’s brain with such force it almost exploded out his mouth with volume that only Gkān’s Exploud could match. His voice fell to a hush. ‘You want to actually find the others? I don’t think that’s such a good idea.’

    ‘Why not?’ His face looked like a child who’d been told off but didn’t know why.

    ‘I just don’t.’

    ‘Why don’t you like him Ālk? He’s an ******* to me and yet I still think he’s awesome.’

    ‘You don’t like him. You don’t even know him. You like what he can do.’

    ‘Same thing.’

    ‘It’s not the same thing. And anyway, even if wanted to pursue this, you wouldn’t be able to know which ones are your so-called T-Legends. Then you have to actually find them, catch them. Not to mention find the temples and take them there.’ Through Ālk’s words the feat seemed impossible. Hopefully his cynicism would ward Gkān away from such ideas but if anything he seemed more determined.

    ‘You hear on the news all the time how Lawrence the something caught Zapdos and Moltres and some ex-Team Magma butler found a Jirachi. Ok eventually they all escaped but I don’t even want to catch them. I want to release them. You heard Iapetus. They were bound in physical form. Plus he doesn’t even seem that keen on turning back. I’d be doing them and the world a favour.’

    Ālk didn’t really know what to say. It wasn’t like he couldn’t see it from Gkān’s perspective. But something did not sit right with him.

    ‘You don’t even know what powers Iapetus has. What if they have side effects? And what if the gene doesn’t work in our bodies?’

    ‘What if Marie Curie hadn’t founded radiology? We wouldn’t have x-rays. Stop worrying. I haven’t done anything yet.’

    ‘Well I think you should tell Iapetus.’ Wind ran through the nearby trees, causing the branches to toss about. Ālk pushed himself up off the ground and headed towards the tents. ‘Did you hear something?’

    ‘Er, no. I don’t think so. Where are you going Ālk?’ Gkān had a little shake in his voice that betrayed his trepidation.

    ‘To see Q L and Iapetus.’

    ‘You can’t tell him what I said yet.’ Their voices swelled in volume as their distance increased. Other researchers began to catch on and stopped what they were doing. ‘Please, not yet.’

    ‘You tell him then!’ Ālk’s footsteps grew firmer. Gkān lowered his head and mumbled to himself.

    ‘I thought you would understand me. ****. I’m sorry. Go!’

    Ālk turned around in confusion.

    ‘What do you mean g...’

    Only several feet away stood Exploud, her mouth gaping and saliva dribbling off her teeth. A faint whooshing sound resonated around him, as if little air pockets were being sucked in and out of the vicinity. The researcher polishing the doors ran towards him, his hands wavering about in the air like a mad Dewgong. A Gardevoir materialized before him with an effortless display of gravitational betrayal. Her gown glided elegantly across the ground as the wind blew through it, her hair tinged with purple highlights. The researcher froze as their eyes met and their minds connected, his frenzied movements reduced to tranquillity. Upon placing her hand on his chest they disappeared into nothingness, the air around them bursting. From the tents Ālk could hear the painful silence of half-screaming and air popping.

    ‘IAPETUSSSSSS!’ Q L shrieked.

    ‘You bastard.’ Ālk said dimly.

    ‘I thought you would take my side.’

    The air above them pulsed as a beam of light seared through the sky and exploded upon colliding with its target, a mixture of smoke and spores drifting outwards. Due to the angle he was facing, Ālk raised his hand to block the sun out in an attempt to find out what had caused the detonation. A small bird in a blue aura came hurtling towards the ground with little intention of stopping, its wings folded tightly against its singed plumage. As it made contact with the earth, dirt flung up onto Exploud who offhandedly wiped it off. The Chatot attempted to get back up but Exploud grabbed its head with the palm of her hand and pummelled it back into the ground. Solrock levitated down from behind some low-flying clouds and now lifted Ālk helplessly into the air.

    ‘Your team could use some of those healing powers now – I’m sorry Ālk,’ muttered Gkān.

    Solrock tossed Ālk into a nearby tent, the metal pole wrapping around his spine. He hissed and wiped a finger across his forehead where blood was oozing from a gash. Despite easily winning Gkān did not look too pleased with himself and began to walk away. Immediately he stumbled back and grabbed his face which was a familiar shade of raw. But before being given a chance to recover he was shoved back again, this time with extreme force. Ālk could see him trying to regain his footing but the now visible wall thwarted his attempts. Mr. Mime appeared at the foot of the entrance, one palm pressed flatly towards Gkān’s direction. With each foot forward that he took Gkān was flung backwards into the ground. In all the time Ālk had known Mr. Mime, he had always been naturally very joyful and particularly hard to get on the wrong side of. But in his riled eyes everyone could see an unwavering fury.

    Instantaneously, Gardevoir appeared hovering next to Mr. Mime’s left flank, millimetres from touching his chest with her delicate fingers. With his unused hand he swiftly produced a guard to block her attempts at teleporting him away, clutched her wrist forcefully and held onto it so she moaned. Swinging his other palm around, he smashed her into the side of the temple with a barrier. In this moment of sacrifice Gkān stumbled up and began to flee realising his escape method of teleportation was quickly fleeting.

    ‘Exploud, Solrock, cover us.’ With Mr. Mime’s back turned Solrock pinned him up against the same wall he had thrown Gardevoir into, letting out a slight cry as his body was enveloped in azure aura. With his face against stone he could not free himself from its mental grasp. Exploud enhaled rapidly, if only to provide a little cover so that they could escape. Gardevoir slowly pulled herself out of the dent she had made in the earth and teleported over to Gkān’s side.

    As the fumes dissipated, Mr. Mime slid down to the ground knowing full well that as Solrock released its grip, Gkān and his team were long gone.
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    Just finished chapter 3 and I'm loving the twist! You could kinda tell Brandon knew all along, although I'm still unsure what caused the transformation, maybe I didn't read it properly, overall another great chapter!
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    My primary advice to you would be to slllooooowwww doooowwwwnnn. You started this story on the 25th. It is the 28th today, and you have five chapters posted so far. That's five chapters in fours days! As a [potential] reader, that INSTANTLY makes me think "Damn, I'll NEVER be able to keep up with this story". It's just a huge turn-off. Now, if you have the time, effort, and energy to pump out this much story this fast, that is AWESOME. And I would never tell you to stop working on it! But just don't post it as quickly as you are working on it. If you get 10-12 chapters ahead, that's fine. It gives you time to go back and clean up/revise/edit your older chapters before you share them with us, so everyone wins. But I really just wouldn't post this frequently because it honestly makes passer-by readers feel like they're swamped in stuff to read for a story that JUST started and like they'll never be able to stay caught up with it while dealing with other things (writing their own stories, reading other stories, work/school, social lives).

    Just post a chapter and let it marinate; let the readers savor and enjoy it and build anticipation for what is coming next. Each chapter feels a lot more worthwhile if the reader has to wait for it, in my opinion. If you are concerned that this story is going to get buried unless you keep bumping it up with new chapters, let me direct you to The Review Exchange and The Review Game. Those will keep your story in peoples' minds while also getting readers to come in and share their thoughts.

    But, like I said, don't stop or slow down your writing! If you are so dedicated that you are pumping out this much work this fast, then that's fantastic. But don't feel the need to post each chapter so quickly. It's better all around if you wait a week or two between updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sid87 View Post
    My primary advice to you would be to slllooooowwww doooowwwwnnn.

    But, like I said, don't stop or slow down your writing! If you are so dedicated that you are pumping out this much work this fast, then that's fantastic. But don't feel the need to post each chapter so quickly. It's better all around if you wait a week or two between updates.
    Thank you so much. It never occurred to me not to post it but you're right, I was worried it not getting looked at. But now I'll take your advice and let it stew. All the best stews take hours to cook :P I thought because there were very few comment my story wasn't interesting enough so I've been pumping them out to get to the good bits. Also I go back to work/uni soon and I wanted to get myself into it so I wouldn't ditch it after two or so chapters
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    I think the reason new fics have the potential to go unreviewed is because readers here have seen people start TONS of fics, only for the author to abandon it after a chapter or two. So there's a feeling of "Will this even still be getting worked on in a few weeks?"when new fics arise. It's not fair, but it happens. Also, sometimes readers think "Do I have the time/energy to start reading a new fic?", so they might hesitate a while.

    It seems unfair, I get it. If you update too much, you drown new readers out. But if you don't update, the story might languish while readers wait to see if it is something with lasting potential. But I think that's where the aforementioned Review Exchange and Review Game come in; they are GREAT ways to get readers into your story (I prefer the Exchange since it creates a good bond between two authors as their stories develop, but the Game is much easier, quicker, and more popular).
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    Just finished chapter 4! I never noticed before but your descriptions are so beautiful, you can tell you've taken your time and it's not rushed at all. I was abit disappointed with Aleke, he didn't have much to say ( unlike him aha. I love how your keeping the temples a kinds secret from the reader, like I'm still unaware of there purpose. You have an amazing talent energo! Well done on another polished chapter! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLady View Post
    Just finished chapter 4! I never noticed before but your descriptions are so beautiful, you can tell you've taken your time and it's not rushed at all. I was abit disappointed with Aleke, he didn't have much to say ( unlike him aha. I love how your keeping the temples a kinds secret from the reader, like I'm still unaware of there purpose. You have an amazing talent energo! Well done on another polished chapter! )
    Sorry to confuse you but I've just put Chapters 3 and 4 together. Should you want to read more, the next Chapter is the new Chapter 4: The Cloud Watchers. And thanks for the compliment, I didn't actually think my descriptions were up to scratch, or they were too unbalanced against the speech. Am thinking of going through it again to set the scenes better.

    Maybe I should make the temples' purpose clearer. They're spoken of by Iapetus in Chapter 3: Titan, so maybe I should be more explicit there. Thanks for pointing that out if that is the case. As for Ālk, him and Gekan are heavily featured in the last chapter I posted and lets just say things start happening. Thanks for bothering to comment. You're really the only reason I'm considering continuing this at the moment.
    If you're interested in FanFic please read up on my new story: The T-Legend. Much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by energo View Post
    Sorry to confuse you but I've just put Chapters 3 and 4 together. Should you want to read more, the next Chapter is the new Chapter 4: The Cloud Watchers. And thanks for the compliment, I didn't actually think my descriptions were up to scratch, or they were too unbalanced against the speech. Am thinking of going through it again to set the scenes better.

    Maybe I should make the temples' purpose clearer. They're spoken of by Iapetus in Chapter 3: Titan, so maybe I should be more explicit there. Thanks for pointing that out if that is the case. As for Ālk, him and Gekan are heavily featured in the last chapter I posted and lets just say things start happening. Thanks for bothering to comment. You're really the only reason I'm considering continuing this at the moment.
    Ah the temples thing, it completely slipped my mind, it's just with everything going on aha I have a bad memory and if you're worried about ya know the story, it really is beautifully descripted
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    Book 1: Of Mortality - Chapter 5: The Witch

    ‘Miss Q L?’

    Behind the walls of her eyelids she could feel heat and a white light. Blood vessels danced around rhythmically to a humming. Her cheek was damp. Why was her cheek damp? As if awaking from hibernation she slowly opened her eyes and realised she was being prodded on the shoulder. Her lips slapped together, the stale smell of morning breath lingering around her nostrils. Prod. Of its own accord her hand wiped the sticky liquid off her cheek. As her eyes opened fully they were forced to close again by an intense brightness. ‘Miss Q L? It’s nine a.m. Brandon instructed me to wake you up.’ Prod.

    Recognising the sound of her own name her head darted off the Ta.Bill and she stared directly at Iapetus with a wide-eyed gaze you could only otherwise get from telling a Munchlax you have no food. Her hand reached for her cheek again, only this time it followed the trail of saliva back to her mouth. She looked from her hand to the Ta.Bill she had been sleeping on, once more to her hand and sighed. By the look on his face Iapetus did not know what standard protocol was after waking her up. The two stared at each other for at least another minute before Q L had remembered the skill of human communication.

    ‘Has he already left then?’

    Iapetus nodded. ‘He borrowed Gkān’s Mantine to fly across the Sevii Ocean and onto the coast of Evergrande. That’s all he told me - other than to wait for further instructions.’

    ‘And the Plusle and Minun brothers?’

    ‘Keeping guard outside the temple.’ He moved away from the chair Q L had been sleeping on to allow her space to get up. She shuffled around to the side and willed her body to get out of its slump. Her back was especially ungrateful for her falling asleep at the Ta.Bill and gave an angry click. In contrast Iapetus was the definition of spruce, his posture straight and his eyes beaming despite a look of concern on his face. Q L shared a similarly anxious smile and for the first time since meeting truly took notice of his eyes. His irises were unusually absent of pigment so they shone a brilliant white, which made his solid pupils appear even more heavy. As he looked around the tent his eyes moved with weighted value. His head was void of hair, which Q L found particularly amusing because so much of it gathered around his cheekbones and chin. The beard’s black denseness was only equalled by the immensity of his pupils. Nevertheless it was extremely well-maintained, a kind of perfectly trimmed hedge that any homeowner would be proud of. His eyebrows were similarly thick and well-defined but did not parallel the energy in his eyes. From their conversations last night Q L had noticed that regardless of whatever Iapetus was feeling, his eyes did not want to match - they always sustained that kind of glimmer that solely appears alongside an honest smile. Right now she could tell from the furrow of his eyebrows and the biting of his lip that he wasn’t happy, despite the flickering lights his eyes held.

    ‘You have very nice eyes Iapetus.’

    ‘Why do you do that?’ Q L looked perplexed as if he had just spoken another language. He waited for an answer but when none came he continued. ‘You try and divert the subject at hand.’

    ‘I was just commenting on...’ She realised there was no point carrying on when it was clear they both knew he was right. She brushed her dreads out of her face, grabbed a loose hair band from the adjacent desk and tied them back into an awkward knot so they frayed down her neck. Her face abruptly adjusted to that of sincerity and she pulled up a screen on the Ta.Bill. ‘I managed to decipher the writing on the statue just before you changed and well, Gkān tried to kill you.’

    ‘He tried,’ was all that she got in return.

    ‘I studied ancient languages at UCS.’ Iapetus looked equally bewildered as she had done moments before although his eyes did not let up their glow. ‘University of Central Saffron. Who do you think chose the name Project Theta? I’ve been with Brandon the whole time on this.’ Q L instantly regretted saying that. In doing so she felt she was somehow responsible for whatever potential disaster was now being averted and to make things worse she was doing very little about it, other than perhaps making it worse by talking to the recently-resurrected god about all the information her genius brain had cracked. ‘You know what? No. If this is the biggest find I’m ever going to make I might as well talk to you about it.’

    Iapetus smirked but still said nothing. If he wanted her to stop, he would at least tell her to she thought.

    ‘Well any literate human being can read Unown. It’s just a case of removing the eyes. The ancient Greek influence was a little harder to decipher but I studied a module of it in my second year so after I recognised the symbols it was just a case of having both up on the Ta.Bill and working from there.’ Q L didn’t care by this point what Iapetus thought, she was certain she was correct. His stubborn silence only egged her on to reveal more of her findings. ‘It does identify you as Iapetus despite the statue of Registeel so I’m inclined to believe what you say. But it also refers to you as ‘The Piercer’ and you failed to mention that. If I was dubbed after any kind of bodily harm I would think that would be something I’d tell people who are helping me.’

    She coughed and allowed her voice to break as deep as it would let her. Her joints became stiff in a failed attempt to do the robot up and down the tent. As she danced over to Iapetus she stuck her hand out.

    ‘Hello. I’m Q L, god of foreign languages.’ Her voice returned to normal and she began skipping merrily around him. ‘But you can call me ‘The Penetrator.’ The realisation of her actions (in front of someone known as ‘The Piercer’ no less) hit her like a train and her body slumped. Iapetus grinned and sat himself down in the chair, admiring the quality of the photos despite the lack of light down in the temple. She straightened up and continued, her voice a little pitchy. ‘I was up all night researching Iapetus online, hence the drool. It says you’re responsible for the mortal life span. It also says you conspired against your own father. Did you really do that?’

    Iapetus would have looked ashamed but instead his eyes made him seem rather proud. ‘We had a misunderstanding.’

    ‘That resulted in him being overthrown by you and your brothers?’

    ‘It’s how gods handle misunderstandings.’

    ‘I don’t think I want to know how you got that nickname, do I?’

    ‘I don’t think you do.’ He clenched both his hand and eyes for only a moment and then began twiddling his fingers nervously.

    ‘That was an incredible thing I heard you did down there in the temple. For Mr. Mime and Brandon I mean.’

    ‘It’s what I do. Well used to do. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.’

    ‘And what is it you can do?’ Q L knew she should not be asking such questions. But she didn’t seem the harm in pushing. Despite hearing from the others how he had got angry in the temple, or in Gkān’s words, ‘glowy scary’, she didn’t feel particularly afraid of being in his company - even with the name ascribed to him by the sculpture. He was still twiddling his fingers when she leant over and placed a hand on his shoulder. She could feel his muscles undulating into knots under her fingers. He sighed deeply, as if to do so might release a great tension.

    ‘I command all that is life and therefore I send those who are due to move on from life to the next plane. There are those who I feel are not ready for such transition and so I grant them more time in this world.’ The words came out of his mouth as if reciting an ancient passage, with far less meaning than the words most likely should have been said. His voice slowed to a creep. ‘But eventually everyone must face me. I am inevitable. I am invisible. I am the force that whispers in the ears of your mothers and fathers, of your children, when they are due to fade. And you cry. You all cry. I am the deliverer of pain. I am the reaper.’ He pulled himself out of the chair and grabbed Q L’s hand with his own. ‘Hello. I am Iapetus, god of mortality but you can call me ‘The Piercer’.

    Suddenly Q L did not feel as comfortable around him. The air felt heavier, intense, brooding. His eyes glowed with the same intensity she had seen throughout their conversation although this time his pupils appeared to soak up the whiteness of his irises.

    ‘I think ‘Regi the Healer’ sounds better.’ She clutched his hand tightly back and smiled as best she could.

    Outside, a faint popping sound could be heard, like exploding candy or distant fireworks, lasting only a few seconds each time. Iapetus pulled away from Q L and edged towards the tent’s entrance but she pulled him back with as much strength as she could muster.

    ‘I think it’s best if you wait here,’ she commanded with unusual authority. She reached down into a rucksack to pull out a pokeball, primarily blue with a red stripe running three quarters of the way around it. Just as she was about to stick her head out of the fabric, the body of a teenage boy came crashing into the tent so his top half fell in whilst the rest stuck out. From his age, and the plethora of acne that shamefully spilled across his face, he was one of the junior runners for the research team who helped collect everyday items from Canalave. Q L stepped back in shock but rapidly resumed her composure. The sound of his heavy breathing, attributed greatly by a severe case of the cold, could be heard intermittently between the bursting sounds outside. Without needing to know more she tapped the button on the pokeball, releasing a particularly serious-looking pink and black cow Pokemon commonly known as Miltank. After giving Iapetus a once over with a stern look, she waddled over to the half-boy, her udder bouncing around with each step , and pulled some spores off his clothing as if she had known they were there from the start. She turned back to Q L with an equally disapproving look that demanded why she herself had not noticed the spores instead.

    Miltank’s ears pricked at the sound of the popping and returned her attention to the entrance, legs set firmly apart. They remained quiet as the air burst metres away from the tent. Seconds later the boy and his acne had vanished into the atmosphere.

    ‘We can’t stay here any longer,’ Iapetus whispered. ‘We need to find Gkān and Ālk and see what’s happening.’

    Before either of them had a chance to decide the best way to leave unnoticed or attacked, the entrance to the tent blew open and a Gardevoir emerged from nonexistence. As far as Gardevoir went, this one looked particularly haunting – the bottom of her hair and dress were tinged a menacing shade of purple and her bloodshot eyes seemed to adhere to her vulnerability, a common sign in Psychic Pokemon of an overuse in mental ability. Her breathing was almost down to a wheeze. Miltank wasn’t taking any risks however and thrust her body forward, her bloated belly crashing into the frail Pokemon and knocking it clear out of the tent’s entrance. If there was a chance to leave the tent, this was as good as any.

    Outside the tent the Gardevoir and Miltank had distanced themselves and were sizing each other up although it was clear that Miltank had the upper hand due to her opponent’s blatant fatigue. The floor was littered with the bodies of several researchers, all still breathing and appearing quite at peace with themselves but a potential hazard nonetheless. Gardevoir set her hands forward in a triangle formation as Miltank charged forward, head held low. As she picked up speed, she tucked her body together and fell into a roll so that dirt flung up at her sides. Spinning with a rotation that transformed her into a blur of bovine destruction, she propelled herself through the air. From the perspective of the naked eye it seemed as if she had made contact but following the familiar sound of rupturing air, Gardevoir had teleported out of harm’s way. Unable to control her spin within the enclosed space of the camp, she did the best she could to swerve to a halt, tumbling over a table and collapsing on her back. To say the least Miltank looked extremely pissed. She snorted heatedly. Supporting herself up with her knees she bellowed a moo and turned in a three-hundred and sixty degree circle to survey the camp.

    It grew very quiet. Even the popping had stopped. Q L similarly looked around, her back against Iapetus in an attempt to block the behemoth of a man from any surprise attacks. But there was nothing for several minutes. Were they more effective in a closed environment Q L would have called out her other Pokemon but their long-range style would devastate the camp and most likely injure her sleeping colleagues. For now she had to rely solely on Miltank.

    ‘I’ve seen that Gardevoir before,’ Iapetus murmured. ‘It’s Gkān’s.’

    ‘Are you sure?’

    ‘I remember meeting her as Registeel on another dig site. She had her hair dyed to match his. Purple and green highlights, no?’

    ‘Why would Gkān attack us though and where is he?’ Q L thought Gkān was many things, but an aggressor was not one of them. Without time to further consider the answer, a recognizable voice ricocheted from the sky above the forest, several hundred metres south of the temple although its words were incomprehensible. Iapetus cupped his hands to his eyes to block out the sun and get a better look at what first appeared to be a giant disc in the sky. As it flew closer its edges softened into wings that leisurely waved up and down.

    ‘It’s Brandon and Mantine,’ he shouted triumphantly. ‘It’s Brandon...and Mantine. **** it’s Gkān’s Mantine. We need to warn him.’

    Q L understood immediately and clicked a second Pokeball, this one of the standard red and white variety. A remarkably yellow Pokemon with black bands around its neck, ears and tail emerged from the crimson light and exchanged a self-assured nod with Miltank.

    ‘Ampharos, I need you to send a signal to Brandon over there in the sky. Do you see him?’ She nodded confidently, directed her arms upwards and spread her hands out to form a square shape. The air congealed into a thin, glass-like layer that glistened as the mid-morning sun cast its rays upon it. With her arms held still in the air she let out a bleat. The orb on her forehead glowed lustrously and a small ball of energy manifested itself in form not unlike clustered gems. The light it emitted was small but defined, cutting the air like the end of a scythe. The beam shot upwards and on passing through the screen, concentrated into an impressive shaft of light that put the sun to shame. Like lightning, it only lasted for a split-second but its height would certainly catch the attention of Brandon and everyone within a three mile radius.

    Mantine creased its face in displeasure and darted forward, diving dangerously low to the forest canopy. Q L could see Brandon struggling against the thrashing branches whilst trying his best to keep himself attached to the rampant colossus. It had occurred to her strange to see Brandon here when he had gone off to Evergrande but the thought pondered for only a little before fading away into panic and worry. Miltank had been so busy looking up she had failed to see Gardevoir materialize before her with a grimace slapped across her face. As she turned around their eyes locked and Miltank’s fury seeped away into oblivion. Like a dead lump of meat she plummeted to the floor.

    Ampharos swivelled on the spot and instinctively launched a gem-encrusted energy ball that detonated upon colliding with the enemy. Gardevoir had little time to react and was volleyed back into a tent, ripping the hooks out of the earth and drowning herself in material. Her shriek was penetrating, invasive, like a rake through their brains. Mantine had closed in on the camp and similarly took advantage of Ampharos’ obliviousness by lashing at her back with wind blades that engraved their trajectory into the sky. She fell to her knees, her back tender and raw from the whipping.

    Still totally bewildered as to the situation Brandon tugged with vigour at Mantine’s antennae to halt the attack. The giant ray swerved skywards, forcing Brandon to fall off its back at around fifty feet high. Neither Iapetus nor Q L knew what do and frozen, punished their eyes to watch their friend plummet.

    Realising that both the pain had stopped and he felt a little lighter, Mantine somersaulted and swooped towards the ground with a look of genuine concern. He folded his wings into his perfectly streamlined form to maximise haste and scored through the air. Brandon braced himself for an impact he suspected he would not see the other side of. As the two fell to the earth and they reached their last moments, Mantine opened out its wings and wrapped himself around the terrified researcher. As one they dived into what was left of the camp following the brawl, a chaotic scene of broken tables and collapsed tents, interspersed with the bodies of several hushed staff members. Mantine unravelled itself in pain and Brandon slid off uncomfortably, coming out of the fall relatively unscathed save perhaps another broken wrist. Perhaps that was his thing. Mantine rasped as if no amount of oxygen was going to be enough.

    ‘I couldn’t do it. The other temples I mean. Not by myself anyway.’ The once powerful Pyramid King - leader of the Frontier Brains, was reduced to tears, utterly ruined. He tried his best to fight them off but it made him seem all the more pathetic. He stared into the ground. ‘So I came back. For you. But it looks as if I’m not the only one who’s here for you.’

    The sound of bursting: Gardevoir appeared, more demented than ever. Her eyes flickered like a broken lamp, each possessing an orb of purple blood vessels that danced hectically along her iris. A phantom formed of tent material gathered beside her, its wiry tendrils finishing in swinging hooks. She seemed haunted by her own cerebral abilities. Initially she looked scared to find herself wielding so much power and gazed emptily at her hands and the spectre beside her. Her expression evolved into a smirk. She thrust her hand forward and the tent flung itself onto Ampharos like a straight-jacket. As it wrapped itself up, the hooks dug into her flanks and she collapsed next to the pacified Miltank. On seeing that her friend had not actually fallen asleep but was just at peace with the world she rolled her eyes and struggled to break out of her material prison. But the more she resisted the further the pegs dug into her sides and she let out a bleat.

    Iapetus dipped his head slowly and raised his hand.

    ‘I’m sorry.’ A white light flared from his hand but Gardevoir teleported once more to the safety of the empty abyss. She materialized in front of Q L and he pulled his hand away. Gardevoir cackled hysterically. This Pokemon should be no match for him but despite his devout powers, he’d made no use of them for several centuries. He considered how his father would laugh at the notion of being overthrown now.

    ‘IAPETUSSSSSS!’ Q L screamed as Gardevoir dragged her into nothingness.

    Gardevoir appeared moments later a metre to the side of Iapetus’ position. Both were caught off guard as a torrent of water washed her into a table. She span around, her eyes overflowing with fury. Mantine was still spread out over the ground, exhausted from his impromptu landing, but had managed to angle his face enough to blast her with incredible water pressure a second time. She effortlessly whacked the jet away with a swipe of her hand and prepared to release all her stored energy that had built up over the battle. Mantine attempted to push himself off the ground but both his wings were damaged in the fall. He squinted from the pain. Her entire figure began to radiate, her eyes bursting from their sockets.

    ‘I apologize but your time is up.’

    Iapetus shot a speck of light out of his palm no larger than a bullet, aimed at Gardevoir’s head. As it left his hand it cracked the atmosphere in two, hissing with the potential for annihilation. With her back turned to the bullet she dissolved into the air. The bullet struck flesh and Brandon fell to the floor.
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