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1: Also, why Pringles?
2: Mario 64, right?
3: Don't get/understand.
4: Don't get/understand.
5: How do you come up with these?
1: Jellicent and the Pringles mascot have identical mustaches.
2: That's right! And Jellicent was nicknamed earlier (by me) as Bob-omb (DAT STACHE!)
3: Have you ever knew about the butter and jelly bread/sandwich/toast?
4: Jellicent=Jelly+Cent and there's a rapper known as 50 Cent.
5: Well, my puns are so terrible (at least somebody else said that), or maybe you are jealous/Jelly/<insert a random Jelly based pun here>, you know what I mean.

Another pun example:
Everybody knows that mustache is EVIL! (The set I post earlier)