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    Default Enlightment Evolution Chronicles Vol.1

    The Nuevo Future Trilogy: Book I- Clockwork

    Yes, after some time of struggle, schoolwork and emotional problems, I have finally put up my RPG.

    The Story

    The year according to the Gregorian calendar is 1865. Unlike the world you are used to, this world is different. Many events have happened that led to the current state of this world. Trying to identify when the turning point was is impossible. However, among the educated community or even the poor was a legend. A tale of two brothers that occurred during the Renaissance Era.

    These two boys had the same father but different mothers. One was raised in nobility and learned about the world with the masters of Da Vinici, Michealango and others. One was raised in poverty and with his large family, heard of the many persecutions of the church, and the belief of corruption. However, they shared the same mysterious birthmarks and inherited their father’s genius. In their youth, they encountered one another and realized their connection through their birthmark. As they exchanged experiences, ideas began forming. The older brother, born of the poor, learned about the sciences and the arts and applied to what he learned. The younger brother, born of nobility learned of the strife and using his mind, realized the many problems that have occurred. As they met in secret and learned from their elders about the ancient times of the Byzantine and the Roman and having met many strange individuals, they begin developing ideas. They saw that the influence of the Christian church was corrupting to the values of science. They viewed the current era in a more jaded view with the increase of poverty, warfare and political and religious persecution. At the same time, they were awed as the artistic endeavors and the scientific advances by Da Vinci with his inventions. Realizing the potential this man had on the future, they began following him and they managed to deduce how he kept his work secret. Years of silent decoding allowed them to discover his inventions, but realized their flaws and how they could be improved. When he died, they were saddened. They began thinking on what that would mean. They realized that the era was both of good and bad and they must write down both, so people may learn from mistake while retaining and improving on the good.

    Extending on the lack of persecution, they began writing for the equal treatment of people regardless of religion though this was increased to include equality among people regardless of appearance, gender or any other physical difference or way of thinking. They began gathering followers, but they were careful to avoid the eye of the church and authority. Their secret way of thoughts reached the ears of people of all sorts. This group praised thinking, the arts, sciences, equality among all and other virtues. Their impact would change the world.

    Their teachings led to think about the world in different ways. Over time, people who were ordinary became extraordinary because these brothers existed. When the New World was discovered, this secret order saw opportunity for a fresh place to start. By this time, there were several patterns they noticed when the Europeans settled down. They had observed that because Britain was an island, it reacted to the natives different than other countries had. Many members went to the New World to learn more. For Spain, the goal for the lands was put on hold with the problems going on with the church. When they arrived later than how it was in our world, they saw the Natives dying from an unknown plague. Instead of conquest for gold, they sought out to help these people, remembering how Europe was nearly destroyed by the Black Plague. More positive relationships were forged and science and learning preceded the search. They saw that despite some of the horror that the natives had in their culture, they saw their many accomplishment, especially with the discovery of the Mayan calendar and their time-keeping.

    For a while, history remained unchanged. However, with the rise of the Americas, one of the new settlers brought with them a book of the teachings and showed it to the Founding Fathers. Wanting to distanced themselves further from the Europe traditions, they began changing policies. They viewed the natives not as savages, but as equals and they worked to create a system to satisfy both parties. Technology began advancing, however the world began changing

    The brothers’ reverence of Da Vinci lead to the rise of clockwork contraptions. However, with the discovery of coal, this was becoming the past. While the general public embraced the new technology, others were suspicious about it. A noble who lost his family had their corpses investigated and discovered the damage to their lungs from the development of coal. He devoted himself to the sciences and realized the flaws that could pursue. Having nothing left in Europe, he went to the New World to spread his information. With the Americas undergoing a longer period of Enlightment and Renaissance, they drew from baroque culture and other sources while retaining the radical teachings of the brothers. They discovered through accident, theory and fortune new ways of producing steel, they honored their commitment to nature as respect to the Native Americans. Europe eventuall developed into what one may call a steampunk civilization while the US embraced the clockwork mechanics and other sources. Instead of coal, they used the power of nature.

    The Current Situation:

    You are going about your daily business when suddenly in your workplace or near an area of recreation, you spy someone dressed in strange garb. They have a hood and a cloak on with a mysterious symbol on it. They end up in a form of trouble and being the good person you are, you help them out. The next day, a letter in a black envelope is hand-delivered to you. The paper is black and the writing appears to be written in gold. You become invited to a grand party in Washington. Little you know, the person you helped save is part of an organization, one with deep roots, that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. You will be forced to discover hidden talents, perform feats of espionage, ingenuity, combat and deduction to survive this quest. For an ominous force lurks in the shadows, ready to throw the world into chaos.

    The Sign-Up:

    Here we go!

    ((Okay everyone. Start off with your character either saving the mysteriius figure and then reiciving the letter or have them be reading the letter and then recalling what happened))

    Diego Vendrix
    Felicidad Bakery, New York City
    3:00 PM Oct 1, 1865

    It was break time at the popular Felicidad Bakery. There were only two people who worked there, though they were very hard working folk. Diego was one of the those people and the one who opened this place. He was currently sitting on one of the chairs reading a letter he had reiceved. It was a handsome and formal looking one. Apparenltly, the emblem was the same from that strange person he has saved.

    It was only a few days ago...

    Diego had been pusing his cart. It was filled with the supplies needed for the place. It was a slow day so he might as well go and do some restocking of ingrediants. He then saw something that caught his eye. It was a stranger in a cloak and hood. He had been walkinf rather nervously before Diego saw something not good. He saw some mugger about to jump the guy.

    Being the good person, Diego had grabbed a piece of pipe from a nearby alley before sneaking to the side of the mugger and hitting him. The mugger, rather angry, tried to fight back, though the ruckus alerted the authorities and the stranger was safe.

    "You all right? That fellow was about to attack you," Diego said as he helpe the startled stranger up. The stranger let out a smile and nodded.

    "Thank you stranger," he said. "What is your name?" the man asked him. Diego smiled back. "My name is Diego Vendrix, proud owner of Felicidad Bakery," Diego had said. Before he could ask the stranger his name, he disappeared.

    How wierd.

    The next day, Diego had recieved a letter from the mailman. It had the same emblem. Diego was busy he had forgotten about it. However, he decided it was now a perfect time to open it.

    Diego had carefully opened it and looked at the letter.

    Dear Mr. Diego Vendrix,

    I would like to personally thank you for saving the life of one of my workers. I am afraid I cannot tell you my full name. To avoid complications, you may simply refer to me as Mr. Delta. From what I was told about, you seem like an outstanding citizen. Because of this, I would like to invite you to a celeberation.

    Not just any celeberation, but a party being held at our nation's capital, near the White House. Preparations had been to escort you and other upstadning citizens to enjoy 7 fine evenings of dining and entertainment. Perhaps President Lincoln will appear. Please bring along the essentials for the trip such as your best outfit, spare changes of clothes and the rest. You will report to this train station at this time:

    Vermillion Station on October 5th at noon.

    The celeberation will occur on the 6th and end on the 13th, all charges of the trip and stay will be covered. Once more, I would like to thank you for your kindness.

    With regards,

    Mr. Delta

    Diego figured this would clear his head as his only employee left and now he wasn't sure what to do so this could help cheer him up.
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