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Thread: Sword Art Online Shippings

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    Default Sword Art Online Shippings

    In the ''Sword Art Online'' Anime , the main character is stock in a visual game along with 1000000 people!
    The only way to get out of the game is to finish the game.
    But if they dies in the game then it will death in real world!

    Kirito is main character in the series who plays Solo unlike other character after all other member of his previous Guild dies!

    Asuna is Beautiful girl who's famous all over the ''SAO'' for her Beauty and her position as the sub Leader of the Strongest guild ''Blood of Knight''!

    Kirito & Asuna formed a Temporarily Party in 1st floor and they form another party again after 2 year!
    Asuna has a One-side crush on Kirito for a year & half however she never reveal it!
    Kirito seem to attracted to her cooking and beauty!

    So , What do you think about this Pair ? Do you support them?
    Because there other girl who has heart for Kirito!

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    Kirito and Asuna are pretty cute together. <3 I'm not familiar with how the anime pans out since I've never read the novels, but despite Kirito seemingly being able to attract every girl he runs into, Asuna is definitely one of my favourites so far.

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    I've only watched, like...5-6 episodes of the series so far, and I don't read the LN, so... I'm not that into the ship, but I suppose it has a lot of potential to be really cute as the series continues. Speaking of which, I need to start catching up... It's not my favorite anime of the season but it's doing pretty decent so far. Not spectacular, but okay I guess.

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    I find them really interesting as couples. I really like seeing them fight together..a tag battle perhaps in the first episode..correct me if I'm wrongXD. I haven't watched the whole episodes of the anime but I'm pretty much contented watching at least its screenshots XD I just watch some episode parts but not the whole episode. Episode 10 is nice, the long hug of Asuna and Kirito..

    I more awesome seeing them battling together though.
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    Love the show it's so good watching couples fight together is kind of cool

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    SAO threw my shipping preferences around like a sky ball. At first, i liked Kirito x Sacchi. That was ruined when she died. T_T Then I kinda liked Kirito x Asuna. But honestly for a while, i liked Kirito x Liz. Bu then i really liked Kirito x Asuna due to it being cannon, which was cool because not many animes make pairings cannon. THEN I actually kinda liked Kirito x Sugu/Leafa. ARGH!!! I dont know who to pick! T_T

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    I think most of us already know that this pair is already canon and still going strong, I was also surprise with how Kirito thinks of Asuna on his first impression he would even go as far proposing to her.

    However as Kirito enters the GGO, it looks like Asuna is taking a backseat despite that Asuna still roots for Kirito while he is inside the GGO
    Well done and unexpectedly, Kumiko and Shuichi gets together at the end of the novel. Childhood friends are really trends huh

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