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    So I just found out that Arcanine can learn Teleport. So, could someone please kindly explain how this is scientifically possible?
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    The moment you start demanding "scientifically possible" answers from Pokémon is the moment you're going to run into logical dead ends. It's not as if they were terribly selective in which critters could learn Teleport via TM in Generation I.

    If you absolutely must have an in-story explanation, tell yourself that as Teleport serves absolutely zero purpose besides being able to automatically run from a wild battle or return you to an anchor point, Arcanine being able to learn it via TM is indicative of the critter's ability to run at incredibly high speeds, as spoken of in the various Pokédex entries across generations.

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    That sums it up pretty well. There really isn't much more to add here. :P

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