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    Default The Moonlit Gallade

    First and foremost, welcome to The Moonlit Gallade!
    1. All sppf rules apply.

    2. Absolutely NO hacked pokémon. We would never intentionally trade you something that has been hacked..therefore we expect the same from you! If for some reason, you accidentally trade us a pokémon that has been hacked, we will trade back with you. However, if you trade us a hacked pokémon on purpose, not only will you be banned from our shop, you WILL be reported.

    3. Be respectful and keep your manner kind/ no obnoxiousness. We will be polite, and kind to you, therefore we expect the same in return.

    4. Post requests in the thread, don’t PM/VM us with trade offers. (Unless otherwise specified)

    5. Please specify which owner you would like to trade with i.e. (@SaffronMoonbeam / @Azure_Gallade)

    Our Services!
    -Holding a pokémon for you: (Free)
    -Trading a pokémon to evolve: (Free)
    -EV training/IV breeding: (For Items or TMs)
    -Egg move pokémon: (Requests available)
    -Leveling up pokémon to evolve: (For Items or TMs)
    -Giving the Pokérus: (Free for returning customers, new customers for one item or TM)

    Pokémon For Trade!


    TRU Regigigas (Hasty) OT: TRU
    10th Anniversary Celebi (Lax) OT 10 ANIV
    Movie 8 Regigigas (Sassy) OT: Some japanese name
    TRU Arceus (Naive, Only available with good offers) OT: TRU
    Gamestop Deoxys (Rash) OT: Gamestp
    Hayley Mew (Lonely) OT: ユカリ
    Jirachi (Timid) OT SMR2010
    Onemuri Pikachu (Relaxed) OT: おねむり

    Shiny Pokes:

    UT Gamestop Pichu (Jolly) OT: GAMESTP
    UT Shiny Febas (Relaxed) OT: Damien- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Pachirishu (Hasty) OT: Damien-RNG'd
    UT Shiny Chimchar w/ Heatwave & Thunderpunch (Serious) OT: Damien- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Jolteon (Hasty) OT: TYSON-RNG'd
    UT Shiny Mudkip (Timid) OT: TYSON- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Tropius w/ Gust & Leaf Blade (Quiet) OT: Damien- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Phione (Hasty) OT: Arielle- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Charmander w/ Crunch, Overheat, & Dragon Claw (Lax) OT: Arielle- RNG'd
    UT Shiny Ralts (Careful) OT: Arielle-RNG'd
    UT Shiny Eevee (Docile) OT: Damien-RNG'd
    Shiny Eevee (Timid) OT: Kotone

    IV Pokes:
    (Currently not in stock will be available soon)

    ( Coming Soon) Items! (Coming Soon)

    Pokémon For Trade!


    UT Latios(Timid) OT: Alex
    UT Latias (Naive) OT: Kotone
    UT Regigigas (Rash) OT: Arielle
    UT Regigigas (Adament) OT: Sayuri
    UT Ho-Oh (Serious) OT: Arielle
    Emerald Kyogre (Quiet[T]) OT: Zeke
    Moltres (Modest)
    Zapdos (Serious) OT Hoshi
    UT Zapdos (Sassy) OT: Arielle
    UT Articuno (Bashful Nn'd Arti) OT: Arielle
    Palkia (Quiet [BT]) OT: Tristian
    Lugia (Brave [T])
    Dialga (Docile Nn'd Legit) OT:Geoff
    Giratina (Gentle Nn'd SHADISH [T]) OT: ♦♠♠♠♠♦♦
    Raikou (Quirky) OT: WES
    Azelf (Adamant[BT] & has a Pokémon League Ribbon) OT:Curtis
    Azelf (Jolly [BT] & has pokemon League Ribbon) OT: Tyler
    Uxie ( Naive & has Pokémon League Ribbon/ one other ribbon) OT: Arielle
    Phione- Can breed any nature....

    [ Egg-Move Pokes(UPDATED REGULARLY):

        Spoiler:- Open to See Egg-Move Pokes:

    I (SaffronMoonbeam) have almost all the berries, so please ask with a reference to the berry number!

    Disclaimer: Berries take time to grow, if you would like a specific berry, or multiples, please make that clear. Also know that unless I (SaffronMoonbeam) say so, I might have to grow them. So, be patient please.


    TRU Arceus
    TRU Shaymin
    WIN2011 Celebi
    Gamestop Deoxys
    NZ Pikachu
    Almia/Alamos Darkrai

    As well as any other events....

    Shiny Pokes

    Shiny Eevees
    Shiny Scythor/Scizor (Adamant w/ Technician)
    Shiny Flawless male ralts (Adamant)

    Shiny Event Mew
    Shiny Event Shaymin
    Shiny Event Mewtwo
    Shiny Event Deoxys
    As well as any other Shinies....(No Lake of Rage pokes, please)


    Shiny/Normal Ho-oh
    Shiny/Normal Articuno
    Shiny/Normal Palkia
    Shiny/ Normal Embedded Tower Kyogre
    Shiny/Normal Heatran
    As well as any other Legendaries..

    Banners done by:
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    BLACK FC: 1077-6361-3287
    Trainer name: Arielle

    PROUD OWNER OF A MYSTRY !!! -NOT for trades-
    Wanted Items: Masterballs, PP ups,TM's.

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