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    Hello there everybody! I'm curry74 and I'm doing a sprite comic.
    But I just can't find a name for it . It will tell the story of Brendan and May in Hoenn. If you find a good name for it, I would be very happy. Just so you know I will start to post as soon as I get a name.

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    This section is for posting stories rather than sprite comics, let alone trying to think up a name for one. =p For posting comics you'd be better off trying the Art section we hav.

    Hence I'm going to close. I would advise trying not to be generic with the name though (e.g. Adventures in Hoenn or Hoenn Chronicles, etc); try to have a name that does that but is also relevant to the story (basically otherwise it's going to sound the same as all the other stories/comics that may have such names. But it is hard for us to suggest a name when all we know is that it is about Brendan and May in Hoenn; what actually will happen, the genre, etc is unknown.

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