This a story about a boy name carlos traveling in sinnoh with his 3 friends jared dylan and charm i hope you enjoy it

chapter 1 a start of a new journey

Carlos woke up full of excitement because he was going to get his starter Pokemon and begin his journey as a Pokemon trainer.

He jumped out of bed and started to pack his things, 'don't forget your invitation dear' his mom called from the doorway.

'Thanks mom, i was in such a rush to get everything packed it completely slipped my mind', he said stuffing the small card into his bag.

'That's what i'm here for' she said with a smile, 'hadn't you better get going, you don't want to be late'.

Carloss picked up his bag, walked out of his room and started to walk towards the front door, 'aren't you forgetting something?' said mom.

'Oh sorry, bye Mom' he said leaning in to give her a hug and kiss goodbye, and then he ran to Professor Rowan's lab, all the time thinking of which starter he was going to pick.

Once he arrived at the lab, he was met by a man in a white lab coat, 'hello young man, it's always nice to meet a new trainer, i'm Professor Rowan, nice to meet you' he said with a grin.

'Nice to meet you to sir' Carlos said in an excited tone, 'my name's Carlos'.

'So Carlos, have you decided on which starter you would like?' asked Professor Rowan.

'I still can't decide to be honest Professor' he said with a confused look.

Carlos was shown to a table where there was a Piplup and Chimchar sat together, eating Pokemon food, 'excuse me Professor' he asked 'but what happened to Turtwig?'

'A young man named Dylan came about an hour ago and claimed Turtwig' said the Professor.

'I should have known he'd beat me to getting a starter' Carlos said angrily, 'well these two are just as good' said the Professor 'so which would you like Carloss?'

'I think i'll go with Piplup please Professor' he said looking down at the two small Pokemon.

'Good choice' said Professor Rowan, returning Piplup to its Pokeball and then handed it to Carlos

'Thanks Professor' he said happily, and started walking towards the exit. 'Not so fast' said the Professor 'you won't get very far without these', he handed Carlos 5 more Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

'Thanks again Professor' he said, 'no problem' the Professor replied 'just promise me that you'll take good care of your new partner'.

'I promise' i said slipping the Pokeballs and Pokedex into my pocket and heading towards the exit.

'You should think about heading to Jubilife City' suggested Professor Rowan 'that's where the nearest Pokemon Centre is, so you'll be able to register yourself for Pokemon Contests or Gym Battles, so which one are you going to choose?'

'Both' said Carlos confidently.

'Well that sounds like a lot of work, but i wish you luck' said the Professor.

'Thanks Professor' said Carlos with a smile 'i'd better get going'

'Goodbye Carlos and good luck on your journey' shouted the Professor as Carloss started to run down the road towards Jubilife City.

On the way Carlos decided to take a short break and have some lunch by a near by lake, he hadn't been there very long when he noticed something that looked like a Pokemon in the middle of the lake.

Carlos reached for his Pokedex, but by the time he opened the case to check for an entry the mysterious creature had vanished.

'What was that?' Carlos said turning to Piplup.

'Piplup, Pip' chirped Piplup shaking its head.

'Well it's long gone now, so there's no point worrying about it' said Carlos packing everything away 'return Piplup' he said calling Piplup back into its Pokeball, picking up his bag and continuing his journey.

He hadn't been walking long when he spotted another trainer, and as he got closer it turned out to be his best friend Jared.

'Hey Jared' said Carlos 'are you headed for Jubilife City too?'

'Sure am' said Jared excitedly 'how would you like to have a battle with me, so that we can see how well we can handle our starters?'

'You're on' said Carlos, reaching for his Pokeball 'go Piplup'.

'Nice starter' said Jared 'but not as nice as mine, go Chimchar'.

The two Pokemon appeared in front of their trainers and started to size each other up.

'Just because we're friends, don't think that i'll go easy on you' said Carlos.

'I wouldn't have it any other way' said Jared.

'Alright Piplup lets get this battle started, use Bubble Beam' ordered Carlos.

'Chimchar, counter that with Flamethrower' ordered Jared.

The two attacks were very evenly matched, but both Pokemon were going to give it everything they had.

'Fury Swipes Chimchar' ordered Jared.

Chimchar lunged towards Piplup, with it's claws extended.

'Peck Piplup' ordered Carlos.

Piplup flew towards Chimchar ready to counter it again. 'Your Chimchar is really strong' said Carlos.

'So is your Piplup' said Jared.

The attacks collided in mid-air and both Pokemon were knocked to the ground.

They both knew that neither Pokemon was going to give up, so they needed to pull out all the stops.

'Lets finish this Piplup, Whirlpool' ordered Carlos.

'Oh no you don't' said Jared 'Flame Wheel Chimchar'.

The two Pokemon hit each other with every bit of strength they had left, and they were both knocked out cold from the resulting collision.

'NOOO!!' shouted Jared.

'Well it looks like we have a tie' said Carlos disappointed, as they called back their Pokemon.

'I guess you're right' agreed Jared 'but that was a great battle'.

'Definetley' agreed Carlos 'you're going to do great on your journey'.

'Thanks, i'm hoping to compete in both contests and gyms' said Jared with a grin.

'Me too' said Carlos 'looks like we're going to be rivals'

'I suppose you're right' said Jared 'how would you like to travel together, we could help each other out along the way'.

'Sounds like a good idea to me' said Carlos.

'Then it's agreed' said Jared shaking Carlos' hand.

The two young trainers gathered their things and carried on down the road to Jubilife City, eager to get registered at the Pokemon Center, and start the next part of their Pokemon journey.