Rated PG-13 (I believe this to be a fair rating for now.)


Dawn hit the snooze button on her alarm clock. She opened her eyes and checked the time.


Her eyes flew open. “Eight?! Oh no! I overslept!” She jumped out of bed, pulling off her pajamas as she did so. “Oh, I am going to be so late!” She quickly pulled on her panties and snapped her bra. “Oh, I hope she has not been waiting long!” She ran into the bathroom while pulling on her socks. She grabbed her hairbrush and started to try and brush her hair. “Oh, this is useless! I’ll just tell her that Pachirisu shocked me!” She ran out of the bathroom and grabbed her dress and slid it on, followed by her boots. She ran downstairs and out the door, yelling goodbye to her mom as she ran by.

“Bye honey, have a nice time!” her mom smiled and waved to her as she ran off.

May stepped off the boat in Canalave City. She looked around and smiled to herself. About a week ago, she had stepped onto the boat in Hoenn, fully aware that she was never going back. She had come here to meet her girlfriend that she had video chatted with for well over a year now. Today was the start of the rest of her life, and she could not be happier! She walked toward the Pokemon Center where they were to meet. She opened the door and looked around, and she could already tell that this region would take some getting used to. In the Pokemon Center, there were a few trainers talking to each other at a table. She took note of what they were wearing; Long pants and a solid color shirt were worn by the two male trainers that were there, and the one female trainer was wearing a tightly fitting top and a short skirt.

“Heh.” May laughed to herself with a naughty grin on her face. ‘She is actually pretty sexy,’ she thought to herself ‘though nothing compared to my Dawn. We could always use a third I suppose…’ About that time, the female trainer looked up at her. She quickly wiped the grin off her face and looked away, a bit embarrassed that she had even thought about anyone other than Dawn that way. She heard the two male trainers laughing and turned back to see the female trainer looking down and blushing. ‘Great, five minutes here, and I’ve already embarrassed someone.’ She turned and walked up to the front counter. “Um, excuse me, Nurse?”

“Yes?” Nurse Joy answered with a grin and a curtsy. “How may I help you?”

“Has a girl named Dawn been here this morning?”

“Hmm…no, I do not believe so. You are welcome to sit down anywhere and wait for her, if you like.” She smiled again.

May thanked her and walked to a table by the door and sat down. She looked up at the clock that was mounted above the door.


'Odd,’ she thought ‘I am three hours late, yet Dawn is still not here. I hope nothing bad has happened to her…’

Dawn looked down at her Poketch.


“Oh man, I am so late!” Dawn ran down through the middle of Jubilife City. “I’m coming May!” she yelled out.


Right, I am thinking of making this into a SapphirePearlShipping series, but I am kind of stumped for more. Please give me reviews on this so far though, as maybe it will give me inspiration. And yes, it looks short, but this was actually two pages, xD