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    Default The Manhattan Project

    Welcome brave battler to The Manhattan Project. I are your host on this journey. Be prepared for your skills to be tested unlike any league currently on Serebii. I wish you luck with the challenge and ill see you on the battlefield

    Table Of Contents

        Spoiler:- Table Of Contents:

    The Rules

    1. Follow all SPPF rules and league forum rules.
    2. PO (Pokemon Online) is mandatory for the League.
    3. No flaming, spamming or trolling.
    4. Frontier Brains will be using pokemon specific to their tier.
    5. All Frontier Brains will battle a best 2/3. The Challenger will be awarded a Symbol for defeating them. Unless stated otherwise.
    6. CounterTeaming (CTing) is strictly prohibited. If a Brain has proof of CTing, the battle will be invalid. (Only if CT applies)
    7. Team revealing is also strictly prohibited, do not reveal any Pokemon or strategy after battling a Frontier Brain.
    8. Not following the rules will get you banned for a week. Do it 3 times and you will get permanently banned.
    9. If you lose to a Frontier Brain you must wait 24 hours of time before battling the same Frontier Brain. Unless stated otherwise.
    10. The League uses the smogon tiers, do not use any Pokemon that does not belong in the specified tier.
    11. Unreleased/Banned Pokemon, DW abilities and items are prohibited. (Except for the DW Tier)
    12. Do not ask for battles in the Thread, use VMs/PM, the Xat or our Po channel (TMP League) to challenge the Frontier Brains.
    13. If a Frontier Brain is inactive for a span greater than or equal to 2 weeks, and the battle frontier has not been informed of the reason for said absence BEFOREHAND, the frontier brain will be replaced. No arguments.
    14. Should a brain be inactive for more than 4 days they will be closed.
    15. You must defeat 10 brains to challenge the Elite Four.
    16. You must defeat all 4 Elite Four to challenge the champion
    17. You must confirm your wins and losses
    18. In the event one of the competitors has to leave late game the winning player will be giving the win (Note number of pokes left is what we look for not countering)
    19. Should either player have to leave early game the brain and challenger will decide prior to the other leaving what will happen
    20. Failure to bring the correct team will result in a loss for that battle.

    HTML Code:
    April 21st 2012 - The original TMP opens.
    August 29th 2012 - Current TMP thread is opened.
    September 14th 2012 -  Prohawk is crowned champion of TMP.
    September 17th 2012 - Seribii Community Section is added once again to the league.
    October 5th 2012 - Prohawk becomes official symbols case creator.
    October 8th 2012 - League Symbols cases finished.
    October 19th 2012 - T.W.I. remakes TMP symbols due to them being missing for several days.
    October 19th 2012 - Jirachiuser1 dethrones Prohawk and is now the new Champion.
    October 20th 2012 - Prohawk becomes assistant manager of the league. 
    January 11th 2013 - Blues is named the second assistant manager
    January 11th 2013 - TMP has mass updates
    January 19th 2013 - Blues Dethrones Jirachuser1
    March 14th 2013 - Extroph becomes assistant manager
    March 18th 2013 - The Manhattan Project Elite Four is announced
    March 23rd 2013 - Pslio Dethrones Blues
    March 24th 2013 - Elite Four now Open.
    April 5th 2013 - EmeraldGoblin Dethrones Pslio.
    April 13th 2013 - Jirachiuser1 Dethrones EmeraldGoblin
    May 9th 2013 - TMP Closes until further notice.
    July 3rd 2013 - TMP Reopens
    Sign up form:
    HTML Code:
    [B]Serebii username:[/B]
    [B]Po username:[/B]
    Example Form

        Spoiler:- Example Form:


    Frontier Owner

    Assistant Managers:

        Spoiler:- Roles of staff:

    The Ban list

    1st strike: Warning
    2nd strike: 1 Day ban
    3rd strike: 1 week ban
    4th: strike: Perma ban

        Spoiler:- Credits:

    Retired Brains

        Spoiler:- Retired Brains:

        Spoiler:- FAQ:

    The Ops have been updated as of post 2026

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