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    Default Pokémon Beige

    "Pokémon Beige" is an online web comic created for fans of Pokémon.

    Plot -
    Red, Blue, and Green are three trainers who begin their journeys from Pallet Town together. Along the way they strike up friendships with both people and Pokémon.

    Link -
    All comics are under this link. Just click "Comics Hub" in the header and navigate through your favourite story arcs.

    Membership -
    You can sign up to the "Pokémon Beige" website to receive email updates when there is a new home page post or page added. You also get unlimited access to the forums, where you can discuss Pokémon and promote your own work.
    It's very easy to do, safe and secure. I, personally, don't get your email address or password. All information is given to, a secure, trustworthy site (they hold my details too).

    Updates -
    When an update is posted, just check back to this first post, and a link to the new page will be here. I post a new page on Wednesdays and Sundays as often as possible. A website update is made every Monday and Friday.

    Please note that there are navigational arrows above each page, so please don't keep coming out of the site, back to the forum, click the page you want and repeat the process. That's time consuming and will take a lot of fun out of reading the comic.

    #1 - The Beginning - Part One

    #2 - The Beginning - Part Two

    Specials -

    Wallpapers -
    I'm also constantly making wallpapers which are released every one or two months. Click the spoiler to view or download them.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, either below, or in the comment section underneath each page on the website.
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