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Thread: My first competetive team.

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    Question My first competetive team.

    Hey, this is my first competetive team that I have ever created. I've been playing pokemon for a while and decided to try one out. Thus, I don't have any items or natures chosen for my pokemon so if you can give suggestions thanks.

    The main goal of the team is to start out with Bronzong and completely wall and discourage my opponent. Then when they do take him out I have an array of good pokemon to fall back on. Here they are.

    Garchomp @ Needed Ability/Sand Veil
    Nature: Needed
    EV's: 252 Atk. 252 Sp. 6 HP
    Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw
    Fire Blast
    Iron Head
    Body Slam/Sandstorm

    I chose Garchomp because I wanted to use him and knew that he could be a good pokemon to fall back on. With awesome attack, it's obvious that I want him to be a physical sweeper, but I am not sure about Dragon Rush or Dragon Claw. Suggestions would be helpful. Fire Blast is obviously there to take care of Ice types but I realize that it doesn't work with his stats so an alternative maybe. I'm leaning towards Sandstorm because of his ability so I might scrap Body Slam.

    Hippowdon @ Needed Ability/Sandstream
    Nature: Needed
    EV's: 252 HP 252 Atk. 6 Def.
    Double Edge

    Hippowdon is just another pokemon to fall back on. The only move I'm really not sure of is Yawn but I couldn't find anything better. I'll take suggestions.

    Drapion @ Needed Ability/Sniper
    Nature: Needed
    EV's 252 Atk. 252 Def. 6 Sp.
    Cross Poison/Poison Jab

    By now you realize my main goal is just having good pokemon. I decided to have Drapion as a good Psychic counter. Because of his sniper ability, I though Cross Poison would be a better STAB because of its higher Crit. ratio. Crunch is just another good stab and I haven't found a good last move so suggestions?

    Octillery @ Needed Ability/Sniper
    Nature: Needed
    EV's: 132 HP 126 Sp. Atk. 252 Sp.
    Ice Beam
    Energy Ball
    Flash Cannon

    I was a bit discouraged to using Octillery when I saw it's speed but I want to use it anyway. So I was thinking a speed increasing item but I don't know what would fit. I put Flash Cannon there for lack of something better so I will take suggestions and I decided to max out Speed EV's to help.

    Raichu @ Needed Ability/Static
    Nature: Needed
    EV's: 252 Sp. Atk. 126 Sp. 132 HP
    Focus Blast

    I'm focusing Raichu more on the special aspect as I am with Octiller because I don't have too many special attackers. But I couldn't find a lot of good moves to give him for those criteria so I could use some help here but in the long run I gave him 132 HP EV's so I could stand a turn and use Agility to start sweeping. But I realize this might not be worth it so if you have suggestions thanks.

    Bronzong @ Needed Ability/Levitate
    Nature: Needed
    EV's: 252 Def. 252 Sp. Def. 6 HP
    Psychic/Gyro Ball

    So finally, the reall heart of my team. I'll send out Bronzong first probably and let him discourage my opponent. I can set up a Toxic and then Protect to get extra damage from it. Rest to make you hit him more and I'm leaning towards Gyro Ball as an attacking move because of Bronzong's slightly higher Atk. EV's are self explanitory since I plan on using him as a complete wall and I threw in the extra to HP just because.

    I realize that I could have this team completely set up wrong but this is my first time putting together a competetive team. Although it isn't my first time putting together a balanced team so I think that it is alright. I also realize that trying to start out with Bronzong might not be the best so if you don't recommend it that's fine. I just realized that could be a good application. Thanks for the input.

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    Might want to fill in the blanks and do some research before posting next time. Garchomp is banned and although usable, many of the Pokemon you posted are outshined by others. Anyways, good luck at making your first team and welcome to the hell that is competitive gaming.
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    Thanks forgot that Garchomp is banned, I know that there are some better pokemon to use but I am sort of limited to only 4th gen pokemon right now. These are also pokemon that I just felt like using so right now I'm really just seeing what works.

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