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    Now I know the uses of natures.. but when it comes to a "perfect" or "flawless" pokemon I dont really know too much so if it is something you try to do i can assure you I just care about helpful natures and shiny pokemon that are awesome in my opinion. you will make my pokemon x set up so dope if you would be down to trade.

    Just a couple of questions though:

    1. Do any of these pokemon have nicknames? Or are those the OT listed above such as jake, danny, etc.

    2. Can you confirm that all the pokemon you are offering are shiny and the stated natures, (im sure i can see before we officially trade but just making sure)

    3. ANYWAY to get the shiny horsea with the quiet nature into 5th gen?! *************************

    Will Trade:

    UT Keldeo lv.15 careful OT:SMR2012
    UT Celibi: lv.50 mild OT: WIN2011
    UT Celibi lv.50 lax OT:WIN2011
    UT Japanese Arceus lv.100 calm
    UT Victini lv.50 quiet OT: Movie14

    Will accept:
    The Adamant Shiny Eevee


    i am really looking for a shiny water-type(if horsea isnt available)
    if horsea is off the table then let me know and ill revise my wants but is my offer good for you?
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