• Galvantula gets Giga Drain via BW2 tutor, so use that>Energy Ball. May as well slap the Life Orb on it. Giga Drain could also be used as an alternative to HP[Ground] on Volcarona.
  • Stone Edge is a possibilty>Return on Gyara for those QuakeEdge users.
  • NP Honchkrow could slash in Superpower>HP Fighting for wallbreaking. Besides, Superpower isn't hindered by the rest of it's moveset too badly. It'd require a shift of EVs/Natures, but eh.
  • Lilligant still has Butterfly Dance as oppsoed to Quiver Dance.
  • Slash in Earthquake alongside Fire Punch on Miltank. Sure, you miss out of Levitating Steels, but there are so few and Earthquake also lets Miltank hit Rocks.
  • Starmie has 252Atk EVs as opposed to SATK EVs

Now, about Hidden Power. First off, the thread is using both 'HP Type' and 'Hidden Power [Type]' formats. This should be unified into a single format for consistancy's sake. But more importantly, I think that Hidden Power should be only used as an alternative. This is ingame, and most players won't have the patience or knowledge on breeding for Hidden Power which really defeats the point of listing sets that the average ingame player is able to use. It may just be me, but that's what I think.