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Thread: Best and Worst experiences in a Pokčmon game

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    This is my first thread, and decided to go lightly first, so type away and tell me and others about your best experiences, your dreaded moments, hair raising events and even your funniest flops. Have fun and think hard so we can share our experiences

    I suppose I will start , so my best moment in a pokemon game has to be when I battled a moltres in leaf green, I was down to couple poke balls left, and I had actually caught a legendary bird pokemon, with a poke ball!!! I felt like a god . I also had a blastoise that had never fainted before. Worst moment? Definitely those first times in a cave without flash being used

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    Bruno, Whitney, Norman, Gardenia and Elesa

    Magikarp used splash! It's a one-hit KO!

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