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Thread: Total Pokémon Drama: The Island... (PG-14)

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    Default Total Pokémon Drama: The Island... (PG-14)

    Well, welcome to my new fic.

    This project was inspired by Dark Amphithere's Total Pokémon Island, I admit. The guy is quite talented (and boy can he write a murder mystery), and has given me numerous ideas for this fic.

    Anyway, from the title, you can see this is a Total Drama/Pokémon crossover. I have most of the eliminations prepared, so sorry if your favourite character gets eliminated.
    Knightley- Gallade
    Lucy- Lopunny
    Amelia- Gardevoir
    Weavile- Nathaniel
    Machoke- Hercules
    Vivaldi- Kricketune
    Shad- Sableye
    Bubbles- Azumarill
    Mason- Raichu
    Enrique- Maractus
    Bethany- Lilligant
    DJ- Scrafty
    Picazzo- Smeargle
    Monica- Mawile
    Maple- Flaafy
    Sahara- Mandibuzz
    Spira- Druddigon
    Cecilia- Drapion
    Cherufe- Magcargo
    Iris- Flygon
    Helga- Blissey
    Noki- Grumpig

    PM list:

    Episode list:
    Episode 1: Welcome!
    Episode 2: Circle of Enemies


    Episode 1: Welcome!

    The screen of your monitor is filled with static. As the static subsides, a small, floating Pokémon appears, next to a very annoyed looking alien Pokémon. The first one has a small, white body, with a curved line on her stomach. On her head is a three pointed yellow hat, with a green wish tag hanging from each point. From behind her back, two pieces of yellow cloth are spread out. She also has what seems to be make-up bellow both of her eyes.

    The Pokémon next to her was rather tall. Her body was orange and blue, appearing somewhat metallic. Instead of arms, she had four tentacles, two orange, two blue. On her chest was an alcove with some sort of violet jewel encrusted in it. Her eyes were perpetually giving off an angry look. Both her and the little Pokémon next to her had some sort of metallic bracelet around their wrists.

    “Hello!” the small Pokémon yelled enthusiastically. “I’m Jirachi, and with my lovely friend Deoxys-“

    Deoxys scoffed.

    “- we’re going to host the best reality-show you have ever seen. What’s it called? It’s called Total! POKÉMON! DRAMA! The Island…” Jirachi continued as she ignored Deoxys.

    “… You practically begged me to do THIS? For what? To degrade ourselves in front of the world?” The DNA Pokémon asked.

    “Arceus made me do this! You know how she gets when she’s brainstorming for legends. She needs to see Pokémon suffer.”

    “She promised you some Chocolate Poffins, didn’t she.” It was more of a statement than a question.

    The wishmaker started whistling. Deoxys just sighed. “All right, I’ll play along. Just sneak in some of those Poffins into my room when we’re done with this.”

    Hearing this, Jirachi hugged her co-host. “YES! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

    “Get off me. Now.”

    Jirachi let go and faced the camera. “Alright, let me explain the rules for you. Twenty-two trainers were chosen to send in ONE of their prized Pokémon to Challenge Island, to compete for 1,000,000,000 poké, plus a vacation in Undella Town, all expenses paid! These Pokémon will have to compete against each-other in several challenges, hoping to achieve safety. Those who don’t achieve safety are submitted to the Elimination Ceremony, where the campers will choose who will leave the competition. If you have the most votes, well… you’ll have to walk down the dock and leave on the boat.”

    “So, now that you know the rules, let’s head to the dock and greet our contestants!” Jirachi started floating towards a dock, but Deoxys stopped her.

    “Aren’t you forgetting something?” she pointed to the bracelet.

    “Oh yeah!” Jirachi faced the camera once more. “In order for you to understand us, Deoxys has kindly created a bunch of translation bracelets, which have been sent to the contestants beforehand.”

    “And when she says “Deoxys”, “kindly” and “translation bracelets”, she means “Idiotic Ambipoms”, “forced” and “devices that may or may not permanently damage your Pokémon despite being able to translate what we say”,” the alien deadpanned. Jirachi simply glared at her and head off to the dock.

    The dock was an old, run-down wooden pathway held up by thin sticks on the beach. It was amazing how the thing wasn’t completely destroyed yet. Jirachi and Deoxys stood at its end, looking for any boats on the horizon. Soon, they spotted one.

    “And here comes our first contestant!” Jirachi said, as the fist contestant disembarked.

    Carrying a navy blue gym bag on his shoulder, the contestant seemed to be, to put it simply, an orange reptile in yellow pants and hood. A red mohawk fluttered through the breeze, as he struggled to keep his pants up and his luggage on his shoulder. If you haven’t guessed what Pokémon this is right now, then you have a problem.

    “DJ the Scrafty! You’re our first contestant!” Jirachi greeted.

    DJ looked at Jirachi closely and shook her tiny hand. He did the same to Deoxys.

    “It’s… nice… too… meet you.” Deoxys’ words were strained. Obviously, she wasn-t at all used to being… well, nice. “Now put my wallet back or I will make you sleep with the fishes.

    “Aw, damn it.” DJ took the wallet out of his hood and gave it back.

    “Good boy. Now stand over there. There’s another boat coming.”

    DJ did so, as the second boat arrived at the dock, leaving an orange mouse-like Pokémon with a long tail that ended in a thunderbolt, carrying his luggage in a brown suitcase.

    “What’s up, people!” the Raichu lifted his paw for a high-five from Deoxys, though he got none. “C’mon girl, don’t leave me hangin’.” He pleaded.

    “I’d rather not catch “Moronic Idiot Syndrome”, thank you. It infects by touch.” The Raichu simply lowered his paw.

    “Go over to DJ, Mason. The next contestant is arriving.” Mason obeyed Jirachi grudgingly, as he stood next to DJ.


    “’Sup.” Nothing else was said.

    The next contestant hopped off the boat. He was a small, white, bi-pedal dog Pokémon with brown ears and some sort of French beret on his head. In one hand he carried his luggage, while he carried his tail, which had a bushy end, dipped in green paint, in the other.

    “Picazzo!” The Smeargle looked at the small, floating Wish Pokémon, but instead of responding, he simply turned away, looking at the scenery behind him. Then he got on his knees and screamed “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!”

    DJ did the coo-coo gesture at Jirachi.

    “Anyway… Here comes contestant number four!” Jirachi said.

    Instead of a boat, a Pokémon carrying her luggage in her talons flew in. Her skin was a shade of pink, with plenty of dark-coloured feathers on her body. She also had few feathers on her head and a small bone going through them.

    “Sahara, I presume?” Deoxys asked.

    “The one and only.” She spread her wings, knocking Picazzo into the ocean. Not looking very concerned, she looked at her competition. “Well, it seems I’ve got this in the bag.” The Mandibuzz cackled and flew over to her fellow contestants.

    “I don’t like her.” Deoxys whispered to Jirachi.

    “Neither do I. You know what that means, right?” She whispered back.

    “That most of these contestants are going to hate her by the end of the show and that she’s going to cause a lot of unnecessary drama?”

    “Of course not! Think of the ratings! They’ll be sky high!”

    “You really want those poffins, don’t you.” Again, it was more of a statement then a question.

    While the conversation between the hosts occurred, a new contestant had arrived. A red, moustachioed cricket got off the boat, carrying his luggage in one of his… err, hands. Seeing he wasn’t getting much attention, he put his luggage and rubbed his knife-like arms, creating a melody to capture the hosts’ attention.

    “Oh, you’re… Vivaldi, right?” The Kricketune nodded. “Go wait next to the other contestants.” Vivaldi did so, though he decided it was wise to stay away from the Mandibuzz.

    As the next boat came along and Picazzo climbed onto the dock, he nearly fell into the ocean again.

    In front of him was probably the most beautiful specimen he had ever seen. She was a female womanly Pokémon in an orange dress, with long, black hair and ruby eyes, walking gracefully as a goddess.

    In everyone else’s eyes, it was simply a small girl-like Pokémon with hair that looked like it was about to eat someone and red eyes that had just tripped on a rock.

    “You okay, Monica?” The Mawile got up. “Nah, I’m fine.” She smiled, as she dusted herself off.

    “Alright, go wait over there with-“

    “PRIMADONA!” Picazzo ran over to Monica, grabbing her. “You must let me paint you!”

    Monica’s response was simple. “PERVERT ALERT!” she yelled, as she grabbed him with her hair jaws and flung him into the ocean. Afterwards, she simply walked over to the other contestants, very annoyed.

    “… This is a very interesting batch of contestants so far, isn’t it?” The wishmaker commented.

    Deoxys nodded, as the next contestant arrived. He was a tall, white Pokémon with green blades for arms. On his head was a green fin, and on his chest was some sort of strange pink thing sticking out.

    “Knightley! Good to see you!” Jirachi raised her hand for a high-five, receiving one from the Gallade.

    “Nice to see you too.” Knightly responded, as he walked over to the rest of the campers, standing next to DJ. “Hey, what’s up? I’m Knightley.” He extended his hand.

    DJ simply looked at the hand. “I’m DJ.” Seeing he wasn’t going to shake it, Knightley put his hand down.

    The next boat arrived, dropping off what appeared to be a female plant. She had a flower on her head, mimicking a hat, green hair that was hidden behind her back, a white face with amber eyes and a large, green, plant-like dress.

    “Bethany! How are you?” Jirachi greeted the Lilligant.

    “Lovely, my dear Jirachi.” She looked around. “Uh… Are you sure this is the right place? The brochure you sent my trainer had… well, a hotel. Not shacks.”

    “Oh yeah, about that… we lied.”


    “Enough chit-chat, go over there.” And with that, Bethany was shooed off. Grumpily, she stood next to DJ.

    “Hello there…” He flirted. “You know, I’m not sure how, but I just got lost in your eyes.”

    “If you don’t want to be kicked in the berries this instant, I suggest you back away.”

    Knightley chuckled, as he patted a slightly depressed DJ on the back. “Nice try dude.”

    Meanwhile, Picazzo had, once again, climbed onto the dock, standing next to Monica. He opened his mouth to speak to her.


    He shut it again.

    While this happened, another contestant had arrived, avidly talking to the hosts. She was a small, pink sheep with wool on her head and around her neck. Her horns, like her tail, had black stripes on them, while the tip of her tail had a blue orb attached to it. While Jirachi opened her mouth every now and then to try to shut her up, Deoxys looked like she was about to punch the Flaafy into oblivion.

    “- and then Max was running around in circles, making the electric current go round and round and round, because electric currents are SO AMAZING! Say, have you ever seen an electric current go through someone’s body? It’s like their acting like a malfunctioning robot in the Arctic, shaking every part of their body. It’s hilarious! I hope there aren’t any robots here. That reminds me-“

    “OKAY, you know what you should do, Maple? You should tell those stories to your fellow campers!” The desperate Wish Pokémon said. Maple nodded and happily skipped towards her fellow campers.

    “Thank Arceus, if you didn’t get rid of her, I would.” Deoxys whispered to Jirachi.

    “You can’t do that! The crazy ones always bring in the viewers! It’s like how honey attracts Combee!”


    “… What?”

    “Honey attracts Ursaring, not Combee.”

    “Then why is the expression “Like a Combee to honey?”“

    “Simple. It isn’t. The expression is “Like a Mothim to a flame””

    “I’m pretty sure it’s Combee.”

    “It’s Mothim.”





    “Uh, excuse me?”

    WHAT?!” Both hosts snapped at the Pokémon who dared to interrupt their argument. He was a blue weasel-like Pokémon with various red feathers on his head. They were the same shade of red as his tail, his ears and the feathers around his neck. Sharp, white claws were at the end of his arms, while he had a oval-shaped, yellow spot on his forehead.

    “I’m sorry for interrupting your… important debate, but I’d like you to introduce me please.” The Weavile requested.

    Jirachi rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, Nathaniel, just go over to the rest of the campers.” Nathaniel was about to do so, when Deoxys stopped him.

    “Use sarcasm to mock me ever again and I swear that I will pluck every single feather off your body. One. By. One.” She whispered menacingly.

    “Sorry,” he whispered back,” but I’m not into sadism and masochism.”

    Deoxys had to be restrained before she murdered him, as Nathaniel walked over to the other campers, chuckling.

    While this happened, another contestant was left at the dock. She was a large, pink Pokémon with pink curls and an egg in her pouch. She also wore a tiny, white skirt.

    “Hello, Helga! Welcome to Challenge Island!” Jirachi greeted. The Blissey looked around.

    Then, she grabbed Jirachi by the… collar and started speaking foreign gibberish.

    Seeing Jirachi understood nothing, she repeated it in English, but with a foreign accent. “Zis is lächerlich! Crazy! Ze brochure said it vas a spa! Not a beschissen, unhygienisch dump!“

    “Calm down, Helga... There’s a very simple explanation for this...“

    “Vat is it?!“

    “She lied.“ Bethany said instead of Jirachi, as she rolled her eyes.

    Rage filled Helga’s eyes, as she Seismic Toss’d Jirachi and prepared to leave... only to see her boat had already left.

    “N-now it’s t-too... late...“ Jirachi struggled to stay afloat. Grunting angrily, Helga stomped over with her luggage, waiting next to Bethany.

    “Idiotic möchten maker...“


    “You speak German, fräulein?” Helga asked Bethany, astonished.

    “Doch.” Bethany grinned and extended her hand. “Bethany.”

    “Helga.” She grinned and shook it.

    “And here’s our eleventh contestant!” Jirachi said.

    Out of the eleventh boat came a bipedal, purple and black pig with a curly pink tail and three black pearls: two on his head and one on his stomach.

    “Noki! Glad to have you!” Jirachi greeted. The Grumpig smiled, but soon started sniffing the air.

    “DO I SMELL CHOCOLATE POFFINS?” He yelled. Jirachi sweatdropped, though she was surprised.

    “How did you-“

    “Sensitive snout.” He pointed to his nose. “It runs in the family.” Soon, he started to sniff the air again.

    “Riiight… Just go over there and mingle with your fellow campers.” Jirachi ordered. Nodding and grinning, he set off to the campers.

    “So! We’ve met half of the contestants already!”

    “And in that batch we have the thief, the wannabee jock, the Italian artist, the cocky vulture, the silent cricket, the enraged girl who the artist wants to paint but she won’t let him because she thinks he’s a pervert, the… actually normal guy, the stuck up snob, the crazy girl, the sarcastic idiot, the enraged German lady and the food obsessed swine.” Deoxys deadpanned. “Forget the Chocolate Poffins, put me in an asylum when this is over.”

    “You’re not gonna make this easy for me, are you?”

    “Nope. That’d be no fun.”

    Jirachi sighed. “Anyway, here comes the next contestant.”

    Out of the twelfth boat came a tall, muscled, purple human-shaped Pokémon, wearing only a black speedo with a wrestler belt attached. There were red, bulging veins on his arms.

    “Well, hello Hercules…” Jirachi greeted, clearly smitten by the Machoke. Hercules smiled, as he walked over to the rest of the campers.

    Unsurprisingly, every single female camper was swooning over him somehow: Monica looked at him dreamily, Sahara was lightly blushing, Maple was grinning like a love-struck fool and Bethany and Helga were sighing, every so often muttering “So dreamy…”. Heck, even Deoxys of all Pokémon was smitten by him, though she hid it. Even better, you, the female readers, were also smitten by Hercules. That’s right girls. Love has overpowered the fourth wall.

    … Then again, what doesn’t?

    Some of the guys, however, were a bit jealous of the Machoke getting all the attention. DJ and Mason, who thought they’d be hooking up with some of the female campers, were glaring daggers at him, while Picazzo, simply sighed, looking at Monica. Others, like Vivaldi and Knightley, weren’t really affected at all.

    “Oh. My. Arceus! I can’t be-LIEVE I was chosen for this! Let’s hope I don’t cause any draaamaaa~!...” Hercules said in his effeminate voice.

    Cue the record scratching that just occurred in everyone’s mind.

    Every single female (including you, female readers) had their jaws wide open, shocked at the discovery that their oh-so-hot Hercules was playing on the girls’ team instead of the guys’.

    The guys, on the other hand, were laughing out loud at the discovery.

    Jirachi was in tears. “WHY MUST THE GOOD-LOOKING ONES BE TAKEN, FICTIONAL OR ON ANOTHER TEAM?! WHY, ARCEUS WHY?!” she buried her face in Deoxys’ chest.

    “… Get a hold of yourself woman. One of the competitors arrived during all this.” Deoxys pointed at the tall, brown, feminine-looking, bi-pedal bunny with cream coloured fur at the ends of her ears, around her wrists, her feet and her enormous eyebrows. Red eyes stared at the two legendaries boringly.

    “Ah know this must be a heartwarmin’ reunion for y’all, but ah’d rather be introduced first.” The Lopunny said.

    Sniffling, Jirachi looked at her in the eyes and said “You don’t know what we just went through! The horror! The drama! The heart-“

    “Honey, you’re cryin’ ‘cause the hunk of juicy meat is on the radah. Ah suggest you get over it n’ realize the fact that you don’t have a gender, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.”

    “… Just go over to the other contestants, Lucy. I’m going to drown my sorrows in Häagen-Dazs.”

    “Wait,” Nathaniel interjected, a bit worried, “you’re going to leave us with Psycho Alien?”

    “Yes.” And with that, Jirachi left.

    Nathaniel gulped as Deoxys glared through his very soul, while Lucy nonchalantly walked across the dock, receiving many stares from the male population.

    “Any of you try n’ say a pick-up line n’ ah’ll kick ya in the berries.”

    Meanwhile, a boat approached the dock while it played loud rave music and multiple colourful spotlights moved around. Out of the boat jumped a cactus-like Pokémon with pink flowers on his ear-like appendages. On his forehead was a small, yellow spike. Below it were his yellow eyes and spiky mouth. Instead of legs, he had a base with some root-like extensions.

    “The Party Master is here!” The Maractus greeted loudly, flailing his arms. Calming down a bit, he looked around. “Hey, where’s the party at? Am I in the wrong place or something?”

    “Nope, you’re at the right place. Now stop talking and get moving Enrique, more contestants are on their way.” Deoxys pointed at the rest of the campers with her tentacles. Enrique simply danced his way to them.

    New boat, new contestant, you get the point. This time, the contestant was female human-looking Pokémon clad in a white dress with a green underside. Her green hair curled to the sides of her head, while her white head was shaped like a masquerade mask. Her green arms were thin, resembling gloves.

    “Amelia. Welcome. Now get out of my sight.” The Gardevoir looked at her confusingly, but kept smiling and joined her fellow competitors.

    The next boat was approaching the dock at an alarming speed. On the deck was blue, bipedal water rabbit with a white, bubble/patterned underside. Her long, thin ears were moving in the wind, while she bounced of her wiry, black tail with a blue bubble at the end.

    “Hi guys!” The Azumarill frantically waved at all the people on the dock happily. Mason let out a whistle.

    “She’s pretty good-lookin’!” He grinned. It looks like he found someone to hook up with.

    Suddenly, the boat screeched to a halt and the Azumarill was flung off the boat, getting her head stuck in one of the cabin walls. “I’m okay!” she reassured.

    “I was hoping you weren’t. I’d love one less camper to deal with…” Deoxys muttered to herself.

    “What was that?” Amelia eyed Deoxys curiously.

    “I said “Someone get Bubbles”.”

    Looks of confusion were exchanged.

    “The Azumarill, you morons!”

    Mason went running. He was probably going to flirt with the Aqua Rabbit.

    Meanwhile, another contestant arrived. He was a red, snail-like Pokémon whose body appeared to be consisted of magma. Large, yellow eyes looked at Deoxys carefully, while large blobs of magma hung from the corners of his mouth. On his back was a big, black shell, with multiple cracks, making it look like it would crumble from the slightest touch. Some flames erupted from the cracks every so often.

    “Hello… Cherufe? What kind of a name is that?!” Deoxys questioned.

    “We have a Grumpig named Noki, you know. It counts as a weird name too.” Bethany interjected.

    “Yes, but Jirachi filled me in that that was a diminutive for Pinocchio. What’s this guy named after?”

    “Myyyyyyyyyyyyyy naaaaaaaaaaaame iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis baaaaaaaaaased ooooooooooon theeeeeeeeeee myyyyyyyyyythiiiiiiiiiiicaaaaaal beeeeeeeeeaaaaast Cheeeeeeeeruuuuuuuuuufe, rooooooooock aaaaaaand maaaaaagmaaaaaa creaaaaaaatuuuuuuures thaaaaaat siiiiiiiimbooooooliiiiiiiize saaaaaafetyyyyyyyy duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuriiiiiiiiiiing eaaaaaaaaarthquaaaaaaakes.” The Magcargo explained.

    “I have no idea what you just said, so just go over to the other campers and don’t talk ever again. That ridiculously slow voice of yours annoys me. It’s like your drunk.”

    Cherufe did so. Very slowly, yes, but he did it.

    “Wait, how is this dock not burning down to the ground? Magcargo are made of magma that is over 18.000 degrees Farenheit!” Sahara questioned.

    “We took some… precautions. Precautions brutal enough to make your head explode, so let’s just say a wizard did it and call it a day.” Deoxys winced once she said “a wizard did it”. She hated that expression. There was no such thing as wizards. Only science. SCIENCE.

    The next boat had arrived, while Cherufe was still halfway through the dock. Out of it came two dragon-like, female Pokémon, who were hugging each other and, since I find no better word to describe it, ‘eee-ing’.

    The first dragon was a large, reptilian, hunchbacked blue dragon with a red head. Her arms were much longer then her legs, adorned with multiple red spikes on them and on her tail. Her blue wings were small and thistle leave-shaped, looking too weak to give her the ability to fly. Multiple olive football shaped scutes were on her belly.

    The second dragon was large and insect-like, looking like a dragonfly, green in colouration. Two rhombus-shaped wings with a red rim sprouted from her back, giving her the ability to fly. Along with small arms and feet, she had a striped tail with three small, green rhombus shapes with red rims at the tip. Covering her eyes were a pair of red-lensed goggles and from her head sprouted two green antennae which pointed back.

    “Spira…” The Druddigon nodded at her name, while she ‘eee-ed’ a bit more.

    “And Iris…” The Flygon joined her friend, ‘eee-ing’ even louder.

    Deoxys actually looked polite and kind, for once. Maybe ‘eee-ing’ was the secret to keeping her calm?

    “Let me be the first to say… SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!”

    Didn’t look like it.

    Spira spoke up. “We’re soooo sorry if we annoyed you, but I’m so HAPPY about the fact that I can spend time with Iris!”

    “Oh, my God, me TOO! I love how we always think what the other one is thinking! It’s like we share a soul!” Iris added, hugging her friend and ‘eee-ing’ a bit more.

    “You share a brain. A tiny one at that.” Giggling and ‘eee-ing’, both of them walked over to the rest of the competitors, giggling and attempting to flirt with Hercules, only to be shot down once he spoke.

    New boat. A small, purple, goblin Pokémon jumped out, looking at everything around him with his large, diamond eyes. He had an oval, red gemstone on his chest.

    “Shad. Welcome.” Deoxys said, boringly. The Sableye looked at the DNA Pokémon.

    “U-um. H-he-hello. I h-hope y-you re-received my a-al-allergy l-list.”

    “Yeah, yeah, just go over there and wait with the other campers.” Deoxys pointed to the campers with her tentacles. She noticed Jirachi approaching with Mason and Bubbles floating next to her. Mason had a bunch of vanilla on his head, while Bubbles was covered in pasta. Deoxys decided not to question.

    “Better?” she asked her instead, after Jirachi left them with the other contestants.

    Jirachi nodded. “Are they all here yet?”

    “We’re one short. She’s coming now.”

    Jirachi grinned. Deoxys looked confused. Then she understood.

    “That’s what-“

    “No. Just… no.”

    The final boat arrived, and out came a large, purple, quadruped scorpion-like Pokémon. She had pointy eyes, with blue upper portions and white fang-like features stemming from her mouth. From her head sprouted two huge claws with a blue marking on their undersides, like the one she has on her tail-claw.

    “Cecilia, welcome! You’re the final contestant.” Cecilia just nodded. Walking over to the other campers, she suddenly stopped as soon as she saw Helga. Then, she continued walking.

    “All right! All twenty-two of our campers have arrived, so let’s head out to the Mess Hall and brief you on the situation.” And with that, twenty-four Pokémon set off to the large building that was the Mess Hall.


    The Mess Hall, like the cabins Bubbles had crashed into and the dock, was run down. The wooden walls were patched up in various places, giving off the feeling that the building was very old and could crumble at any time. Two long tables with eleven seats each were side-by-side: the one with the red and white tablecloth was on the left, while the one with the blue and white tablecloth was on the right. There was a door leading to the kitchen, right next to the area where the contestants would pick up their food.

    “Okay, so you all know the rules, I hope?” The twenty-two campers nodded. “Perfect! I’ll let Deoxys put you in your respective teams while I prepare the first challenge.” Jirachi was about to leave, when one of the campers started complaining.

    “Wait, we’re going to do a challenge NOW? But we just got here!” Jirachi turned around to face Sahara.

    “Well, I believe the host decides that, and since I’m the host, we’re doing the challenge!” Jirachi said. She grinned. “Unless… you want to forfeit the game already?”

    Sahara gulped and shook her head.

    “Good. See ya!” Jirachi left the building faster than the speed of light, leaving behind a very bored and frustrated Deoxys with twenty-two Pokémon.

    “Alright, listen up, morons! I will now assign you to your teams. We’ll start with the Heavenly Ho-ohs, so, when I call your name, head over to the red table. Anyone I do not call should head to the blue table on the right. Understood?” Everyone nodded. “Great. Now…” Deoxys grabbed a list from one of the tables and started reading it.

    “Knightley! Lucy! Bethany! Helga! Mason! Shad! Bubbles! Vivaldi! Iris! Weasel Von Idiot! And Amelia!”

    One by one, each Pokémon headed to the red table, except the one whom Deoxys called ‘Weasel Von Idiot’.

    It’s fairly obvious who she was referring to.

    Nathaniel stood there, smiling at Deoxys, as if taunting her. The DNA Pokémon was dangerously close to severely hurting the weasel, but was prevented because of the possible lawsuits that could occur.

    “Well? What are you waiting for? Get to the red table!”

    “I didn’t hear my name.”

    “But I called your name.”

    “My name isn’t Weasel Von Idiot.”

    “Who said that was meant for you?” Nathaniel’s smile disappeared. She had won this round, but he was only moving from that spot when she called her real name.

    “Oh, fine. Nathaniel. You’re in the Heavenly Ho-ohs.” As Nathaniel walked over, Deoxys continued. “That means Hercules, Enrique, DJ, Picazzo, Monica, Maple, Sahara, Spira, Cecilia, Cherufe and Noki are part of the Lustrous Lugias and belong at the blue table.” The remaining campers had walked off to the blue table, but suddenly whining was heard. When everyone saw what the problem was, they nearly groaned.

    Iris and Spira were clinging to Deoxys’ legs, begging for Deoxys to put them in the same team as eachother. Deoxys, in response, started swearing her head off. Both of them retreated to their respective teams, extremely sad.

    A moment of silence occurred, waiting for Deoxys to speak up. Not even Nathaniel dared to say something, in fear of Deoxys’ terrible temper. Every so often, a small sob came from Iris or Spira, but soon, the silence would fill the room again.

    Untill Deoxys decided to break it.

    “Well, now that I’ve scarred you all mentally and my ears are functioning properly again,” she could’ve sworn Nathaniel had whispered “She has ears?...” to Knightley, but she couldn’t be sure,” I will escort you to your cabins. They will be NOT co-ed,” Mason groaned at this, “and there will be four cabins: one for the male Ho-ohs, one for the female Ho-ohs, one for the male Lugias and one for the female Lugias. Any questions?”

    Iris and Spira raised their hands.

    “Put your hands down. Now.”

    They obeyed.

    “Good. Now go unpack your things and meet us at Dive Cliff in an hour.”


    “This,” Jirachi said, as she showcased the inside of a filthy, dirty, wooden outhouse, “is our confessional. Here our contestants will dish the dirt on their fellow campers, get something off their chest, etc. Naturally, since this is private, we’ll be showing this only to you… well, most of the time.” Jirachi grinned maliciously.


    “Well, I got my eyes on that blue bunny chick.” Mason grinned. “She’ll be ALL over me when this is over.”


    Picazzo stared at the picture of Monica he had managed to snag from Jirachi’s office awhile ago. He sighed. “Primadonna… why won’t you let me paint you?”


    “Pop goes the Furret!” Maple sang, as multiple… err, digestive noises came from her behind. She sighed in relief and giggled.


    As the contestants climbed Dive Cliff, they wondered what the challenge was going to be. Bethany and Helga chatted with each-other, speculating on the challenge, while Sahara kept a close eye on Spira, who was all over Iris. The Mandibuzz grinned. She knew who to vote out if they lost the challenge.

    Once they reached the rocky, desolate top of Dive Cliff, they saw Jirachi and Deoxys awaiting for them.

    “Welcome, campers! Your first challenge…” Jirachi gestured to the end of the cliff, “is to jump of this cliff and land in your team circle!”

    Everyone’s jaw dropped.


    Knightley looked extremely scared. “Holy Mother of BEEP, is this BEEP crazy?!”


    And there you go!

    Favourites up until now... Oh dear God, I think I'm going to have a blast writing out Hercules. My God, I was eager to write out that scene. xD

    Lucy is also one character I'm going to love writing out. Speaking of Lucy, I'm going to do a little contest, if the mods who read this allow it.

    Lucy is based off one of my favourite characters in the universe. Every time I see that character, I laugh like HELL. I had to base her off that character. What do I want you to do?

    Every Episode, I'm going to give a hint to the character I'm basing her off of. The first reviewer who guesses that character correctly will have their favourite contestant get a bonus in the following challenge. And the first clue is...

    You don't see those last names everyday.

    Also, in your review, I'd love it if you could tell me who your favoutrite contestant is.

    ... Wow, that was long. Review guys!
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    I love Total Drama so I will have fun reading this. I have a few favorites. In the show, Owen made me smile, though I feel Noki is going to be different. I like Knightley, the normal one. Also, to make it easier, I would make a list at the beginning of each entry of the characters in it such as: Bubbles the Azumarill. I remember what the Pokemon's personality is, though I just heard the names. I saw Sahara and I'm like I forget who that is. I looked back in the story and I'm like: It's the evil Mandibuzz. It will just clear everything up. My favorite character in this is.......Hercules. Gotta love a buff girl. I got most of your references to characters, though not all. I think that the mystery character is....Leshawna. I know one character who might fit your clue, but I'm not completely sure yet, so I'm sticking with Leshawna

    252 +6 Atk Choice Band Pure Power Victini (+Atk)Critical V-create vs 0 HP/0 -6 Def Dry Skin Paras (-Def) : 103470436.36% - 121729963.64% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    You Don't Say? I had no idea that a Choice Band Adamant Victini with maximum attack EVs and IVs that was baton passed +6 in attack and Skill Swapped Pure Power OHKO's Hasty Dry Skin Lvl 1 Paras with no defense EVs or IVs and -6 in defense under sun with a critical hit V-Create.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffdavid102 View Post
    I love Total Drama so I will have fun reading this. I have a few favorites. In the show, Owen made me smile, though I feel Noki is going to be different. I like Knightley, the normal one. Also, to make it easier, I would make a list at the beginning of each entry of the characters in it such as: Bubbles the Azumarill. I remember what the Pokemon's personality is, though I just heard the names. I saw Sahara and I'm like I forget who that is. I looked back in the story and I'm like: It's the evil Mandibuzz. It will just clear everything up. My favorite character in this is.......Hercules. Gotta love a buff girl. I got most of your references to characters, though not all. I think that the mystery character is....Leshawna. I know one character who might fit your clue, but I'm not completely sure yet, so I'm sticking with Leshawna
    Thanks for reviewing. Eheh, I actually thought of that, but since the number of contestants will start to drop, well... you're going to have less and less characters to remember anyway.

    Good thing you like Herc. Though, you're wrong about Herc's gender. He's a girly man. xD

    Nope, not Leshawna. The character isn't from the Total Drama series.

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    After a very long wait, which I apologize for, here is the newest episode of TPD:I. Enjoy!


    Episode 2: Circle of Enemies

    Jirachi watched the campers as they stared at her disbelievingly. “What? Don’t tell me you were expecting something easy. “

    “Of course we were! It’s our friggin’ first day!” Sahara exclaimed, spreading out her wings.

    “Sugar, you ain’t got a reason to complain.” Lucy interjected. “You got wings, so you can’t possibly get a concussion. Those without wings, on the other hand…”

    Sahara didn’t seem too pleased about being back talked. She whipped her head around to face the Lopunny, glaring at her. “Who asked you, country bumpkin?”

    “Better a country bumpkin than an unlikeable thing.”

    Sahara squaked. Everyone looked at the Lopunny. Then everyone looked at the Mandibuzz.


    “Daaaaaaaamn.” Mason said. “There’s going to be a lot of cat fights between those two this season.”

    He pondered his words. “Or… Vulture… slash… bunny fights-I don’t know.”


    Jirachi cleared her throat, trying to catch everyone’s attention.

    Of course, since that didn’t work, she resorted to Deoxys’ foul temper, resulting in Nathaniel being used as a mallet.

    Once everyone’s attention was grabbed, Jirachi continued. “As I was saying… Your first challenge is to grab one of these parachutes and jump of the cliff, trying to land in your team circle. Red goes to the Heavenly Ho-ohs, while Blue goes to the Lustrous Lugias.”

    Everyone looked down the cliff to see the two circles. The “circles”, as Jirachi called them, were two tanks that overlapped somehow. The red “circle” was on the left, being filled with molten magma. The blue “circle” was on the right, being filled with sea water. Where the tanks overlapped was a small, oval piece of land.

    “You’re asking us to jump into a tank full of molten magma? Sind sie verrückt?!“ Helga exclaimed, approaching Jirachi menacingly.

    “What happened to Pokémon rights?! Where the BEEP is PETA?!” Knightley added, shaking a bit. Obviously, the Gallade wasn’t very fond of heights. Or magma.

    “We managed to work out a deal with PETA-“

    “And when she says deal, she means we’ve distracted PETA with another crisis on the other side of the world. It also means that we have some of their members hostage in the janitor’s closet.” Deoxys deadpanned.

    Jirachi glared at the alien, while the campers simply stared at her. Clearing her throat, the wishmaker continued. “Yes… Anyway, Pokémon rights won’t do you any good.”

    “Well, at least make things fair. We have to land in scorching magma, while they get to land in water!” Bethany complained.

    “Oh relax; the blue circle is infested with Sharpedo.” Jirachi said.

    Suddenly, a Bibarel skeleton rocketed up in the air, landing in front of the campers. Hercules let out a shriek and passed out.

    “So that’s where the intern’s body was…” Jirachi remarked, nonchalantly.

    “Anyway, one by one, you’re all going to jump off the cliff and try to land in your team circle. If you land in your team circle, your team gains a point. If you land in the other team’s circle, they get a point. If you land in the piece of land where the circles overlap, both teams gain a point. If you don’t jump, or you don’t land in any of the areas I spoke of, you don’t get a point. Questions?”

    Not a single hand was raised.


    Everyone raised their hands.

    Jirachi sighed. “Is it about the tanks?”

    Everyone nodded.

    Once again, she sighed. “Fine. Someone write ‘I wish the tanks to be replaced with circles’ on my tag.”

    Vivaldi stepped forward, writing down the wish on Jirachi’s tag. In a sudden flash of light, the tanks were replaced by actual circles overlapping, creating a purple oval spot.

    “Happy?” Everyone nodded.

    “Then… Lustrous Lugias! You’re up!”

    The Lugias immediately stepped forward, each of them grabbing a parachute. Cherufe volunteered to go first, but since he was so slow, they decided to choose someone else to go next.

    “I suggest Sahara. I mean, she does have wings. She could easily nab a point for us.” Monica suggested.

    “The primadonna is right!” Picazzo said. The Painter Pokémon was about to be pummelled by Monica for calling her a primadonna, but before she could do that, he simply justified her point further. “Sahara could even save us a parachute for the heavier, like Noki.” He shot an apologetic glance at the Grumpig, who simply shrugged.

    “I know my weight, and I’m okay with it.” His eye twitched slightly, but no one paid any mind.

    They were all too busy with a squawking Sahara.

    “I refuse to jump!” She angrily flapped her wings. “There is no way I’ll ruin my beautiful feathers.”

    Monica frowned. “You’re telling us that you would sacrifice your own team JUST because you don’t want to get your feathers ruffled?”

    “Of course! Unlike YOU, I have a beautiful image to maintain. Here’s no way I’m getting caught on camera looking as ugly as YOU are.”

    Picazzo was about to intervene, but after seeing Monica, he decided not to.

    Monica was fuming. Her jaw-filled hair was moving violently in the air, as if ready to strike. “If you haven’t realized, bird brain, one, we’re on a REALITY show. Meaning this is REALITY. Not some, crappy, low-budget movie you would star in. And two, if you don’t jump, I will make your life a living hell here.”

    The Mandibuzz, however, was unfazed. “You want to make my life hell? Ha! As if.” She got a bit closer to the Mawile. “I have an idea.” She grinned.

    “Why don’t YOU go first?”

    Before Monica could respond, she was swooped up by Sahara, who was clutching her in her talons. Once she was above the Blue circle, she dropped the Steel Type.

    Thankfully, Monica opened her parachute in time, landing in the Blue Circle unharmed.


    “Oooh, this BEEP is going DOWN.” Monica was shaking in rage.


    Sahara was laughing. “Serves that little pest right.”


    Sahara landed gracefully on the cliff after dropping Monica. “There, that should take care of that.” She looked at her teammates. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take care of my feathers. They got ruffled up in that flight.” And on that note, she left.

    Many of the Lugias were fuming. The only ones who weren’t were Cecilia, who was eyeing Helga carefully, Maple, who was jumping up and down, ready to hurl herself off the cliff, and Cherufe, who was still trying to get off the cliff.

    “Uhh… Can she do that?” Deoxys asked Jirachi.

    “Of course she can. Remember, Pokémon Rights are under our control.”

    “I meant her leaving.”

    “Oh… well, yeah, it’s not like she was going to jump anyway.” Jirachi turned her attention to the rage-filled team.

    “Okay, since this is taking way too long, you have one more minute for your entire team to jump off this cliff and land in a circle. After that minute, any further jumps will not be accounted for!”

    This snapped the Lugias out of there rage-filled trance. Panic swept through the team, as they decided who was going to jump next.

    “Thirty seconds!”

    More panic, until, surprise of surprises, the love-sick Picazzo decided to be the voice of reason.

    “Who cares about who jumps next?! Everyone just jump!”

    Everyone decided to do this. Every single member of the Lustrous Lugias jumped off the cliff and landed in a circle.

    Well, everyone except…

    “Wait… Where’s Cherufe?” Monica questioned.

    The Magcargo was, you guessed it, still moving towards the edge of the cliff.

    “MOVE IT, SLUG-BRAIN!” the all-too familiar voice of Sahara could be heard from the cliff. The Mandibuzz had just applied some kind of feather gel so her feathers wouldn’t get ruffled.

    “Oy, Sahara, you jump too!” Enrique shouted.

    “Don’t boss me around, Spike Brain! Or else!” Enrique gulped and decided not to press the matter further. If there was one Pokémon Type that he had never gotten along with, it was definitely the Flying type. Every time he had tried chatting with any Pokémon of that typing… well, let’s just say he was always covered in pecking marks.

    “Cherufe and Sahara have five seconds to jump off the cliff, or else their jumps won’t count.”

    “GO RED BLOBBY THING!” Maple cheered. Cecilia looked at her bewildered at how someone could have so much energy.


    “The Flaafy is definetly crazy. Cecilia thinks she has caffeine running in her veins instead of blood.” The Drapion remarked.


    Jirachi decided to count down the final seconds.




    “C’mon Cherufe, we’ll all party non-stop if you make it!”


    “GO SLUGGY!”


    “You can do it, Cherufe!”

    “Bubbles!” Knightley looked at her disapprovingly. “You’re rooting for the other team!”


    Cherufe was almost there…

    “Time’s up!”

    … but he didn’t make it.

    “And the results are in! Only nine members of the Lustrous Lugias jumped, so let’s see where they landed.” Jirachi floated off the cliff to get a good view of the team’s placement.

    “Okay, Monica, Enrique, Noki, Picazzo, Hercules, Cecilia, DJ and Maple all landed on the Blue Circle, so eight points for the Lugias!”

    The Lugias were rejoicing…

    “And one point for the Heavenly Ho-ohs!”

    … but immediately stopped as soon as they heard this sentence. Slowly, they turned their heads to the other circle, where a very nervous Spira stood.

    “Sorry guys… I don’t have the best eyesight.”


    “Anyway, Heavenly Ho-ohs, you’re up!” Jirachi ordered.

    Much more organized than the Lugias, one by one, the Ho-ohs jumped off the cliff and landed on the red circle, excluding Iris, who was so desperate to be with Spira that she landed in the blue circle instead (she said that the tears of her separation with Spira blinded her). Everyone was still trying to figure out how the two dragons mixed up the colours.

    Only Lucy and Knightley were left.

    “Okay, if both of you hit the red circle, you win the challenge. If not, either you tie or you lose by a point. Either way, it’s quite humiliating, because then I’m going to have you jump off of this again if you tie and you’ll lose by a freaking point if you lose.” Jirachi grinned.

    Knightley looked down the cliff. He had to admit, the fall wasn’t bad…

    … it was much worse. He suddenly became nauseous by just looking down and would have fallen down if Lucy hadn’t grabbed him.

    “Th-thanks.” He stuttered, getting back to his feet, only to nearly lose balance a few seconds later.

    “You recently evolved, didn’cha? “ Blushing, Knightley nodded. “Heh, ah knew somethin’ was up after ya fell so many times while we climbed. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”

    Knightley smiled and nodded, walking over to the edge of the cliff, only to become a bit nauseous again.

    “Sorry, but I can’t do it. I’m too afraid of heights and when I get scared I become nauseous.” He apologized. The Lopunny just shrugged.

    “Ah ain’t forcin’ ya, hun. At least ya have a good reason.” She casually walked up to him. “But how ‘bout we do this? We both jump at the same time; while ah hold your hand. If anything bad happens, I’ll protect’cha. Is that okay?” Knightley blushed and nodded.


    Knightley was blushing fiercely. “Um… It’s the first day and I already feel a bit “connected” to someone. Is that bad?” he asked to the camera, putting air quotations when he said ‘connected’.


    “Knightley’s a pretty nice guy. Much better than mah last guy friend, anyway…” Lucy said nonchalantly. “He’s a pretty cute one too.”


    At the edge of the cliff, while Lucy was completely calm, Knightley was praying silently and promised he would definitely run around in a grass skirt for the remainder of the day if he survived.

    “Ready?” Knightley stopped praying and nodded. “On three.”

    Knightley inhaled deeply…


    … and started screaming like a little girl when he jumped. The experience of feeling death slap in the face with wind made the Gallade periodically puke on his way down. By the time Lucy had opened their parachutes and landed, Knightley was still screaming and had to be slapped to snap out of it.

    Once he snapped out of it, he looked down to their feet. They had just barely missed the purple zone, granting them two extra points.

    “And the Heavenly Ho-ohs win!” Jirachi announced, as the Ho-ohs started cheering.

    “Lugias, you know what that means. I’ll be seeing you at the campfire.” Jirachi started floating away, when she suddenly stopped. “Oh and Knightley? I look forward to seeing you in that grass skirt.”

    Knightley blushed heavily.

    “Don’t worry, hun.” Lucy said, as she tried to take off the puke from her fur. “Though you owe me a showah and you gonna have to run around in a grass skirt, look on the bright side.” She looked at him. “We won.” She shrugged. ”It’s worth every sacrifice.”

    And with that, she strutted off to the communal showers, leaving behind a slightly red Knightley.

    Not far from the scene, Nathaniel looked at the Gallade. He chuckled.

    “Oy, Green Fin! Stop looking at the girl and get into the grass skirt!”

    Knightley cringed. Not because of the comment, but because Lucy had stopped for a few seconds after that last comment. However, she kept walking. Sighing in relief, he walked away to the cabin, ready to get put in a skirt.

    What he didn’t see was the small blush that was on Lucy’s face.


    The sun was setting by the beach, where a certain Weavile was sitting near the shore. Mason, Bubbles and Shad were chatting amongst themselves nearby. Nathaniel could overhear every single thing: Mason’s pick-up lines, Bubbles being oblivious to them and complimenting Shad’s gems and Shad saying (or rather, stuttering) ‘thank you’ over and over again. He could see it now: Love Triangle! Mason and Bubbles, Shad and Bubbles or Mason and Shad?

    The press’ll love it.

    “May I join you?”

    He whipped his head around to see Amelia simply standing there, her long, white, gown flowing because of the sea breeze.

    “Uh… Sure why not?” Amelia sat down on the sand, sensing the cold sensation of the gentle sea. After a few minutes, she took out a deck of cards, starting to lay them out on the sand face down. Intrigued, Nathaniel watched her, since the sun hadn’t started setting yet.

    “Um, what are you doing?” he asked.

    Without looking up, she answered, “I’m reading your fortune with this Tarot Deck!”

    Oh Arceus, he thought, one of THOSE girls… Ugh.

    He, however, didn’t vocalize these thoughts. He simply watched as she shuffled the cards and lay three of them face down, in a single line. After putting away the rest of the cards, she flipped the first one.

    The card depicted a tall tower, from where a Cubone and a Ghastly fell. Lightning struck the tower, destroying it slightly.

    “The Tower… Something catastrophic happened to you in the past, didn’t it?” Nathaniel’s eyes widened. Did she know about the-

    His thought process was interrupted at the sight of the second card. It depicted a Piloswine and a Volbeat sleeping peacefully in a cold cavern.

    “The Hermit… Now, you’re always alone. You’re a solitary soul, wandering the earth.”

    Weavile gulped. Until now, every single thing she had said was right. As she was about to flip the final card, the speakerphones dotted around camp resonated with Jirachi’s voice.


    “Well, I’ll have to finish this later.” Amelia sighed, as she picked up the cards. It was obvious that she was just as curious as Nathaniel was. “Don’t take too long.”

    After watching the Gardevoir walk away, he turned to look at the sun, which was about to disappear under the horizon. However, he couldn’t help but wonder…

    What was that last card?


    The Campfire Grounds were a barren place. A raging campfire burned viciously in the centre of twelve tree stumps, which was where the Lustrous Lugias sat. Near the campfire, ten sticks, with a poffin each, were stuck in the ground, close enough to roast the poffins. Above them, there a wooden balcony where the Heavenly Ho-ohs were sitting, watching the spectacle.

    “Lugias,” Jirachi started, “since you lost this challenge, you will have to vote someone out of your team and, of course, the island. When I call your name, you will each get your stick with a poffin on it. Whoever doesn’t have the poffin is eliminated, and can never come back. EVER.”

    “Now, if you could all start-“ Suddenly, the monitor next to Jirachi turned on, showing one of Cherufe’s… confessionals?


    “Ha! Those idiots! They honestly think I’m some old, retarded idiot. My plan is going perfectly. Once I have enough people, I can start testing on them, ahahahaha!” The Magcargo giggled creepily. “And the best part? No one will everrrr knoooooowww, kyahahahaha!!! Those idiots. They’ll only bring me down. So, why not make them useful, by using them for science?!”

    A knock on the door was heard. “Oy, Slug-Brian?! You done yet?”

    Cherufe panicked a little. “Noooooooooooooooo, IIIIIIIIIIII stiiiiiiiiiill neeeeeeeeed mooooooreeeee-“

    “You know what, I don’t care. Your voice is so annoying.”

    Cherufe grinned evily.


    Everyone looked at the video in shock. Well, everyone except Cherufe. He just gulped loudly.

    “Well… as shocking as this might be, we still have to vote.” Jirachi grinned. “Though, I already have a feeling of who is leaving.”

    Everyone glared at Cherufe.


    “I’m voting Slug-Brain.”


    “Mr Blobby Thingy was going to do bad stuff to us, according to what Monica told me, so I’m voting for him.”


    “Cecilia shall be voting for Cherufe.”


    “Like, oh, my Arceus, I’m totally voting for that totally unfabulous Cherufe.”

    Loud sobbing could be heard from outside. “WHY ARE THE HOT ONES GAY?!”


    “I’m pretty sure that Sahara set me up… I’m going to leave because of her! That little-”


    “And the votes are in!... Hercules, you’re safe!” Squeeing, the Machoke skipped towards the campfire and grabbed a stick.

    “… Monica and Picazzo, you’re safe too. Noki, Henrique, Cecilia, DJ and Maple are safe as well.”

    As they heard their names, each one of them headed towards the campfire and grabbed a stick. Only two were left.

    “… Spira, you are safe.” Spira sighed in relief, while Iris was shrieking with joy. As Spira walked over to get her poffin, Jirachi continued.

    “Sahara and Cherufe, one of you will leave this island tonight. Sahara, you refused to do the challenge, so you got on your team’s bad side. Cherufe… well, we saw what happened.”

    “And the last poffin goes to…”

    Sahara looked completely calm, while Cherufe was shivering in fear.

    “Eh, I’m not going to take anymore of your time, you already know Cherufe is leaving, so, Sahara, you’re safe.”

    Sahara grinned as she flew over to the campfire and ate her poffin right off the stick.

    “That means you, Cherufe, are this week’s leaving camper. Bye-bye!”


    Cherufe is swearing loudly, with some of “I’LL MURDER THAT MANDIBUZZ” in between.


    “Well, of COURSE it was me. I was snooping around Jirachi’s quarters when I found it.” Sahara cackled. “As long as I don’t leave, everything is fair game.”


    As Cherufe speeded his way down the pier to the boat, everyone looked from afar. They planned to walk the eliminated contestant down the plank, but if it involved that scumbag… Well, it wasn’t worth it.

    “With our first conestant off the island, what will happen next?” Jirachi asked in an overly hammy voice.

    “You will burn in a pit of fire. Which will make Deoxys happy.” The DNA Pokémon remarked beside her.

    Ignoring Deoxys, Jirachi continued. “Find out next time on Total!... Pokémon!... Drama!... The Island…


    Alright, so about the delay of this chapter... I'll admit, I was loosing the inspiration for this quickly, and my source wasn't really helping. Plus, there was the fact of TvTropes and Crackes being the attention hogging bastards they were (BUT THE SITES ARE SO GOOOOOD). I apologize.

    But, hey, better late than never. Besides, I'd rather give you quality chapters that have long intervals inbetween rather than crappy, fast chapters. xD

    Cherufe was eliminated... TBH, I never had anything planned for him, so I just... wrote him off as soon as I could. He was just... there.

    Alright, Clue #2 for Lucy!

    This hint is brought to you by the letter Q.

    In the reviews, tell me what you thought about this episode, as always. Hope you liked it.

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    Can you add me to the PM list please? This has a Weavile and the writings good so....

    EDIT: I think that.... Niko the Grumpy Pig is leaving next. And I have no idea what Total Drama is ^^;;
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    Either stop using stronger language or don't bleep it out. It's annoying to read. And once again I plead. I can't remember the names of over 20 contestants. You said
    ......but since the number of contestants will start to drop, well... you're going to have less and less characters to remember anyway.
    You realize that you're saying you don't care at all about the beginning and if the readers are lost. Honestly, just change the names to the names of the Pokemon species. Change Nathaniel's name to Weavile, etc.

    As you're talking about the love triangle. Mason and Bubbles, Bubbles and Shad, or Shad and Mason.
    Mason is a boy. Shad is a boy. There usually is not homosexuality in these stories, but I'm trying hard right now to phrase this without discriminating. Are you insinuating that they might be gay?

    I'll edit this post as I go through the chapter
    Last edited by jeffdavid102; 8th November 2012 at 6:58 PM.

    252 +6 Atk Choice Band Pure Power Victini (+Atk)Critical V-create vs 0 HP/0 -6 Def Dry Skin Paras (-Def) : 103470436.36% - 121729963.64% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    You Don't Say? I had no idea that a Choice Band Adamant Victini with maximum attack EVs and IVs that was baton passed +6 in attack and Skill Swapped Pure Power OHKO's Hasty Dry Skin Lvl 1 Paras with no defense EVs or IVs and -6 in defense under sun with a critical hit V-Create.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffdavid102 View Post
    Either stop using stronger language or don't bleep it out. It's annoying to read. And once again I plead. I can't remember the names of over 20 contestants. You said

    You realize that you're saying you don't care at all about the beginning and if the readers are lost. Honestly, just change the names to the names of the Pokemon species. Change Nathaniel's name to Weavile, etc.

    As you're talking about the love triangle. Mason and Bubbles, Bubbles and Shad, or Shad and Mason.
    Mason is a boy. Shad is a boy. There usually is not homosexuality in these stories, but I'm trying hard right now to phrase this without discriminating. Are you insinuating that they might be gay?

    I'll edit this post as I go through the chapter
    Alright, I'll admit that. But, to me, the characters become... err... more real with these names. I will not change everyone's names, however I will update the first post with the name of the contestants and their species. Would that be okay?

    About the Love Triangle, no. that was just the set-up for a tabloid joke which apparentley didn't work. Poo.

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    Thank you. That will make it much easier to read. Just check Hercules, you switched around its species name and the character name

    252 +6 Atk Choice Band Pure Power Victini (+Atk)Critical V-create vs 0 HP/0 -6 Def Dry Skin Paras (-Def) : 103470436.36% - 121729963.64% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    You Don't Say? I had no idea that a Choice Band Adamant Victini with maximum attack EVs and IVs that was baton passed +6 in attack and Skill Swapped Pure Power OHKO's Hasty Dry Skin Lvl 1 Paras with no defense EVs or IVs and -6 in defense under sun with a critical hit V-Create.

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