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    The time was early 1900's, and the Old West was slowly dying. The United States dreamed of stretching from sea to sea, and they have successfully done so. Along with the territory, businesses began to sprout everywhere. On the other side of the Rio Grande, Mexico is on the brink of a civil war themselves. On both areas of the world, bandits still terrorize the weak, while the natives of the area are either being assimilated or having their final struggles against the Americans. At least, that's what history tells us.

    The setting of the clan is not in the past, but greatly based from it. The old days of the West return. All four realms are at its prime, along with powerful Pokemon to back them up. This is the time of war, and also the time when an individual rises up the ranks, hoping for his/her name to become immortal. .

    Welcome to Manifest Destiny, a clan focused on helping one achieve individual greatness!

        Spoiler:- About the Clan:

    In Manifest Destiny, there are a few rules and guidelines that must be followed. Follow them at all times and try to be civilized men and women.

    - Follow Sppf Rules
    - Respect the leaders and more importantly, other members
    - Avoid flaming in this thread, the xat, and in any clan wars the clan partakes in. MD members who flame during wars will be punished.
    - Have fun!

        Spoiler:- Punishments:

    A member must strive to be famous in the Old West, making a name for him/herself. You can be famous for your strong Pokemon, your skill with guns, your good looks, your talent, etc.

    To Rank up in your Realm, you must complete these actions. Those with an * before it can only be done once
    There are many activities you can do to rank up. It is up to you to pick which ones you want to do to become Famous. There are Battling, Art, Breeding, Writing, Posting, and Activity Fame boosters.

    *Fresh Meat: Joining Manifest Destiny - 5 Fame
    Bring the Posse: Refer a new member to join Manifest Destiny - 2 Fame

    Bully: Beat a member with a lower rank than you - 1 Fame
    Trigger Happy: Beat a member the same rank as you - 2 Fame
    David and Goliath: Beat a member with a higher rank than you - 3 Fame
    *Gunslinger: Win 10 battles in a row against any member(only two battles won against one SPECIFIC member count) - 10 Fame (Can be redone once your streak ends. It doesn't repeat when your streak is still going.)
    *Coup d'état: Defeat your Realm leader in a BO3 - 8 Fame (Can be done after a week when you lose, after two weeks when you win)
    Represent thy Nation: Win a Serebii tournament - 20 Fame

    Local Shop Owner: Create an Art Shop/ Trade Shop in Serebii after joining Manifest Destiny - 10 Fame
    *Western Art: Create 10 Fan Arts for Manifest Destiny (pm list to Extroph) - 50 Fame
    Paint Me Like Your French Girls: Make a requested art for a Manifest Destiny member - 1 Fame

    *Educated Rancher: Create a Fan fiction about Manifest Destiny in Serebii or any other website - 8 Fame
    *Breaking Some Mustangs: Collect 10 Shinies (RNG or not; Pokemon earned before joining MD can be counted) - 10 Fame
    I Would Like Some Cattle: Breed a requested Pokemon for a Manifest Destiny member - 2 Fame

    *Respected Citizen: Have a post count of more than 250 in the Manifest Destiny thread - 80 Fame
    Loyal Member: Stay in Manifest Destiny for a month - 5 Fame
    To Live and Die For: Stay in Manifest Destiny for 6 months - 30 Fame

    *Honest Joe: Become a very helpful member of Manifest Destiny, suggesting activities, being proactive, etc - 20 Fame (only given out by Extroph after all 4 leaders agree.)

    How to Post a Battle:

    HTML Code:
    Rank of opponent:
    Fame receiving:
    Additional Details:

    There are many things to do in Manifest destiny, other than battling. Here are a list of general themes the whole clan can participate in:

        Spoiler:- About Duels:

        Spoiler:- About G&T:

        Spoiler:- About Shootouts:

        Spoiler:- About Gold Rush:

    First Manifest Destiny Announcement
    Round One of the OU Tournament
    Round Two of the OU Tournament


    Cooloolcool(OU) - Jew Bagel
    Chris(OU) - Skamory7
    Dr.Ciel(OU) - N/A
    metroid78(OU and LC) - N/A
    LordFighting(4th Gen Wifi) - N/A
    Skamory7(OU) - Aura_Sensai
    KFT(Bulky/Stall OU) - extroph

    If the tutees don't feel satisfied with the week's tutoring, they have the permission to cancel the weekly Fame giveaway for their tutor, unless the tutor shows proof that work has been done throughout the week. Each tutor receives 5 Fame per week ofr tutoring someone, and will receive 2 Fame per week if they aren't tutoring anyone.


    Thank you for Reading! Thinking of joining? Please use the form below to do so:

    HTML Code:
    Nickname you'd like to be called:
    Realm: (Federal Force, Nature's Natives, Bandit Beserkers, or Militar de Mexico)
    Rate yourself as a battler: (for competitive people, so Optional as well)
    How would you contribute to the clan:
    How do you battle? PO or Wifi? Please give your FC/PO Name or both:


    Extroph - Founder | Imperiumemperor - Founder | TrainerChris - Founder | DarkCharizard2 - Founder
    Fracktail - 3rd September 2012 | Pkmnswampmaster - 4th September 2012 | Jew Bagel - 6th September 2012 | Widnall - 5th September 2012
    XatuGamer - 6th September 2012 | Bliz - 8th September 2012 | xX ZeR0 Xx - 9th September 2012 | bazooka999 - 9th September 2012
    Dr.Ciel - 11th September 2012 | Pambihirang_Nilalang - 13th September 2012 | KentuckyFriedTorchic - 14th September 2012 | Lord Fighting - 16th September 2012
    Thejuiceyporygon - 16th September 2012 | cooloolcool - 16th September 2012 | KenjiK - 21st September 2012 | Storm Surge - 21st September 2012
    Acetylix - 5th October 2012 | Khybon - 5th October 2012 | Kelz - 5th October 2012 | StarlightUmbreon - 5th October 2012
    blackrealm52 - 6th October 2012 | metroid78 - 7th October 2012 | RoseSymphony - 31st October 2012 | CosmoJarvis - 1st October 2012
    KezNec - 23rd October 2012 | Qmaz246 - 19th September 2012 | TheBluePorygon - 3rd November 2012 | Isane - 13th November 2012

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