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Lacking Leftovers makes Ivysaur a worse Venusaur. Also it doesn't really take hits any better, at least not enough to validate losing Leftovers.

It has worse Special Attack and Speed too.

Edit: Only two pages? No one loves Venusaur
Well although being the first fully evolved pokemon in the pokedex it have very few viable sets so not much to say

We;; it have 2 moves that show on most sets sleep powder and growth..

I don't know if it was posted but.. something out of the box

@choice specs
252 sp.attack, 252 speed, 4 defense
-Sludge Bomb
-Giga Drain
-Solar Beam
-HP fire

Sadly chlorophyll Venusar doesn't have access to leaf Storm but if ever recived leaf storm will be beter than solar beam it is a sun specs user, the good part over the growth variant is lack of set up move so it can just strike a strong STAB with lots of power since it have not so great special or physical coverage and earthquake isn't a good option..
so Sludge Bomb is a STAB it can hit everything grass can't hit effectively except steel and poison. there HP fire comes (heatran heatran heatran.. ok we have heatran put a counter to him, ok?) Solar beam is good when the sun rises and other weather starters had fainted Giga Drain is a reliable Stab to beat some other weathers.

The good thing about Grass and fire coverage is that it hit all other weather inducers so politoed will likely not switch.