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I find that hard to believe...with eviolite, ivysaur's nature-neutral defensive stats jump up to 324 HP/~327 Defense/~387 Sp. Def.
In addition to that, ivysaur has access to 3 forms of recovery: Giga Drain, Synthesis, and Leech Seed. Ivysaur's speed stat may cap at 219 or 240 based on nature, but it also can abuse chlorophyll, thus doubling its speed into, at least, 438...sure ivysaur doesn't get leftovers, and it's even more weather dependant than venusaur (if that's even possible), but i see merits to using it
But she is right. You could excuse Leftovers for the bulk of the Eviolite, since it does give Ivysaur more immediate bulk. Unfortunately, there's still the fact that if you're running a defensive set (which is the only reason conceivable to use Ivysaur in the first place), you have to run significant speed investment just to outpace the unboosted metagame. In fact, if Ivysaur and Venusaur were to both be EV'd to outspeed base 130s in the Sun with the rest in HP and SpD, Venusaur would have about 87% of Ivysaur's bulk, about 93% factoring in the added "bulk" from Leftovers, and all with a greater resistance to passive damage and the ability to take advantage of SubSeed far more effectively. Not only that, but Venusaur can at least be somewhat of an offensive presence even without much investment. Ivysaur's uninvested base 80 SpA and 62 Atk stats aren't going to be doing much of that.

When you look at it, SubSeed is honestly the only defensive set that either should be running, and the fact is that you don't need a lot of bulk to SubSeed. The whole point of the strategy is to avoid the opponent's attacks through Sub and Protect while constantly healing yourself with Leech Seed and Leftovers. Even Whimsicott, frail as it is, is notorious as a SubSeeder. So the added bulk of Ivysaur wouldn't really come in handy in those situations.