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    Hey everyone! Just a question. Although i have 385 pokemon in pokemon Ruby my trainer card still has one star - it's a bronze one. Is this some kind of bug or what?

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    Precisely how did you obtain all of those? If you beat the elite four first, you would logically have more than one star. If you spent time trading in between two separate Gameboys for weeks on end before beating the E4, you would still have two stars, because National and Regional both count separately.

    Contest information and battle tower rankings I believe also count towards card color. Bronze as a color typically signifies a form of light brown, but I recall the Gen 3 games defining bronze as the color you get for beating the game.

    Perhaps it's an issue with the hardware in your cartridge, caused by unknown external malice, wear and tear or general exposure to the elements. You could have fungi growing in there - I read about a big eBay lot of broken Pokemon carts once, and many of them exhibited strange behavior similar to this. I'm not saying yours literally has living tissue inside of it, the cartridge I'm talking about was a GBC cart. But still, hardware problems are a considerable issue. If you have a Gen4 cart and a suitable pre-DSi system, you can probably just slowly transfer all of that stuff without the next generation caring. That's the worst case scenario, though. It's likely just a graphics error.

    Or, some of those could be listed as "Seen" because you were fighting a dude in a Secret Base, in which case you could either have one star from beating the Elite Four and not having completed the regional yet, or two from beating the E4 and completing the regional, in which case it's a graphics error and should promptly be ignored.
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