Genre: Adventure
Rating: PG-13
About: Toru, an alien, runs away from her planet, crashes onto Earth, and gets discovered by a human when she transformed into to look like a girl. They become friends, but Sniper, another alien from the same planet, is stalking them, and the threat of her father's forcecs linger in Toru's mind at every step.

I hope you like it.

“And I’m… done.” Toru finished packing her bag which contained only the low number of two objects. The bag held a bag of chips and a Rain Ball in its hold. A Rain Ball is a clearish blue orb that looks like it is made of water with little buttons all over its surface. The buttons all do different things, but together, the ball can do almost anything. Toru threw her bag on her back without much effort. But when she walked outside, she had to put vast amounts of effort into what she wanted to do, what she had to do. She slowly creped out of her former home, closing the door behind her softly, and slinking to the would-have-been UFO station, but she-and her people- knew what these flying objects were. They called them the IFO-Identified Flying Objects- as they hadn’t really come up with a cool name.

Toru was extremely lucky: The guards positioned at the IFO were the only lazy ones-Viper and Lavie. And as usual they were sound asleep on the floor. The only necessary precaution with these two is that you didn’t step on them, which would be a disaster. So Toru creped around them with great ease and headed for her IFO-a blue, cellular-like orb. It had the look of a cell, yet also of water.

How stupid of me, I had left my keys in my IFO YET AGAIN! At least I know where they were, if not my dad would probably have them and it’s not a breeze to get them back. Any way… Toru thought angrily inside of her head as she jumped inside of her IFO and tried to start up the engine, but it wouldn’t start! “What-“

“INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” The guards had woken up to the sound of Toru’s engine struggling to lift up her IFO. Great, my fuel tank is empty and I have guards at my heels… One way out of this… Toru thought furiously as she started to jump out of her hidden exit and grab three of the fuel tanks positioned close by a war IFO. She filled up her IFO with the fuel until it had a nearly bursting tank (from the back nozzle so the guards won’t see me) and climb into her space craft once again.

Now the only thing I have to do is start the engines up… again. So she promptly did so. Her ship lifted of the ground in a steady manner, the guards fell to the floor at the force of the thrusters.

Toru flew higher and higher, into the stratosphere and soon into space…. Prologue