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Thread: Reign ~of~ Rain

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    Default Reign ~of~ Rain

    Genre: Adventure
    Rating: PG-13
    About: Toru, an alien, runs away from her planet, crashes onto Earth, and gets discovered by a human when she transformed into to look like a girl. They become friends, but Sniper, another alien from the same planet, is stalking them, and the threat of her father's forcecs linger in Toru's mind at every step.

    I hope you like it.

    “And I’m… done.” Toru finished packing her bag which contained only the low number of two objects. The bag held a bag of chips and a Rain Ball in its hold. A Rain Ball is a clearish blue orb that looks like it is made of water with little buttons all over its surface. The buttons all do different things, but together, the ball can do almost anything. Toru threw her bag on her back without much effort. But when she walked outside, she had to put vast amounts of effort into what she wanted to do, what she had to do. She slowly creped out of her former home, closing the door behind her softly, and slinking to the would-have-been UFO station, but she-and her people- knew what these flying objects were. They called them the IFO-Identified Flying Objects- as they hadn’t really come up with a cool name.

    Toru was extremely lucky: The guards positioned at the IFO were the only lazy ones-Viper and Lavie. And as usual they were sound asleep on the floor. The only necessary precaution with these two is that you didn’t step on them, which would be a disaster. So Toru creped around them with great ease and headed for her IFO-a blue, cellular-like orb. It had the look of a cell, yet also of water.

    How stupid of me, I had left my keys in my IFO YET AGAIN! At least I know where they were, if not my dad would probably have them and it’s not a breeze to get them back. Any way… Toru thought angrily inside of her head as she jumped inside of her IFO and tried to start up the engine, but it wouldn’t start! “What-“

    “INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!” The guards had woken up to the sound of Toru’s engine struggling to lift up her IFO. Great, my fuel tank is empty and I have guards at my heels… One way out of this… Toru thought furiously as she started to jump out of her hidden exit and grab three of the fuel tanks positioned close by a war IFO. She filled up her IFO with the fuel until it had a nearly bursting tank (from the back nozzle so the guards won’t see me) and climb into her space craft once again.

    Now the only thing I have to do is start the engines up… again. So she promptly did so. Her ship lifted of the ground in a steady manner, the guards fell to the floor at the force of the thrusters.

    Toru flew higher and higher, into the stratosphere and soon into space…. Prologue

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    First Chapter: Crash Landed

    Here you all go:

    Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm on the IFO was going off loudly. This was probably due to the rapid acceleration and approach of the atmosphere of a planet, but Toru never truly found out.

    “Wait, What-!!!” Toru was cut off as the emergency sequence was activated. An extremely hard fire proof, water proof, air and water tight container was opened and Toru was placed inside. The interior was soft and fluffy incase it was a bouncy ride. Just before the capsule’s doors slammed shut, Toru grabbed her transformation scarf out of her bag.

    The pod fell through a planet’s atmosphere and crashed into the ocean causing a small tsunami that headed west. The pod’s doors opened and Toru hobbled out, steaming.

    She plopped into the water as she watched her IFO disintegrate as it plummeted through the atmosphere of the planet. The question is what planet is Toru on?

    With millions and perhaps trillions or thoughts running through her mind, Toru swam to the east.

    Even though she was about 50 miles from land, Toru got to shore in about an hour. Her home planet was colder then the planet Toru was stranded on and much more watery so she had adapted well to wet lands. She fell asleep on the wet sand almost instantly when she docked on the beach.
    Koran walked along the beach at sunset with a nearly empty mind. He never really expected anything unusual to happen, but how would anyone know?

    As the beach got rockier, Koran notice something large splayed out across the sand with water lapping at its bottom. He cautiously approached it in case it was some sort of animal. It was, but that doesn’t mean he knew that.

    When Koran got within fifty feet of the creature, he realized that it was a human girl. She was laying flat on her face. As Koran sat down beside her to find out what was wrong, the girl’s eyes opened.
    “AHH!” Toru screamed as she opened her eyes, “What- Who- Where- Who are you?” Toru’s scarf was around her neck just as it was when she fell asleep, but Toru herself wasn’t the same. She was a girl.

    “I should be the one asking you that!” gasped a man, astounded. “May I ask what your name is?”

    “Toru, of course.” Retorted Toru impatiently, “Why wouldn’t it be? Oh! What’s your name?”

    “Koran,” He parried Toru’s question almost instantly. “Do you care to come home with me? Well if you don’t have a place to go… What am I saying? I’m such an idiot!”

    “Uh…” What am I doing? I can’t go with him; I look too proper to be homeless… Thought Toru in a panicked fashion, “I guess I’ll come with you, if you don’t mind at least.”

    Koran headed off the way he came and beckoned at Toru to follow. They walked in silence for quite some time, but eventually Koran broke the silence. “So… if you don’t mind me asking, where did you come from and… do you have a home?” He turned his head away from Toru at the last word.

    “Yes, I do have a home, but I am basically a runaway… There’s more to it, but it’s all a bit fuzzy in my memory…” Toru evaded the first question purposely.

    “Alright, we’ll be arriving shortly, but act natural around my family or they’ll know something’s up. “ Koran replied sternly.

    Toru wanted to tell the truth but she thought that if she did, she would be forced to go home and she didn’t want that. The last hour and a half played over and over in her mind as she continued to walk with Koran to his house.

    “We are here, now remember, act natural. I’ll handle the rest.” He pushed open the door and found his parents looking at a black box with lights in patterns that looked like Koran but slightly different streaming out of it. Sound appeared to be flowing out as well, but the noises weren’t distinguishable because of the low volume.

    As Koran explained what happened at the beach to his parents (leaving out the part about Toru being a runaway), Toru looked around Koran’s house. The ceiling reached up like it was trying to capture all the stars in the galaxy. The room was wide and long, the only doors being the front door and another shiny wooden one located at the far end of the room. As she looked around, Toru found that there were many furry planks running up the wall with one larger one connecting them all and ending in a door far up the wall that she hadn’t noticed before.

    The floor was also covered in the soft fluffy stuff that lined the planks on the wall; it felt good between Toru’s bare feet.

    Koran soon stopped talking to his parents and led Toru up the furry planks, through the door, down a hall, through another door and into a medium sized room. There was no fuzzy stuff on the floor in here, but there was hard, somewhat soft stuff here which appeared to be in planks.

    “This is your bed room for now, Toru.” Said Koran in a mere murmur with a note of worry, “Please use it as you see fit… Enjoy it while it lasts…”

    “If there is something wrong with me, you can tell me, Koran.”

    “Well, you see… my parents are going to make you leave tomorrow. I don’t know how, but they know that you aren’t supposed to be here.” Koran spoke in a hushed voice, obviously afraid that he was going to be overheard. “They can’t kick you out alone, thought, I will g with you.”

    “Why?” Toru was alarmed at this statement, wouldn’t anyone be? “You can stay here if you want to!”

    “What makes you think that I would want to? I can’t do anything here!” Koran’s fury was rising and bubbling over, “I got in trouble for running along the freaking beach! I have absolutely no freedom! If it was during the school year, my mother would pack my lunch every day and not let me give her any input at all!”

    “I never meant it that way…” whispered Toru, “I just thought that most of you would like it…”

    Koran’s fury drain away immediately, “I didn’t mean to make you sad!” He launched himself across the room and hugged Toru firmly, but as soon as he realized what he was doing, he let go immediately. “Sorry…”

    “It’s fine.”

    “Urge… Good night, I’ll see you at dawn.”
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    its pretty good.

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    Second Chapter: In The Forest

    Toru opened her eyes. Chirping sounded through an open window in the room she was in, but sunlight did not yet stream in. It was still dark. Koran entered the room a mere shadow and said, “I’m here, we’ll get out through that window.”

    He punched a screen out of the square hole in the wall and squeezed himself through, clinging onto a metal trellis attached to the side of the outer wall by vines. Climbing down steadily, he got to the ground in almost no time at all. Toru quickly followed, but not as steadily.

    When they came to the forest that was near Koran’s house, Koran warned to stay close because the trees were dense and very much alike in appearance. This did not prevent Toru from becoming lost, however.

    Toru ran this way and that; but she couldn’t find Koran, so she decided to just walk forward until she reached the edge of the forest. But instead of meeting the edge of the forest, she accidentally walked straight off a cliff when her eyes were shut. Luckily, her scarf wrapped it’s self around a tree branch and got tangled so Toru dangled there helplessly.

    The scarf slowly constricted around Toru’s neck; it became increasingly more difficult to breathe. The only way out is to try to untie the scarf from around my neck then fall onto that branch… But if I do that, I will transform back into my true form until I put the scarf back around my neck and dial the code… I don’t know what the code is… If I don’t act soon I will surely get strangled…

    Toru stuffed her hands up the small crack between the scarf and her neck and pushed outward. Once it was loose enough, she pulled apart the strangling knot and dropped onto the lower branch, transforming in mid air.

    Toru scurried up the tree trunk and out onto the branch with the scarf entwined with a twig. She fumbled with the twigs until the scarf could easily lift out of the twig nest. Bad luck stuck again as a forceful gust of wind blew the transformation scarf back into the forest.
    Koran noticed that Toru was being unnaturally quiet, so he turned around to look. Toru was nowhere to be found. A soft rustling sounded behind Koran. He turned around, frightful of what he might see. Instead of something scary like a basilisk or chimera, a scarf floated to the ground. “But that’s Toru’s scarf…” mumbled Koran, “I wonder where she is…” He walked down a path and came to a sheer cliff, “I hope she didn’t end up down there…”
    That’s Koran! I hope he doesn’t see me like this! Toru slid down the trunk of the tree and pulled herself up the one of two feet of cliff face and hopped on the stable ground. Koran didn’t notice her, a good thing at the least.

    Toru slipped into the forest, unnoticed, and leapt upon Koran from behind.

    Koran stumbled and fell, “What the-“

    Toru covered his eyes with one arm and ripped her scarf out of Korans hands with the other. She tied it around her neck at record speed and dialed a random code on the little pad at one end of the scarf. Good luck must have replaced bad, the code was accepted and Toru was transformed into a human once again.
    Koran was laying face down on the moist ground of the forest. “No… Toru’s scarf, what’s she going to say?” He wanted to get up, but every single one of his muscles screamed in protest. Almost as if called for, someone lifted him up. “What the-?”

    “Sorry… This is all my fault… I shouldn’t have gotten lost.” Toru’s voice sounded far away, like an echo.

    “Wait, how did you get your scarf back,” Said Koran, “Someone stole it.” Toru’s profile appeared as he blinked his eyes a couple times.

    “It was on the ground, by your feet.” replied Toru. “I don’t really think this is a good idea… I’ve nearly fallen off a cliff and gotten strangled by a scarf; if you don’t mind, we may go back?”

    “I agree with you. It’s better safe than sorry. We might as well just go back to my place and go to school; it’s starting up in a few days.” Koran suggested, “It will still keep us away from those freedom-haters that call themselves my parents…”

    “Alright, let’s head back, but I want to check something out beforehand.” When Koran gave her a questioning look, she added, “Alone.”
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    Third Chapter: Stalker!
    The first part takes place somewhere other than earth, and the second part takes place in the forest and Koran's room

    “Please send up the girl. I need to speak with her.”

    “Yes, Sir. We will fetch her immediately.” They strutted off, wondering why a teenager would be so important.

    In about five minutes, the guards came back into the room; between them was a teenage girl. “Sire, we’ve brought her.”

    “I can see that, I’m not blind!” The girl snickereded at that remark. “Leave at once!” The guards left.

    “Why’d you call me here?”

    “My daughter has gone missing, you know her, I presume?”

    “Yes, and I believe you know how much we loath each other?”

    “I quite do, and that is why I called you and not some other trained assassin.”

    “So I get to kill her for you?” The girl squeaked excitedly, but her voice was cracking under her spirited tone, her voice cracked.

    “No, but you do get to find out where she is and do anything you have to in order to get her back to me.” The girl looked unconvinced that she was agreeing in a good bargain, but she knew she was inside.

    “I was going to surprise you, but I will let you graduate Assassin College early, actually, directly after you get my daughter back.” The teenager lifted her eye brow. “And you can do anything you want to do to the area she is in as long as it’s not on our planet.”

    “So why do you chose me of all the other assassins? You already said you do, but why?”

    “I chose you because you stalked her the one full year in third grade, remember? Nobody knew and you weren’t even trained in the slightest.” He scratched his chin a bit. “You also seem to have radar built into you for locating her.”

    “If that is all, I will go.” Without waiting for an answer, the teenager disappeared.
    Toru crept up on the bush that she thought she heard squeak when she attacked Koran. She wanted to kick it, but she didn’t know what could be inside.

    The bush rustled. Then something started poking out of the twigs and branches and pointed itself at Toru.

    A titanium orb attached to a pole jabbed Toru in the nose. When the followed the length of the pole with her eyes, she found it ended in a trigger. A laser gun! That’s high rank weaponry… From my home planet!

    The bush rustled again and something walked casually up to Toru. It was up to Toru’s thighs, but was about the same size as Toru when she was an alien. The alien’s malicious eyes glinted in the rays of the morning sun as it spoke, “Remember me?”

    The laser gun still wedged against Toru’s nose, she spoke. “Yes you evil daughter of a-“ The trigger finger tightened. “Yes,” Toru spat out the last word with disgust. “Sniper,”

    “That’s much better.” Sniper sighed in a fake calm voice. “Now I bet you are wondering how I got onto this planet with high rank weaponry that is normally used by highest ranked soldiers.”

    “Why don’t you tell me?”

    “Why don’t I not?”

    “Because you’re a jerk wad.”

    “Correct. Now, I’ll just leave sight for a while and continue to stalk you until you surrender.” Sniper jumped up into the trees, taking her laser with her. “So long worm face!” She uttered a hearty laugh and there was no further sign of her.
    “Hey, Koran.”

    “What, Toru?” asked Koran, “You’ve been gone a while.”

    “So when is school starting?”

    “When it does, how would I know?”

    “I don’t know.” Toru was sitting on the bed in the room she was allowed to stay in when she first arrived. Koran was lying on the floor with his legs propped up on the wall.

    The encounter with Sniper was nagging at the back of Toru’s mind; she wanted to tell someone, but there was no possible way to tell that to Koran, and Koran was the only one she was willing to talk to at the moment.

    “I’m going to use the internet.” Toru said suddenly. She looked up alien sightings with Koran’s laptop, and found that her ship might have been sighted the night se crased. That didn’t bother her, but she felt rather wary about another two sightings that happened in the same area not long after.

    Then she looked up when the school was starting. “It starts in two weeks, we should get ready for it, Koran.”



    There was no sign of him, just the rustling of the trees outside of the open window. And perhaps the sound of running footsteps.
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    Fourth Chapter!
    Amazing, isnt it?
    Sniper towed Koran through the trees, but with little success. Koran was far too heavy for her three foot tall and muscular body. "This guy must overeat... I can’t believe he can walk upright."

    Koran was knocked out by one of Sniper's sleep darts. It turns out she wasn’t lying about being a good shot after all. She might be a snob, but she wouldn't lie.

    When she arrived at the cliff with the tree that nearly choked Toru, she lowered Koran down into a cave on the side of the cliff. She decided to just leave him there since he couldn't escape on his own while being conscious anyway. Sniper decided that if her hunch was correct that Toru would come straight into her trap. Sniper would wait in the trees and shoot Toru with a sleep dart when she walks underneath the trees.

    So she waited.
    Toru was running through the forest at top speed. She was oblivious to her surroundings, so she didn't hear Sniper run through the trees noisily behind her. She ran directly up to the edge of the cliff and climbed down the branches as far as she could go.

    Then Sniper closed in on her.

    Sniper loaded her dart gun with a sleep dart powerful enough to knock herself into a sleep so deep that she wouldn't even dream for a day and then still be knocked out for a week longer.

    She aimed.

    She sucked.

    She blew.

    The dart hit Toru's arm as she was gazing down into the valley. The shot jerked her back to reality and at once she knew what had got her. "SNIPER, you twit!" Then she took a closer look at the dart embedded in her left arm. 'Sleep Dart-500%' she wrenched it out immediately, thoughts running through her head of what it could do. Throwing the dart into the valley, she scrambled back up the tree and onto solid ground so she could fall into a dreamless sleep safely and Sniper could bring her back to the torture of home.

    But sleep never came. Toru waited, but all that came was a deep fuzziness enveloping her mind so she couldn’t think clearly and black globs blotching out parts of her vision at a time.

    Sniper walked up to Toru with a livid expression etched across her face. “I should have focused on the quantity of the juice, not the strength… Now I don’t have any of that left! What’s her father going to say?” When she tried to look Toru in the eye, she couldn’t see the eye at all, just an ever growing black spot. The spot grew slowly, but Sniper’s arms and legs felt like they were getting heavier by the second. They felt like giant fluffy boats as shoes. Her head got fogged up and she fell on the floor, unconscious.

    What happened was that there was a hole at the end of the dart and when Sniper sucked the air in, she also sucked in some of the fluids. There was only enough left to know Sniper to sleep for a day, but that wasn’t enough to knock out a human.

    Toru’s brain was still to fuzzy to realize this, but it was clearing up. She now could focus on the fact that she needed to rescue Koran, but she couldn’t formulate a plan. She did know where he was, however.

    In about fifteen minutes, her head cleared up and she formulated a plan. She would use one of Sniper’s ray guns to make the rocks and the cliff face magnetic so she could climb down. She would also use one of her weaker darts to fog up Koran’s mind so he would probably think it was just a crazy dream.

    After her plan was completed, she dropped Koran on the floor and demagnetized the rocks and the cliff face before using a gear from Sniper’s belt to life her and Koran and town them through the air back to Koran’s house.

    When they were all in the room, Toru put Koran in a sleeping position on the floor and reattached the levitation device to Sniper’s belt. She then threw her out the window into the forest.
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