Hi everyone, I used Serebii back when I had my childhood (those were the days...) and I just stumbled onto my super old account. Recently I have been interested in the glitches and secrets of these 2nd and 3rd generation Pokémon games. I would like to be able to know everything about these glitches (ex. How do they happen, how do they affect your game, can they be repeated, where did it come from?). I'm not talking about glitches like duplication, I mean the real weird and secret stuff put into these games. So if anyone would like to help here is a list of what I want to understand and know everything about:

1. The people behind the boxes, tress, etc. I'm sure everyone knows what I am talking about. The random houses that would have trees blocking the door or boxes. (Why was this in the game?)
2. Glitch City. Ahh the classic glitch city. I learned this one from a friend. I kind of just want to know why the steps taken in the safari zone would do this (Coding? I don't know)
3. Pokemon over level 100. In the 1st or 2nd generation games, you could do a glitch where you would encounter pokemon over level 100. It was based on the name you gave your character and misssingno. Very weird. I would like to know more about it. Also similar to the Super Old Man glitch.

4. What I like to call the underwater glitch. This is solely a glitch that happened to me and I've never seen it ANYWHERE. Here is how it happened:
I had recently bought a hacked pokemon game with all pokemon level 100 and shiny. One day before school I was playing a little bit. I had to leave so I left it on plugged in all day and closed (It was left on all day). After school I got home and opened it up. I came to surprise. I was in Slateport City. My game was upside down (The picture of the game not the actual screen). It was also very strange because it had the underwater layover. So it was upside down, there was blue hue over it and the dive music was playing. So it was like my character used dive but I was still in the city of Slateport. I never knew why. My friend told me it was a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing, where I could walk through trees and find Munchalax (He wasn't in any pokemon game yet).

So if anyone can answer my question or give explanations to these glitches please do!!! I would really appreciate it. If you would like to email me about this: alawnmowinkat@yahoo.com, make the subject the title of this post.

Thanks Serebii.net!!!