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    Default Legendary Forces

    Welcome to The Legendary Forces Headquarters. Within these walls you will learn to battle, improve your skills, and create bonds with others in the clan. Our clan is created of 5 tribes. The tribe of the North Glacier Beasts. The Tribe of the water Polar Plunge. The Interior earth tribe of Tempered Steel. The Dragons of Fearsome Legends live in the mountains. And finally the Crypt Guardians whom haunt the night. These 5 tribes allied with each other after many years of warring they merged under the guidance of Giritina leader of the crypt guardians hoping to bring peace to the land Giritina now leads with the elders of each tribe however we rested building our strength to rise one day. Now it is time for us to rise from our slumber and show seribii what we are made of.

        Spoiler:- Table of contents:

    1) Follow all SPPF rules
    2) Do not advertise other websites or Forums
    3) Be active every clan needs active members to function
    4) No spamming Double posting etc..
    5) Be polite
    6) We follow all 5th gen standard battling rules
    7) Based on the SPPF clans section rules you must not sign up here if you are part of another clan
    8) Once you are accepted do not post a registration form in another clans thread.
    9) Do not post about leaving the clan it lowers moral
    10) In the event that you leave us you will be placed at the bottom of the rank up should you rejoin
    11) All posts must be relevant to strategy or pokemon in general we have a xat for off topic chatting
    12) This is a 5th gen clan almost all battles are in 5th gen so be used to it
    13) Please report your battles to your Division leader they will tally them up and use the proper form
    14) The Council of Elders has the right to ban anyone form the clan.

    Sign up form

    Po, wifi or both:
    Wifi Friend Code:

    It should look like this
    HTML Code:
    Po, wifi or both: Both
    Wifi Friend Code:Too lazy to check
    Division: Ghost
    Other: Founder of clan

    Battles Form


    Ranking up:
        Spoiler:- Rank Up:

    The Xat
        Spoiler:- The Xat:

    Council of Elders:
    Here at Legendary Forces we are run by a council of 5 elders. Each Elder leads their division.
    1) Each elder is responsible for their post and all info on it.
    2) If you are going to be away pass the responsibilities over to another elder or your advisor (appointed by you)
    3) To be an Elder you must be active
    4) Be a role model.
    5) Choose 1 member of your division to be your advisor in the clan

    Elders powers:
    Gets Custom Userbar
    Lead division
    Owner on xat
    Can ban people in the clan
    Makes final decision on wars

    Members of The Council of Elders:
    Jr Beshareas

        Spoiler:- Credits:

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