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    Howdy, everyone. I've really taken a backseat in writing since my last two fics. My writing began to become sloppy and scattered. I've refined my skills since then, trying to grow my vocabulary and really focus on the characters and who they are. Character development in a story is key for me, so that's my theme for this fic. You as the reader will be getting flashbacks of each character's lives before the story took place while also getting the present action.

    I've been writing in advance. I'm currently writing chapter 11. The chapters start out at around 6 pages on Word but increase to around 9-11 pages on Word as the story progresses. The prologue, however, is rather short; it's a sampling of the beautiful Kalos Region.

    The two main characters for this fic will be Scott and Alexa. The two of them will have a very complicated relationship. Having said that, I don't want to give too much away.

    *rated PG-14 due to occasional swearing and sexual behavior
    *I'll make a PM list if anyone's interested

    Character Biographies:

        Spoiler:- Main Characters:

        Spoiler:- Recurring Characters:


        Spoiler:- Chapters::


    Three hundred years ago, before skyscrapers reached for the vast, incandescent sky, before giant cities erupted overnight, before people hustled and bustled and forgot about the small things that matter most, was a much simpler time. For the most part, Pokemon roamed free. Poke Balls had been invented already, but catching and concealing Pokemon in them wasn’t as welcomed among the people of Kalos.

    Kalos was a beautiful region to say the least. Forests sprang to life with both Pokemon and wildlife. Flowers of any color imaginable seductively swayed in the breeze that cooled the region during the rather warm months of the year. Waterfalls, cerulean and clear, surged their ways through the region, raging downward into the living springs at the bottom when at end of their courses. When in the colder months, snow danced through the air, snowflakes flurrying and caressing whatever they happened to land on.

    Fields of blooming grass were run upon by the pleasant herds of Gogoat. The more mountainous areas housed the digging Pokemon such as Bunnelby and Diggersby. Spritzee and Flabebe would drift through the breeze, very approachable, and keep you occupied when lonely. If you were lucky enough, you could catch a group of Braixen and Delphox delicately, intuitively practicing their wand maneuverability on the course, sandy beach at sunrise and sunset. People knelt at the gushing yet placid rivers to collect water every morning as running water wasn’t around at the time. The river Pokemon, such as Politoed and Froakie, would meet them there and play with them.

    But with such a beautiful region came a beautiful evil.

    Her name was Scarlet. Her hair was a fiery red, matching her flaring attitude, and was shorter than most girls’ of the time. It only went down to her ear but was slick and seductive. It was her most noticeable feature by far. She wasn’t overweight or underweight; she had a perfect body from the standpoint of a male. She was curvy and gorgeous. Her only conspicuous piece of jewelry was the necklace she wore at all times. It was smooth and sleek, definitely an opal. White jeans hugged her legs, a black tank top shirt latched onto her stomach and chest, and a bright red, dare I say scarlet, cardigan wrapped around to complete her look.

    Scarlet didn’t have a family. To say her family was nonexistent was an understatement. Her family was cursed while she was a virgin gal, and the curse killed her family. From that point on, one female would be the sole heir in each generation. It was Scarlet’s turn, and there was no one for her to turn to. She had constructed herself a private, promiscuous stygian fortress west of Camphrier Town, and that was where she dreamt up her devious, selfish goal.
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    This was a fun prologue! I am anxious to get into the story.

    You have great descriptions of Kalos and its Pokemon; it was very enjoyable to read. Sorry this review isn't very long, haha. Will the entirety of the story take place 300 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotshot View Post
    This was a fun prologue! I am anxious to get into the story.

    You have great descriptions of Kalos and its Pokemon; it was very enjoyable to read. Sorry this review isn't very long, haha. Will the entirety of the story take place 300 years ago?
    Every review is greatly appreciated! Thank you! And yes, for the most part it will!

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    Chapter One: Abducted

    Cities in the Kalos region weren’t huge or hugely populated at this time. They were simple. For example, in Santalune City, a few eloquent, dainty houses lined the dirt path that ran through the center of town. The path led to Santalune Fountain, a round fountain with a sculpted Roselia on the top, water pouring out of Roselia’s rose hands, and the meeting place for social gatherings or just to fetch some crisp, fresh water; the water in the fountain was channeled from one of Kalos’ many springs. The path continued on the other side of the fountain until you reached Santalune Castle, an expansive fortress with gold at its roots.

    The owners were family to the people who had founded the city quite a few years beforehand; they inherited it, the family heirloom so to speak. Large, cathedral-like stained glass windows adorned the front of the building, the building itself being a rich shade of light yellow. There was no moat to this castle, rather just a giant polished wooden door. Inside was Santalune’s royal family- a mother, a father, and their twin daughters.

    “Just keep trying, sweetheart. I love you!” Alexa’s dad shut the oaken door and left her to try and drift into a cumbersome sleep again. It was yet another sleepless night for the princess. Her sister, Viola, never had those kinds of problems.

    Alexa and her twin sister were five years old. They were both dressed in their footie pajamas- Alexa’s depicting cute pictures of Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin playing with each other in different sceneries such as a forest and a lake while Viola’s was more simple and just had the same picture of a Mareep cuddling with a Helioptile printed all over it. Viola had a cute pet Scatterbug that always nestled against her arm while she slept.

    “AHHH!” Alexa screamed at the top of her lungs, jumping straight out of bed in the process. “It was just lightning, Alexa. Calm down.” She mounted onto her bed again and started to drift asleep when she heard someone walking in the corridor outside her room. She thought everyone was in bed. Sneakily and quietly, she snuck to the door and peeked out.

    A voluptuous cloud of flaming red smoke filled the hallway, a gorgeous woman walking out of it, dispelling it in a wave of magic by the flick of her wrist. Rooms lined each side of the baby blue hallway, and the woman couldn’t figure out which she wanted to look in first.

    “I guess I’ll never know if I don’t look.” Evil resonated in her voice. It was powerful, too powerful. She opened the door immediately to her left, but it was only filled with immensely expensive china- a storage room. Ahead of her, she yanked the next door open. To her dismay, it only led into the very well-furnished kitchen. “Third time’s the charm, they say.” She grabbed a door to her right this time and found exactly what she had come for.

    She sauntered into the room with sheer confidence. The floorboards creaked, waking up Viola and Scatterbug.

    “It’s okay, little girl,” she falsely promised. She whispered and yet evil bloomed in the empty words like new flowers in the spring. Viola clenched Scatterbug and scooted further into the corner of the bed with every step the woman took. Outside of the room, Alexa crept out of her room and watched from the threshold of Viola’s, her dreary eyes locked on the woman. “Child, I’m here to help you, to save you! If you just come with me, I can give you whatever you want!” She inched ever closer, and Viola let loose a blood-curdling shriek, a cry for help that made the woman wish she had Soundproof for an ability.

    In the master bedroom at the end of the hall, the girls’ parents bolted straight up and out of their frivolous bed. “Stay back, honey,” said the king as he grabbed his pure steel sword. He would go down swinging for his daughters and wife, but he didn’t know if courage alone would be enough.

    They had made it down the hallway and found Alexa watching the action in Viola’s room. The queen gasped as she saw the woman approaching her daughter. “Alexa, you’re coming with me. Your dad will save your sister.” She scooped up Alexa into her noble arms and kissed her on her forehead. “You will be safe, Alexa, if it’s the last thing I do.” With Alexa in her arms, she ran back down the hallway to the castle’s stronghold.

    Hearing the queen’s gasp, the woman turned around only to find the handsomely bulky king. His arms were practically ripping through his night shirt, his chest as well. The woman found his bedhead strikingly attractive.

    “Come on, girl.” She enunciated ‘girl’ with pure anger. Hatred had filled her voice. Her patience with the girl had run out. She wasn’t playing nicely anymore.

    The king charmingly dashed into the room. He raised the sword above his head, gripping it with both of his muscly hands, and threw it at the woman. She turned just to see the point of the iron blade coming at her. With a sea of crimson smoke, she materialized and the sword went directly through and stuck in the lilac wall.

    The king began to run for his daughter. If he could just get her into his arms, he could protect her. The woman reappeared between him and Viola. “NO!” Her voice, normally alto and clear, dropped right down to a low bass with a demonic tone. She threw her left hand in the air, causing the king to fly out of the room and slam into the hallway outside. The door crashed shut behind him. As swiftly as he could, he got off of the cold ground and banged his hard fists into the door. It was no use.

    Like the serene waterfalls of Kalos, water was streaming down Viola’s face. She was in panic mode; she was hysteric. In a last effort to stop the woman, Scatterbug jumped from Viola’s panicked body and fired a sticky white String Shot at the woman. She was entangled for only a slight moment and then yanked it off with her bare hands.

    “You think a String Shot from your puny Scatterbug is going to stop me? Ha, try again, brat. You’re coming with me.” Scatterbug hurled itself off of the bed and into the woman’s stomach. The Tackle did nothing. “Pest.” She picked up the bug and slung it at the wall. Viola flailed like a newborn Bonsly, but the woman just simply and effortlessly picked her up. Like when she had arrived, she departed in the consuming smoke, tearing a family apart.

    The door finally crashed open, but alas, it was too late for the girl.

    Ten years passed without Viola being found. Directly after the confrontation, Scatterbug was consumed by depression and remained in that state for quite a few of those ten long years. In remembrance of the innocent girl, her Scatterbug was given to Alexa to raise. That fateful night scarred her parents to the point of making Alexa forget she ever had a sister. Alexa was too young to remember for the most part anyways, so they just kept it hush-hush around her.

    South of Santalune City and through Santalune Forest laid Aquacorde Town. A quaint town, everyone knew everybody. The town emanated serenity, peace. A calming river horizontally cut the town off from Santalune Forest, a brilliantly crafted cobblestone bridge connecting the two. The river was why the town was settled. When people first settled in Kalos, they needed to set up home near a reliable water source. At that very source was Scott, a sixteen year old Pokemon Trainer who lived just two houses down from the river in a wooden shack.

    “Okay, you two, let’s get all of this water back to the house.” He grinned down at his two Pokemon, Noibat and Skiddo, with a piercing white smile. His smile could melt any girl’s heart. Skiddo was carrying two pails of water, one hooked around each horn, and Noibat picked up a bucket with its tiny talons. Scott rolled up his plaid shirt sleeves and picked up the buckets. He wasn’t ripped like the king, but his thin body definitely had some muscle to it. “Mom, we’re home!”

    “Oh, Scott! Good. Set the pails down over on the kitchen table and come join your father and I for a quick chat.” His mom was scrawny, but not in the sickly way. She had her charm. She had wavy, medium-length blond hair. She was dressed in a pilgrim-style gown and had a lovely smile as well. It must run in the family.

    Their shack was a basic Aquacorde model. It was one level. To the left was living room with a few bits of furniture. To the right was a threshold leading into Scott’s room. Directly ahead was the kitchen, not nearly as nice as Santalune Castle’s, in which Scott and his Pokemon set the pails. Skiddo lied down next to the wooden table, Noibat perching on its back. Scott went in to join his parents.

    His mother Sarah started the conversation. Scott hoped for the best but expected the worst. “Your father and I have been thinking…”

    Well that’s a great way to start things, he thought.

    His father Neal, a little rough looking, finished, “We’re finally going to take you up on your wish. We’ve gotten you into the Pokemon Ranger School in Santalune City! You start tomorrow!”

    “What? Are you kidding me right now? I’ve wanted to be a Pokemon Ranger my entire life! You’ve just made me the happiest teenager in the world.” Ecstasy filled his face and his entire body; he couldn’t stop smiling. “I better get going if I start tomorrow! I have to get through the forest and find my way, not that that should be a problem but still!” His words were turning into a super fast blurb. He rushed to hug his parents, grabbed his Pokemon, and was out the door in the blink of an eye.

    “Are you okay?” His dad asked with genuine concern. He could tell something was bothering his petite wife, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

    “Yeah,” she replied. “It’s nothing. Really.”

    “Well, we did good, babe.” Neal kissed his wife and both were fully content.

    He sprinted across the architectural genius that was the bridge and then straight into the forest, never looking back. He met Skiddo when he was fairly young and then Noibat along the way. He had captured them, but he always wanted to be a Pokemon Ranger, to help people and Pokemon, to be able to capture Pokemon around you with a Styler. How someone had invented the Styler and they still didn’t have running water baffled the heck out of him.

    Santalune Forest, a green backdrop for all kinds of life to prosper, a model of perfect equilibrium, was massive in size and housed copious types of Pokemon. Pancham could be caught sitting near a small pond eating Pecha Berries, Litleo wrestling with each other like lions or tigers would. Tons of different-patterned Vivillon swept the sky with their beauty shining down on those below. A cold, piercing glare stared out of the bushes at Scott. He was being watched. It was a maze for normal people, but Scott grew up there and knew it better than anyone. In just a few minutes, he was in Santalune City!

    A minor breeze caught him from behind as he entered the city, ruffling his short, messy brown hair. From working out at the river, in the fields, or just fixing things up, his face was toned. His calves were bulgy, almost poking out of his tan corduroy pants. He returned Skiddo and Noibat to their Poke Balls and sprinted into the once lively city.

    Walking down the streets, he only saw drab. The city was dull, full of greys and blacks. Most of the houses looked to be abandoned. Ominous feelings entered his mind. Eeriness lingered in the city, and he wanted to figure out what happened. It was once full of life. Santalune Castle, once so bright and stunning, was now a mere home and nothing more. In the northwest corner of the city was the Ranger School. He had made it.

    The building wasn’t anything attractive on the outside. It was one of the decrepit abandoned houses from ten years prior. He was greeted by a single worker on the way in; a dark purple haired female receptionist sat at a small table with a few papers on it.

    “Howdy there. Are you a new student?” She had a strong country accent, something Scott didn’t expect from her. She was extremely beautiful, however. He wouldn’t mind making her his cowgirl.

    “Yeah, my name’s Scott. I’m scheduled to start tomorrow but I thought I’d go ahead and stop by and see if there was anything I could do or if I could start early or anything really.”

    “Well, hi, Scott. It’s nice to meetcha. My name’s Katherine. And, actually, you may be just in time. A Bouffalant Ranch just recently opened up a little bit past Victory Road. All of the Bouffalant got out and are rampaging through the route. They’re going to need all the help they can get. Every single Ranger is out there helping with the incident. Come here and I’ll show you how to use your Styler.” She motioned for him to come to her, and he caught himself blushing, rosy red pigment filling his toned cheeks.

    She grabbed a brand new Styler off of the floor next to her and motioned for him to give her his arm. He laid his left arm out for her and she latched it onto him. It was a rectangular red device with a circle latch underneath. A part similar to a kid’s top toy was stored in a little compartment in the middle.

    “When you’re ready to catch a Pokemon, shoot out one of the top-looking things with the button on the front. When it reaches the Pokemon, you yourself need to swing your arm in a circular motion; that will control the top and make it circle the Pokemon. Different Pokemon will need a different amount of loops to be captured. It’s really easy, to be honest. That’s really all there is to it. I hate to rush you off, but I beg you to go help and make sure none of our Rangers got injured. Please and thank you, Scott!” With that, Scott left the Ranger School and headed into Route 22.

    A wrinkled poster hung loosely on a post outside of town. It read: Missing Princesses Alexa and Viola. Please notify us at the castle immediately if seen.

    “Both princesses are gone? I thought the story was that only one was gone.” He shoved his curiosity aside and continued on through the route.

    Purple and white flowers were dotted through the route like a splatter of paint on the canvas of Kalos. A Rhyhorn Racing competition was being held in a massive racetrack to his left. Cheering and excitement could be heard clear back in the city. Flabebe danced from flower to flower looking for new flowers to use. Riolu dashed through the fields for exercise, and Psyduck sat around grabbing their heads out of pain. It was mostly peaceful. An icy stare again pierced out of the bushes at the new Ranger.

    And when he thought he had seen it all, he came across the construction of Victory Road. There was a huge flight of cutout stone stairs reaching towards the sky. At the top, however, he could see a giant onyx door with five spherical shapes cut out. He didn’t know what that was about, but he could hear two women talking at the top of the steps.

    “I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to that smoke teleporting stuff,” exclaimed the dizzy younger girl.

    “You will in due time. Now, let’s see about this door,” said the older one with the fiery red hair. The younger girl stepped up to the door. Pale blue light emitted from the door, consuming the duo. Its brightness could probably be seen from the moon. Scott, now halfway up the stairs, almost fell back down from the blinding pierce of light.

    “It’s you! You’re the secret! Now I just need to gather the stones!”

    “What are you talking about, Scarlet?”

    “I’ve been trying to get into this door for ten years now. I had the wrong girl! You and I really do make a great team!” A grin as evil as her voice filled out her face.

    “Hey, who are you two?” Scott innocently asked.

    “Vivillon, go! Get rid of him with Hurricane!” The younger girl screamed this as her Marine-patterned Vivillon soared up into the air and flapped its wings as fast as an industrial sized fan. The wind sped up around Scott, sucking the life out of him. The Hurricane instantly ceased, and Scott began to fall down the stone stairs, scraping up his legs, arms, and face.

    “Skiddo and Noibat, now’s the time!” Both came out. Skiddo giddied up the steps and opened air pockets above Vivillon and the two girls. Rough boulders fell through the air pockets, crushing Vivillon and separating Scarlet from the younger girl, cornering her against the far wall. Noibat grabbed Scott by the shoulders and carried him back to the top, affectionately perching on his head when back on his feet. “What’s your deal attacking me like that, lady?”

    “It’s kind of my job. I protect my boss at all times.” She showed no emotion. Scarlet was blocked. If she was going to finally escape, now was her chance.

    “This little confrontation could’ve been avoided, ya know? You don’t have to attack everyone you see. Your boss or not, there’s no reason for it.” The lass’s arm jerked, reaching for a Poke Ball. “Not a smart move, girl. I won’t hesitate to have Skiddo crush you with Rock Slide.”

    She stumbled backwards, tripping on her own white jeans out of anxiety. “You look like you’re the same age as me. Don’t you have a family to be with?”

    “No. My family didn’t want me…” Tears welled up in her eyes, sadness clouding them. “They never wanted me.” She choked on the words.

    “That can’t be true. No parents could not want their daughter.” Albeit lame, Scott didn’t know what to say. He and his parents had had their fair share of hardships, but never anything this serious.

    “I ran away…” Tears now streamed down her darkened cheeks. Sadness ascended to the surface. She was scarred. “I found solace in Scarlet. I owe her my life. I would’ve ended up a prostitute or something just to make money if she wouldn’t have taken me in.” She turned from Scott, facing the wall. “But it looks like all she ever wanted from me was whatever that light was.” High-pitched wails escaped the crevice of her mouth as she bawled. Maybe no one ever wanted her. Maybe she was destined to be alone forever.

    “You don’t need her. You’re better than that. From what I’ve heard, she just wants to use you for whatever that reaction with the door was. She doesn’t really care about you. Come with me. I’ll help you. I’ll find your real family for you if you want. Heck, you can come with me for a while. It’s up to you. I just don’t want to see you wasting your life working for that wretch.” Sincerity filled every word.

    “W-What? You can’t possibly want me to come with you. I just attacked you.”

    “You did what you had to do. Now let me help you up.” He gestured for the gal’s depressed hand, caressing it, making her feel welcome in her own skin for the first time in her life.

    “Don’t listen to him!!” Scarlet bitterly screeched between her clenched teeth from behind the rock. Her teeth were perfect, pearly white, but bitterness tainted her entire figure.

    “Okay. You’re the first person to ever talk to me like I actually matter.” She returned Vivillon to its Poke Ball in defeat. “I’m coming with you. I’m sorry, Scarlet, but this is the end.” She flicked the stream of tears off of her face with her tender wrist and gestured a slight smile at Scott.

    “If you’re going to come with me, I at least need to know your name.”

    “Alexa. My name’s Alexa.”
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    You have an interesting story started, some really good, some confusing (at least to me).

    I'm not really following your timeline. As a sort of comparison, it's as if someone went to a really authentic Renaissance fair with a cell phone. I'm thinking that you're still 300 years ago in Kalos, since Scarlet is around, but I can't imagine that Pokemon Rangers, Pokeballs, Capture Stylers, etc were around that long ago. Also, I don't know if this is supposed to be Viola and Alexa from XY, but I am assuming that this is at least their lineage. I can't imagine that Alexa would go with someone so readily. I would suggest expanding that end section some, because it feels rushed. However, you have a skill for descriptions. I feel like I can see the places and people in my head exactly as you want them to be, which is a something that can't be taught.

    Anyway, I'm excited to see more chapters of this, because there's so much that you could do with Kalos's history and you have set up a pretty good foundation!
    I've gotten into IV Breeding. I'll breed any Pokemon that can, just ask and I'll see what I can do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    You have an interesting story started, some really good, some confusing (at least to me).

    I'm not really following your timeline. As a sort of comparison, it's as if someone went to a really authentic Renaissance fair with a cell phone. I'm thinking that you're still 300 years ago in Kalos, since Scarlet is around, but I can't imagine that Pokemon Rangers, Pokeballs, Capture Stylers, etc were around that long ago. Also, I don't know if this is supposed to be Viola and Alexa from XY, but I am assuming that this is at least their lineage. I can't imagine that Alexa would go with someone so readily. I would suggest expanding that end section some, because it feels rushed. However, you have a skill for descriptions. I feel like I can see the places and people in my head exactly as you want them to be, which is a something that can't be taught.

    Anyway, I'm excited to see more chapters of this, because there's so much that you could do with Kalos's history and you have set up a pretty good foundation!
    Thanks a ton for commenting! The whole technology 300 years ago thing will be explained soon enough. Trust me on this one. I didn't want to make the scene with Alexa too long because she's not a bad guy, not at all. Her backstory will be detailed a lot, so don't worry. She was touched because for the first time in her life, she finally felt loved and wanted. She didn't love being with Scarlet; Scott was her way out.

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    I made a quick banner for this fic. It's the first one I've ever made, so I'm not sure how I feel about it.
        Spoiler:- Banner:

    Chapter Two: Divided

    “Like hell you’re going with him.” Scott and Alexa were halfway down the steps when Scarlet appeared through the smoke, no longer blocked by the gigantic boulders. “Not so fast,” she hissed, teleporting down to the bottom of the steps. With a wave of her sinister hand, Scott and Alexa were hurled into the air and slammed into the top of the stone staircase.

    “She’s not going to give up, Scott. She knows no mercy. Go. I’ll face her. Just leave so I know you’ll be safe.” Alexa’s tattered face showed sacrifice. She didn’t know if she could trust Scott, but she knew she couldn’t let Scarlet hurt him either. “Snapping me out of my daze was enough. Thank you, but I need you to get out of here.” She was being passive, sassy.

    “Like Scarlet said, ‘like hell’. I’m not leaving you. Get up and we can face her. Together.” Getting up and extending his muscled arm for her, he helped up the worn-down princess.
    She released her Vivillon back into battle as Scarlet crept ever closer up the stairs. “Vivillon, Psybeam her!” They had advanced onto the steps when a zigzag blue and pink Psychic-type beam pulsed out of Vivillon’s eyes. Not afraid, Scarlet embraced the attack. She welcomed it into her body. Her opal necklace absorbed the attack, gleaming and becoming one with the Psybeam. A catastrophic beam, so much stronger than Vivillon’s, roared out of the necklace.

    Alexa was paralyzed. Scarlet’s necklace had acted like a Mirror Coat attack and now the Psybeam was raging toward her. She was prepared to sacrifice herself for her new friend. She closed her eyes, whispered a prayer for her parents, and accepted her fate.

    “Noibat, hurry and use Protect on Alexa!” The Sound Wave Pokemon leaped off of Scott’s head and swooped in front of Alexa, a transparent shield guarding their lives. The Psybeam clashed with the Protect attack. “Alexa, I don’t know if Noibat can hold that back for long. Get out of there!” She was still in a daze. How could someone she had just met care enough to stick around and save her?

    Noibat shuddered. It couldn’t hold the Protect any longer. Its body shook from fear and failure. Noibat was extremely loyal to Scott from helping it way back when they first met, and it didn’t want to let Scott down now; there wasn’t anything it could do, though. The attack was just too strong.

    “You might as well just give up, you two idiots,” she taunted.

    Scott noticed Noibat budging. “NO!” He yelled with sheer sincerity. Needing to rescue her, he ran across the platform and tackled her out of the way, slamming the two of them onto the hard rock ground. At the same time, he grabbed Noibat’s Poke Ball and returned it right as its Protect gave in. The Psybeam followed its course and collided into the rock wall above the five-holed door, collapsing rocks over it. The door was buried.

    “You insolent kids. You obviously don’t know how important that door is. I’m going to make sure you don’t live now.”

    “Vivillon, Struggle Bug and then into Hurricane!” Scott looked over at her, amazed. She had snapped back quickly and was ready to be heroic and jump into the fight. Vivillon swooped down in front of Scarlet, its blue wings glistening in the setting sun’s rays. A red force field ejected from its body, forcefully throwing Scarlet off of the steps in a triple backflip and onto the dirt at the base of the staircase. The wind picked up around Scarlet’s drooping body as Vivillon steadily flapped its wings. Scarlet was caught in the Hurricane.

    “Run!” That one simple word caught in Alexa’s head. Scott kept telling her to run but all she could think about was her family, her loving family; she didn’t know if she was ready to see them, though.

    “Oh. Yeah.” She snapped out of her fantasy and ran down the stairs. Scott returned Skiddo and ran after her. As they ran past Victory Road, Alexa turned and returned Vivillon, Scarlet dropping to the ground again from where the Hurricane had lifted her up.

    Scarlet got back up, running after them. She summoned fireball after fireball, launching each gaseous, fuming orb at the kids and missing. Thinking she had her aim right, she summoned a giant thunderbolt. The electrifying, dazzling bolt struck the ground in front of them, so they ran even further.

    Scott stopped running. “I think… I think I know somewhere we can go,” he panted. He pointed to a trail on the left, grabbed Alexa’s hand, and the two of them sprinted even farther. A couple minutes of painstaking running and the two came across the Bouffalant pin that the receptionist at the Ranger School had told him about.

    They had come upon a gargantuan clearing in the forest. A large wooden circular fence enclosure stood in the middle; the owner’s wooden shack stood to the side.

    “Are you the new Ranger?” Asked the head Ranger as he and Alexa ran into the pin. Scott gave him a courteous nod. “This corral is all but wrapped up, kid. There’s only one more Bouffalant left to be captured.”

    In pursuit of the kids, a single grazing Bouffalant had stopped in front of Scarlet and was blocking her way as she ran through the tangled woods. “Move, runt! I’m trying to catch those freaks!” Upset at Scarlet’s harshness, it jabbed Scarlet with its horn. “You’re lucky that didn’t hurt,” she wickedly hissed. Scarlet kicked its right hind leg. Bouffalant hollered in a deep bass voice and started to rampage, raging towards the clearing, its afro swaying in the breeze. Scarlet followed in pursuit.

    “Look, Scott! A Bouffalant just came into the clearing and is being followed by Scarlet! That must be the last one!”

    “Good. We’re about to be out of here.” Bouffalant was heading right for him. He extended his left arm towards Bouffalant, pressed a button on his styler, and the top spun out of it, constantly circling around Bouffalant. He rapidly spun his arm in the air to continue the top’s movement. “Man, she really made Bouffalant mad. It’s not cooperating at all.” He kept going, nervous due to Scarlet’s advancing. Finally, a bright white circle entered into the Bouffalant’s body. Scott’s first capture was complete.

    He jumped up onto Bouffalant, lengthening his hand for Alexa, and frantically said, “Come on. Get up here.” He helped her up and the two took off on Bouffalant, sprinting towards the fiery woman. Right before impact, however, she teleported out of the way with her usual smoke. They emerged into the thick, shrouded woods and were en route back to Santalune City.

    “Dammit,” she grunted as she appeared back in the clearing.

    He turned back to Alexa. “What’s a girl like you, the princess, so beautiful and smart, doing with a witch like her?” His unbuttoned flannel shirt swayed as they rode his first capture.

    She madly blushed. “You kn-know about me? I, um, ran away a few years ago… I’m an only child, you see, but my parents were always talking about another girl. I never understood. I was always there but they never paid any attention to me; they ignored me. It was constant talking about another child that I didn’t know. I just started to think that I wasn’t good enough for them, so I left… I ran into Scarlet one day in the woods. She took me in, and I became her right hand man after a couple of years. She has grunts and all, but I was the leader’s second in command, so to speak. We were called Team Flare, but the team is still fairly new.”

    “I’m so sorry, Alexa… I had no idea. You’ve got me now, though, and I will take care of you no matter what. I could never let you go back to living alone or being alone or anything after what you’ve been through.” He was rambling. He didn’t know what to say; he’d never been in a situation quite like that. He was still questioning why he did it, why he saved her. Could he trust her? He wasn’t sure.

    “Thank you so much, Scott. I don’t want to go back to living in the woods again…” She started to cry again. She buried her face in Scott’s back. It strangely comforted her. She wrapped her arms around his stomach. Her dirty blond hair swept the glistening tears off of her cheeks as they rode Scott’s newly captured Bouffalant.

    “Don’t look now, but there’s Santalune Castle.” She leaned back up, and staring her in the face was her old home, the one she had left, the one with the parents that betrayed her, the one that she couldn’t bear to see again. “You need to stop in at your home, Alexa. Let your parents know you’re okay. Let them see how you’ve grown up.” It was time for Scott to be the hero. I’ll just drop her off and go back to my own quest, he thought.

    “I appreciate it, Scott, but I don’t think I can… I can’t face them like this.”

    “Bouffalant, take us to that castle over there,” he said with such stubbornness.

    “Bouff,” it grunted in acceptance.

    “I’m home,” she whispered to herself as she and Scott stood at the castle’s main door. He had let Bouffalant go back to its ranch. “Should I knock, or…?” Scott knocked for her. Minutes passed and nothing happened. “See, they don’t want me. Let’s go.”

    “Why are you so quick to give up on them? Isn’t there another way in?”

    “Well... There is another way in but it’s complicated to get to.”

    “Describe complicated,” he wearily said.

    Alexa had Scott used his styler to capture two Swanna that were flying over the dead, dilapidated city. The Swannas’ plumage was as soft as cotton and glistened in the air. Alexa directed them to land on the roof of the castle. The two Swanna aerially maneuvered through the wind and perched on the roof, the two kids demounting them.

    “Thanks, Swanna!” Scott pressed the button on his styler and the Pokemon were free again. “Man, that will never get old.” He giggled.

    “It’s this hatch over here.” She pointed to the trap door-like entrance in the middle of the roof. It was wooden and had a chain to open it. She pulled the icy, slick metal chain back and opened the hatch. “After you,” she cordially said.

    Scott jumped in, a twenty foot drop down into the entrance of the castle’s dining hall. Inside, a thirty foot wooden table decked the room, food assorted all over it. At the far end of the table sat Alexa’s parents as they enjoyed their evening meal. Alexa jumped in after, her dress pluming up, scrambling to get it back down so Scott didn’t see.

    “Is this some kind of robbery?” The king asked this as he stood from the table, wiping his mouth.

    “No.” She couldn’t bring herself to say she was their daughter.

    “No, it couldn’t be. The only other person who knows that entrance is Alexa, honey… Alexa!?” Her mom, the queen, asked this as she stood from the table also. Alexa could only nod as she started to cry yet again. Her mom was baffled. Was her daughter really alive and well?

    She ran into both of her parents’ arms, crying like a baby. The king and queen’s faces were both streaming with tears as well. As they had a merry reunion, Scott fell to one knee in pain. He hadn’t noticed his knee had been gashed until just then. Scarlet left her mark. The adrenaline was wearing down, and the pain was ever increasing.

    “Scott! He needs help!” Alexa saw him fall to the ground, and she busted out crying even more. The king scooped the boy into his arms as the queen grabbed their medical supplies. Alexa went to wait in the living room. The king laid the boy down on the royal blue couch. Alexa sat in the wooden chair next to him, rubbing his head, worrying about him. Her mom rushed back into the room with what little medical supplies they had.

    “This should be enough,” she said. She poured some alcohol on the wound, stinging it like crazy, and applied the gauze and bandages. His knee was all wrapped up, but beads of sweat still accumulated on his face in pain, matting his messy brown hair. “He’ll be just fine. He just needs to rest for a little while.”

    “Thanks… mom.” The word was crisp. She hadn’t said it in years, and here she was face to face with the woman. Her mom nodded back.

    “Now, Alexa, where have you been? We’ve been beyond worried!” The king couldn’t control his tears. They just kept flowing like a Kalosian waterfall.

    She took a deep breath and came to the conclusion that she needed to talk to them about how she really felt, albeit however hard it might be to do so. “I want you both to know that this isn’t easy to say… It’s quite difficult, actually. I was selfish. You guys were always talking about another child, someone I didn’t know, and I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. You two made it seem like you wanted someone to replace me and that I wasn’t wanted. So I left. I joined the evil Team Flare in my absence. This boy, Scott, snapped me out of my daze and convinced me to come home. You have him to thank for me sitting right here right now. We all owe him.”

    “And for that we are forever grateful,” both parents said to Scott. He responded with a smile, a smile weakened by the pain coursing through his leg.

    “But we have something to tell you, too,” the queen blatantly admitted. Deep sorrow filled her voice. “You did know that child…” She paused. “She was your best friend. She was your twin sister. But we are so sorry we made you feel like you weren’t wanted. She was kidnapped when you were both five, and we’ve grieved ever since then. And in doing so, we lost you.” Her mom’s voice was hollow. She could tell her parents were reliving that night. “We still want to find the woman who took her. She had this distinct red hair. I’ll never forget her outfit, either. Those white jeans with the black top and red cardigan. It’s engraved in your father and I’s minds.”

    The king added, “Didn’t you ever wonder where your Spewpa came from? It was your sister’s. Once she left, we gave it to you to hang on to.”

    “Wait. That’s what she wore? That’s the leader of Team Flare, the lady I worked for! I worked for the lady that took my sister… How could I be so stupid?” Her voice became hollow, mirroring her mother’s. Scott assumed it ran in the family.

    Scott interrupted, “Remember back then at the door when she said something about finally finding the right girl and that she had the wrong one all along? She must’ve been talking about your sister! If so, that must mean she’s still alive and Scarlet just has her hidden somewhere.”

    “Well, now that I know, I’m not going to stop until I find out where my sister is. I know how to get into her castle, but we need a certain ally first…”

    “A certain ally…?” Scott asked.

    “I have some insight into her plan. Her main goal is to harness the legendary Pokemon Yveltal’s power and use it to destroy every living thing. She said something about a curse. My guess is that she wants to kill whatever or whoever caused this ‘curse’. She used to tell me everything. Xerneas is the only being able to stop her. Xerneas is the other legendary Pokemon in Kalos. While Yveltal brings death, Xerneas matches its power and gives life. I suspect Xerneas is behind that door at Victory Road.

    “How do we get in? It seemed like we needed the five stones to open it.”

    “That’s my next point. She would always talk about there being these mystical temples across the region. They’re supposedly hidden. Each one has one of the orbs needed to open the door. She was always trying to find the locations of the temples, and she even found the first one! The Water Temple is out in Azure Bay. If we beat her to the orbs and get Xerneas before she has the power to rise, we can stop her!”

    “You make it sound so easy, though, Alexa. It’s not going to be easy at all…”

    “I know, but there’s no use in not trying, either. I’m sure you guys would like to see how Spewpa’s doing, though, wouldn’t you?” They both smiled and nodded. She released Vivillon for her family to see.

    “Spewpa evolved! That’s great, honey! I’m sure you two are great partners,” her mom cheered. She was ecstatic. Her dad just smiled and nodded again. Viola’s abduction was hitting him hardly again.

    “Mom… Dad… I know you heard everything I just said, but Scott and I have a journey to go on, so this will be goodbye again… We have to stop her. We must.” Damn, Scott muttered to himself. I guess there’s no going back.

    “Couldn’t you guys at least stay the night tonight and head out in the morning?” Her mom selfishly asked. All she wanted to do was see her daughter. “I can go make some tea, if you’d like.”

    “Is that okay with you, Scott?”

    “Yeah, of course, Alexa. You need to see your parents. I understand.”

    “I’ll pass on the tea, mom. I’m really tired, physically and emotionally. I think I’ll just go to bed. I need the rest.” She was being distant. She knew she would have to leave again; she didn’t want to become too attached to her parents. She didn’t know if she’d even survive this journey.

    “Do you…” Her mom choked, crying. “Do you remember where your room is?” Alexa left shortly after Viola’s kidnapping. She was so young.

    “Yeah. Thanks.” She gravely smiled and left the room. She got situated in her room, the room she had left behind, and laid down for sleep.

    Her mind was racing in bed. “I’ve walked every inch of Scarlet’s fortress and yet I never knew my sister was there… My sister.” She couldn’t get used to saying it. The word sister rolled off her tongue with a bitter aftertaste. Her parents let her forget her own flesh and blood.

    “My parents…” She ran away and was finally reunited, but something felt… off. “They never even came looking for me. All they did was post a lousy wanted poster.” The reality of her situation formed tears in her eyes. Glossy tears swam down her cheeks, dampening her childhood comforter.

    “But Scott… I was so desperate for help that I left with a total stranger. All I’ve done is endanger him… If Scarlet finds him, it’s all over.” She flicked the tears off of her cheek. “No. It’s not over. He risked his life to help me, and I’m going to make sure it wasn’t in vain.”

    Night had fallen faster than she had thought, and she needed to rest for their journey. She cocooned herself in her old comforters, stared at the walls of her past, remembering her childhood. She was being haunted by what she left behind. She embraced that haunting. She soon dozed off.

    “What? Where am I?” Lightning cracked outside in the dead of night. Flashes of light illuminated her surroundings. Her bedroom. It was pitch black. Thunder boomed and shook the heavens. Rain pattered on the roof, causing her to be unable to fall asleep. A boom outside of her colorful room alerted her, perking her interest. She crept to the door like she had when she was a kid and saw Scarlet in the hallway. Scarlet was peeking into Viola’s bedroom, Viola still five.

    “Scarlet, leave! Now. Leave or I’ll make sure you don’t live past tonight.”

    “And who are you?” Scarlet asked like she actually cared. “Not that it matters. I’m going to take the girl regardless.” She summoned a fireball in her talon-like hands. It was like a gaseous volcanic eruption in the ball every second. Flames pulsed in Scarlet’s hand as she threw the blazing ball at Alexa. The second it made contact with Alexa’s skin she woke up screaming like a banshee.

    “Alexa, what’s wrong?” Scott barged into her room with a slight limp. A scab had started to cocoon his knee, but agony still plagued his leg.

    “Nothing, we just need to leave. Now.”
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    I hope everyone's enjoying the story as much as I'm enjoying writing these characters and their adventures!

    Chapter Three: Haunted

    Five years after Viola’s abduction, in the town of Aquacorde, Scott was ten years old. The town was as lively as usual. The graceful river splashed up against the bank, risen from a recent graceful rainfall. The rain had saved the town that year. Crops were dying en masse, and this fateful rainfall saved the town from putrid starvation.

    The sky had just cleared when Scott’s mom asked him to go into Santalune Forest and pick some fresh fruits and berries, so fresh and salacious, to bring home for her and his father. Santalune Forest sprang to life with the rainfall. Flowers perked from their roots up, their colors brighter than ever, while the trees sprouted new, healthy leaves, as green as green can get. The spring in the forest was rejuvenated with fresh water once again, the Pokemon no longer dehydrated.

    A lone Skiddo walked the forest when he became hungry. With an abundance of fresh berries now, Skiddo stopped to have a bite. He reached his head into an Aspear Berry bush, plump and juicy from the rain, and began to chow down when three angry, facetious Pokemon flew out of the bush and started to chase him throughout the forest. The Beedrill, angry that Skiddo had invaded their territory, scaled the forest in pursuit. Skiddo finally lost them when he hid behind one of the newly sprung trees. The deep brown trunk of the tree, a rich shade of brown from the nourishing downpour, stealthily hid the loner.

    Skiddo panicked in paranoia that the Beedrill would find him. He slyly traipsed through the forest, constantly on the search for his new enemies. He wanted to avoid them at all costs. Focusing all of his attention on not running into his foes again, Skiddo stepped onto the edge of a muddy hill. His fur coat soiled, Skiddo tumbled down the large hill and fell into the middle of a Litleo wrestling match at the bottom.

    “Ski, ski, skid! Skiddo!” Skiddo frenziedly apologized, but the Litleo were mad beyond return. The cubs bellowed Flamethrowers at Skiddo. He skittishly dodged them until they had cornered him by the spring. Rays of sunshine splinted through the forest’s canopy and glinted on the water’s surface, sparkling. Pancham, perched on rocks in the spring, just lazily watched Skiddo getting bullied. The two Litleo skulked as close as they could get, Skiddo backing up as far as he could without falling into the spring. Each one engulfed its mouth with a readied Flamethrower. The extremely hazardous predicament was on such a beautiful backdrop- an all too real irony.

    “Hey! Leave him alone, you bullies!” Young Scott ran up between the two parties, the Litleo extinguishing their mouths. He turned to Skiddo and asked, “Are you okay, Skiddo? Just come with me.” He angrily turned back to the Litleo, “Go pick on someone else, dummies. And you Pancham over there, y’all aren’t any better either for just watching!”

    The spring’s rich blue water reflected in Skiddo’s relieved eyes as Scott saved him.


    Haunted by the confines of her old bedroom, Alexa forcefully lunged herself out of her childhood bed and directly at Scott, grabbing his hand and rushing out of the room.

    “Hey!” He griped. “My leg is sore as all get out. What’s with your sudden change of thought?”

    “Can we talk about it later?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She yanked the groggy Ranger throughout the winding halls and rooms of Santalune Castle. She dragged him through the same corridor that Viola was taken from some ten years plus prior. Scarlet haunted her every waking moment. Paranoia took over her body. She was tense. Her eyebrows arose; her muscles stiffened as she ran.

    “What are you doing? Why are we leaving so abruptly?” Half asleep, Scott was beyond dazed and confused. Her hand became increasingly forceful on his arm. Her nails, painted a wicked scarlet red, dug into his tan skin, tearing the epidermis. “Alexa!” He screamed, yanking his arm out of her grip. His skin ripped from the detachment.

    “It was her. She- and Viola- magic- kidnapped- gone.”

    “Alexa, take a deep breath and calm down. You were having a nightmare. That’s all.” Scott sighed. He ran his fingers through his bedhead and looked at his leg. Thankfully the scab hadn’t ripped.

    “I understand that you’re going through a lot. We’ve all been to hell and back, so can you at least calm down?” That was not what she wanted to hear. Alexa was strong and she knew it. Years of training at Scarlet’s fortress had toughened her, and she used her strength to take hold of Scott’s arm again and yank him clear out into the crisp, dewy middle of the night. “You’re not thinking clearly. This nightmare of yours has you all rattled. Let’s just go back inside and think this through. We can get some rest and head out tomorrow like planned.”

    “We don’t have that kind of time. Scarlet’s forces could be hunting us down right this moment. It’s not hard to put two and two together and trace me back to the castle…”

    “So what do you suspect we do?”

    “We go to the Water Temple in Azure Bay- the only place we really can go,” she panted.

    “It’s the middle of the night! We don’t have any sleep or food or supplies, Alexa.” He spat her name out. “Have you forgotten about my leg already? I need to rest. Please…”

    “All the better to leave now. We can make it by morning.” Sweat was dripping down their faces. Santalune Castle was extremely vast. Running through it combined with ample amounts of humidity in the cool night air equaled plenty of homeostasis.

    “Azure Bay is clear across the region from here! There’s no way!” She obviously doesn’t care about me or my leg, he thought. I guess this is what I get for helping people.

    “Use your little contraption to get us some Flying-types!” She said it as if it was obvious. He had just gotten his Styler; he wasn’t used to summoning Pokemon at his beck and call. “You can rest while we’re in the air!”

    Scott knew there was no changing her mind. She was a teenage girl, after all. Once her mind was set, it was set. A couple of captures later and the duo had taken to the sky. The night was crisp, the moon glimmering down on the region with a smile, stars beading the intense dark sky like shiny yellow sprinkles on a rich chocolate cake. The two rode on a couple of kindly Staraptor that had been wandering through the night sky.

    The two kept quiet as they strode through the waking sky. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes of flying turned into an hour of silence.

    “We’ve been here for a while, Alexa, and you’ve not said a single word. Talk to me. What’s gettin’ at you?”

    “That’s nice of you, Scott, but I don’t really want to talk about it.” Her eyes drooped, staring down at her Staraptor’s sheen coat of glossy brown feathers.

    “Look, I know I wasn’t too keen on leaving the castle so soon, but you can still talk to me.” As much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to feel for her.

    “Everything’s just bothering me, ya know…” She sulked. After over an hour of being tensed, her shoulders slumped; her face drooped; her entire posture changed.

    “How could it not?” He was trying to be supportive without forming too close of a relationship.

    “I just don’t understand… My entire life is basically a lie.”

    “It can only go up from there, though, right? You’re sixteen years old. Like me, you’ve got the rest of your life ahead of you. Do with it what you want. If stopping Scarlet is what you want, then let that be what you do. If it’s going into hiding and fearing being found, do it. It would be a very sad way to live your life, but if that’s what you want, do it. Do what’s going to make you happy.” It came off harsh, albeit not meant that way.

    “I wouldn’t expect you to understand. I don’t mean that rudely. You just haven’t been through the stuff I have. I worked for the woman who kidnapped my twin sister that I didn’t realize I had. And then I just had a nightmare where I experienced her actually being taken. I guess I’m just a little shaken right now…”

    “And that’s okay. No one expects you to bounce back completely in such little time. Like I said, you’ve got the rest of your life to avenge your sister. Why don’t we stop and get some rest?”

    From behind, razor-sharp leaves slashed at the two Staraptors’ talons, startling them.

    “I guess that’s a no to getting rest,” he sighed.

    “Why are we being attacked?!” She latched on to whatever plumage she could grasp. The Staraptor were going crazy, flailing like crazy.

    “Staraptor, calm down! You’re gonna make us fall!” Scott was starting to panic worse than Alexa.

    “Gourg,” a Pokemon from behind them hollowly spoke. Both Staraptor instantly turned around. Floating and staring at them with glazed over eyes in the dead of night was a Gourgeist.

    “A floating jack-o-lantern is after us?” Alexa perplexedly asked.

    “No, it’s a Gourgeist, a Ghost and Grass-type. They’re said to be very dangerous. Of course I’ve never seen one in person, but I think I’ll take the word of the books I’ve read on them.” Gourgeist had a dark brown pumpkin-like base with an illuminated face glaring out, a candle coming out of its core with a hair flip off of that representing the candle’s flame, and two strands of hair off of the candle representing the melted wax.

    A high pitched cry echoed out of Gourgeist’s hollow pumpkin. Out of its pumpkin mouth appeared a dark purple pulsing Shadow Ball. Gourgeist sent it hurling at Scott. Before he could react, a bright blue light flashed in front of him. The shadow in the misty night sky hurtled sharp Air Cutters at the Shadow Ball. The Shadow Ball consumed the Air Cutters and exploded into the shadow, slamming it into Scott’s chest and slumping into his lap.


    “Absolutely not.” Scott and Skiddo were standing in the middle of his family’s Aquacorde shack. Scott pleaded with his dad to let him keep his best friend.

    “Why not?” Scott innocently asked. At ten, he didn’t understand why someone- nonetheless his own father- would tell him no to such an easy question.

    “Because I said so.” Neal slammed his beer glass down on the brisk wooden table, sloshing it. His wife stood idly in the corner, knowing not to cross him when he had imbibed too much. “Don’t question my authority,” he spat.

    “My best friend Scatterbug was taken from me because of you when I was little. Now this? I hate you!” Innocent tears slid down Scott’s baby-faced cheeks as he ran out of the shack and into the forest, Skiddo confusedly following.

    “Give him a break… He’s ten. Why do you insist on making him miserable all the time? I love you, babe, but you’ve always been terrible to him. Why is that?” Sarah crossed her arms across her feeble stomach, feeling ill.

    “I’m sorry. Did I hear something, or was that just the ***** in the corner?” He dismissed her.


    “Noibat!” Scott cried. Noibat was injured, but there was nowhere he could go. He was trapped by Gourgeist.

    “Scott, Noibat wouldn’t want you to cry over it. He did it because he loves you and didn’t want to see you hurt. Now let’s finish this!”

    “No, I saved Noibat once. He wanted to return the favor. I’m going to save him again if it’s the last thing I do.”

    “Well, you can’t save him if we continue to be attacked by this monstrosity. Do something!”

    “Staraptor,” Scott started, “we’re leaving. Fly off in the opposite direction of Gourgeist. If it wants us, it’ll have to come get us.”

    The Staraptor turned and aerially maneuvered through the night sky, thankfully having good night vision, and evaded the constant attacks from the Gourgeist in pursuit. Ascending and descending through the air to dodge, more and more rapidly fired Shadow Balls raged toward the birds. Razor Leaves spiraled out of its mouth, clanking on Alexa’s Staraptor’s talons. Out of pain, Staraptor’s body flipped completely upside down, Alexa barely hanging on to the tufts of Staraptor’s wings. She was dangling in the night sky, mentally preparing herself for the inevitable fall.

    “Scott! You’ve got to help me!” He looked over and saw the princess dangling. “Staraptor, get as close to her as you can,” he ordered, attempting to stay calm. Staraptor inched ever closer to the slipping princess, evading attacks in the process. Shadow Balls whirred past them; Razor Leaves crept past their bodies. “Give me your hand!” She was scared of heights but was starting to trust Scott, so she let go of Staraptor and grabbed his extended hand. He hoisted her up onto his Staraptor.

    Gourgeist stopped and hovered still in the chill air. Two nut shaped Leech Seed attacks shot out of its mouth and grasped each of Staraptor’s talons. Eccentric green vines frenzied out of the seeds and entangled the bird, closing its wings. Staraptor, Noibat, Scott, and Alexa hurtled toward the dewy earth.

    “No, Noibat!” Scott lengthened his body and embraced the fall, becoming one with it, until he had Noibat grasped in his arms. “Ah, ow, ouch, no, ooh.” The two adventuring kids fell from branch to branch to earthy branch until they hit the moistened dirt underneath.

    They had landed in a dense forest of vibrant orange. Even in the middle of the night, the orange was loud. It was like it was crying out for help.

    “Scott… Some of these trees are really creeping me out…”

    Scott got up off of the dirt and dusted himself off, returning his injured Noibat to its cozy Poke Ball. He checked his styler, and Staraptor’s bond had been broken. There was no telling where it had gone. They were in the middle of an eerie forest with no escape route. They had been plunged into darkness.

    Two glares, two sets of eyes, glinted out of the bushes, illuminating the midnight. Five dark trees, a lot smaller than the orange trees, were scattered around the two teenagers. An unnerving eye awoke on each one’s face. They pulled their roots out of the ground and were going to make their move. The two sets of eyes retreated into the bushes in fear of the moving trees.

    “Scott!” Alexa tackled him to the ground as one of the trees swung a hefty branch at his back. “It was my turn to do the saving. Now run!” Alexa sprang to her feet, helped Scott up, and the duo ran out of the forest screaming. “What are those things?”

    “They’re called Trevenant. I’ve read about them, but I’ve never seen them in person! They’re even creepier than in the books!” The Trevenant weren’t giving up. Roots flung through the air as they tried to take Scott and Alexa’s heads off. “They’re very protective of their homes, so we must’ve invaded their territory!”

    He’s handsome and smart, Alexa thought.

    “Alexa, watch out!” The twosome ran from tree to tree, trying to escape the Grass and Ghost-types. The shadows faded as they ended the forest’s chapter; however, a new chapter unfolded in a nearby pumpkin patch.

    Alexa, lost in her thoughts, tripped over one of the huge orange plants.

    “We’ve really gotta stop falling…” He helped her up. The pumpkin patch came to life, each pumpkin rising from the most, rich soil and hovering to the kids’ heights.

    “Those aren’t pumpkins, Alexa. Those are Pumpkaboo! You must’ve made them mad when you tripped over them!” Beaming rays like cars’ headlights beamed out of the Pumpkaboo, blinding the kids. They took off again, the Pumpkaboo on the hunt after them.

    “Whaddya know, there’s actually a building out here.” Scott panted, running to the façade of the building. An old chateau stood alone in the menacing woods. Its entirety was black like the evil filling the forest. They ran inside, the iron doors slamming shut behind them by themselves. The Pumpkaboo crowded outside the door.

    Scott yanked on the black door handles as hard as he could but there was no opening them. “We’re stuck in here,” he concluded. “Or maybe not… Skiddo, come on out!” He threw the jolly Pokemon’s Ball into the air and released it. Appearing in front of him was his best friend Skiddo. “Use your body to try and open the door!” Skiddo slammed its body into the door over and over again, but alas it wouldn’t budge. “We’ll just have to head further in.”


    “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Scott’s dad, buff, gritted through his teeth.

    “Skiddo and I are building a treehouse. We’ll live in it.” Scott didn’t understand the anger his dad held against him. His dad was always intoxicated, always abusive. Scott was just a kid living like one.

    “Like hell. You’re coming home right now, and that- er- creature is going back in the woods. How did you expect to get that thing up in the treehouse, anyways?” He threw his frosty beer glass into the base of the tree, shattering it. Pieces of glass shrapnel cut through Scott’s legs. He stumbled forward and fell to the ground. His blood stained the grass; his abuse stained the purity of the forest. His life had been tainted with a poison far worse than anything Scarlet could concoct.

    “Scott!” His son’s name barely escaped his mouth. He broke down in agony. He scooped his son up into his muscled arms and sprinted into the city, calling for his wife. Albeit intoxicated, reality slapped him in the face. He slammed through the cabin’s door and gently laid his son on the dining room table. His mom scooped water into his mouth, refreshing the life in him. She washed the blood and dark red stains off of his legs and wrapped them tightly with Mareep wool. “I’m sorry…” His father couldn’t stand seeing what he had done.


    The entry room was a rather large room, spacious, with a staircase in the middle against the back wall. The only doors were at the top of the stairs, so that was logically where Scott, Alexa, and Skiddo headed.

    “Scott!” Alexa shrieked as a sword rapidly flew at his oblivious body. The Honedge barely missed impaling Scott’s body. A chain reaction of piercing Honedge flung wall to wall, ending at the staircase in the back. Daggering eyes watched the group walk up the stairs and into the pitch black room. Again the doors slammed shut behind them. “Do you feel like we’re being watched?” She wearily asked, feeling around on the walls for any source of light.

    “No, I just want to get out of-“ Interrupted by a shrill scream for help by Alexa, eerie shivers rattled Scott’s body.

    “There’s something wet on the wall!” The lights blasted on, revealing concentrated, deep red blood oozing out of the pale yellow walls. Blood cupped in her feminine hands, dripping out of the crevices of her linked fingers.

    “Alexa, I don’t see anything. You must’ve imagined it. Calm down!” Alexa’s blood-covered hand collided with Scott’s face in a furious, rage-filled slap. Blood stained his face.

    “SKID!” Skiddo growled at Alexa.

    “Don’t you ever doubt me.” She stood her ground. “Do you believe me now? Blood is everywhere, including your face now!”

    He felt his face and checked his hand. “There’s still nothing there…”
    Blood started to collect on the ground. The room was turning into a blood pool. Faster and faster, the blood poured out of the walls. Alexa was frantic; the blood was up to her knees now.

    “We’re going to drown in blood, Scott. I don’t think you’re understanding what I keep saying to you.”

    “I don’t think you understand what you’re ‘seeing’.”

    Sparks flew in the room as the lights diminished to a leaden black again. When the lights came back on, the room was a normal dining room, with china cabinets and a large mahogany table.

    “I- wait, what?”

    “Told you…” He teased.

    Three wooden chairs floated out from under the table and swiftly scooped up Alexa, Scott, and Skiddo into them, carrying and jerking them throughout the air like a roller coaster.

    “I’m going to be sick!” Alexa cupped her mouth with her now dry hands. “We’re heading straight for the walls,” she shrieked, her high-pitched voice reverberating in the ghastly room. “We’re about to be human pancakes!”

    The three chairs went straight through the walls into another midnight room. The sole producer of light was an incandescent sphere overhead.

    “Is that the moon?”

    “Does that mean we’re outside now?” Scott examined. A deep bass maniacal laugh cynically echoed through the cavernous room. The chairs under the trio vanished into a wispy silver smoke, it glistening, and them falling through the crisp night air into several inches of liquid on the ground. The evil cackling returned, shadowy and gaseous figures dancing around them in the shade of night.

    Light erupted, showcasing not outside, but rather a bare white room with a moon projected onto the high ceiling. Padded cotton walls, a hard concrete floor, and a couple inches of murky water adorned the foul, malicious room. Two shadows, gaseous blobs of nothing, remained in the room.

    The blobs sprouted long, thin legs and arms. The blob formed a thin middle section, also, and a small head. They averaged about seven feet tall, with sunny flames bursting out of its arms, legs, and neck. Its small feet transformed into rollerblades, and it began to figure skate around the cubic room. The other blob did the same, and the trio was now trapped in the middle of the room.

    We have to get out of here, Scott thought. Noibat needs medical attention now.

    “Skiddo, use Rock Slide!” Scott ordered with flaming passion, hotter than even the ghosts’ flames. Air pockets opened up in the room, and rough boulders fell through, breaking the concrete all over the room. The ghosts simply pirouetted over the boulders and continued skating. “Use Bulldoze next, Skiddo!” Similarly to an Earthquake attack, Skiddo slammed its hoof into the ground, tripping the ghosts with the quaking floor.

    “Horn Leech!” Skiddo’s horns glowed a healthy, chlorophyll shade of green and extended. He took off, heading straight for one of the ghosts. The ghost, fallen from the quake, jumped off of the ground, spun upside down over Skiddo, and stuck the landing on the other side. “Plan B, Skiddo; use Horn Leech on the boulders from your Rock Slide earlier!” His horns extended again, and he crushed each and every rock with them, the twins still fierily dancing through the room; the room was now covered in smaller rocks. “Bulldoze!”

    Skiddo’s hoof jolted into the ground. All of the broken up boulder pieces soared into the air at magnificent speed, one of the twins being impaled by them in multiple places. Shrilling screeches filled the room as one of the ghosts dissipated. One down, one to go.

    “Let’s make this quick! Hone in on its movements, use Rock Slide, and then turn into Horn Leech!” Delicate concentration filled Skiddo’s mind as it sharpened its acuteness and accuracy. It locked in on the remaining fire ghost and opened the air pockets once again. One particular boulder fell through. Skiddo’s horns grew to full length; he sprinted, leaped, and, with tight precision, crashed the stone through the ghost, the gas evaporating upon hit.

    “Skiddo, you did-“ Something was tugging on Scott. He was stretching and couldn’t stop it. His body ached like it could snap in half at any moment. He glanced over and the same was happening to Alexa.

    The scenery changed. The white walls turned a very dark blue, the ceiling becoming even higher. Books began to line the walls one by one, an ancient smell wafting through. The harsh bright lights dimmed in the new room, candelabras becoming the main source of light.

    They were no doubt in the mansion’s library. They were at the bottom of a large spiral staircase, carpeted in the same deep blue color. A dim finale awaited them at the top, and they weren’t sure what the conclusion to this haunted mansion withheld. Atop the stairs was a sole Pokemon.

    “Spoi!” It squealed with sheer cuteness.


    “Wake up, Scott!” His dad’s strong hands were surprisingly soft as they rubbed against his chest. He rolled over in his bed, his bed head waving over his face. He slowly opened his eyes, seeing his dad first thing. He rubbed them with his fists, thinking about how that used to immediately ruin his day. A couple of months had passed since the incident, and his dad had given up drinking. He scooped Scott up out of his plaid blue comforter and piggy-backed him into Santalune Forest.

    “Dad…” Standing before Scott was a completed treehouse. Precise measure had been taken to ensure the stability of it. It was vast, big enough to be a house. A special pulley system had been implanted to lift Skiddo into it.

    “Skiddo is all yours.” Scott threw his virgin arms around his dad’s waist. For the first time in years, his dad genuinely smiled. Neal picked his son up and threw him over his shoulder. “Let’s climb inside, kid!”

    Skiddo lied down on the mahogany floor, and Scott did the same, his head resting on Skiddo’s abdomen. His dad sat down next to him, ready to try and explain himself.

    “Scott… Do you remember when you asked me if your mom hated you?” He nodded. “Your mother was very sick, as you could probably tell. I took her to every doctor I could find, and one finally told us it was leukemia, a disease in her blood. That drove me to drink. I couldn’t bear to see her pass away; however, she’s much better now. She fought it for a very long time, kid, and your mother is no quitter.” He gave Scott a hug and they spent the rest of the day bonding in the treehouse.


    “Dammit, Gourgeist! You were supposed to stop them- not let them get away! We were so close to finally getting the princess,” he grunted, yanking on the stygian iron doors to the mansion. The doors were permanently shut.

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    I've been following your stories for awhile now and I have to say that this one really stands out from the others, I love that there is more fluent character development and that the characters have more depth than the previous ones... The storyline is very good and I love the subtle twist and foreshadowing that you leave in some of the chapters, keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConUxie223 View Post
    I've been following your stories for awhile now and I have to say that this one really stands out from the others, I love that there is more fluent character development and that the characters have more depth than the previous ones... The storyline is very good and I love the subtle twist and foreshadowing that you leave in some of the chapters, keep up the good work!
    First of all, thank you so much for reading! Like I said, though, I really took some time to step back and learn from my errors in my previous writings. I'm glad that this one seems to have improved! Thanks again!

    Currently writing: The Missing Link!

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    Note: Flashbacks will start being in nearly every chapter starting with the next update.

    Chapter Four: Torn

    “This library… is beautiful. I could spend the rest of my life reading and learning in here.” Scott’s face held pure captivation.

    “Nerd,” Serena’s soprano voice snickered. “So, Your Smart-ness, what is this Pokemon?”

    “A Spoink, but I don’t know what a cute little Psychic-type like that is doing in a huge mansion like this…” All he could think about was the library- all the books.

    “Do you know anything about Spoink? All I know is that it’s adorable!” Alexa gushed over the Pokemon at the top of the spiraling stairs.

    “According to what I read as a kid, Spoink have to continuously bounce or they’ll die. Also, the pearl on their heads magnify their Psychic powers. If we have to battle it, we’ll need to separate it from its pearl.”

    Alexa’s eyes practically had hearts in them. She was always attracted to intelligent guys, but Scott was intelligent and attractive. Snap out of it, she told herself. She regained her façade. You still only just met him.

    The room around them started to deteriorate. The carpet, the walls, the ceiling- all of it was getting lost into a black void. It was simply disappearing. Skiddo saw this and took off for the stairs. Noticing it afterward, Scott and Alexa followed. They had no choice now but to face Spoink.

    “It’s catching up!” Alexa screamed, panicking and running even faster.

    “We’re almost there, Alexa! We’re going to make it!” The trio made it to the top of the library, a circular floor now floating in a midnight abyss. The deterioration halted at the top of the stairs as if there was a barrier holding it back. Spoink unfurled a deep, hollow laugh- the same one from before. A pink Psychic barrier appeared around the circular floor. There was no escaping Spoink.

    “What is all of this about, Spoink?! We only came inside your mansion to escape some crazy Pumpkaboo and Trevenant!” Scott tried to plead with Spoink, but it was pissed as all get out.

    A raspy bass voice expelled from Spoink, “I’ve been in this mansion for three centuries and no one has ever come inside. I’ve enjoyed the loneliness. I don’t need anyone else- definitely not YOU!” He snapped the “you” at Alexa.

    Let’s make this battle quick, Scott thought. I’ve got my Noibat to heal.

    “Skiddo, attack it with Rock Slide!”

    Boulders fell from the heavens like a meteor shower. Spoink grunted and sprang up with its coiled tail, springing from rock to rock, and landing in front of one. Angry, Skiddo grew its horns and charged for Spoink. Spoink sprang up again, and Skiddo ran directly into one of the bigger boulders from the Rock Slide. Skiddo fell on its butt, dazed and confused. From above in the air, a blue and pink Psybeam raged out of Spoink’s pearl. It crashed into Skiddo, throwing it back into the pink electrical barrier, and sending electricity coursing through its body.

    “Skiddo, let’s finish this quickly! Use Bulldoze!”

    Skiddo slammed its hoof into the library floor. It started to quake, books falling from their decaying wooden shelves, Spoink bouncing to avoid it. Spoink couldn’t fly; it had to land sometime. Spoink unwillingly descended from the leap and landed on the vigorously quivering library carpet. The evil entity landed on the unsteady surface and tumbled over.

    “Now, Skiddo!” Skiddo galloped across the wavering carpet over to the falling Spoink and jabbed the precious pearl off of its head with its powerful hoof. The special pearl fell into the electromagnetic force field that Spoink had surrounded the top floor with, shattering upon contact.

    A wail of despair exploded out of Spoink. The pink barrier materialized and the library became full again, the darkness vomiting everything it had eaten. The room was completed; there were now exits. The mansion had been beaten.

    “You think you won a quick battle, don’t you? Let’s just say I take out an insurance policy on this mansion. If my pearl was to ever be broken, this mansion would be blown to ashes with dynamite. You have two minutes.” Power cynically exuded out of Spoink. Spoink knew that it wasn’t strong, but he was smart. Like Scott, Spoink knew the power of intelligence.

    “Scott, let’s go!”

    “Wait, Alexa! There might be books about the Temples in here!” Scott ran to the walls of ancient books and began to plow through them, looking for anything that might give information about their quest. “I want to keep all of these,” he muttered as he tore through the shelves, disheartened.

    “Scott, one of the books you just threw on the ground opened to a page that says ‘Water Temple’ in big letters. Grab it and let’s go!” She was frantic. If Spoink was indeed telling the truth, they had less than a minute now. “Scott, come on!” Ticking started to be heard even in the library.

    “Alexa, there’s enough time for me to grab more books if you’ll be quiet!” He snapped, irritated.

    “Thirty seconds,” Spoink muttered.

    “SCOTT!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. Tears started to cascade down her beautiful face, accenting its elegance.

    “There might be more books about the Temples,” he snapped. “I can’t just leave all of these books here. These are information. These are history. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. I can’t let them all burn.”

    “We don’t have time!” She yanked his arm away from the bookshelves, grabbed the dust-coated book on the ground, and ran for the exit behind Spoink. She slammed the two of them through the glass door and came to a dismal reality. They were on a three-story high balcony.


    The roar of an explosion rattled the orange forest, shaking up every being in the vicinity. Seeing and hearing the blazing mansion and the crackling of crashing timbers and beams, the guy in all black said, “Son of a *****. We’re going back, Gourgeist. The princess was in that mansion.”


    When she awoke, the princess was lying in the middle of the forest, clothes charred, Scott and Skiddo nowhere to be seen. She lifted herself off of the ground and saw the fire blazing in the distance. She rubbed her nimble hands together, scraping the ashes off of them. She combed the debris and shrapnel out of her hair with her fingers and looked down at her clothes. They were permanently seared with the memories of the explosion. She turned her head toward the sky. Thick gray smoke plumed out of the mansion in the distance, clouding the rest of the forest’s sky. The explosion had thrown them across the forest, separating them.

    “Scott…” She was breathless.

    It suddenly hit her like a truck: Scott could’ve been blown up. She had to look for him, but she’d have to look closely with all of the smoke clouding things. She madly dashed off deeper into the woods, constantly turning her head and looking for signs of him and Skiddo in every direction. She searched for any signs of life- blood, clothes, anything that would give her a sign that he was okay. Life was so precious. It could be taken before you ever knew what you were missing. She ran for half of a mile before finding a piece of his plaid shirt on a tree branch.

    “Oh, Scott…” Tears again streamed down her face. She fought them and continued to run, the tears blurring her vision. She continued in pursuit of finding Scott. She ran another two miles before finding Scott’s limp body lying in a forest clearing. Skiddo wasn’t with him. She advanced on his body, kneeling down on her knees next to him. Like hers, his clothes were severely charred and holy. She swept his brown hair off of his face and brushed off the rest of the debris.

    “Scott, wake up!” She violently shook his body, rustling the burnt leaves on the ground. She clasped her fiendish hands and pressed his chest in hopes of resuscitation and even performed mouth-to-mouth. “Scott, you can’t do this to me! Wake up!” Tears consistently dripped onto his shirt, mixing with the ashes.

    “Ugh,” he moaned, rolling onto his side. He slipped into a coughing it. Dense black ashes exhaled out of his mouth.

    “Scott! Please, come back to me!” Fear emanated in her voice. Even though their meeting was still fresh in the past couple days, it was the best day of her life. She had broken the shackles that had tied her to such wickedness. Sure, she’d be on the run from Her Wickedness forever now, but she’d be doing it with the only person in Kalos that actually cared about her.

    “Where am I?” He groaned and tried to lean up. Alexa exhaled for the first time since seeing his lifeless body. Tears caught on her forming smile. He failed and his head crashed back down onto the musty dirt clearing.

    “We got separated after the mansion blew. Where is your Skiddo? Scott, stay awake!” He was drifting; his life was fading.

    “Ski, skid!” Skiddo jogged into the clearing, bearing fruit in its mouth.

    “Skiddo, over here!” Alexa was in awe. Skiddo had taken matters into his own hands and searched the jungle for Berries to help its trainer. Alexa used her nails and cut the Sitrus Berries into small pieces, carefully feeding them to the injured Ranger. He tried to get up. “Just rest, Scott. There’s no hurry.”

    “Book- the book,” he was barely able to get out. “All of the books.”

    She nodded in shame. “I don’t know where it is. The explosion must’ve separated it like it did us.” Scott’s face, black with ashes and shame, slouched in disappointment. Two sets of eyes glared out of the shrubbery around the clearing. They were going to make their advance.

    A pulsing Shadow Ball stormed down from the sky and blew up in the middle of the forest clearing. A man stepped out from the bosky shadows, the haunting Gourgeist from before following. Threatened, the two sets of eyes retreated into the brush and away from the man.

    “Scott, get up! That Gourgeist is back!” Alexa got him to his feet, and he, Alexa, and Skiddo raced into the jungle. Scott was barely able to walk, nonetheless traipse into the forest and run away.

    “Vivillon,” he panted.

    “What about Vivillon?”

    “Vivillon- they’re said to be good at finding water sources,” he wheezed.

    “You heard the man,” she said, releasing Vivillon from its Poke Ball and following it through the winding jungle. Vivillon flew ahead out of sight and circled around a crashing Kalosian waterfall. “Look up there, Scott!” On a rock at the top of the waterfall was the book.

    It was truly beautiful. The waterfall had light blue, pure water. It crashed down into a small pool, the grass leading up to it as green and lively as grass can get. Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon all gracefully and elegantly flew around the waterfall, the sun beautifully glinting on their scales. There was not time to stop and admire it, however. The man was chasing them.

    “Scott, Skiddo, over here! There’s a cave behind the waterfall we can use to hide in!” Scott returned Skiddo to his Poke Ball for a very well deserved rest and headed behind the waterfall, as did Vivillon.

    “Dammit! We lost the damn princess again!” The man returned his Gourgeist and headed back off into the jungle.

    “It looks like he’s gone. Let’s get you some water.” She retrieved her head from peeking out at the man and fully went outside. She kneeled down at the pool underneath and splashed the water on her face. It was sweet, stimulating. She cleaned the grime off of her face and extremities and attempted to clean her hair. She was staring back at herself in the pool. She’d come so far in just a few days. She went from Scarlet’s little ***** to Scott’s accomplice and now they were going to finally stop the witch. She smiled at herself. For once in her life, she was proud of the decision she made.

    She perused the area for the largest leaf she could find and used it to transport the clear, refreshing water into the cave. After a few trips, water had been applied to his few burns and been consumed for dehydration.

    “He specifically said he wanted the princess, Alexa. Why does he want you?” Scott’s voice was back, but it was still raspy.

    “I-I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before. He must be working for Scarlet. She wants me back so I can open whatever that door was on Victory Road.”

    “I’m not going to let her get you back, Alexa. You’re with me now, okay? I’ll keep you safe at all costs.” Alexa’s heart melted, crimson blush overtaking her face.

    “Your leg still isn’t fully healed and now you’re burnt from the explosion. I’ve honestly put you through enough. I appreciate your courage and wanting to help me, but I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to-“

    “Don’t even finish that statement, Alexa,” his voice, raspy, interrupted her. “I’m here for the long haul.”

    “Come on, Scott. This cave might lead us to the top of the waterfall where the book is,” she said, wanting to change the subject. Since the top of the cave was still be connected to the waterfall, the duo used Vivillon’s senses to lead them through the cavernous, winding cave. “I see light!” Vivillon dashed out of the cave and circled over the book.

    Scott ran over and picked it up, putting it in his backpack. He winced at the pain in his leg, but his energy was slowly renewing itself.

    “Look!” Smoke columned from the incinerating mansion in the middle of the forest. Vivillon took off in the opposite direction, following the river that fed the waterfall. “Vivillon must sense a big body of water! That makes sense. The water from this spring has to come from somewhere. Let’s follow or we’ll lose her!"

    The Ranger and princess ran along the right side of the river, Alexa closest to the water. The ground around the river had been eroding for years due to the water. Alexa stepped wrong and the ground underneath her crumbled. She was sent falling into the river.

    “I got you,” Scott reassured her as he grabbed her arm. He wasn’t strong enough, however, and the both of them fell into the river. “I guess I don’t got you.” Her heart smiled, albeit the situation.

    The river surged back through the forest and to the waterfall. They would be back at square one. The cerulean water was calming, but with the crashing waterfall coming back up, panic began to nestle into Alexa and Scott’s minds. They didn’t have time to react; they would have to embrace the fall, becoming one with the water, melting into it. Mentally, they were ready. Two figures, one black and one blue, flashed in front of the waterfall, catching the duo as they fell into the collecting pool at the bottom.

    “I think I’m going to be sick,” Alexa nauseously said. “Today could not have been any more of a roller coaster. It’s been one thing after another.” And that’s when she looked up. She was being held by the man in black. The man wore only one article of clothing: a black ninja robe. He had short but shabby black hair and a lean body. “You,” she whispered. She jumped out of his arm, punching him square in the face upon landing. Poignant blood began to trickle out of his nose as she swung her foot up and viciously kicked his toned visage. Scott opened his eyes just in time to see the action; he was being held by the man’s Greninja.

    The ninja’s Pokemon threw Scott onto the ground and it and its trainer paid him no mind; it was obvious that they were only interested in the princess.

    “Alexa. Please.” The ninja spoke softly, but his words were concentrated with integrity and thought.

    “How do you know my name?!” Dread and anxiety filled her emotionally aching body. This stranger was after her, and all she wanted to do was find and save her sister. She had to eliminate him. The man returned his Greninja to its Poke Ball, and his face went numb. He was frozen in shock as he fell to the ground, his body limp. Standing behind him was Scott, who had snuck off, grabbed a fallen log in the forest, and knocked the ninja out with it.

    “Run,” he said, breathless.

    Vivillon caught back up with them and the trio escaped back into the woods. They were mortified at the day they had had and just wanted to flee into a better tomorrow. They bolted through the jungle, startling all of the native Pokemon, heads constantly looking back for any sign of the ninja or his two Pokemon, Gourgeist and Greninja. A burst of sunlight appeared through the trees just ahead as if it was a call from above. They stepped into the clearing, a cliff overlooking the coastal city down below.

    “Coumarine City,” the brunette teenager heavily panted.

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    Chapter Five: Tracked

    “Noivern, it’s time!” A Noivern screeched through the dense Santalune Forest shrubbery, calling for her mate. The male Noivern plucked a couple more of the plump, juicy Aspear Berries from a nearby tree and perched back into he and his partner’s nest. His jaw dropped, the berries hitting the brisk straw bottom of their nest, lofted away in the canopy of the forest. Three Eggs were tightly, cozily nestled into the nest, light starting to emit from them. The light grew, rays becoming increasingly bright. Cracks forged their ways through the shells, the Eggs beginning to shake. One by one, a baby Noibat fought its way out of each of three Eggs, entering the world. Effervescent, the three baby Noibat curiously looked around at their new world, tears welling in the mother and father’s eyes.


    “Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy! Where’s a Nurse Joy in this town?” Scott, caressing Noibat in his arms, and Alexa had sprinted straight down the cliff into Coumarine City, frantic to find someone to take care of him. Approachable concern held his face captive. Noibat had been injured for a day and a half, and Scott didn’t think Noibat could handle much longer. A strong Shadow Ball like that at such close range was killer. Literally.

    “Wiggly, wiggly!” A Wigglytuff, hearing Scott’s plead for help, tugged at Nurse Joy’s pink scrub, receiving her attention. “Wig, wiggly! Wigglytuff!” Wigglytuff pointed Joy in the direction of Scott.

    “Hi! You were calling for me?” Joy’s voice was filled with fruitiness and sweetness per usual, scooping up Noibat into her hands.

    “He sacrificed himself for me. We-We were in the air on Staraptor… He… He took a Shadow Ball combined with an Air Cutter for me before we fell out of the sky. Please, Nurse Joy, please heal him…”

    “I’ll do my best! Just leave it to me!” She didn't understand the situation but she didn’t need to in order to heal him. Joy gave a reassuring smile, something Scott needed after the week he and Alexa had had. Between the ninja and Scarlet, the two of them could use someone genuine in their lives.

    Alexa butted in, “Nurse Joy, do you happen to know where Azure Bay is in relation to this city?”

    “Yeah, of course. Take that path over there,” she started, pointing to a winding dirt coastal path that led downhill to the rest of the city and the bay, “and it’ll lead you straight there.”

    “Leave Noibat to me, you guys. Trust me. He’s going to be just fine,” Joy finished.


    “Oh, what happened?” The ninja groaned. A splitting headache welcomed him when he awoke at the spring, the Vivillon buzzing above him. “Alexa! The princess- where’d she go?” He questioned after remembering the events from before. “How did I end up unconscious?” He got off of the ground and released his third Pokemon, a pink bipedal Pokemon with whimsical ears and a white stomach. “Audino, we’ve got work to do. Track the princess.”


    “You can do it, Noibat! Your father and I have faith in you. Go for it!”

    “No, I can’t! Both of my siblings can already fly, and I haven’t been able to yet.”

    “Yes, you can, baby! Your father already loosened the berry. Just go grab it and bring it back. We just want to see you take your first flight!”

    Noibat’s stomach was a mess. It felt like it was in one gigantic knot. He knew he couldn’t fly, but he also knew he didn’t want to be the failure of the family. He repeatedly told himself to have courage in himself and just try. So that’s what he did. Roosted on the edge of the nest, he unclenched his talons from the thistle and jumped, flapping his wings furiously. A scream poured out of the young Pokemon as it began to fall a mile down to the forest ground, a lake below their tree. Papa Noivern caught him in his mouth and carried him back up to the nest.

    “I told you guys I’d fail,” he panted, catching his breath after his life flashed before his eyes.

    “Noibat, you made it halfway to the other tree… That’s more than both of your siblings did on their first tries!” Mama tried to reassure him.

    “But they’re both already completely able to fly…” A sense of failure took him under.


    “There it is! Azure Bay!” Alexa squeaked in optimistic anticipation. Small rolling waves hugged the beach as they pushed onto it, the water as blue as a healthy blueberry. A truly beautiful sight, it was strange that no one was out swimming or playing on the beach. There was no one in sight.


    “We’ve been tracking for two hours, Audino. You’re the Hearing Pokemon, for Arceus’ sake. When will you find-“ Sunshine pierced through the canopy of the forest, the end very near. Audino and the ninja were consumed by the light, revealing Coumarine City in the distance. “I take that back, Audino. Thank you. Now, where did those two get off to?”

    “Au, audino!” Audino pointed off down into the city.


    “How are we going to find the Water Temple in all of this ocean? Just swim?” Alexa was reluctant. The sun had begun to darken her skin, tanning her, beautifying her. She stroked her bare feet through the white, flaky sand. She wanted to enjoy the beach in the brief moment they were there.

    He pulled his rucksack over his shoulders and rustled through it, retrieving the book from the mansion. Flipping through the ancient pages, he came across the imperative Water Temple information. “According to this the Temple is right there,” he perplexedly stated, pointing out to the ocean, nothing but water and Pokemon in sight. “I’ve got an idea.” Scott drew up his sleeve, revealing his styler. He released the top and it vivaciously looped around a wild Lapras out at sea. With no effort at all, Lapras was under Scott’s control. “Let’s go find this Temple.” The two of them ran out to sea, splashing the cool water up their legs, and mounted the Pokemon. A tiny brown creature latched onto Lapras’s underside, peeking its head above the water just enough to breathe.


    “Good morning, Noibat! There are some freshly picked crisp Sitrus Berries sitting there for you. Have at ‘em! They’re extra delicious this morning!” Mama Noivern was perky and playful that morning, unaware of the dismal fate that the day had in store for her family. Noibat rubbed at its groggy eyes with its baby wings and nibbled on the skin of the pale yellow fruit. The five family members pleasantly rested in their nest on that misty, cool spring morning.

    “How about some more flying lessons this afternoon, son?” Noibat nodded in agreement to his father’s proposition; after all, he did all of his training to impress him and him alone.

    “You still can’t fly? Ha, you really are the family let down, aren’t you?” Noibat’s brother cackled at his own cocky remark, begrudging himself.

    “Cut it out, Noibat! Leave your brother alone right this instant.” He turned to his son with an expression of the purest form of apology. He was apologetic to his son. He knew his siblings picked on him, as did Pokemon in the neighborhood, but he also knew his son couldn’t control the point at which he would fly.

    Aggressive banging thrashed on the trunk of the family’s tree. The stalky Pokemon, black body with a white stomach and face and a lean bamboo stick hanging out of its mouth, was intimate with the tree, banging and bashing it with its rock-hard fists, fists of unalloyed iron. A fierce roar bellowed from its endless body, reverberated through Santalune Forest, and made the wild Pokemon shudder in fear and withdraw back into their homes, whether they be the ponds, bushes, or trees. The Noibat that was previously bullying its brother was now the cowardice one recoiling and flinching in the back of the nest, the straw scratching at its back.

    Glowing white panda arms slashed the tree in rapid fire, anger provoking every hit to the brambly trunk. Pangoro’s grisly mouth, writhing in fury, opened and mercurially fired dark purple, oval Sludge Bombs at the tree and nest. Each bomb wreaked of sewage and waste, of rotting fruits and bad gas. The smell was putrid, penetrating every crevice of the purlieu.

    Every place a bomb touched corroded, ceasing to exist in a world that thrived on the living. It was like a disease spreading through open wounds, the spots that were hit. Acid emptied out of the bombs on contact, pouring out onto the surroundings, eroding everything, the aftermath being a literal nothing. Capacious holes appeared throughout the tree, even getting its malodorous touch on the edges of the nest, opening it up for Pangoro to fire into.

    “Why is this mean Pokemon attacking us?” One of the cowering Noibat in the back of the nest asked this, panicked anxiety taking control of its burgeoning body. Papa Noivern didn’t respond.

    “That’s a good question. Honey, why is this Pangoro attacking us? Is it a misunderstanding, or did you do something foolish again and get us in trouble?” Mama Noivern was always a genuinely happy person, but her child had her questioning her trust in Papa Noivern.

    “Well, um… You see-“ A zealous Karate Chop hammered on the trunk, fervently rattling the tree like a baby’s rattler, the only difference being that Pangoro was not a baby and was not going to play nicely. Increasingly vehement strikes shook the tree further. “Listen, kids. There’s a skill that Noibat and Noivern have, okay? We have the ability to send freakishly strong sound waves out of our bodies. Noivern usually wait to-“ Another strike hiccupped Noivern’s speech. “It’s not usually taught until Noibat are older, but there’s no telling if we’re going to live after-“

    “Papa!” Mother Noivern fiercely, prissily snapped. “What your father means to say is that you’re going to learn now. Just watch him and learn.” She glanced to Papa as to say Fix this!

    Papa Noivern thrust himself into the air and soared out of the nest and closer to Pangoro. Noivern’s two commodious ears twitched, a slight shiver shared between them, a connection that would enable the ability, and unmelodious sounds squandered out of Noivern’s body and into Pangoro’s, stunning it with pure petrification. No Pokemon could match the sound of a Noibat or Noivern, and it was times like these when those dynamic, paramount sounds came in handy.

    Intense red flames engulfed Noivern’s mouth. A flaming river cascaded out of its mouth, shooting at Pangoro, who was now lying on the forest floor from ear pain.

    “Yeah, I can be loud, too.” Round, teal sound waves produced via Pangoro’s mouth collided with the incoming Flamethrower, ascending it back at Noivern and, after a minute of colliding attacks with each other, dissipating it.

    Mama Noivern, whose eyes had been glued to the battle, the battle of father versus enemy, the battle to save the family’s lives, gathered the three baby Noibat in the far side of the nest and huddled with them, pecking each one of their tender bat cheeks with just enough force to imprint her love on them. “Where’s Noibat!?” She went to kiss Scott’s Noibat, and he was gone! And then she saw him: he was at the edge of the nest, the edge that had been dissolved from Sludge Bomb, and was intently staring at the battle down below, close to falling.

    A sly grin grabbed Pangoro’s face as it saw Noibat. If this Noivern is going to be this stubborn, I’ll just take the next best thing- his kid, he thought. A dark purple, almost obsidian in color, beam made up of intertwining auric rings materialized in Pangoro’s mouth. He fired the beam at the young Noibat, it barely missing the kid; however, the close call shoved Noibat back, making it stumble and fall on its back.

    “Only we can be rude to our brother!” Both of Noibat’s siblings recited this line in unison, a bond that only those two shared. The duo forced themselves out of their mother’s comforting grasp and latched onto the edge with their talons in precaution. The air around them thickened, becoming nauseously gaseous, and slices of the air formed, being shot down at Pangoro, slicing at its fur and skin. Razor Winds hit their target forcefully. The Noibat crossed their wings and, when they let go, circles with razor edges flew out of them, slashing Pangoro all over. The Air Slashes were superior in strength.

    “You guys… I thought you hated me! But you protected me and helped me!” Noibat’s eyes welled up with tears, sensitivity running through its veins, adrenaline beginning to pump. The Noibat siblings recoiled to the back of the nest and let their brother take the stage. Noibat furiously flapped its wings, white spirals slinging out of it, hitting Pangoro.

    Pangoro evilly chuckled. “Is that Air Cutter all you’ve got? HA!” Pangoro chuckled more and more. Another eerie Dark Pulse rampaged out of its mouth at Noibat.

    Noibat screamed for its life, waking up the entire forest, waking them from their slumber, hoping someone would hear and save him. The Dark Pulse was getting closer. He knew his life was going to end; his body, being so young, couldn’t handle a strong attack like that. It was there. It was going to hit him. He heard the explosion, but felt nothing, wincing and having his eyes closed for the entirety. When he opened them, Papa Noivern was roosted in front of him, a blue shield, Protect, setting up a defensive barrier between them and the wild Pangoro.

    “Incoming!” Pangoro yelled as it sprang up from the forest floor to the nest, arm glowing white with a fierce Karate Chop. The Dark Pulse hadn’t taken his life, but he knew he was going to die regardless. This time it would just be from being pounded with Karate Chop. Noibat winced again, but Noivern unfurled its wings and opened another shield to prolong he and his family members’ lives.

    The Karate Chop bounced off of the Protect and Pangoro began to fall back the earthy ground, a grass welcome mat awaiting him. Noivern jumped, another ungodly sound emitting from its ears, the sound pushing Pangoro to the ground even faster. A Flamethrower soared down at Pangoro, engulfing its entire body, it slamming into the ground. The flames stayed, burning its fur to a gritty ash and charring its skin even darker.

    A shriek erupted from the hollows of Pangoro’s body, an Echoed Voice that rang in everyone’s ears. Sound waves from the attack sent flying flames soaring in all directions, catching fire to not only the tree, but also the entire area. In no time at all boisterous flames had consumed the tree and the forest, spreading like crazy.

    “This tree is going to snap any second, kids. You’ve got to get out of here. Once it falls it’s all over; Pangoro will have us for easy bate. Go, all of you. Fly away. Now.” Maternal urgency quaked in her voice.

    “But… I can’t fly!” Noibat barely got the phrase out before his mama snapped back at him.


    And, like she predicted, flames consumed the tree. It snapped like a twig, a tiny twig that could simply be stepped on to be broken. The tree toppled, the Noibat jumping out of the nest as it did, flying off toward Aquacorde Town. The tree hit the ground, the forest ablaze, wild chaos ensuing. Noibat looked back, his parents getting slammed with a Hyper Beam. That would be the last time he saw his parents. His last memory was of them getting tortured in a wild fire.

    “Wait up, guys! I can’t keep up!” Noibat was struggling, grief of his parents staying behind still knocking at his heart, aching. “I’m still not great at flying! I might fall any minute!” And he did.


    “Aud! Audino!” Audino jabbed the air, it and its trainer having arrived in Coumarine City. Audino’s hand fingered the air, pointing towards the bobbing, ebbing Azure Bay.

    “I see… They’re already out to sea.” The ninja’s swarthy robe tenderly wafted in Coumarine’s sea breeze. “Then we’ll just have to be quick.”

    “AUUUU!” Audino clutched onto its tuft ears in agonizing pain. Sewaddle collapsed down from their tree strongholds in the forest behind them, cocooning themselves to stop the noise. Coastal Wingull and Pelipper flocked out to sea to get as much distance in between them and the noise as possible. Sound waves poured out of a single Pokemon, who had just escaped from the Coumarine City Pokemon Center: Noibat.

    “Audino, keep tracking.” The ninja was not going to give up on pursuing the infamous princess. Noibat’s sound waves, the very same technique that his father had taught him, were blocking the bug’s; Noibat was not going to let him find Scott and Alexa.


    “We’ve been out here forever, Scott, and we haven’t seen any sight of land or anything.” The breeze caught Alexa’s nimble blond hair and carried it with it, trailing behind them as they perused the bay. She was looking rough. Her pure white jeans had been compromised by the exploding mansion and the forest; her crimson cardigan had stretched and acquired a few small holes; and her hair was spiraled with earthy green leaves and tiny twigs. Despite all of this, though, she stood tall on Lapras’ back in search of the Water Temple.

    A roar echoed over the face of the bay, rippling the crystal water and halting the advancing Lapras. Dark blue fins, five pairs of them, surfaced around Lapras, very quickly circling around it. The five of them surfaced, floating into the air. Five Mantine surrounded Lapras, Scott, and Alexa at sea.

    “Scott, look in the book! They didn’t come up here until that roar, so maybe there’s something about it in the book!”

    Scott rummaged through his pack and retrieved the Water Temple book. Vigorously, he flipped through the crumbling pages hoping for any sign of help.

    “Vivillon, come help us!” Alexa’s Marine-patterned Vivillon took the Azure Bay stage as she fluttered in the air, her scales gracefully catching the wind and glimmering.

    Small shiny green pellets shot out of all five Mantine’s mouths. Vivillon summoned a cyclone around Lapras, shielding them from the Bullet Seeds but also suffocating them. She cut the Hurricane attack but proceeded to barrage them all with Stun Spore. They were all paralyzed in midair.

    “Now would be a good time to find some information, Scott,” Alexa worriedly spoke.

    “All I’m getting is something about a whirlpool-“ The book was shot out of his hands by a powerful Psybeam via one of the Mantine. Stun Spore wasn’t going to last. The book pierced the façade of the water, the water consuming it completely. “Alexa, I’ve got to go in and get it before it sinks completely.” He stripped off his plaid shirt and his undershirt, revealing his bulging muscles and abs underneath, ones Alexa hadn’t seen yet.

    I think I’m going to faint, she thought. Wow, I’m such a stereotypical girl.

    Scott jumped in, his tan body accenting the cool blue seawater. A gurgled yelp escaped Scott’s mouth as another Psybeam hit the water as he jumped in, knocking him unconscious, sinking him further into the unknown of the bay. A long, straight bolt of lightning cracked down from the heavens and struck one of the Mantine, electrocuting it in a golden flash, and dropping it back into the ocean where it belonged.

    “Lapras!” Alexa’s face filled with surprised joy. Lapras did it again, leaving them with three more. Distress captured Lapras’ face. It was becoming tired and weaker. “I’ve got to save Scott, but I also need to save Lapras and Vivillon from the Mantine… Lapras can’t go on attacking, either; it needs to save its energy to transport us…” The current underneath Lapras began to move, rotating.

    “Vivillon, come between two of them and use Struggle Bug!” Vivillon flew between two of them and evacuated a red force-field from its body, shoving the two of them away and onto their sides. Vivillon summoned a mini hurricane around one, a tornado spurting out of the bay and immediately dissipating, dropping Mantine back into the ocean. The current grew stronger yet. Two to go.

    Smoke clouded the oceanic battlefield as Mantine and Vivillon’s Psybeams clashed in the air. “Lapras, can you handle one more Thunder attack?” Panting, Lapras nodded in agreement. A Thunder attack raged down as if from an angry Zeus himself and zapped the life out of one. Vivillon attacked the same Mantine with Psybeam, pushing it back into the last Mantine, and electrocuted both. Both of the last Mantine fell into the ocean. “Scott…”

    The current picked up before she got the last word out of her mouth. A full-fledged whirlpool had taken the bay by storm. Water churned in a cyclonic manner, Lapras spinning liking a top, Alexa vomiting over its side. Everything succumbed to a bright white light, and then nothing.


    “Uhhh…” Groggy, Alexa reached for her head, a headache maliciously attacking her. She was in a dark, square room, the only sources of light being two torches on either side of a black door on the far brick wall. She looked around the room, a perfect square brick room. And then she saw him: Scott was unconscious on the floor adjacent to her.


    “Brother! Wait! I don’t see our little baby brother Noibat anywhere!” The siblings halted in the sky, the rising sun’s rays peeking through their obsolescent feathers, the burning Santalune Forest’s smoke funneling in the background. They had lost their brother.

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    Note: I hope you all are enjoying the story that I'm telling. I'm so attached to these characters. I can't believe how much I love writing this story. I just hope you all are enjoying reading it.

    Chapter Six: Drowned

    Puffy cuts and scuffmarks stung Noibat’s body, a boundless affliction, in his still unhealed state. Noibat had yet to grasp the entirety of its line’s ability. The horrendously vulgar screech refrained, and Noibat recoiled. Audino released its head from its fatuous hands and endeavored to relocate Alexa’s signal. Nothing.

    Water is the only thing that can stop my bug from transmitting, the ninja deduced. That can only mean one thing: something happened out at sea.

    “Take care of him,” he mumbled to Audino. Abhorrence mounted inside Noibat’s small caricature. He embedded all of his faith in this one time, this one flight. His flying was iffy at best, but he concentrated his anxiety in his wings, and he was off into the forest before the ninja’s eyes. He was gone.


    “Scott, there’s been an incident in Santalune Forest. A wildfire has started there, and I and some other volunteers from town are going to go try and put it out, okay? I’ll be back in a little while.” His dad’s rough, callused hand compassionately touched his face, kissing his son’s youthful forehead.

    His dad departed for the forest, and, as he did, three Noibat flocked out of the trees towards their town.

    Salty tears, like they themselves were from the ocean, welled in Noibat’s eyes as he flew away from his struggling parents. They could be consumed by fire. They could be slaughtered by Pangoro. Scenarios flashed in and out of Noibat’s mind like a camera; his mind was elsewhere. Tears made him lose focus. He could no longer see his brothers. He was numb. He couldn’t tell if he was even still in the sky.

    “Skiddo, we’ve gotta go help that Pokemon!” He pointed to the bird spiraling out of the heavens towards Aquacorde River, the serene river that sliced Aquacorde Town in half.

    Scott didn’t need to say anything else. Skiddo was off to the races. He charged to the river from the family’s threshold, vaulted into smoke-filled air, catching Noibat on its back, and proceeded to land on the opposite side of the river bank. Skiddo gamboled back to the other side, and Scott cosseted Noibat into his comforting hands.


    “Scott! Oh, Scott!” Alexa distraughtly scrambled to the Ranger’s unconscious side, grasping the floor as she tousled on the ground to get to him. She yanked him onto his back from his side and retrieved her knife from her belt. She lowered its slightly curved steel blade under his nose to check for breathing. Nothing.

    “Dammit, Scott, wake up! I’ve grown too close to you to just let you go like this! Wake up, dammit!” She pounded one fist on the brick floor around her, running her other hand gently through his sandy brown hair. She began to cry, the tears falling down her face like a meteor shower from space, staining Scott’s plaid shirt as they crash landed on Earth.

    “I let him come with me… He came to help me… And this happened.” She choked on grief, literally. Tears flowed now, air no longer circulating. “It’s my fault he’s dead!” His body jolted. “Scott, please wake up!” She tapped his face in hope of a response. He jerked. His head bolted up, seawater ejecting from his lungs onto the brick floor. Repetitive coughs awoke him from his slumber, and Alexa nestled him into her arms. “Scott… I thought you were dead! You can’t do that to me!” They got to their feet.

    “I-I lost the book… We’re going to have to figure out this temple by ourselves,” he drowsily explained. “Where’d you get that knife?” He wasn’t fully back to normal, but suspicion aroused him.

    “The armory over there,” she answered, pointing to a bare wall. She chuckled. “Kidding. I grabbed it back at home before we came out here. We better get going. There’s only one door in here.” She pointed to lone door with her knife.

    “After you, freckles.” She blushed. Freckles surfaced on her pale face every summer, but they weren’t there when they left Santalune Castle; they showed up on the way to the Temple.

    “It’s beautiful.” After entering the lone room, a surprise stared them in the face. Allure radiated off of the Water Orb, just resting on a brick pedestal in the middle of the room, identical to the previous room except for it being half the size. “It can’t be this easy,” she said. “We just walk in here, take it, and leave? It’s never that easy.” A small brown entity peeked into the room.

    “Might as well try.” The orb was light blue, like waves eternally crashing on its surface. Scott approached the orb, the brick ground giving in underneath him- a trap. He fell through, water silkily flowing underneath him. Alexa hurtled in after him, not losing him again- and to a waterslide, nonetheless. They winded through the Temple, a narrow tube escorting them, Alexa latching herself around Scott’s waist. The tube spit them out from the ceiling of a narrow marine tube. The tube was all glass. The cerulean Azure Bay was the backdrop for the Temple, wildlife parading around the tube as if it was normal. A small purple button stood on the ceiling next to the hole that deposited them. The brown creature looked down the hole in which the duo fell, and decided against following.

    “Uh, sorry…” She nervously let go of his waist, embarrassed.

    “No, it’s completely okay. Do you think you could have Vivillon fly up and hit that button?” He reassured her.

    “Yeah. Yeah, of course,” she stammered. She tossed Vivillon’s Poke Ball into the air to release it, but nothing came out. “Damn, that’s right. Vivillon is above with Lapras. They didn’t get taken under with the whirlpool like you and I did.”

    “I’d use Noibat, but he’s back in Coumarine City. Well this sucks. The only support we have is my Skiddo, but he can’t get up to the ceiling. Wait…” He released his buddy. “Bulldoze, Skiddo!”

    Alexa stumbled into Scott’s arms from the quivering glass underneath them. The wild Pokemon paid the shaking transparent tube no mind. Skrelp and Dragalge circled around the tube’s clear exterior, their fins gracefully catching the silky flow of the water. Numerous Lumineon passed the tube, catching the gleam of a reflected sun. The tube was near the bay’s surface.

    Alexa detached herself from Scott’s warm arms. “I see. You used Skiddo to make sure we didn’t fall again.” Before she could catch her breath predators had approached the tube’s exterior. The Mantine from before glared inside, ready to break the glass and avenge their defeat. Five Psybeams fought against the glass, the glass caving in under the cataclysmic pressure. Glass rained down on the tube, shrapnel stinging the duo as it cut them, and water from the bay roared into the tube, rapidly filling.

    “Distract them. Once the water is high enough, I’ll swim up and hit the button.” Alexa nodded in agreement. Practically instantly the water was up to their shoulders. “Here we go.” The five Mantine aggressively urged into the tube. Barrages of bubbles sped through the glistening water. Scraps of glass caught the setting sun’s gleam from above, casting rainbows through the tube- a beautiful backdrop for a terrifying predicament.

    Scott returned Skiddo and waded back in the water, stroking his arms and legs. He and Alexa caught their final breaths as the water overtook their bodies. They were fully submerged in the frostiness of the water. It chilled them, slowed them down. It had full access to their bodies. It enveloped every piece of them, becoming part of them. There was no escaping the magic of Azure Bay.

    The water continued to cascade in. Bubbles from the barrage of Bubblebeams exploded against the remaining glass of the tube, shattering it. Glass continuously sank to the soiled ground as Scott rose with the heightening current. Alexa performed gymnastics for the Mantine, confusing them. Wary of the glass on the ground, she contortioned, did handstands, anything to keep their minds off of Scott. They were getting restless.

    Alexa yanked off her red cardigan and motioned it toward the Mantine like a red flag would have been done for a bull. One of the Mantine’s wings glowed a fluorescent white as it dashed toward her wading body. She maneuvered her body up, Mantine dashing underneath her. She barely escaped the Wing Attack. The other Mantine pursued the same thing. She inched between the barrage of attacks, but danger lurked in every shadow. A Mantine behind her hurtled an Acrobatics attack into her back. Her back cracked as she drifted under the current; her mouth jolted open in agonizing pain, the air escaping, her life fading. The Mantine rammed her in the front now, throwing her threw the water at the far wall. Scott ascended to the button and slammed his fist into it. The far wall opened and Alexa fell through.

    The next room was far beneath the tube. The bay’s water cascaded out of the tube and into the hole. Scott waded over to it and swam down the vertical corridor until he reached the bottom. It was a huge dome. The ground was stern brick like the first room, but the beautiful dome roof was glass like the tube. This dome room was massive and housed many different Pokemon. It was truly gorgeous, like the best aquarium in the world. Alexa’s limp body lay a few feet in. Water pooled under Scott’s feet. If he didn’t do something, the water would continue to fill the dome room as well.

    A couple Piplup waddled through the appealing room, casually sliding around on their stomachs at will. Frillish and Swanna flew freely at the top of the dome. Krabby and Corphish traipsed throughout the dome, snapping their pincers at anyone who approached them. Froakie and Frogadier clung to the dome’s glass covered in their frubbles. A Stunfisk flopped in the corner, victimizing a pair of Totodile.

    The five Mantine burst out of the wall and into the dome, brick shrapnel slinging through the air. “Perfect.” Scott jogged to the Stunfisk and aimed his Styler at it. “Please, Arceus, let this work.” Scott released the top. The capture process began, circling around Stunfisk. Stunfisk, with a very deep voice, chuckled and released a jolt of electricity, shocking and destroying the top. Stunfisk used its stomach muscles to leap to Scott’s head and zapped him. “Hey!” Scott released another top. Stunfisk seceded and let itself get caught. The two Totodile jumped up and bit Scott’s head in thanks for saving them from the Trap Pokemon. For letting itself get captured, Stunfisk zapped Scott again. “I’m regretting capturing you…” Stunfisk laughed at him.

    The Five Mantine formed a circle above Scott. “Stunfisk, Discharge!” Stunfisk leaped high above Scott’s head and unleashed a massively powerful surging yellow current. Electricity pulsed through the air and into the Mantines’ veins. Scott’s wet hair stood up from the electricity as each Mantine crash landed onto the brick ground. Stunned, Scott said, “Just how powerful are you?” And then he remembered. “Alexa…”

    She lay cold on her back. Scott checked her forehead with the back of his hand- freezing. A huge tear in the back of her red cardigan provided the scar of the Mantine’s wrath. “I don’t know what to do…” His voice quivered. Nerves overtook him. Stunfisk wobbled to Alexa’s lifeless body and eased gentle pulses of electricity into her. She was starting to breathe again. Stunfisk continued. She turned over on her side. It increased the amount of electricity in each pulse. She leaned up. Scott helped her to her feet. “We’ve got to stop almost dying…” She fell into his embrace.


    Noibat retraced its steps back to the waterfall where all of the wild Pokemon gathered. “Please, everyone! Let me face you in battle. I need to grow stronger for my trainer,” he desperately pleaded.

    “I’d be glad to battle you,” a Beedrill maliciously responded. Noibat nodded in agreement.

    Magenta barbs sparked out of Beedrill’s arms, wreaking of trash, and proceeded toward Noibat. Noibat shielded itself from Poison Sting with a quickly thought Protect attack. The barbs bounced off of the colorful shield, and Noibat’s wings glowed a dark grey, soaring towards Beedrill. Noibat bounced off of the Poison Bee’s Harden attack and retaliated by slamming it down into a tree below with Dark Pulse.

    “Here goes nothin’.” Noibat’s wings glowed white this time as Air Cutters sliced out of them. Ensuing an Agility, Beedrill promiscuously dodged and hovered behind Noibat. Noibat spiraled down toward the pool below as a Poison Jab stabbed its back.

    Noibat flapped its small wings in a frenzy and caught its balance. He honed in on his past, the pain that he felt when his parents were murderously attacked. He concentrated all of his pain, fear, and sense of being a failure into the attempt. He wanted to be as good as his parents and siblings. Like a missile, Air Slashes launched out of Noibat’s wings and exploded on Beedrill, like bombs, one at a time. Black smoke trailed behind Beedrill as it fell flat into the cerulean pool at the bottom of one of Kalos’s beautiful waterfalls.


    “It’s finally mine!” Plump red hearts filled the teenage girl’s eyes as she laid them upon the Water Orb. She maneuvered out of the threshold and around the hole in the floor where Alexa and Scott had fallen through. She approached the pedestal, cautious of anything that would compromise her raid. She lifted the Water Orb into her once graceful hands, now rough and hardened, and the ground began to shake. She became unsteady, stumbling back into the hole, beginning to fall. Her hand caught the edge of the abyss, but the flowing water from the slide course beneath her tempted remorse. Giving in to the water and her own weight, she let go of the craggy edge. “I’ve come too far for this,” she uttered as she pressed the Orb into her stomach for protection. Consuming light emanated from it, growing and growing until it consumed her completely, a faint yell being the last of her.


    Tremors from the Orb’s removal continued in the dome. Water sloshed and slurred and tossed as it continued to pour into the dome room. “We’ve gotta stop the water or we’ll be in the same predicament. Stunfisk, can you-“ Stunfisk leaped and opened air pockets over the entrance. Boulders fell through and covered the threat. To be safe, Stunfisk shot mild Sludge Bombs at the boulders to seal them like glue. “Note taken.”

    “Scott, there’s an exit on the opposite side. We might as well try it.” Life slowly faded back into her. Krabby and Corphish snapped their pincers at them as they passed. With Stunfisk removed, the two Totodile chased each other’s tails and had a good time. The duo entered the new room.

    “Oh, hell no.” It was a dimly lit, narrow rectangular room. The middle of the room was a gaping hole, water beneath it, with a tightrope being the only way across. The dome door slammed shut behind them. They had no choice but to cross.

    Stunfisk leaped high and, flapping its little wings profusely, glided over to the other side. Once landed, it motioned toward the others like it was a piece of cake. Scott timidly approached the rope, Stunfisk sighing at Scott being intimidated. Carvanha jumped and snapped in the water below. If either of them fell, they would be eaten. Scott grabbed the rope and laid down, dangling down from it with his arms latched on and his legs wrapped around it. In this position he inched over to the other side. Alexa followed.

    Halfway across, Alexa stumbled due to still being weak from Mantine’s attack. A jolt of searing pain raced through her back. Her grip loosened and she freefell toward the pinching Carvanha. Scott didn’t have time to react. He was paralyzed by fear. A light brown flash escaped Stunfisk’s body. A wall of water shot up from below and carried Alexa to the rope. Feeble, she edged herself over to Scott and Stunfisk. Stunfisk gave them both a spunky shock and chuckled.

    The door opened. The room was dimly lit like its predecessor, but unlike the rectangular rope room, this one was again a circle. This room was much smaller than the circle dome room. Most of the room was made up of a murky pool in the middle. A small ring of concrete surrounded the nasty water. Shadows danced across the water as a giant Pokemon emerged from it.

    “A Tentacruel… but it’s gigantic! This has to be a test…” Alexa stepped back, bumping into the brick wall. She felt extremely weak. She couldn’t fight; she had no Pokemon. She had nothing. She was useless to Scott and was only holding him back. She wanted to be invisible and run away. She wanted the wall behind her to disappear so she could run and never look back. She wanted to save Scott.

    “Stunfisk, Discharge!” A swift bolt of pulsing golden electricity shot out of Stunfisk’s mouth like a canon, forging into the large Tentacruel’s body and stunning it, its body beginning to succumb to a jolting paralysis. Stunfisk giggled in a higher voice and zapped Scott. “You’ve gotta stop that…” Smoke from his fried hair filled the air around him.

    Tentacruel began to flail, its miry tentacles briskly swinging around the room like stiff noodles. “I’ve got it! Sludge Bomb, Stunfisk!” Explosive sludge projectiles shot out of Stunfisk’s mouth, overtaking Tentacruel’s face and gluing its malevolent eyes closed. Purple rings of goo folded out of Tentacruel’s forcibly closed eyes; consequently, the flailing of its tentacles tremendously increased.

    “Alexa!” The sound of her name entered her ears and reverberated in her head for a moment before it yanked her out of her trance and back into the Water Temple. A slimy tentacle was, like a falling girder, hurtling toward her. Adrenaline awakened inside her demure body. She secured her silver dagger in her hand and, as if she had been practicing swinging knifes her entire life, sliced the end of the tentacle off as it lunged for her face. Irascible roars wailed out of Tentacruel as Alexa steadied the tentacle in her hand.

    “What… did I… do?”

    “Alexa, it would have killed you! Along with being a Water-type, Tentacruel has Poison-type properties. That tentacle must have poison in it, and we may need it at some point. Put it in my bag and we can finish this.” She slipped it into his rucksack and zipped it back up. His thick, velvety brown hair wafted as he swung his arm to command Stunfisk. His Pokemon listened carefully and executed the final attack- a Discharge acutely at Tentacruel. It wailed and fell, a quaint tremor able to be heard from the main room.

    A large door forged out of the brick wall behind them.

    Scott asked, “Alexa, do you think this Temple’s been too easy?” They started into the hallway. Light increased the farther they walked.

    “I did at first, but I just decided to accept the easiness and hope for the best! Scott…?” Scott’s face was blank, expression nonexistent.

    “Cold. It’s getting colder the farther we walk. We must be getting lower and lower in the bay. Scientifically speaking, the deeper you get, the colder it becomes. We could be getting near the end of the Temple.”

    Immense light consumed them as they arrived in the next room. Wisps of freezing fog hovered throughout the room. The room was rocky, cavernous, but it was cased in ice. Little bits of rock peeked out through the ice that shrouded them.

    “It’s beautiful,” Alexa muttered. “Bar the rope room and the Tentacruel room, this Temple has been breathtaking…”

    “Over there!” On the opposite side of the room sat a gargantuan blue and gold treasure chest. It appeared as something only royalty would own. Jewels adorned the edges, but there was one problem. Like the room, the chest was encased in ice.

    Stunfisk again chuckled, jumping into the air. A torrent of water, steam trailing off of it, cascaded out of its mouth and onto the chest. Within minutes, the chest was completely and thoroughly thawed. “He he he,” Stunfisk chuckled, spraying Scott with one of its Scalds.

    Scott opened the chest. Inside sat a pair of Iron Boots, a tool necessary to beat the end of the Temple. Scott slid off his shoes, put them in his backpack, and put on the Iron Boots. Spikes on the bottom began to break the ice.


    He kept walking. The ice caved in underneath them. Scott, Stunfisk, and Alexa fell to the inner depths of Azure Bay.

    Their landing was cushioned by the serenity of peaceful water, flowing around them in such tranquility. When they surfaced, they saw a tropical paradise. Underwater, Stunfisk zapped Scott and Alexa.


    “We’re… outside!? How is that even possible?” Alexa asked.

    “I… don’t know.” They were in a huge cobalt lake. Various aquatic Pokemon, like Goldeen or Horsea, inhabited it, beautifying it even more. A tropical jungle surrounded the lake, crashing waterfalls able to be heard in the distance. A little island sat in the middle of the lake, and a pedestal stood on it. A mysterious blue orb sat alone on the pedestal.

    “Did you see that?” A shadow swiftly moved under the trio.

    They waded over to the tiny island and approached the orb. It began to faintly glow, the temperature increasing. It exuded a mild heat, like it was activating. “What is it?” Alexa had never seen something like it before. The shadow, roaring, surged out of the lake, and the orb glowed even more. The orb began to levitate, ascending to the Pokemon’s height. The Pokemon and orb glowed, becoming one.


    “We’ve got to go, Audino. We can’t let them see us.” The ninja was frantic, out of his normal zone of tranquility. He zapped Audino back into its Poke Ball and in turn released his Greninja. Teenagers, wearing simple black jeans and white t-shirts adorned with a basic red F, stepped out of the forest and proceeded into Coumarine City. “Smokescreen pronto.” Stark black smoke consumed them, depositing them at the tree line. They receded into the forest. “I don’t know where Noibat went, but I hope it’s far, far away from them.” Greninja leaped from tree to earthen tree. A deep moan was knocked out of the ninja as he collapsed to the ground. “What happened?”

    A teenage girl landed on the ground next to him. “I must’ve run into you, sir. I’m sorry.” She was subtle, quiet.

    “Is that the Orb from the Water Temple, by chance? I have some, um, friends in there.”

    “What? No! Don’t be ridiculous.” Anxiety struck her body. She froze. He knew.

    “Who are you working for?”

    “N-No one. I’m alone.” The anxiety wavered in her voice. Voluptuous bushes behind them rattled as two of the teenagers stepped out, their black jeans and white shirts revealing them.

    “Well, just what do we have here? Both of the people Scarlet wants are sitting right in front of us, Korrina!”

    “Literally a pair of sitting Ducklett! Ha! Let’s get ‘em, Anton!”


    “What about you, sir? I can’t just leave you.” Timidity filled her voice again.

    “Go.” Korrina and Anton called forth their Houndoom as she scuffled to her feet and anxiously paraded away into the eternal forest, the Water Orb held tightly against her body. “Greninja!” Thick black smoke poured out of every crevice in the branches and leaves, inducing Korrina and Anton into a severe coughing-fit. Greninja sprang up out of the tree out of the smoke, a torrent of water swirling underneath its feet. It let go, its rage shattering as the torrent of water forcefully cascaded down into the forest, yanking the duo and their Houndoom off of their feet. Anton grabbed a little machine from his soaked pocket, cupping it to his mouth. Through the fog he sent a needle flying out of it. “Ow,” the ninja softly said as a little prick pierced his neck. He and his partner made haste in the opposite direction.

    Trees, flowers, and shrubbery began to multiply. He started to stumble over absolutely nothing. He fell repeatedly, making it back to his feet in a last effort to get away from his stalkers. His eyes grew heavy, bags weighing them down. His speech began to slur, and his hearing went in and out of focus. A vague crashing pumped in the background. He fell again, cold, refreshing water splashing his face. He was falling. His body made impact in more water. He had found the river and waterfall from before, the same one Noibat had just beaten Beedrill at. Water consumed his body and filled his lungs. Drifting into the abyss, his life faded and his eyes closed.


    “This Pokemon… I’ve never seen one in real life,” Scott said, flabbergasted.

    “You know what it is?” Alexa questioned. She was at a loss.

    “It’s a Gyarados, but I’ve never seen it like that before.” Crimson red scales jaded down its sides. Its length grew incredibly, its underside turning a dark gray. Its whiskers grew, lengthening all the way down its body. Giant tan fins grew out of its deep blue figure, a nasty look capturing its visage. It wasn’t called the Atrocious Pokemon for nothing.

    Scott and Alexa could feel the power it had gained as it fired Hyper Beams in every direction. Crystalized ice shards pierced the trees of the jungle as Gyarados rapidly fired Blizzard attacks; other areas were scorched from searing Fire Blasts. Parts of the jungle were frozen and others burning- an oxymoron of atrocious proportions.

    A Hyper Beam roared down from the heavens, aimed at Scott and Alexa. Like a piece of paper-thin glass, the island used as the orb’s alter shattered. Scott, Alexa, and Stunfisk were sent flying, crash landing into the clouded lake. Shrapnel and dirt camouflaged the once beautiful lake, transforming it into a talisman of Gyarados’s wrath.

    Scott spat the dirtied water out of his mouth as he surfaced and said, “We’ve got to get to the mainland. Once there, we need to make a plan. I think this is the end of the Temple, Alexa. We’re almost done.”

    Once on the jungle beach, Scott asked, “Stunfisk, do you think you can convince the Pokemon in the lake to help us? I have a plan, but we’ll need them to do it.” Stunfisk nodded and leaped back into the lake. “We’ll also need you, buddy,” Scott finished, grinning as he released Skiddo.

    Thick, voluminous black smoke tinted the sunny sky as the jungle burned. Plump dark rainclouds assembled over the lake as the heat from the burning jungle melted and evaporated the frozen sections. Hot and cold began to mix, opposing forces intertwining into an unstoppable force. The clouds began to move quicker, faster in a circular motion.

    “That better not be forming what I think it is…”

    “Alexa, run inland… NOW!”

    “Stun!” Stunfisk chuckled as it surfaced on the beach. A wild Slowpoke surfaced with it, carrying the Iron Boots via a Psychic attack. The Iron Boots landed in front of Scott.

    “I completely forgot about these… They must’ve sunk when we fell through the ice room.” As he said that, Water-types surfaced all over the lake. Goldeen, Kingdra, Poliwhirl, Seel, Sealeo, Basculin, Buizel, Luvdisc, and Dewgong joined the fight against Gyarados.

    Water Guns, Bubblebeams, and Hydro Pumps soared through the tropical air as Gyarados maneuvered around all of them. It was too fast. Spheres of ice formed in every Pokemon’s mouth. A gigantic stream of Ice Beams froze the lower half of Gyarados’s body. It began to spiral down toward the lake.

    “That’s it. We’ve got to slow it down and get it in the water!” Gyarados jerked its tail, shattering the ice and resurfacing into the air. More violent now, Gyarados summoned a Twister attack and unleashed it on the lake. The mini cyclone swept over the water like a dance, knocking out Pokemon as it went. The Twister climbed on the beach, arching past Scott. Petrified, Alexa couldn’t move. The Twister struck her body, throwing her body against a tree, her head hitting hard. “Dammit, Alexa. I thought I told you to run!”

    Like he saw Alexa do back in the marine tube, he took off his plaid shirt and waved it at Gyarados. “You ready, Slowpoke?” It nodded. Gyarados viciously roared and raced toward Scott’s body. Right before it reached his body, Slowpoke used Psychic to pick Scott up and, where his body was, place the Iron Boots. Gyarados followed through and, expecting to eat Scott, ate the Iron Boots.

    A deep roar bellowed out of the Atrocious Pokemon as it fell into the lake, unable to arise due to the heaviness of the boots.

    “Skiddo and Stunfisk, use Horn Leech and Discharge!” Scott threw his arm like a conductor. This was the final chord in the symphony, a perfect blend of physical and special attacks. Skiddo charged, Stunfisk on his back. Skiddo’s horns extended, and Stunfisk enveloped them in a powerful Discharge. Skiddo bounded over the lake, a flying, pulsing electric current, and slammed the Horn Leech Discharge combination into Gyarados.

    The Atrocious Pokemon glowed, shrank, and transformed back to its normal self. The orb levitated and disappeared into the rainclouds. The clouds dispersed, and the forest fire quelled.

    The jungle blurred and everything began to fade. Gyarados was the first to do so, with the aquatic Pokemon and lake following. The paradise changed to the brick room adorned with a pedestal in the middle from the beginning. The hole in which the duo originally fell was fixed, but the Orb was missing.

    “Scott… There’s only a piece of paper here.”

    “Well, what’s it say?”

    A cavern cased in ice,
    A Fire-type will show.
    Snowflakes beautifully dotted,
    A frozen heart will thaw
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    Note: sorry for the late update! I broke my ankle and haven't had a chance to revise or post anything. So here it is! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Chapter Seven: Dazed

    “What… happened?” Alexa rolled onto her side from her back, ruffling the bed of crunchy leaves under her. Leaves of autumn hues decorated the forest floor on which she laid.

    Scott grumbled in his sleep, slowly awakening from his earthen slumber. He looked all around. “It looks like Stunfisk was left behind… I’m gonna miss his cheekiness.” He groggily asked, waking up. “Where are we?”

    “It looks to be the forest right outside Coumarine City. My question is how we got here.”

    “I remember a bright flash after you read the riddle on the pedestal… It was nighttime when we the flash deposited us here, if I remember correctly. Everything’s fuzzy. Did we make camp out here for the night?” He began to reposition. “And also, that Temple was incredibly easier than I had expected… Something’s fishy here.”

    “Scott. Fishy? A Water Temple?” She burst out laughing, the crisp leaves falling out of her tangled hair. And then hit her like a frying pan to the face. “Vivillon.” She scrambled to her feet, the leaves hissing underneath the pressure. She dashed past every oaken tree and into the sunlight, warming her skin after her adventures in the Water Temple. She called out in every direction, her head swinging frantically. “Vivillon, where are you!?” Sand sloshed as she maniacally ran to the water’s edge. Lapras could be seen on the horizon, the sun shading the sky a lovely purple as it rose for the day.

    Upon arrival, Lapras only nodded, nodding towards the forest. One thing was for sure: Vivillon was gone.


    “This is your new roommate. Korrina, meet Alexa.” Scarlet walked the new recruit into the barracks and let her meet Korrina.

    “Hi, Alexa. As she said, my name’s Korrina. How old are you?” The girl appeared just older than Alexa with blond pig tails rooting out of her head.


    “Don’t feel bad. I’m only twelve.”

    “Is Scarlet always weird like that?” Alexa asked.

    “Weird doesn’t even describe her. The proper word is… wicked.”

    A buff guy, around fourteen, appeared at the cracked steel door. “Scarlet wants all of her troops now, including you, newbie.”

    “M-Me?” Alexa stuttered in fear.

    “Everyone, today will be our annual recruit day! For those of you who don’t know, one day every year my troops set out to find more people who may need a place to stay and who want to join in something bigger than themselves. Team Flare is their escape.” A couple hundred troops were gathered in an arena of sorts, stands all around the center: Scarlet. “You will be dispatched all over the region.”


    “We’ve been traveling in the orange forest for two hours already, Scott. We could get attacked by Pumpkaboo or Trevenant again. And those things were hella creepy.”

    “Don’t worry, Alexa. I won’t let anything happen to you; plus, we’re almost back to the site of the burned mansion. Maybe we’ll be able to see better from the clearing there.”

    “What if we run into that crazy ninja guy again, though? He was around here last time we saw-“ A vital scream interrupted her, a caveat of Korrina. They sprinted in the direction of the scream and wound up in the middle of the burned mansion, scorch marks decorating the earthen orange ground like a beautiful painting.

    “Korrina, hand over my Vivillon!” Across the clearing at the forest’s edge was Korrina. She looked the same as she did when she was a kid, but she had matured. Her face had lost its chubbiness, her breasts had grown, her blond hair’s pigtails were now longer. She was slender, also, resembling the thin orange trees in the ominous forest. Vivillon was tied shut in a net.

    “Skiddo, Bulldoze and then into Rock Slide!” Skiddo jutted one hoof into the ground, vibrating the ground so intensely Korrina fell on her face. Next was the Rock Slide attack. Rocks crashed into the ground behind her, blocking her from running away into the forest. “Thanks, buddy!” Skiddo returned.

    “Fat chance, Alexa.” She spat out the last word with anger. “You left us. Yeah, Scarlet was bad to us all, but you abandoned the rest of us- left us behind. You were my best friend, my only family. You told me I couldn’t come with you. Why would I help you now? I’m going to take this Vivillon back to Scarlet and tell her where you are. Then we’ll be even. Hell, maybe she’ll even give Vivillon back to its owner.” Alexa was stunned.

    “She doesn’t mean…”

    “Yes, Scott. My sister…” Tears streamed down her face. She felt defeated. They had come all the way to the first Temple and everything, and now it would end here with Korrina and Vivillon. She had cried so much already on their journey, and here she was again- collapsing in the middle of the forest, giving in to Scarlet once and for all. “Korrina, please… I’m begging you. I can make up for what I did, for leaving you. You can come with us now. We can make a new beginning for us and become the best of friends again. Scott, would you be okay if Korrina came with us?” She asked as if Scott’s approval would actually change anything.

    “Of course. The more help the merrier! The three of us can stop Scarlet together!” The last word rang in Korrina’s ears. Together. She could finally stop being alone. Alexa was Korrina’s home, a home that been shattered immediately upon Alexa’s choice at Victory Road.

    “Do you mean it, Alexa? We can finally end all of this?” She was easily persuaded. She didn’t want to turn Vivillon over to Alexa; she wanted to be with Alexa. She only used Vivillon as bait.

    “Absolutely.” Her tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy. She had her best friend back. A genuine smile tugged at her cheeks and she couldn’t help but run into Korrina’s arms and hug her after all that time. Korrina freed Vivillon, and Alexa returned it to its Poke Ball. “We’re heading back to Coumarine City next to get Scott’s Noibat. Is that okay with you?”

    “Yeah. You’re going to need me if you’re going back there…”

    “Why?” She couldn’t think of any reason why they would need her.

    “Scarlet has grunts covering the entire city. The grunts are searching for you, Alexa. We were ordered to report back to her if we saw you and to try and stop you at all costs. I could distract them while you two go get his Pokemon, but maybe it’s safer if only Scott goes.”

    “What do you think, Scott?” Alexa concernedly asked.

    “I’m fine with going alone if that’s what needs to be done. It could give you some time to catch up. We’ll all head back together and you two can wait in the woods just outside of town for me. From there, we’ll promptly depart to the next Temple, wherever that may be…”


    “I don’t ever participate in these recruit days. I just go out for a walk and come back at the end of the day with no one. You don’t get penalized for not recruiting anyone, so why do it?” Korrina explained. “I’ve never traveled this way, though.”

    “Cha!” A Hitmonlee kicked its opponent, a feisty Hitmonchan, to the ground. Two black belt trainers were practicing their skills for the upcoming Fighting-type Pokemon Tournament. They had short, spiky black hair and wore their white karate robes with black belts tying them together. They were on a battlefield outside their summer shack, a nursery where they hatched Pokemon Eggs and took care of them.

    “Let’s watch the battle!” Korrina had a love for battles that Alexa didn’t understand. Alexa loved Pokemon, but she didn’t love to make them fight. She would if it was necessary, but she didn’t do it for fun.

    A flaming Blaze Kick roundhouse kicked Hitmonchan in the face and flung it across the field into a pile of dust. It was no longer able to battle.

    “Can I be honest with you?” Korrina asked.

    “Of course. What is it?”

    “I’ve been having this recurring dream lately where I’m wearing these funky shoes that have wheels on them and using them to slide across a slicked floor. I can’t figure out what it means or what that thing even is.” Alexa was perplexed. “I know it sounds crazy, but-“

    The mother black belt scrambled out of the house. “Come, you two! One of the Eggs is hatching!”

    The Egg rested on a fluffy opal cotton blanket, folded into a perfect square. The Egg was plaid, divided by white, pink, and blue lines. It gently swayed back in forth, loose blasts of life emitting from it. Alexa and Korrina peeked through the window, excited to see their first Pokemon birth. The Egg cradled faster now, the light becoming more frequent. And then nothing. It was still. No light. No moving. And then all at once, one final blast of light consumed it, not letting go. A small Pokemon with a blue midsection and a white head and feet remained when the light dwelled.

    “So cute!” Korrina squealed outside the house.

    “Do you have any idea what kind of Pokemon it is?”

    “Nope, sure don’t. It’s weird. I’ve never thought a Pokemon was so cute before, but I just feel attracted to this one.”

    “Meditite, come back!” The newborn Pokemon ran out of the shack and into the meadow outside. It perched onto a small grey rock and crossed its legs crisscross applesauce. Alexa and Korrina got up from perching at the window and ran after it. “Wait, you two! Be careful. It used Confusion on all three of us to stop us from coming after it. It’s powerful for a newborn,” the mother finished.

    “So that’s what you are, huh? A Meditite. Come here, Meditite!” Korrina was infatuated with this Meditite; she wanted to keep it. Its eyes glowed pink, as did the outline that formed around Alexa and Korrina’s bodies. They were stopped in their tracks by Confusion.

    “Let us go, Meditite! We only want to help you! You need to go back home. You’re only a baby- a strong baby at that- but a baby nonetheless,” Alexa pleaded. Korrina yearned for superiority. She wouldn’t be beaten by a baby. She pushed through the Confusion and freed herself. She yanked Alexa out of it and they continued toward it.

    Meditite’s eyes glowed green this time. Grass came to life in front of Alexa and tied itself. Alexa’s foot got caught in the trap, and Grass Knot claimed its victim, making her fall to the ground. A grass loop tied itself before Korrina as well. Gracefully, she leaped over it, landed, and reached Meditite, picking it up.

    “Now this isn’t so bad, is it? We just want to take care of you!” She embraced Meditite in a hug and set it back down. “I know… You just wanted a calm place to meditate, didn’t you? They can make you a place like that inside. Let’s go.”

    “However can we thank you, um… I didn’t get your name,” the mother black belt said.

    “Korrina- my name’s Korrina.” The sun was setting in a brilliant blue and yellow hue and everyone was inside drinking hot cocoa at the dining room table. “If it’s not too much to ask, I’d honestly like to keep Meditite… I felt instantly connected to it.” Alexa was stunned at Korrina’s gutsiness.

    “You obviously know how to take care of it better than we do. You understand it more than we do also. I don’t have a problem with it. As long as Meditite agrees, we’re fine with it.”

    She approached the newborn. “Whaddya say, Meditite? Wanna become my partner?” Meditite thought for a minute before agreeing to the proposition. Korrina tapped a Poke Ball on its head, and it rolled and rolled and rolled. It finally glimmered with acceptance.

    “Why did you keep Meditite?” Alexa asked as they walked back to their barracks.

    “It felt right. I feel an affinity for Fighting-types for some reason. Maybe it means something, and maybe it doesn’t. But it’s like a distant memory is begging to be recollected but I can’t figure it out.”


    “Scott, I’m very, very sorry, but something has happened. Your Noibat flew away. I don’t know what happened or why it did, but it flew off into the forest. I think it might’ve been due to this weird ninja-looking guy lurking around town, or maybe those freaks all over town with the ‘F’s embroidered on them.” She was disappointed in herself for losing a patient and she made it quite apparent.

    “I’ll find him,” was all Scott could say. He left back into the woods.

    “Nurse Joy doesn’t have him,” Scott reported back to Korrina and Alexa. “She thinks he may’ve been running from our stalker ninja or one of those Flare freaks. No offense,” he aimed at Korrina.

    “Oh, none taken,” she replied, rubbing it off like nothing. “I’d rather not be one of them anyway.”

    “We’ve got to find my Noibat now. He’s somewhere in this forest. I don’t think he could’ve made it to the orange forest yet, so let’s stick to this forest. We can cover more ground if we split up. Alexa, if you run into any trouble with the Flare grunts, give Korrina or I a call, okay?” She nodded. “Let’s go.”

    “Didn’t I pass those mushrooms an hour ago?” Alexa traipsed through the forest in circles. She always ended up back at an old Oran Berry tree that was adorned with poisonous red and white dotted mushrooms all around its base. Violet and golden flowers decorated her part of the forest, but she was walking in circles nonetheless. “Hopefully the other two are having better luck than I am.”

    “AH!” A quick yelp escaped through the crevice of Korrina’s mouth as a thick hand towel was shoved between her teeth as a gag. On the other side of the towel: Anton. He forced her to the musty ground and tied her arms behind her back tightly with bristly rope. He dragged her by her bound hands across the earth until they reached the orange forest and the burned mansion site.

    He thrust her body into the ground and profusely questioned, “So now you’re just going to forget everything we’ve worked for with Scarlet and join them!? We almost had that girl back there until that ninja dude saved her! We could’ve become high-ranking officers and finally worthy to Scarlet, but no. You’re throwing in the Team Flare towel and giving up. Do you really think they’re going to keep you around once you help them complete their goal? Simply put, no, they won’t.” A swift kick into her gut from his steel-toed boots sent pain coursing through her bound body. “I’ve already turned your treason in to Scarlet, and now I’m going to finish what you started.” With that, he left, heading back after Scott and Alexa.

    “Mmm.” The rag muffled every sound. She writhed in the rope as she lay on the ground. If I could just reach my Poke Ball, she thought. Fear emanated out of her body, reaching into one of her Poke Balls. Meditite could feel Korrina’s desperate yearn for freedom. She couldn’t let Alexa down, not after just being reunited. A bright blue flash materialized in front of her. Meditite’s sixth sense saw impending danger. It used Confusion to unbind the ropes and to remove the gag from her mouth. “Thank you, Meditite. Sincerely, thank you.” She stood up, and Meditite leaped into her arms. In a trainer and Pokemon sort of way, they were meant to be.

    “There’s just one last thing I need to do. I can’t hold on to Team Flare anymore. I have to go, and this is holding me back from moving on.” She held up a Poke Ball and released her Houndoom. “Houndoom, you were always symbolic of Anton and I’s partnership after Alexa left and I dearly care about you, but you must go. You’re always going to remind me of both he and Team Flare- all of the time I spent under her tyranny- and I can’t let that control me anymore. You must go. Be free.” She pressed the indented button in the middle of the Poke Ball, sparks poofing out of Houndoom’s body. It was free. It could go wherever it wanted to go. It rubbed its head against her leg out of love but knew what it had to do. It departed into the forest not for itself, but for Korrina. “And now I must go. I can’t shake the feeling I know Alexa from somewhere else- maybe a past life- but if what he said is true, all of her grunts will be after me. I can’t let them find Alexa, so I’ll have to get as far away from her as possible. Goodbye, Alexa…” She brushed the glistening tears off of her face and dashed into the orange forest, putting as much distance between Alexa and herself as possible.

    “Noibat, what are you doing?!” Scott found the pool again. Vivillon were dancing over its glinting surface as usual. Lying flat on the ground outside the pool was the ninja. Hovering over him was Noibat. “Get away from him! He’s dangerous!” Scott ran to Noibat, and it perched on his shoulder, nuzzling against Scott’s cheek out of affection. “We’ve got to go before he awakes!”

    “Scott, you found him! Good!” Alexa came running out of the woods.

    “We better go find Korrina and get out of here. He might wake up and attack us again.” She agreed and they dwelled back into the forest- what seemed to be their new home.


    Alexa was fifteen and Korrina had turned seventeen. Alexa had been promoted to Scarlet’s right hand man, but she still spent the majority of her time with her best friend Korrina. They were in line at the mess hall at Team Flare’s headquarters for lunch. “You distract them and I’ll grab extra food,” Korrina would tell Alexa.

    “So, I hear it’s Taco Tuesday,” Alexa said, questioning the two younger girls that were serving food on the line. They were deemed terrible battlers and thus were damned to the cafeteria for work. “How’s the mystery meat tasting today?” The two girls looked at each other and back at Alexa with blank expressions, unenthused.

    Meanwhile, Korrina snuck to the back of the cafeteria where all of the food was prepared, took off her burlap backpack, grabbed the sheet of freshly baked, caramel-filled chocolate muffins, and stuffed them into her bag, returning the empty sheet to the iron countertop. She returned to her position next to Alexa. “Mkay, well bye now.” The duo left for their barracks.

    Munching on muffins Alexa asked, “I think I’m going to leave…” Korrina nearly gagged on and spit up her muffin.

    “Excuse me? You can’t just ‘leave’. There’s no leaving with Scarlet. It’s not possible and you know it. For your own safety, just stay here with me.”

    “I can’t handle it anymore, Korrina. I just can’t do this life anymore. I don’t know if you know this or not, but I was a princess before I came here. My parents are the king and queen of Santalune City.”

    “Then what the hell are you doing here, Alexa? How did you end up here?”

    “I ran away… My parents were always grieving over some child, a kid I didn’t know. I had enough of it. They weren’t grateful for the child they had, so I left.”

    “Alexa, I am so sorry… But where will you go if you leave?”

    “I’ll find some place to go. I don’t have a choice.”

    “Alexa, we can get through this together. You’re not going through any of this alone. You haven’t all these years and you won’t ever. We’ve been through this together ever since you showed up here. We’ve been roommates ever since and we’ve become inseparable. For heaven’s sake, we just stole these muffins from the mess hall. We can do anything as long as we have each other.”

    “Then come with me, Korrina.”

    “It’s not that easy. You know it isn’t.”

    “Then I’m going without you. Goodbye, Korrina…”

    She made it out of the barracks, past the bleak mess hall, and to the perimeter of the headquarters before getting stopped. “Where are you going?” Her heart dropped. Sweat gathered in her pores and ran down her face like a rain shower. She slightly turned to see who the voice came from. It was only Anton. Phew.

    “Scarlet asked me to go gather some fruit for tomorrow’s Harvest Festival. That’s all. I’ll be back.” She had no choice. She had to lie. He walked back to his barracks. She turned back around towards the perimeter and was met with Scarlet’s face less than an inch away from her own.

    “Where are you really going?” She hissed.


    “Yes, you are. You and I are going to a place called Victory Road. There, you and I will unlock a special chamber and finally claim the victory that is rightfully ours. I believe the chamber holds Xerneas, the only being that can stop me. I hold the power of Yveltal, so if I capture Xerneas, no one will be able to get it to stop me. Come.” Crimson smoke enveloped them and deposited them at the top of Victory Road.

    “Hey! Who are you two?” Scott innocently asked.


    “Where do you think you two are going?” Anton revealed himself from behind one of the forest’s many trees. “I’ve already reported Korrina’s treason back to Scarlet. You’re next, blondie.” Anton was huge, muscled. He had a huge stomach and chest, but it was obvious that it was solid muscle. His legs were like an Onix. “It ends here.” He clenched his right fist and soared at Scott. The punch knocked him to the ground, blood trickling from his mouth and cheek.

    “Scott!” Alexa wailed, and Anton lurked toward her with a malicious grin on his face. She ran behind one of the vivacious trees, but Anton showed up right next to her, swinging. Luckily for Alexa, she had sharp reflexes and could evade at a moment’s notice.

    “Where’d you go, you stupid *****?”

    “Up here.” Alexa jumped from a high tree branch onto Anton, dropping both of their bodies to the ground. She landed on a soft bed of bright green leaves, but scrambled to get on Anton to stop him from getting up. Once she was on him, she muttered, “You’re right; it is over.” Adrenaline coursed through her veins like never before. She yanked the silver dagger out of her bag and plunged it into his chest. Mass amounts of blood gushed out of his chest as life faded from him. A quiet moaning escaped his mouth as it closed, his eyes following suit. His life had been taken by the princess. Royalty had killed him.

    “Alexa, what did you do?” Scott stood behind her in horror. “I didn’t agree to murder.” Her dagger disappeared into a wisp of crimson smoke and she hurried to her feet, running as far away as she could.

    When Scott caught up to her, she was sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean. Waves crashed against the shore, but always reformed again and again. The salty breeze caressed every hair as it wafted through. Scott joined her, sitting on the rock next to her.

    “Alexa… We’re going to get through this. You’re taking this extra roughly. What’s wrong, other than the obvious?”

    “It’s Viola and I’s birthday. I killed a man on my birthday.”


    “Wh-Where am I? I was drowning… My life had faded into the water that consumed me. What am I doing alive outside the pool?” Flashbacks raged through his mind. Water filling his lungs. Noibat hovering above the water, watching him drown. Vivillon using Psychic to lift his body out of the pool.

    The ninja sat up, dazed.

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    Author's note: this chapter contains some mild sexual content in the end.

    Chapter Eight: Summoned

    “Scott, he was going to kill both of us. I freaked and panicked and ugh. I saved both of our lives,” she said more so trying to convince herself than Scott.

    “Okay, just forget it. It’s only midday; we still have the rest of the day to celebrate your birthday.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I don’t want to.”

    “W-Why?” Scott was dumbfounded.

    “Viola is either dead or still being held captive by that- that witch. That’s not worth celebrating.”

    “Alexa, we’re going to get your sister back. I know we are. We just survived our first Temple together. Yeah, the Orb was missing, but whoever took it must be going to the next Temple. They must want us to follow if they left us a riddle behind. I’m going to make sure you and your parents get reunited with Viola, and I’m going to make sure Scarlet never hurts anyone ever again.”

    “Scott… She wanted me. I’ve never been able to say it aloud before, but we both know she wanted me and not Viola. You saw how the door reacted when I was there. She wanted me the entire time. Because of me, Viola got taken. It’s my fault she’s gone.” Scott embraced her tightly, rubbing the back of her head gently and caressing every fine hair.

    “It’s going to be okay,” he whispered into her ear.


    “Mommy! Daddy! Scatterbug just evolved into Spewpa while we were playing in the atrium! See!” Ten year old Alexa dashed into the dining room and revealed Spewpa from behind her back. Scatterbug had grown a full white coat of hair.

    “That’s lovely, darling.” The queen acknowledged her but seemed anything but enthused by her daughter’s giddiness or presence.

    “Sit down, dear. We’ve set out a bowl of Pokemon food for Spewpa. It’s time for dinner.” The king’s voice was hollow, emotionless.

    Disheartened, Alexa sulked into one of the long mahogany table’s many tall chairs. She picked at her food and nibbled bits of it but excused herself from dinner and reported to her bedroom, where she soaked her pillow in plump, tired tears.

    Later that night Alexa could hear crying ringing from her parents’ room. She creaked open her bedroom door and tiptoed down the hall until she reached their room. She pressed her youthful ear up against the door, just enough in order to hear.

    “She’s really gone,” the queen wailed into their state-of-the-art bright white comforter.

    “Why us? Why couldn’t I stop it? Our child is gone and we didn’t stop it. Our child is gone…” The king added to the sorrow.

    I’m your child…” Alexa muttered. Her head drooped; her heart collapsed.


    “There’s nothing in this damned town except for giant stones,” Scott stammered as he approached the exit to Geosenge Town. “Can’t a guy find some chocolate or jewelry around here?” He passed the last of the obelisk-like rough stones that lined the town in a circle. The town was caged in by brisk wooden fencing, and the stones lined it inside of the fencing.

    “Yeah, Marty, I hear there’s a real beautiful view from up beyond that odd rock- ya know, the one that isn’t aligned with the rest of ‘em? You should take ya gal up there some time. You might get a lil somethin’ somethin’ in return,” Scott overheard a man saying to his friend.

    “These should do,” Scott said under his breath. He picked a dozen of the dark purple flowers, a brightened midnight, and a dozen of the yellow, jubilee rays of the sun.

    “Hey, beautiful.” He sent her a smirk when he arrived back at the cliff she had run to after the attack. She blushed. “I heard of a gorgeous place where we can get your mind off of things.” He handed her the flowers. She accepted. “It’s just past Geosenge Town.”

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She shot it down immediately. No thinking. No considering.

    “You know something I don’t know. Talk.”

    “I don’t know anythi-“

    “The hell you don’t. You just killed a man! I deserve answers. Now.” Their entire relationship had changed since the attack.

    “When I ran away after the attack, I passed an old breeding house. Korrina and I used to play there as kids…” She took a long, deep breath. “We’re close to Team Flare’s headquarters.”

    “Good, then let’s go. Let’s storm her headquarters and find your sister.”

    “It’s not going to be that easy,” she said, damning even the thought of storming Flare’s HQ to the inner depths of her conscious. “Scarlet has guards everywhere. They’ll tear us apart. I can’t go through with this. No. I refuse.”

    “Then I’m going alone. I’ll meet you back here later. Goodbye, Alexa.” He patted a kiss against her forehead, brushing away her sweaty hair, and left her behind.

    He made the quick, brisk walk back to Geosenge Town and looped through the stones, making his way past the semi-circle of said stones and into the northwest corner of town. A delitescent stone stood in the shadows.

    “I should be right around their headquarters…”

    “Reeeer!” A dark purple feline Pokemon crashed to the ground on its back, a wooden arrow jutting out of its stomach.

    “Alexa…” Standing a hundred yards away was Alexa, her wooden bow ready to fire. The wind caught her cardigan, flowing in the wind, making her appear like an actual heroine.

    “You’re lucky I saved your *** after that stunt you just pulled. That’s a Liepard. It’s a signature of Flare grunts at the moment. Let’s go before you get attacked again."

    “Can we take a second to talk about how perfect your aim is?” Crimson red smoke pooled into the field with the single stone. It swirled around Scott’s feet and inched towards Alexa. It was thick, voluptuous, curling ever so slowly. It invaded the area, darkening it, tinting it, staining it with bloody red. “Alexa, what’s happening?”

    “We’re being summoned.”


    “We’ve been on our own for weeks now, Spewpa, and we still haven’t found another city. I feel like we’ve been in this forest forever.”

    Darkness shrouded the forest. An eternal midnight held it captive. Shadows danced in the gloom, and beating red eyes pierced out of the trees and bushes. The trees held inky black leaves, and the bushes carried moonlit purple ones. Alexa held Spewpa in her latched arms as she walked the lone path through the blackness.

    She started to hear noises from behind. Squeaking rocking chairs. Giggling children. Murmuring people. Susurrant Whispers. Footprints. She ran forward, trying to escape the burdening cacophony. Silky strings shot out of the trees in front of her and intertwined. Within seconds one giant web had been made. A string of web launched from a nearby tree and grabbed her foot. She tripped and her back fell into the web. She was caught.

    Two arachnids, purple and yellow striped, ambushed the web and darted directly toward the wayward ten year old. Spewpa hiccupped like a relentless machinegun.

    “I knew I shouldn’t have left. I’m dead.” A brief shriek escaped her mouth before the two Ariados were fried to a crisp. She glimpsed the red smoke and the fireballs that saved her life through her clenched eyelids. Red smoke consumed her and she reappeared in front of the woman that saved her.

    “Hi. What’s your name, darling?” She was sweet. Her soprano voice was tender like it was used to caring for children.

    “Alexa.” She gripped Spewpa tighter. She was scared of the woman.

    Noticing this, the woman said, “Don’t be afraid, dear. My name is Scarlet. I heard your cry for help and thought it was only right to come help you. Where do you live? I should probably return you to your home.”

    “I don’t have a home,” Alexa whispered.

    “Would you like to come with me, then? I have so much room where I live. I could use someone like you to occupy it.” Scarlet tapped Alexa’s nose like a button and picked her up, hefting her high up into her arms. “Let’s go home.”


    “Alexa… Let’s go home.” Scarlet’s voice hissed through bright red fog. The fog was now up to their thighs. It had enveloped the entire vicinity, blurring anything that was once visible. All Alexa and Scott could see now was red fog and white light. “Don’t you remember, darling? I saved you.” Scarlet appeared, touching Alexa’s chin with her scaly finger, but disappeared again. “You owe me.”

    “Scott, go! Run! Don’t let her near you!” Alexa’s screams never reached Scott; they were muted by high-pitched wails. She cupped her ears, but the sound was agonizing.

    “Sadly, I have some, um, business to attend to. Get her!” The fog began to dispel. Flare grunts flooded into the field.

    A large squid-like Pokemon hovered down behind Scott and landed. Light emitted from its chest, a deep voice emanating from its beak.

    “Scott, do not turn around. Do not look at the light.” Alexa pulled back her bow and fired another wooden arrow. The emission of light dulled to an achromic nothingness as Malamar collapsed to the ground. A river of blood cascaded out of the arrow wound, staining the bosky ground a deep red. Its heart had been penetrated.

    “Good thing we came prepared, eh?” Three of the grunts grabbed their floating Inkay and held them upside down. Spiraling blue light flashed out of them as their bodies extended, grew, and evolved into Malamar. Three new Malamar entered the world. “New plan, you three. Build an army!”

    “Scott, now would be a fantastic time to run.” They bolted out of the field and through Geosenge Town, wary of the stones, and through the forest. They ran for an hour until they reached a new obstacle: the desert.

    “The Lumiose Badlands,” Scott stated. “I’ve always wanted to see them in person but never had the chance to leave Aquacorde Town to do so.”

    “If you’re done fangirling over it, I’d like to continue getting a head start.” The townspeople of Geosenge Town filed out of the forest. “The Malamar must’ve hypnotized them all. We’re too late.” The three Malamar appeared before them, up in the air. Blue balls of energy materialized at their heads and shot down at the duo. The triple Psybeam exploded the entire vicinity, harming all of the townspeople, and sent Alexa and Scott flying into the setting sun-landscaped desert.


    “Now that you’ve had time to meet your roommate Korrina, it’s time for you to be judged.” Scarlet had moved her to a stadium of sorts. It was an enclosed dome. Training equipment was everywhere. Several battlefields lined the perimeter of the dome, while racks of bows, swords, and other tools of warfare clustered the dome. Grunts were vigorously training for war. “You’re first going to battle one of my grunts. I’ll determine whether you’ll be one of my field agents, who need to be able to battle well, or if you’ll stay back and train on the bow or sword. Anton, come on over here and battle Alexa, will ya?” She waved over to Anton. He slowed the swing of his spiked ball and set it down.

    “Alexa, huh?” His shirt was ripped from training, as were his arms and legs. Sweat profusely beaded on his tan forehead and soaked his torn grey shirt. “We’ll see.” Houndour popped out of its Poke Ball, and it snorted a puff of fire. Alexa released Spewpa. “A Spewpa against a Fire-type?” Anton laughed in her face. “This should be fun,” he mocked.

    Houndour sprinted. Its speed was fascinating. Alexa had never seen anything like it. “Watch out, Spewpa! It’s fast. It’ll be tricky. It looks like it’s going to use its mouth. Use Harden!” She noticed the twitch in its jaw. She had a knack for details. Sure enough, Houndour bared its fangs and clenched down on Spewpa’s tensed body. A piece of pearly tooth hit the dirt ground: Spewpa had chipped Houndour’s tooth.

    Flames bubbled at Houndour’s mouth like a wild case of rabies. A flowing column of fire dispensed out of Houndour’s mouth and sped in the air toward Spewpa. “Now, Spewpa,” Alexa would call. The Bug-type spun a bulky String Shot and wrapped itself in it. Upon hit, all the Flamethrower did was burn the silk. “Now into a Tackle!” Spewpa jumped at Houndour, but another Flamethrower was aimed at it. Spewpa dove into the Fire-type move and knocked Houndour on its butt. Spewpa landed, unable to battle. Hiccups, louder than ever, rapidly rang out of Spewpa’s mouth as Alexa cared for it.

    “Spewpa is unable to battle. Thus, Anton and Houndour are the victors.” Alexa and Houndour returned their Pokemon. Anton raised his middle finger at Alexa and stormed off. “Don’t worry about him. He’s just upset about the chipped tooth. What you did was reckless, Alexa. Yeah, you dealt damage to Houndour, but you knocked your Spewpa out at the same time. I admire that, but you’re not ready for battling by my side. Let’s see if there’s something else in here you’re good at.”

    “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a bow.”

    Scarlet set a series of ten standard circle targets against the dome’s steel wall. Alexa snatched a bright yellow bow from the iron rack and grabbed a burlap quiver of customary arrows. She concentrated, positioning the arrow on the bow just right and pulling the arrow back just enough. She fired all ten arrows in the matter of just a minute, and the results were astounding.

    “You hit the bull’s-eye on every single one. You’ve never shot before?” Alexa nodded.


    “Alexa, wake up!” Scott got off of the cooling grainy sand and noticed the sky. The hues of a brighter dawn had faded to a dull navy. It was the middle of the night. They had been out for hours. Scott reached for Noibat’s Poke Ball but he didn’t have any of his Poke Balls. “Alexa, seriously, wake up.” The sand yanked at his feet. He was sliding into the ground. The sand inched up his body, his body descending into the Earth. The ground was cold; it was hungry.

    “Scott!” Alexa woke up and began to sink as well. Once consumed completely, the ground spit them out, only this time there was no light. The moon was no longer lighting their journey, and the stars would no longer guide them.

    “We’re… underground?” Alexa tried to retrieve Vivillon’s Poke Ball, but her Poke Balls were gone as well.

    “Alexa, our Poke Balls must’ve flown off of us whenever we were sent flying. That should mean they sank like we did. If so, we just need to feel around until we find them.” They got to their hands and knees and felt each grain of sand brush through their dirt-caked hands.

    “I think I’ve got something!” Alexa brushed on a rough surface. Maybe the Poke Balls are just caked with dirt like us, she thought. A scaly, moldy hand latched on to her arm. “Scott… Something just grabbed me. Get. It. Off. Of. Me.” She freaked out through clenched teeth.

    “I just found a Poke Ball! I’m coming!” Please be something good, he thought. The release of the Pokemon illuminated the cavern for a mere second.

    “Fenn?” The little fox turned its head at Scott in confusion.

    “A Fennekin? How’d you get in one of my empty Poke Balls?” He shrugged. “Either way.” He felt around again and retrieved some sticks. Fennekin sneezed on them, making them torches. “Alexa, don’t look down.” A long, high shriek followed. “I told you not to look down.”

    Bodies of Geosenge Town denizens covered the underground cavern. They were waking up from the explosion but were still hypnotized. They began to stand up and regroup. Alexa yanked free and scrambled over to Scott. With the lit torches, they recovered their missing Poke Balls.

    “With this random Fennekin, we only have four Pokemon between the two of us. We can’t fight them.”

    She looked over her shoulder. “I still have my bow and dagger,” she added. She felt for her dagger’s brown leather strap. “Scratch that. *****-osaurus Rex took it with her smoke after the Anton incident.”

    “We can’t kill innocent people, Alexa.”

    “You have to ask yourself: would they think twice about killing us?” She trumped him. Noibat and Skiddo released themselves and joined in the fight. Vivillon did as well. She didn’t want be left out.

    “Don’t kill them if you don’t have to. Try to demobilize them first.” The army of zombies attacked. “Skiddo, use Rock Slide to enclose some of them!” Boulders crashed down in a circle around a fourth of the townspeople. They were trapped.

    “Vivillon, use Hurricane just enough to make them pass out from lack of oxygen!” Vivillon gracefully hovered over to another section of the zombies and vigorously flapped its wings. The wind around them churned and whipped. Their arms, which were erect outright, flailed loosely in the wind as their bodies collapsed into the sand. Half of the zombies remained.

    The remaining zombies stoned Vivillin and attacked Skiddo with rapid kicks and punches. A final blow to Skiddo forced it to hug the sand in writhing pain. Vivillon buckled and crashed to the ground. They were both returned to their Poke Balls. Remembering the night of his parents’ death, Noibat recoiled in fear and returned itself to its Poke Ball. Red energy encased the three Pokemon as they retreated to their homes- their perfect worlds outside of the cruelty in the midnight desert.

    Alexa gathered wood from the ground and asked Fennekin for some help. As Alexa fired each arrow, Fennekin brought them alive with vivid oranges and reds steaming off of them. Alexa knocked out ten more zombies by hitting them in their arms and feet- not critical places but enough to stop them.

    “There’s probably a good twenty of them left. What are we going to do?” Panicked sweat beaded on Alexa’s dirty face.

    “Wanna fight, Fennekin?” Fennekin blankly stared at him. “Please?” Fennekin grinned back at him and turned toward the zombies.

    “Fennekin just schooled you.” Even under the dire circumstances, Alexa couldn’t hold back her giggle.

    An enormous blast of energy erupted out of Fennekin’s body, disintegrating every last zombie. Their skin instantaneously blackened, crisping, turning to ash in seconds. Bones became nothing more than dust, and cartilage melted into sticky goo. Blood was nowhere to be seen, hidden by the landscape of ash and dust. She turned back to Scott and signaled a sweet smile at him.

    “You- you just- you just killed all of them and you’re smiling?”

    “Geosenge Town is going to be awfully bare now…” Scott scowled at her. “I’m just saying!”

    “It’s whatever. How do we get out of here?” Fennekin leaped onto Scott’s shoulder. “Is that… water?” Drops of water leaked out of the sand wall to the right. The two of them cupped their hands and scraped away sand. The wall caved in and revealed a sand tunnel that led to an underground spring. “Where there’s water, there’s a way out.”

    “Fenn!” Fennekin jumped down and snapped at Scott. “Kin! Fennekin!” Fennekin had a high yet raspy voice, and sass embellished its body language and voice.

    “I think she’s trying to tell you that she doesn’t want to go in the water,” Alexa interpreted.

    “Fennek!” Fennekin pointed its head at its body. Like Alexa and Scott, it was caked in dirt and sand.

    “Doesn’t like being dirty and doesn’t want to go into water that will clean it. Typical.” Scott rolled his eyes and zapped it back into its newfound home.

    They swam into the circular basin and found another tunnel. This tunnel trekked another mile underground but led to a moonlit reunion with the aboveground and all its many glories.


    “Alexa, where are you going? You know Scarlet doesn’t like us leaving the dome during training. If she finds out, you know what she’ll do.”

    “Will you calm down? What’s she going to do? Kill me? I’ve been leaving training ever since I got here a year ago. My archery doesn’t need practice. I’m a perfect shot. What needs training is my battling with Spewpa, and that’s exactly what I’m going to go do if you’ll get out of my way.” Korrina obliged and let her roommate outside.

    “Spewpa, it’s time!” Spewpa tackled the trees outside the dome repeatedly. String Shots covered the ground like confetti. Bug Bite attacks continued to leave tiny grooves in the trees’ rough bark. Spewpa had been training like this for a year, and the year’s worth of training hit Spewpa all at once. Happiness filled Spewpa’s small body as evolution knocked on its door. Tugs of strength poked at it as the light of a new beginning enveloped it. Its body thinned like its pre-evolution, and blue and white wings sprouted out of that. Antennae grew out of its small grey head. The dawn of Vivillon’s era began.

    “I call a rematch with Anton.” Alexa slammed the dome door open and marched in, her hair flying. She looked like a true Flare warrior. Korrina’s jaw dropped to the floor.

    Crimson smoke swirled and Scarlet stepped out of it. “What is this all about?”
    “I have some newfound motivation. I don’t think a rematch with Anton is asking too much. Do you?” She motioned the ‘you’ towards the Flare army. They all cheered in agreement.

    “I don’t think that’s very wise, blondie. You wanna be destroyed again or somethin’?”

    “Shove it. If you’re that cocky, you have nothing to lose. Let’s go. Now.” They took their respected sides on the battlefield. Scarlet, Korrina, and the army of grunts crowded around to watch the climactic battle. Both of them threw their Poke Balls into the air. Vivillon fluttered over the field, its scales glittering. Anton’s Houndoom appeared and snarled viciously at its opponent.

    “You’re not psyching us out, but nice try.”

    Houndoom showed its sharp, jagged teeth, one chipped, attempting to intimidate its foes, but Vivillon wasn’t scared. Its teeth glowed a heavenly white, ironic because it was like a hellhound, and charged at Vivillon.

    “Struggle Bug,” she said with such simplicity.

    A spherical red force field grew out of Vivillon, slammed into Houndoom as it charged, and tossed it across the battlefield. Houndoom’s mouth gaped open. Lavender gas poured out of it, thickening as it swept over the arena.

    “Push it back. Stun Spore.”

    Vivillon swooped down and flapped its wings like no other. A yellow powder dusted out of the scales on its wings and collided with the purple Smog. Vivillon successfully pushed back the Smog attack. The mixture of Smog and Stun Spore clouded over Houndoom. Houndoom sneezed and took damage from the thick poison.

    In retaliation, Houndoom charged again; however, flames engulfed its body this time. Blazing red embers spat off of its body as it raced towards Vivillon’s susceptible body. A blue Psychic-type beam fired out of Vivillon’s eyes and cut Houndoom off, slicing the battlefield. Houndoom swerved and stood in place, the fire still blazing. Vivillon swooped in again and flapped its wings like an industrial sized fan. A Hurricane formed around Houndoom. Lack of oxygen dissipated the fire, and Houndoom’s body fell limp.


    The wind slowed to a dull roar, and Houndoom fell to its side.

    “Fire Spin, Houndoom! This is not over.”

    Flames engulfed only Houndoom’s mouth this time as the Fire Spin attack columned around Vivillon like a chimney. A blue Psybeam fired out of the Bug-type’s eyes and into the Fire and Dark-type’s mouth, the source of the fire. The blazing Fire Spin stopped; Vivillon sustained serious damage, though.

    “Stun Spore. Hurricane.”

    Vivillon conjured a tornado with Stun Spore in it and let it loose on the battlefield. Houndoom evaded, running around it, and jumped up at Vivillon. Vivillon hovered around and used Psybeam to push it into the paralytic tornado. A final Psybeam shot into the tornado, dispelling it. Houndoom floated in the air as the tornado dispelled, and Vivillon finished the battle with a final Struggle Bug. Houndoom bit the dust.

    “That was amazing!” Korrina congratulated her outside the dome after the battle. Alexa was leaning against the wall with one foot propped on it. Vivillon fluttered around in the air, adjusting to its new body.

    “Will you give us a moment?” Scarlet stepped out of her signature smoke. Korrina left. “Alexa, what you just did was amazing. I’ve never seen that much passion in one of my personal recruits. I’d like to make you a deal. Would you- I don’t know- like to maybe be my assistant? My right hand man, perhaps? You can continue living with that friend of yours.” She rolled her eyes at the word friend. “You’ll just accompany me on my adventures. How does that sound?”

    “Me? Y-Yes!” She stammered with glee.


    “So, how exactly did you get into one of my Poke Balls, little one?” They had made it into Lumiose City and into a Pokemon Center for the night. Fennekin was propped up on a simple white table. Scott and Alexa just stared at her.

    “Fenn! Fennek!” She motioned her head toward the dirt and sand again.

    “I believe that’s Pokemon-inese for she isn’t going to tell you until she gets cleaned. She’s quite the little diva.”

    “Forget it.” He returned her to her Poke Ball and the duo gave Nurse Joy their four collective Poke Balls to heal.


    “Yes?” Alexa came to the knocking on her door. “What are you doing? You should be resting.

    “It’s still your birthday, ya know.” He winked at her and walked into her room, closing the door behind him. “We never got to celebrate it.”

    “Because there’s nothing to celebrate,” she replied.

    “Oh, contraire. I’m pretty happy you’re alive, and that’s something worth celebrating.” He motioned toward the wooden bed. She sat down on the edge of the plain white comforter. “Let’s forget about it all for tonight. Tonight it’s just you and I.” He gently kissed up her neck, untying her pink rose robe. Her heart began to beat harder and harder. She wasn’t expecting this.

    Their bodies crashed down onto the comforter. “I can’t,” Alexa started to get out. Scott continued to kiss up her neck, blossoms of passion booming on her skin. She was resistant, hesitant. She had never trusted anyone in her life bar Korrina. How could she give it up so quickly? Her past was surfacing. She wanted to run away, stay away from Scott, and protect him.

    “Do you trust me?” He seductively whispered between kisses. She nodded. He grabbed his white nightshirt from the bottom and yanked it over his head, tossing it on the ground. He slid off his plaid pajama pants as she finished taking off her robe. He pressed a passionate kiss against her soft pale lips, their love flourishing in every second that passed. She grabbed at his underwear, taking it off. Their love was stronger than any magic Scarlet could conjure. Their bodies became one.


    There you are. You’ve been a real hassle, you know, with running away and all. For a second I didn’t think I’d get you back, and yet here you are. You practically came to me.” Scarlet hissed at the girl from the Water Temple. “Where are we, anyway? It’s bitterly cold. Like you.” Scarlet had been in pursuit of the girl and found her in northern Kalos. They stood in the deep snow. “Where are the Orbs?”

    “What are you talking about?” She was good at acting.

    “You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

    “Scarlet, please! What did I ever do to you?”

    “Silence!” Words had power. With that single word, Scarlet cursed her to muteness. “You’re going back to your prison, Viola.” Her signature fog wisped them out of the bitter snow and plopped them back in her stygian fortress.

    “Isn’t it obvious what you did? You were born.” She dragged her into the pitch black dungeon. “Happy birthday,” she hissed through gridlocked teeth as she threw Alexa’s twin sister into her cell.
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    It's finally time for another chapter! Scott and Alexa head out for their next adventure when reality hits them. And what will happen when a new character is introduced? As always, I would LOVE to get some feedback.

    Chapter Nine: Stolen

    “Mmm,” Scott grumbled as he leaned up in the big white comforter. He looked down and remembered. He was still naked.

    “Scott?” Alexa rubbed the purple bags under her eyes and sat up, somewhat refreshed. She threw her arms around his neck and planted a good morning kiss on his cheek. She looked out of the window and saw nothing but sheer beauty. The sun held the morning’s wakened sky by itself and beat down on the growing city. The newly built Prism Tower was in alignment with their window, the sun hitting it just right. “It’s such a beautiful day. Don’t you think so, Scott?” She smiled.

    “What? Oh, yeah,” he replied, distracted.

    “Let’s get ready and go adventure some more!” She slipped out of the comforter, and Scott saw her raw beauty for the second time. “Don’t look!” She winked at him. He sneaked off into his room next door and threw his cleaned clothes on. They met downstairs at the receptionist desk.

    “Good morning, Nurse Joy! How are our Pokemon doing?” Alexa was far too perky this morning.

    “Excellent! All four are healed and rearing to go!” She slid the tray of Poke Balls on the counter. “You two have a nice day!” They retrieved their precious cargo and departed out of the Pokemon Center.

    “It’s so gorgeous out! It’s so warm and the wind is just perfect!” The slight breeze ran through her hair and wafted. Spritzee floated all over town, and the flowers in terraces were in full bloom. “Where do we go from here?”

    “I honestly don’t know. We have our Fire-type now, even though we still don’t know how we got her. I’ve thought a lot about the riddle, and it said something about an ice cavern, which I presume is the Ice Temple. It also said something about a frozen heart thawing. That could be the guardian of the Temple, Scarlet, one of us, or anything really. The only other thing it said was something about snowflakes being beautifully dotted. Our best bet is to find one of these snowflakes.”

    “Fenn!” Fennekin released itself.

    “Fennekin must’ve heard you talk about her,” Alexa giggled.

    “Have you always been able to translate prissy Pokemon or is it just with Fennekin?” Scott retorted.

    “Scott? Scott!? Are you there?!” Scott looked in all directions but couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. “Scott!” His Styler lit up in an intense lime green. A man’s bass voice echoed out of it. “Oh, good. Hi, Scott. My name’s Robin and I’m a Top Ranger. There was an incident in the forest outside Lumiose City. You’re the closest Ranger to it. We need you to go solve it. There will be another person there waiting for you, since it is indeed your first mission. Good luck! This is Robin signing off.”

    “Your first mission, Scott! That’s great!”

    “Yeah, I guess it is!” For the first time all morning, Scott smiled. “Fennekin, let’s go!” Fennekin leaped onto and perched on Scott’s shoulder. A bright blue flash illuminated the air in front of Scott. Noibat came out. “What is with you all releasing yourselves lately?” A ball of circling dark aura formed in Noibat’s beak. It fired into Fennekin, throwing her onto the cobblestone road below. Noibat took off in the opposite direction. “Alexa, I need you to go after Noibat. I know it’s a big favor, but I don’t want to be late to my first mission.” He picked up Fennekin from the ground and dusted her off. Clouds of fire blasted out of tufts of her ears.

    “Will do.” She gave him another kiss on the cheek. “Good luck… Ranger.” She blushed and ran off toward the inner city.


    “This is so much FUN!” A young, vibrant Clemont clenched onto his mom’s plaid pale purple dress, a housewife dress stained with her day’s due of cooking and cleaning, and his dad’s black slacks, black so that the coal from the mine he worked in didn’t stain them. Grime thickly coated his father’s callused hands and worn face, while his mom was juvenile, tainted only by the smell of her cooking that day.

    His dad had just returned home from the mines, and he decided that, after dinner, they would take a stroll through the city they cherished: Lumiose City. The center of the city was bare, just chalky dirt. Community projects to build parks for the kids had been submitted to the Lumiose City Council numerous times, but they were all discarded, forsaken. Clemont, even as such a pubescent kid, loved the raw aspect of it- untouched nature.

    The family grabbed a refreshing fruit salad from a street vendor. Chopped Aspear, Tamato, and Wiki berries tossed with honey and fresh mint. It was the perfect blend of sweet, bitter, and spicy, a refreshing concoction. The sun was setting, and it offered the perfect snack for a gleefully prismatic dusk. The family sat at a cordial black table outside a newly opened café and enjoyed their berry salad.

    “Denizens of Lumiose City, hear me out!” A deep woman’s voice bellowed from above. A woman was levitating a hundred feet in the air. She snarled, and her red cardigan flapped in the breeze around her. She resembled a bird floating with the cardigan acting as wings. Even from that distance, Clemont and his family could see the wickedness in her face and body language. She was evil, and she made it clear. “If you all don’t join my team and help me take back what I rightly deserve, you shall all perish. And trust me, I won’t think twice about doing it,” she hissed to the city below. No one spoke. No one stirred. “If that’s how you want it.”

    Puffy cumulonimbus clouds parted as a giant being descended from the heavens. Shadows tumultuously danced through the city’s streets and corners. The beast cried in despair as it fired rays of deathly black into the city. Wails could be heard in the rays. They were hypnotizing, terrifying. Clemont lost track of himself as he stared into the darkness. Citizens of the once lively city dropped limply to the ground as the rays hit them. Yveltal, the being of destruction, was consuming them, eating them, taking their lives.

    Clemont snapped out of his trance. With a wink of hope in his lad body, he sprung out of his stygian chair and into the city’s center, the part no one wanted to touch. “Please, lady. Please leave these people be.” Empathetic tears jerked at his eyelids. He couldn’t stand seeing people suffering.

    “Pest,” she wickedly muttered. Yveltal mustered a ray of life-consuming energy between its two “wings” and shot it at Clemont. He yelped a loose scream, the last breath he’d ever take, and collapsed to the ground. He opened his clamped eyes and realized there was something heavy on top of his young body. He pushed his way through to the surface and discovered two lifeless bodies: his parents. Waterfalls cascaded down his pale face when he came to the realization that they sacrificed themselves for him. They lay dead in the exact center of Lumiose City.

    “I’ll go.” A budding lad’s voice shouted from the opposite side of the avenue. “I, Anton, will go.” Seeing the mass peril in the city, Anton volunteered. He was scrawny, nerdy. He wore glasses and was carrying a book. This encounter would change him forever.

    “Good,” she hissed. Volunteers came en masse after Anton’s heroic volunteering. Crimson fog filed into the city’s center from every direction, every street, every corner. The volunteers all materialized into it. Once the haze dissipated, Scarlet and Yveltal had disappeared as well.

    Clemont lay in the clearing crying. Alone.


    “Do you see anyone, Fennekin?” Scott trekked to the edge of town, the beautifully laid cobblestone road having forged into a dirt path. He turned in a big circle, looking in every direction. “He said there would be someone here…”

    “Hiya!” A being in a pale blue jumpsuit and steamy white glasses, blond hair fluffily lying on his head, appeared from thin air. Scott freaked. “Ha, you jumped!” His voice was neither deep nor high, just in the middle. Rapt filled his voice. “You’re the newbie, huh? This’ll be fun.” And he meant that.

    “Actually, my name’s Scott, but whatever. What’s the mission?”

    “Whoa there, skippy. You’re still new. Prove to me that you’re ready. Capture something.” Clemont’s tenor voice fluctuated in a nerdy kind of way. He adjusted his transparent glasses and motioned towards a Spritzee hovering in the air.

    Scott stiffened his arm straight up into the air. He released a top, which spun into the air and looped around the wild Fairy-type. The line turned crystal white and, as the top began to zero in on the Pokemon, Spritzee maneuvered out of the capture and flew away. Scott sighed and buckled down out of stress. His knees weakened, and sweat formed on his face. He felt a gentle hand caress his shoulder.

    “It’s fine, kid- er, Scott. It was rough for me in the beginning, too. Let’s go. There’s a poacher out there that we do not want to get away with the Pokemon.” Clemont led Scott into the woods and into a bosky lea. In three electric nets on the ground lay three Pyroar, trapped.

    “Why are they different? I’ve read books about Pyroar before, but none of them mentioned any aesthetic changes.” Two of the Pyroar, the males, had flaming manes shooting out of their necks. The third, the female, had a flaming mane in the shape of a ponytail striking out of her head.

    “It’s all about the gender, for them. All of the females are like that one,” he said, pointing to the ponytail one. “And all of the males look like that,” he finished, pointing to the others. Fennekin jumped to the ground from Scott’s shoulder and sniffed the ground. She found a small twig and munched on it, fueling her. “The tricky part here will be getting them out without electrocuting them or us. Maybe you should try catching a Pokemon that can help.”

    “No. I’ve got this. I have three Pokemon- well, two on me. One ran away right before I came here. He was jealous. Long story. Anyways, Fennekin, my other Pokemon, and I can handle it. Just leave it to us.” Scott reached for this other Poke Ball and released Skiddo.

    “Ski! Skiddo!” Skiddo leaped with joy and then saw the suffering Pyroar. His mood changed to sorrowful sympathy.

    “Fennekin, in order to help us I need to know what moves you have. Without incinerating us like you did to the Geosenge Town people, show me your moves.”

    “Wait, what? Incinerating people?!” Clemont stepped back, nervous.

    “Oh, nothing…” Scott muttered. “Forget you heard that.”

    A blast of vibrant, crimson fire, thick black smoke trailing off of it, columned out of Fennekin’s mouth and crashed into one of the male Pyroar’s nets. Flamethrower. Golden electricity coursed through the net and electrocuted the wild Pokemon. Fennekin tensed and focused. It was clear that whatever move was coming was one that Fennekin wasn’t too sure about. After a while of serene focus, a transparent shield, rippled waves of glinting glimmer showering over it, appeared over the Fox Pokemon. Safeguard.

    A pale pink outline materialized on the Safeguard, ascending it into the forest canopy. Fennekin’s eyes, pink as well, closed; the attack exploded into a rainbow of sparkles and glitter that rained down onto the two trainers. Psychic. A small, pale blue orb formed in Fennekin’s mouth, and the fennec fox shot the pluvial orb into the day’s virgin morning sky. Dark grey, plump cumulonimbus clouds gathered over the forest. A torrential shower rained down on the city and its outskirts. Rain Dance.

    “PYYYYRRR!” Pissed off, the three Pyroar sent flaming orbs into the sky.

    “Fenne!” Learning that dirt turns to mud in the rain, Fennekin freaked and jumped back onto Scott, dirtying his cleaned plaid shirt. The clouds dissipated as quickly as they came. The Sunny Day attacks from the Pyroar had worked.
    “Flamethrower, Psychic, Safeguard, and Rain Dance- I think I know how we’re going to save these Pyroar.”


    “See anything, Vivillon?” Alexa and Vivillon reunited in the center of Lumiose City, drenched from the random downpour but quickly drying from the rapid, intense heat. “Lumiose City sure does have bipolar weather…” she sighed. Something caught her eye. “It’s Noibat! Follow it, Vivillon!” When they caught up, they found where Noibat had run to. “Prism Tower,” she again sighed.”


    “We are so very sorry for your loss, kid. If you need anything at all, we’re right next door. Don’t hesitate to come on over, okay?” His neighbors pleaded with Clemont to let them take him in and take care of him. He said no and shut the door in their faces. He sulked over to his deceased parents’ black leather couch and slumped into it. Sitting on the table next to him were his father’s Poke Ball, a Heliolisk, and a Pokemon Egg that his mother had found while rummaging for berries in the forest one day.

    Tears trickled down his chubby pale face as he hugged his legs. Flashes of auroral light radiated from the table. The golden Egg cracked and hatched, pieces falling onto the wooden surface. A final flash of flight ended the hatching process. A frightened Helioptile entered the world.

    Ten years later, Clemont would find himself chipper in an abandoned warehouse in Santalune City, Heliolisk standing next to him. He now wore his standard blue jumpsuit with his creeper glasses.

    “How are we going to be able to make this device? We have no money or resources to attempt it,” Katherine simply stated.

    “That may not be true. I think I know a way to produce one.” A sleek smile tagged at Clemont’s mouth.

    Clemont scooted out of the warehouse, after returning Heliolisk to his dad’s Poke Ball, which he “inherited”, and hustled toward Victory Road.

    “Interesting,” hissed Scarlet as she fingered the five holes in the rock at the Victory Road entrance. Her fingers slithered in and out of them, her fiery red nail polish glinting in the shadows and crevices. “I sense great power behind this wall. It must be the legendary Xerneas. But where are you, you sneaky stones?” She wickedly licked her upper lip from left to right and started down the stairs. “And who are you?” She hissed at Clemont.

    “N-No one. I didn’t mean to bother you, ma’am. I was just passing by. I have somewhere I need to be, so I’ll just be going.”

    “No, wait.” With a swipe of her hand, Clemont’s body flashed green. He was frozen in place. “I’d like to have a chat with you. What all did you overhear, boy? I can’t have pests like you meddling in adult business.”

    “N-Nothing. I heard nothing.”

    “Liar,” She yanked him from the chest of his jumpsuit and hissed in his face. “I can’t trust that you didn’t hear anything. You’re coming with me.” Crimson smoke consumed them, transporting them to her fortress. They were in an exclusively white laboratory. Test tubes, chemicals, and Erlenmeyer flasks covered the counters. “You look like a geek, kid, so I’ll put you with the rest of your kind.” She shoved him to the floor, landing him on his butt, and exited in a cloud of smoke. He grinned. He was exactly where he wanted to be.

    “Need a hand?” A sexy voice wandered down onto Clemont. He helped Clemont back to his feet and got him adjusted with polka dotted lab googles and a stygian lab apron. “My name’s Sycamore. We’ll be glad to have you here in our laboratory.”


    “Fennekin, use Psychic to dig the corners of the nets into the ground!”

    “Don’t be reckless.”

    “Look, I know how to solve this. Let me be. Do it, Fennekin!” Fennekin telepathically grabbed the nets and sank them underground, constricting the Pyroar to the ground in doing so. “Skiddo, Horn Leech.” Skiddo’s horns glowed lime green as it slashed all of the nets. The three Pyroar were free.

    “I see. You used Psychic to bury the nets, knowing that the electricity was coming from the probes on the corners. And then, knowing the ground was a good conductor, used Horn Leech because the ground would eat all of the electricity. Splendid work, newbie.”

    “If you were here a while before I was, why didn’t you free them? You let them suffer.”

    “Figure it out.”

    The male Pyroar sprinted into the jungle, sniffing the ground as they ferociously trampled through. The female Pyroar stayed behind, a look of sheer worry perusing her face.

    “What are they doing?”

    “Oh, did I forget to tell you the rest of the mission? My bad.” He gave a nerdy giggle and rubbed the back of his blond-haired head.

    “Wait. The books I read may not have explained the different aesthetics, but it did tell me that the female Pyroar always watched the group while the males did all of the fighting. From what I’ve seen, there is no group or family. So, based on that, I’m assuming this poacher took the Pyroar’s kids.”

    “Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. The poacher took four Litleo from the family. But if we don’t stop those Pyroar, that poacher may be ripped to shreds. GO!” Clemont didn’t realize the urgency of the situation. Scott, Clemont, and Fennekin sprinted into the forest after the Pyroar. A couple minutes of running brought them to a second clearing. The Pyroar had the poacher cornered.

    The poacher was a short, stubby guy. He was large, hairy. He had a huge mustache and had the Litleo in a net over his shoulder. He wore cowboy clothes and talked with a deep southern accent, something very uncommon in Kalos. Now seeing the two trainers, he split into the jungle, dropping the net containing the four Litleo.

    “Capture the Pyroar, Scott. This is your test.”

    “No pressure…” He sighed. He yanked his arm stiffly at the two viciously angry Pyroar. He released a top around the one on the left. Pyroar whipped its flaming mane at the top and disabled it.

    “We don’t have time for this.” Clemont stepped up and rolled up his blue jumpsuit’s sleeve. Hidden underneath his sleeve was a pale blue Styler. Clemont pressed the screen on his Styler and released a top. He focused all of his attention and want on the top as it spun around both Pyroar. He put all of his skill and patience into it. The Pyroar calmed down immensely and allowed themselves to be caught.


    “I haven’t been completely honest with you, Scott. I’m this good at capturing because… I invented the Styler. A woman and her Yveltal killed my parents when I was very young. From that day forward, I vowed to invent something that could stop angry Pokemon. That’s what I did. If I had had this Styler back then, I could have saved my parents. But now I just have to save other people and Pokemon.”

    “I’m so sorry, Clemont… I truly am. I’m sorry if anything I said came off as me being a jerk or anything. I’m just extremely stressed right now. On top of that, the poacher got away…”

    “That doesn’t matter. The Litleo are safe. That’s what matters to us Rangers.” The Pyroar ripped open the net with their bare fangs, slung the baby Litleo onto their backs, and pranced back to their home with the female Pyroar.

    “Good,” a feminine voice hissed out of the poacher’s mouth. Scarlet’s signature crimson smoke enveloped the poacher. She was him in disguise. “If the boy is here, Alexa is alone. And that makes her vulnerable.” She disappeared into the smoke and materialized back in Prism Tower. “I’m afraid I’ve got somewhere to be, so I need you to keep her occupied until I get back, okay?” A Pokemon nodded back up at her. Scarlet again disappeared.


    “I’ve done it!” Clemont flipped the switch on his blowtorch and set it down, raising his lab goggles and resting them on his messy blond hair. He latched the pale blue Styler onto his arm and checked it out, grinning from ear to ear.

    “Is that project you’ve been working on for a year now finally complete? I’d love to see it in action!” Sycamore, the man he had grown so close to in the past year, entered the lab.

    “I’m afraid I don’t have time to waste. I have to be going.” Sycamore’s face drooped. “Come with me,” Clemont responded to the change. “We can go together. We can build you a lab back in Santalune City where I’ll build a Ranger school.”

    “It’s not going to be that easy, Clemont… Scarlet doesn’t let just anyone leave. You only leave if it’s for her. And by the looks of it, you’re not going to be doing anything for her. She never even comes to this part of the fortress. She just gives us assignments. We’re her rats.”

    “Then I’m going without you. Either come and be free or stay and live under her control forever. I’d much rather you be with me, but the choice is yours.” Clemont traipsed to the door and, sadly, shut it behind him.

    He sulked down the long white corridor and into the light at the end. He was overwhelmed with joy for the completion of his project, but he also wanted his best friend. The midday’s sun met him as he entered the lush courtyard. Flare grunts were eating at picnic tables or playing with their Pokemon or just communing with fellow grunts. Lunch break.

    “Clemont, wait…” He heard a mutter from behind. Something grabbed his shoulder. He swung his left arm, the one carrying the Styler, up at the culprit. “Whoa, calm down.” Sycamore caught his hand and released his stress. “Let’s go.”

    The two successfully made it to the border of the fortress. It was just a matter of getting over the fortress’s wall.

    “What are you guys doing?” The sweet sound of a teenage girl echoed through the walls. A girl with white jeans, a black tank top, and a red cardigan approached them. She was carrying a punnet full of fresh berries.

    “Oh, nothing. We were just checking out the amazing architecture in the wall. It’s truly splendid,” Clemont lied, surprising himself at how quickly he came up with it.

    “Oh, okay. My name’s Alexa. If you guys ever need anything, let me know.” She walked off.

    “Phew,” Clemont and his best friend simultaneously sighed.

    Fire balls soared into the wall around them. They had been caught. Houndoom cornered them against the wall.

    “Sycamore, go. I can hold them back.”

    “No. We can do this together.”

    “Go.” Clemont latched onto Heliolisk’s Poke Ball and released it. The basilisk stomped the lush grass ground underneath it. Electricity pulsed in every blade of grass, fanning out into the courtyard. The grunts and Houndoom were stunned. “Good Electric Terrain attack. Rock Tomb.” Heliolisk created a giant boulder in the air and smashed it against the wall, creating steps up the wall to escape.

    “Heliolisk!” Heliolisk turned back toward the courtyard. A Houndoom was in midair flaring a Crunch at it. Just in time, Heliolisk zapped the hell out of it with Parabolic Charge, crashing it back into the Electric Terrain. The opposing Pokemon were adjusting to the electricity. “That’s not going to hold them. Umm… Rock Tomb!” Another boulder formed, Heliolisk breaking it up in the air with its lizard-like tail. Heliolisk whacked the rock chunks into each of the Houndoom’s mouths. “Now!” A growing orb of electricity glided into the air. Bolts of it shot into the Houndoom’s mouths, the rocks exploding. Heliolisk was giving them the worst orthodontist appointment of their lives.

    “One more attack should do it. Give them your best Razor Wind, buddy.” Heliolisk’s frilled collar expanded into a full fan. All of the air around the Pokemon was sucked away, leaving them gasping for life. A powerful blast of wind exploded from the collar, fainting all of the Pokemon in the courtyard. Alexa stood near the lab door, stunned. “Let’s go home.” He and his Pokemon climbed the Rock Tomb stairs and leaped down on the other side. “I can’t believe we’re actually…”

    He looked around everywhere. “Sycamore…?”

    Crimson smoke penetrated the beauty of the natural meadow. The smoke dissipated, staining Clemont’s freedom with evil and bloodshed. Scarlet was holding a dagger to Sycamore’s throat. “Go, kid, but your friend here is staying.” She flicked her wrist and he and Heliolisk were gone. The smoke deposited them back in Santalune City. Katherine and the rest of the crew were still there, a year later.

    “We’re opening a Ranger academy.”


    “How hard can it possibly be to keep up with a princess? From Geosenge Town to the desert to Lumiose City…” The ninja found himself pacing an empty street of Lumiose City as the sun set to a crisp darkness. Red light illuminated the midnight road behind him.

    “I’m going to need you to leave the princess alone,” Scarlet hissed into his ear. She ran her bright red nails down his cheeks and over his exposed chest from where his ninja robe was ripped. “Listen carefully. I need the princess, so you’re going to leave her alone. It’s as simple as that. If you succeed in doing what you’ve set out to do, I automatically lose. So I’m going to make sure you don’t. Take this simple warning. You can continue, or you can die. And I promise death will come to you.”
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    Author's note: I would really, really love to hear from y'all.

    Chapter Ten: Taken

    “Daddy, will you play catch with me? We can use the new ball you bought!”
    “No.” Neal’s deep bass voice rang in his ears. His dad denied him.

    Scott’s tiny body stumbled over to his parents’ bedroom and peaked in. His mother was lying under the white cotton comforter that hugged their mahogany bed. She writhed in discomfort, squirming to find tranquility. Beads of sweat broke through her pores, a fever cursing her body. Everything that his parents owned had been worked for. Nothing was ever given to them. They had struggled through years and years of poverty. When things were starting to look up for the family, devastation struck.

    “What’s wrong with mom, daddy? She’s always in bed and never talks to me anymore… Does mommy hate me?” A five-year old Scott climbed into a wooden chair next to his brisk dad.

    “Why do you ask so many freaking questions? Don’t you have better things to do?” He slammed his beer glass down onto the table, the foam sloshing and slithering down the side of the glass like a white snake.

    “Fine.” He choked back his tears. His mom was always in bed- for what reason he didn’t know- and his dad was always drinking, always drunk; he drank every last one of his problems away. Scott slid out of the chair like the foam on the glass and snuck out of the house, his dad too intoxicated to care. He fought the tears and managed over the cobblestone bridge and into Santalune Forest. His parents wouldn’t miss him. He knew they wouldn’t.

    “SWELL!” Scott could hear fighting from afar but thought nothing of it. He wouldn’t mind if something attacked him. In fact, he hoped something did. If the attack killed him, he wouldn’t have to go through his life with parents that hated him; if the attack badly hurt him, his parents might awaken and start caring.

    He was finally free. His dad used to be a caring, great guy, but a single drink changed his father. He wouldn’t have to worry about it any longer. He discovered something his parents would never let him have: freedom. The forest would become his new home. He could live with the wild Pokemon and play all day.

    “SWELL!” He was getting closer to the fight. The squawks and hisses became increasingly clear as he neared the conflict. “SWELL, SWELLOW.” A bird soared high in the forest’s canopy, harassing an innocent Bug-type on the forest floor. It was dark blue with a white midsection and a red neck and face. It screeched and apprehended the approaching Scott. Scott was very skinny for his age, light. Swellow crisply flapped its wings, a powerful Whirlwind throwing Scott back a good ten feet. “SWELLOWWWWW!”

    “St-stop!” Scott could barely manage to his feet. His knees, legs, arms, and face were scraped. Blood welled in the gashes. Perseverance coursed through his veins. One attack wouldn’t stop Scott. He was going to save the Pokemon.

    “SWELLOW!” The bird was a showoff. It performed a circus routine in the air, trying to distract Scott. All at once, it stopped and swooped down, clutching the Scatterbug in its two sharp talons. Swellow sharply ascended high into the sky, Scatterbug beginning to hiccup.

    “No…” Discouraged, Scott turned back towards Aquacorde Town. He couldn’t even save a lousy Bug-type.

    “Scatterrrrr!” Scott turned back to the Swellow. Scatterbug’s body released a thick black powder. The powder poured into Swellow’s beak and nose. Swellow’s body tensed. Its bones turned to stone, unmovable. The talons opened, dropping Scatterbug. Scatterbug’s hiccups echoed through the forest’s bosky trees. Swellow fell into a spiraling descent, beak first. Scott ran to catch Scatterbug, blood slinging and staining his khaki shorts. His solid purple t-shirt wafted in the breeze as he caught Scatterbug. Swellow nosedived directly into the ground, sticking straight up, its beak stuck.


    “What’s that scar from?”

    “W-What?” Scott was taken aback. No one had ever asked about the scar on the left side of his face. In fact, he always tried to hide it with his thick brown hair. He always avoided haircuts as a kid to hide it. “I was- um- attacked by a Swellow as a kid.” He hesitated but opened up to Clemont, his new friend, the inventor of the Styler he had taken a liking to. Lights of hustling and bustling shined through the luscious trees as they neared Lumiose City.

    “What happened? Why did Swellow attack you?”

    Awfully nosy, Scott thought. “I was saving a Scatterbug. No big deal. Let’s head to the Pokemon Center. My Noibat ran away right when I got called for the mission. One of my friends is out looking for him. She may have left us a note or something with Nurse Joy.”


    “No, I’m sorry. Alexa didn’t leave anything with me.”

    Scott and Clemont exited the Pokemon Center and looked toward Prism Tower. The sun was setting. Melting purple and red hues from the sunset caught the glass of Prism Tower and illuminated the city in showers of burning color. Scott could see Clemont cringe and his face droop when he caught sight of the tower.


    “Yeah, Scott?”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing!” His voice elevated an octave. He was obviously lying.

    “I saw you cringe when you looked at Prism Tower. If I could trust you and tell you about the scar on my face, I think you can open up to me about your beef with Prism Tower.” They began to walk toward the building. The sunset warmed them the closer they got.

    “When I was young, Scarlet and her Yveltal appeared in this city and took my parents’ lives. They died to protect me. I ended up working for her Team Flare. I purposely did it because I knew she had the technology I needed to build the first Styler. It took me a year, but I did it. Once I did, I left. I invented the Styler to control raging Pokemon, something I could have used back then to stop Yveltal from taking my parents away from me.” He didn’t cry. His voice didn’t quiver. It was just pure sorrow. “Prism Tower is the exact place my parents died at. I built it in honor of them. Inside are two portraits of them. The tower is solely dedicated to them.”

    “Clemont… I had no idea. You don’t have to come along with me and help me get Noibat. Hell, I don’t even know where Noibat is. I’m sure you have more important things to do.”

    “No. I’m coming with you.”

    “Scott!” Alexa’s voice rang from afar. She sprinted over to him. “How was your first mission!?”

    “A dud, really… Some Litleo had been poached from their parents, but we didn’t even catch the poacher.”

    “Aw, I’m sorry, babe.” She stood on her tippy toes and reached for his cheek, kissing him. Warmth from her lips spread like cancer in his face, warming his heart. “I just know that you’re next mission will be a huge success.”

    “How’s Noibat?”

    “About that… Vivillon and I haven’t gotten him yet. He flew inside Prism Tower.” Clemont’s heart sank.


    “Pan, Pan, PAN!” Pancham removed its black and white paws from its eyes and scoured through the lush Santalune Forest trying to find anyone it could. “Pan,” it chuckled as it saw six year old Scott hiding behind a tall, flourishing Sitrus Berry tree. Scott giggled like little kids do and ran off into the woods to avoid being ‘it’. Pancham chased him through the trees, past the pond, and into a clearing. Pancham dashed over to him and grabbed his legs.

    “Ah, you got me! This game of hide-and-seek is so much fun,” he cheered, throwing his youthful arms into the humid forest air. The rest of the Pokemon playing entered the clearing. Leavanny, Scatterbug, Lombre, Helioptile, and Marill gathered around Scott. Scott covered his eyes and counted to ten. “…eight, nine, TEN! I’m coming, y’all!” Scatterbug slithered behind a tree. “I saw you!” Scott jogged over to the tree and didn’t see anything.

    “You really shouldn’t be in the woods alone, kid. It’s dangerous.” A tall man in expensive-looking clothes stood next to the tree. He was obviously from royalty. “You should really be getting home.” Scott saw it. He was holding Scatterbug.

    “Are you taking Scatterbug? It belongs in the forest.” Scott’s face drooped. Sadness captured his body. He was always in the forest. He had grown so close to the Pokemon there. A succession of susurrant hiccups escaped Scatterbug’s minuscule Bug-type mouth as the king turned his back to the kid and traipsed into the lea.

    “I can do whatever I want.” And just like that, the king of Santalune City took Scatterbug.


    “You!” Alexa stepped back in shock. “Scott, get away from him! He’s one of Scarlet’s scientists! He’s a part of Team Flare!” The sun set further around her. Hues of an honest day’s work filled the city with purples and oranges, awakening the sleeping denizens.

    Alexa snatched Scott’s tan arm, grasping it hard, her nerves pulsing into it. She was frantic. The last time she ran into a member of Team Flare she had killed him. She didn’t want to kill Anton; she didn’t want to kill anyone. She took off toward Prism Tower, dashing through the streets, dragging Scott behind her.

    “Alexa, let go! Clemont’s a friend! He invented the Styler; he founded the Rangers!” Prism Tower stared them in the face. It stalked above them, tall as a beanstalk. The sun hit the top of the tower, beauty radiating to everyone below. It eased the mood like an Aromatherapy attack.

    “We’re going in. Come on.”

    “Awfully pushy, aren’t we? Let’s not forget here that you worked for Scarlet not even two weeks ago. Look at you now. You’ve reunited with your parents and have started working to stop her. We’ve been through our first Temple already; we’ve stopped her grunts left and right; we’ve come so far. I trusted you when no one else would. I made sure you had somewhere to go, a shoulder to lean on. Why can’t you do that for Clemont? He escaped from her fortress and used the work he did there to found the Rangers. He wants to avenge his parents’ death, Alexa…”

    “****. I hate it when you’re right. I guess he’s coming.”

    Clemont caught up with them. “As I’m sure Scott explained, I purposely worked with her to gain access to equipment I knew I needed to create the Styler. Scarlet used Yveltal to kill my parents, so I want to avenge that. I’m here to help you in whatever way possible.”

    “Don’t get in my way,” she bluntly replied.

    “He did kind of build Prism Tower, Alexa…”

    “You first,” she retorted to the scientist. He walked into his parents’ memorial, their living memory.

    “Scott…” She stopped him as he approached the entrance, caressing her hand in his. “I’m sorry.” And they entered together.


    “Sir, please!” Young Scott scoured the woods searching for the king. Vibrant red and yellow leaves crunched under Scott’s black and white sneakers as he ran through the forest.

    “Kid, I’m taking this Scatterbug for my daughter. There’s nothing you can do about it.” The king, in his silk suit and tie, kept going. It was a miracle mud didn’t soil his frivolous suit.

    “But sir…”

    “I’m sorry.” Annoyed, the king turned one direction but looped back around, losing Scott. Once back, the king took off toward the city, escaping Scott’s pursuit.

    “My parents hate me and I’m losing my best friend…” Scott's head started to put the forest’s puzzle pieces together from sneaking away from home so much. In no time he had found the entrance to Santalune City. “Where’d he go?” Scott’s tiny legs scoured the city’s lustrous streets. Everything in town was hoity-toity and elegantly illuminated. One building stood out, however.

    Scott stumbled into the only old-looking building in town. The door creaked open and Scott walked into the shadows. Dimly lit, it was clear that the building was an abandoned library. Books about Pokemon lined the wooden shelves, traced the dust-coated floorboards, and covered the sole table in the establishment.

    Scott sat himself in the rickety old chair that accompanied the table and picked up the first book he saw- Pokemon of the Hoenn Region. He blew the dust off of it and opened it. “Spoink, huh? Its pearl controls its powers and it has to bounce or it will die… Whoa.”

    And thus Scott’s fascination for books and Pokemon began.


    Prism Tower wasn’t open to the public yet; it was still under construction on the inside. Beautifully crafted, the outside was completed; however, the inside still needed its debut. Wooden crates and barrels stocked full of supplies sat everywhere; paint cans of the most vibrant colors dotted the cubic room; and like a true fairytale tower, a spiraling staircase opposite of the entrance vined up the tower’s entirety. In front of the staircase stood a beautiful evil.

    “I read a book about that Pokemon once. It’s a-“ Scott started. The three of them had gathered just inside the entrance.

    “-Sylveon. It was the first Fairy-type Pokemon ever discovered!”

    “Gee, thanks, Clemont,” Scott sighed. He couldn’t afford to have Clemont stealing his thunder. Knowledge was Scott’s trademark; it defined him. “Where’s my Noibat?” Scott hated to admit it, but he had actually forgotten about Noibat for a while. A screech filled the room, originating from the tip of the tower. Like Rapunzel, Noibat was trapped.

    “Step back, both of you. Sylveon’s got to be working for that wretch Scarlet. Vivillon, let’s battle.” Alexa’s tone deepened. Her jaw tightened; her eyes focused. Scott had made her feel alive the night before. She felt wanted. She woke up feeling excited and ready to see what the day held for her- perky even. But reality stared her in the face now.

    Sylveon began to prance toward Alexa and her seasoned Vivillon. It never lost its grin. It retained a serene friendliness, a scary sight. Sylveon gracefully leaped to Vivillon’s face and kissed it, rosy pink hearts flourishing in the air around them. Vivillon was falling in love with Sylveon while it stole its energy. Alexa cringed, taken aback. She didn’t know what to do.

    Sylveon stylishly landed and winked at the Bug-type. Upon Alexa’s command, Vivillon began to prepare a Psybeam.

    “Syl!” Sylveon flared its fangs and jumped. Its feelers flew through the air. A Fairy Wind attack tossed Vivillon straight back into Alexa. Clemont and Scott reached for their Poke Balls. Seeing this, Sylveon wrapped its feelers around their entire bodies. They too were trapped.

    “Alexa, I’m afraid this is all on you,” Scott muttered through the feelers. They were wrapped like mummies. Every sound got diminished.

    “We’re not playing games anymore, Sylveon. Go to hell,” Alexa swore through gridded teeth. “Eat this, Sylveon! Energy Ball!” A swirling ball of nature’s energy shot out of Vivillon’s mouth, exploding into Sylveon. “Rapid fire, Vivillon!”

    Thick, voluminous, light pink mist curled into Prism Tower from the entrance and from above. The rafters were consumed as it made its thick descent on the heroes. The mist captured the entire interior of the building. Sylveon giggled, hidden. Its Misty Terrain attack worked. Everything was shrouded in Scarlet’s wickedness.

    “We’ll never be able to find it,” Alexa complained. Her head spun in every direction, hoping to seek out Scarlet’s ace.

    “It ain’t over yet. Aipom Arm, activate!” Being extremely advanced for his time, Clemont’s backpack sprang to life. A white robotic arm extended out of his pack and, like an Aipom’s tail, three fingers extended out of the sphere at the end. The Aipom Arm reached into Clemont’s front pocket and retrieved a Poke Ball. “Heliolisk and I know this building better than anyone. We’ll take care of Sylveon.” Heliolisk materialized from a blue flash in front of its trainer.

    Whispers reverberated through the mist. Sylveon’s sweet, cynical voice rasped through the tower, echoing through the rafters. Shadows danced through the mist, figures galloping like horses. Scott, Alexa, and Clemont were at a horror show; they had met their beautiful end.

    “We’re not going down easily. Heliolisk, Razor Wind!” All of the air in the room vacuumed into Heliolisk’s closed neck. After focusing the energy into blades of wrath, the Generator Pokemon opened its frilled neck and unleashed the power of the wind. A giant wave of air swept through the room, throwing objects everywhere. The mist didn’t dispel, but that wasn’t what Clemont was aiming for. Paint cans soared through the open lobby, sloshing everywhere. The shadows gained shape and color; they were all Sylveon. Scott and Alexa’s jaws dropped.

    “We knew we couldn’t fight against Sylveon’s powerful Misty Terrain; however, thanks to the power of science, we could locate Sylveon utilizing the paint. You see, Sylveon’s body usually lends its light body to the light mist, but with the paint it will no longer blend in,” Clemont scientifically glozed.

    “But why is there so many of them?” Alexa cringed. Nervous, Vivillon began hiccupping like a machine gun.

    “Vivillon…” It hit Scott like a frying pan to the face. Alexa’s Vivillon was the very same Scatterbug from his childhood. They’d been separated for so many years.

    “My hypothesis is that it used Double Team. Hopefully this battle’s conclusion will prove me right. My scientifically faithful partner, use Parabolic Charge!”
    Heliolisk’s frills pointed out. Electric energy coursed through the frills, accumulating. A ball of golden, pulsing electricity formed over Clemont’s Pokemon and surged into the air. The sphere raced through Prism Tower. Every last dancing Sylveon materialized into the attack.

    “Now where’s Sylveon? It can’t just disappear,” Alexa questioned.

    “Above you!” Scott screamed. He was helpless. He felt terrible. He’d been immediately incapacitated by Sylveon’s feelers. Even Clemont, who was also tied up, found a way to get into the fight. He had to rely on Alexa and Clemont. Scott had always been alone, and he didn’t want to start relying on other people now.

    Sylveon was in the air above Vivillon. It had leaped to avoid the Parabolic Charge. Rays of light forged through the mist from the windows. The moon was at its height. The moons prowess lent itself to Sylveon as it formed a Moonblast. The pink spherical attack was ready to be thrown when a transparent red sphere formed around Vivillon. Struggle Bug had turned itself into a bubble to protect its user. The bubble rapidly expanded, smacking Sylveon out of the air like a fly with a flyswatter. The attack blew up on its own user. Heliolisk’s tail extended and glowed light green. Electricity pulsed in its feet as it rapidly ran to the falling Sylveon and crashed the Dragon Tail into it. Sylveon smashed into the ground, a cloud of dust accumulating around it. The feelers dropped from Clemont and Scott’s bodies.

    “Clemont, what did you do?” Scott became instantly nervous. Even though it wasn’t commanded, he knew that it was a Dragon Tail attack. He also knew the consequences of the attack.

    “Um, couldn’t you see I was defeating the Pokemon that’s holding your Noibat captive? A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed,” Clemont sarcastically retorted. The mist dispelled, whisking away into Lumiose’s pitch black streets.

    “For being so smart you obviously don’t get it. Dragon Tail returns the Pokemon to its Poke Ball. Well, its trainer and Poke Ball aren’t here. It’ll probably bring its trainer- AKA Scarlet- here.”

    “What a smart kid you are, Scott.” Scarlet stepped out of her crimson smoke. She held out her arm, returning Sylveon to its home. No one had ever seen Scarlet use a Poke Ball before. Everyone assumed she just used magic. “It’s been such a long time, Clemont. I’ve truly missed you. It’s too bad you won’t be sticking around.” Scarlet flicked her wrist and Clemont was sent flying into the brick wall, his head smashing into it. His limp body fell to the dirt floor. “Oh, and Scott, you might want to get a better taste in women.”

    “She knows about-“ Scott crashed into the wall and collapsed just as Clemont did.

    “If it isn’t the wicked ***** herself. Aren’t you tired of chasing me?” Alexa was quivering in her shoes, but she couldn’t afford to let Scarlet see it.

    “Oh, contraire, my dear. It all ends here,” she hissed. She flared her malicious grin at the girl.

    “Hmm, that’s funny because I seem to recall me winning so far. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight, but you just can’t seem to give me that. I’ve escaped everything you’ve thrown at me. Here I am. We’re face to face. Why don’t you kill me, Scarlet? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. You need me.” Alexa flared her own wicked grin at the beautiful wretch- an oxymoron only Scarlet could uphold.

    “And that’s precisely why you’re coming with me. You think you’ve been to hell and back? HA!” Scarlet spat at her. “You have no idea what I’ve been through, you selfish brat. I’m going to get what I set out for, and then I’m going to make sure you die.” Scarlet smiled. “But first, I’m going to take everything away from you.” Scarlet was bitter. Scarlet was hurt. Scarlet had internally bleeding scars.

    An incinerating fire ball materialized in Scarlet’s right hand as she flicked her arm. She pulled her arm back and launched the flaming sphere at her used-to-be right hand man- or girl, in this case. Alexa hadn’t prepared for Scarlet’s magic. She had been fine with using words to her advantage, but magic was on its own level. Alexa panicked; she couldn’t fight against Scarlet and they both knew it.

    Not knowing what else to do, Alexa threw her arm into the air like she had seen Scarlet do so many times before. The fire ball, just a few feet away from her now, dispelled into the nighttime air, crisp black trails of smoke whisking off of it.

    “Did I just…?” Alexa stared at her hand, mesmerized.

    “How did you…? It doesn’t matter. You’ll never amount to anything anyway. You’re going down today, dear,” she hissed.

    “No, Scarlet. You’re going down.” Alexa waved both of her hands at Scarlet. Her former master’s body, as light as a feather, lifted off of the ground and slammed into the staircase behind her. Scarlet, knowing she needed to regroup, disappeared back into her smoke. Alexa continued to stare at her hands. “Scott!” Reality again came to the forefront.

    “I’ve got the worst headache,” Scott grumbled as he leaned up from the ground. Clemont followed. Once back on their feet Scott asked, “Where’s Scarlet?”

    “Don’t worry. I took care of her… For now, at least.” Impressed, Scott smiled at her. It warmed her heart.

    Led by Clemont, the trio climbed the spiral staircase until they reached the tip of the tower. Noibat was imprisoned in the stain glass roof of the tip. Clemont activated his Aipom Arm and maneuvered the glass until Noibat was free. Noibat sprang down into Scott’s arms and cosseted his chest. Something caught Clemont’s eye.

    “Do you guys see that? There’s something shiny in the stained glass where Noibat was. It almost looks like… ice. But that should be impossible with the heat we’ve had lately.”

    “Scott… The riddle mentioned snowflakes. That’s gotta be it!”

    Puzzled, Clemont wondered, “I built this tower and yet I’ve never noticed it before. I just don’t get it.”

    A lively flash illuminated the tower. Fennekin posed like a diva in the spotlight. “Alright, Fennekin! You know what to do! Flamethrower!”

    “What? No! My stained glass! My tower!” Flames sprinted onto the snowflake, dancing on its slick surface until all that was left was a puddle.

    The stained glass came to life. Like a television, it began to show a story; it was confusing, however. It showed the events out of order. Bibarel knawing on a log; a huge pond with numerous dams; a chase through a forest; another snowflake; and a city encased in ice.

    “So each time we find one, it’ll show us hints of where the next one is.”

    “And we’ll follow them until we reach the next Temple!” Alexa finished Scott’s excited statement. The trio cheered in not only excitement, but also relief.
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